Wednesday Cartoons: Hit the wind machine!

It was #WorldDownSyndromeday yesterday, so here is a picture of my brother Denny…I miss him so much.

We will see…

Now the cartoons from Cagle website:

See the thread below:

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Wednesday Reads: Girth Pumpkin Queen

Good morning, look…it’s the big ass pumpkin Charlie Brown! Well, it’s rhinoceros size at least:

Even with the perfect start, it’s not easy to grow giants. They need the right amount of space, a refuge from pests and nurturing soil that helps fuel the sugars inside. When the recipe is right, the pumpkins can gain roughly 50 pounds a day. Things can go awry at any stage and even a tiny rupture in their delicate and squishy skin can mean disqualification from the contest.

50 pounds a day…fucking hell.

Cartoons via Cagle:

Sad news about Angela Lansbury:

These next images are by artist Pedro Correa:

Ending it with this little celebration…be sure to watch for the dude at the end.

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Wednesday Reads: Dog Lips

Morning all…I forgot it was my turn to post the thread…so this is going to be a quickie.

Cartoons from Cagle:

This is shitty news.

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Wednesday Reads: Fuck Ian

The latest on Hurricane Ian, click on the NOAA link:


I will post updates in the comments as the day progresses.

Now the cartoons via Cagle:

My family is in the path of Hurricane Ian…my aunt and uncle are refusing to evacuate…the live in Citrus County. Fortunately, it looks like they may be in for some bad storms…for now.

As you can see, it is so frustrating sometimes.

From Mona Eltahawry: Dear White Women Cheering Irainian Women

Take it easy and be careful…this is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Railway’s Opinion

Good morning, this is a railway car here in Cornelia…with graffiti that says, “Fuck Trump” …and I fully agree with it!

Important dates:

To explain some of the political cartoon below:

Cartoons via Cagle:

If you missed this:

Ugh…these assholes.

In Hollywood news:

I vividly remember being a kid and watching her win that Oscar…and signing to her parents.

That was from July…

Speaking of storms:

Ian 5 day forecast…5am advisory

This is an open thread…be careful today.