Sunday Cartoons: It is a Rainbow 🌈 Morning!

So. As you can see, this post will focus on the #Pride month that is going on right now. I want to say straight off, today will be a safe day for all…and that is all LGBTQIA+ people. (And I am including Drag performers in this as well…of all sexes!)

I (JJ) am writing the post today, and I will not abide any comments that demean any of my 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 🌈💛🧡❤️🩷💚💙🩵💜🖤🤎🤍🩶family and friends, who are celebrating with their #Pride families.

On Sunday and Wednesday…those days when I write the post. Don’t make derogatory comments or remarks or post anti -trans, anti-drag propaganda. Do not post hate filled statements that are also used by the right wing Christian fanatics that are taking away abortion rights…birth control and even divorce for people all over the US.

I will not accept any reference or comparisons to “black face” and drag. As I think it is a disgusting form of Christofascist rhetoric that has no place on this blog. I consider those kind of statements a form of hate speech. And if you need an explanation of this…then maybe you have become too radicalized to realize what ideals you are pushing.

I give fair warning, I will close the comments on my blog threads if there is any issues.

I want a safe place here. I am a fierce ally and supporter for all LGBTQIA+ peoples.

This is my Uncle John…and his cat Clio.

This is what John was going to take when he walked at Yuma’s Pride parade on Friday night with his husband Steve and their trans friend Danielle…you see Clio is a fierce LGBTQIA+ ally too!

I love my family and friends who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community…and I will do anything for them. I cannot sit here…at least on the days I write my post, and see the people I love be treated with such disrespect.

If you have a problem with that, I suggest you just don’t comment at all regarding this particular issue.

And now for the cartoons via Cagle:

Bodily autonomy is a human right.


Just a couple more things…

Give that a few minutes of your time…again that link is as follows:

And here is a few more news items about it:

Ok, that is it for today. Be safe and take care.

Wednesday Cartoons: All eyes in this case…

Savage is right!!!

First up , cartoons from the Cagle website:

For me that is all I have to say.

It’s an open thread.