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Sky Dancer is another name for Dakini or the male counterpart Daka.


A dakini (Tibetan: khandro) may be understood to refer to a minor goddess or female deity.


In the Tibetan language the Sanskrit term dakini is rendered Khandroma (mkha’-‘gro-ma) meaning “she who traverses the sky” or “she who moves in space”; this is sometimes rendered poetically as “sky dancer” or “sky walker”.

According to Campbell, “Iconographic representations tend to show the dakini as a young, naked figure in a dancing posture, often holding a skullcup (kapala) filled with menstrual blood or the elixir of life in one hand, and a curved knife (kartika) in the other. She may wear a garland of human skulls, with a trident staff leaning against her shoulder. Her hair is usually wild and hanging down her back, and her face often wrathful in expression, as she dances on top of a corpse, which represents her complete mastery over ego and ignorance.”[1]

The male Sky Dancer is called a Daka.  Other names for Dakinis or Dakas are “space-goer,” “celestial being,” or “cloud fairy.”

One of the roles of a dakini is as a wisdom protector.  In Vajrayana Buddhism or “esoteric” Buddhism, the enlightened dakini is the third of 3 Roots.  She is the conduit — even sometimes the very matrix or source — of enlightenment and auspiciousness.

As such, she is the one who conceals, or the one who recovers, spiritual communications, texts and other objects called terma.  Her participation and co-operation is often required for interpretation of prophesies, signs and portents. Dakinis utilize a form of writing that is subtle and mysterious, so the dakini also plays an essential role in the interpretation of these objects or texts known as termas.

About theCloud Images used in the Blog’s banner and Bugs.

Parts of the work “Rainbow Cloud Study” were used in creating Sky Dancing Blog’s imagery.   Tashi Mannox–like the blog founder–is a student of Vajrayana Buddhism.   This original art work can be found on the artist’s web studio.  His spiritual journey is also recorded there. He was featured in Asian Art Newspaper in 2002. We appreciate his gift of inspiration to us and invite you to visit his gallery.

Illuminated Iconographic Tibetan Calligraphy

Rainbow Cloud Study

51×61 cm 2006.
Acrylic on stretched canvas

A study of typical Tibetan rainbow clouds, that feature in Thanka painting, temple decoration and silk brocades.


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27 Comments on “about Sky Dancers”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Many folks wonder where I got my handle. This is from wikipeidia and is a fairly good explanation. I’ll bring some visuals in as I learn to use this interface a bit more skillfully.

  2. IndyRobin says:

    This is a wonderful site however, I am writing just to let you know that I think you have too much personal information up about yourself. Real name, education, where you teach, your photo etc.

    The last thing I want to do is sound paranoid or put out a negative vibe but … there are millions or people out there that may not have the most stable mental health that will have access to your private information.

    My website is http://www.shutthefreudup.com I’m just learning and hope that someday my site will grow up and look as good as yours !!!! Great job

  3. wry says:

    Hi IndyRobin! I remember you from the days before Taylor Marsh jumped the shark.
    I just sent your video tonight to a friend in media who still doesn’t “get” the sexism. I’m hoping it will help him understand me a little better.
    Hello, good to see you again.

  4. Josie Ortez says:

    I have been totally into the Dakinis for 10 years now. I see them as a collective of female energies from many star systems, galaxies and
    other realms who are manifesting in this dimension to bring the female/male energies on this planet into balance. They were known to the ancient Egyptians.

    I’m convinced that WHITE BUFFAO CALF WOMAN was also a Dakini.
    Right now I am working with the RED DAKINI, Supreme Protector of the Feminine.

    I also call them the STAR SISTERS


  5. Lady Boomer NYC says:

    Hi — I love your iconography — and your wonderful “Women Under Carriages . . . ” post. Actually, I only perused it and look forward to reading it in full shortly. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Please come visit and add me if you feel so moved. Onward!

  6. truthisgold says:

    dakin, while i’ve read your work with pleasure, it was not until today that I actually had time to look at your About page, which is absolutely beautiful! The Skywalker icon is counterpart to one of mine: she who travels and bears the message, so i feel an extra special kinship with you!

    Best in truth and all Sisters of the Star!


  7. BenSmith says:

    I think your blog lacks real depth. Try checking out mine instead.

  8. dakinikat says:


    I read your blog daily. You’re a big outfit. I’m just some one who lets steam off between journal articles and classes. It just gets me warmed up for my real life.

    • NewOrleansPuma says:

      dakinkat: One year later and a bit late but consider me operating on New Orleans Time…this is a classy excellent comment worthy of where you live in a world without much class!

    • Branjor says:

      That was such a perfect answer!
      Put him in his place.

    • Allie says:

      Ben Smith at Politico really added that comment??? Classy. You should read how Charlie Pierce trashes Politico these days – very funny. I quit reading Politico in 2008 – more because of it’s uselessness than anything.

      • janicen says:

        I’m so glad you made this comment or I never would have known about the B. Smith comment. He sure showed what an insecure asshole he is. Threatened much, Benny?

  9. NewOrleansPuma says:

    i.e. where you live has it…the rest? ..well look at Ben’s comment! Yeah ya rite…dakinkat here.

  10. madmonq says:

    That didn’t take long. It’s a good thing no other opinions exist except for “The Convoluted!”

  11. masonblue says:

    I have my own blog, so I have an appreciation for what it takes to produce, maintain and grow a blog.

    I love the look and feel as well as the archetypal grounding. Most of all, I love the content.

    Very well done.

    Frederick Leatherman

  12. Len Shapiro says:

    BB’s post on UVA rape story specifically his put down of post reporter t Rees Shapiro was not only irresponsible it was dead wrong he earned his job the old fashioned way, working in the mail room out of college, writing obits for two years then joining the metro staff. He never told his parents about the mail room job until a few days before he started. A phone call would have provided that info. An anonymous blog is a coward’s way out. If BB has any guts, he’ll tell the real story. Feel free to write or call but I’ll be stunned if I get a response. Shame on you.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Hi Len,

      That post was published a very long time ago, but thanks for your comment. I know you must be very proud of your son, so why didn’t you just mention that you’re T. Rees Shapiro’s dad? I would be shocked if he didn’t get his first job because you worked at the WaPo, but I’m sure he did work very hard afterwards.

      Your son still has a lot to learn about rape and sexual assault, and I hope he’ll work on that too.

      I’m not a *he,* by the way. All of the writers at Sky Dancing Blog are women. We aren’t really anonymous either. You can easily learn who we are by checking our facebook pages and the blog facebook page. We’re not anonymous on Twitter either. We simply continue to write under the blog names that we have been known by for many years.

      Take care and best wishes.

  13. Tom Aswell says:

    Thought provoking; on point; relevant; biting; observant; deadly accurate; Refreshing. These are just a few adjectives that apply to this excellent blog. Anything that makes bigots and idiots uncomfortable, like Smuckers, has to be good.

  14. Emmy Taylor says:

    On your June 27, 2016 post you used a photo of a child with writing on his chest ” I see the violence.”

    That photo has copyright, not creative commons. I am the photographer and mother.

    I have not consented to you or anyone using it, copying it, cropping it, etc., etc.

    My children and I are survivors of domestic violence and I do not appreciate us being violated and exploited.

    Remove the image.

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