Wednesday Reads: Happiness is a warm pug, bang…

Good morning?

I want to start this post with something warm and cute, be sure to play the video…

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Happiness is a pug ❤❤❤ ☛FOLLOW☛@xavningjingpug for video and pics like this. AND ☛FOLLOW US☛@PugDepot for more cute pics and videos of all PUGS!

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Because the rest of the thread is fucking disturbing and disgusting as hell.

I take it you all are aware of the murder that took place in Minnesota?

The image is graphic, but you need to click on the tweet above to see the powerful statement in full.

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George Floyd was killed by 4 police officers yesterday. Today they were all fired. This is just the beginning of justice, there needs to be a thorough investigation, and measures put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Police violence against Black communities is the result of systemic racism. Eric Garner, Freddy Gray, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Michael Brown, and Philando Castille should still be with their loved ones, along with countless others. We know that this systemic racism is blatant because people like Amy Cooper weaponize it against Black folks. Amy Cooper knew exactly what she was doing when she called the police on a Black man and pretended that she was being threatened by him. We have to hold racists accountable until they don’t act like this anymore and address anti-Blackness in all forms, including within our communities.

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As American as apple pie and conflating inconvenience with tyranny. #GeorgeFloyd #sayhisname #kkkops #policebrutality #blacklivesmatter #blm #thedailydon

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For some of us, “big feelings” have come to mean “bad feelings" or "ugly feelings." ⁣ ⁣ when I think about “big feelings,” I think about anger and rage, and frustration, and sadness, and grief. ⁣ ⁣ some of us are not granted the same compassion and safety when feeling these feelings. some of us belong to communities that are perpetually read as “over reactive” and “over sensitive:” black, indigenous and other racialized communities; queer and trans communities; women and non-binary folks; survivors of sexual assault and IPV; Muslim communities; and many others.⁣ ⁣ writers and thinkers like Audre Lorde, Leanne Simpson, bell hooks, and Sara Ahmed have long written about the cultural, racial, gendered, colonial (etc.) politics of emotion –amongst other great thinkers (though they are often conveniently left out of conversations on trauma and healing). about how some of us have been pre-defined as “too much,” “violent,” “aggressive” and “overbearing." how certain folks are not “permitted” to feel their rage, and anger, and sadness without consequence –without becoming ostracized, deported, coded and re-coded as “threatening, ” diminished and silenced (to name a few consequences).⁣ ⁣ we see these narratives show up when survivors of sexual violence describe quieting their anger in order to be viewed as the “good victim,” the “believable” one. when immigrant and refugees are read as “ungrateful” when asking for basic human needs and rights. when indigenous and black communities are deemed “aggressive” and “disruptive” for demanding accountability and justice. and it doesn’t solely happen in the public –these narratives show up in our own lives, our own relationships and spaces, too.⁣ ⁣ some of us see these narratives showing up within ourselves. in the ways in which we feel shame alongside our big feelings. doubt as to whether we are over-reacting, or being over sensitive. deny ourselves space to feel and explore them. ⁣ ⁣ so for anyone who needs this reminder: you are allowed to feel big feelings – – and I'm sorry this world does not always grant you the safety, compassion and care you deserve, to feel and hold space for those feelings.

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Reposting this for George Floyd, murdered by Minneapolis police while saying “I can’t breathe”. Meanwhile, Kyles and Karens everywhere are upset with the tyranny of mask-wearing to keep others safe. #GeorgeFloyd #Merica #blacklivesmatters #kkkops #blm #thedailydon

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In other news:

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Christian Cooper was birdwatching in the woods of Manhattan’s Central Park when he noticed a rogue dog digging up the shrubbery around him. Many of the birds he spots come for the plants, so he approached the dog’s owner early on Monday with a request: Could she leash up the canine, as the park rules required? But when Christian Cooper asked Amy Cooper (the dog's owner) to follow the rules, she refused. He keeps dog treats on hand for noncompliant pet owners, he said, and tried to toss one to the dog. Then he started recording their interaction. Amy Cooper then said she would be calling the police. “I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” the white woman told him, pulling out her phone and dialing 911. “Please call the cops,” he said on video. “Please tell them whatever you’d like.” She did, assuming an increasingly loud voice over the phone that to some on social media made her sound as if she was being physically attacked. In the meantime, she wrapped a blue leash around Henry, seemingly choking the yelping dog before clipping it on. Less than 24 hours later after a video of their exchange went online, Amy Cooper has lost her dog, her anonymity, and her job. On local news she offered an apology to Christian Cooper and his family. “It was unacceptable and I humbly and fully apologize to everyone who’s seen that video, everyone that’s been offended,” she said Monday evening. “Everyone who thinks of me in a lower light — I understand why they do.” Read more by clicking the link in our bio.

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Visit link in bio for full story.

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That is it…it’s all got me so pissed off.

What about you?

Sunday Reads: Say their names.

Click on the above picture of the New York Times Front page…to enlarge this image to see the names fully.

And take note:

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This is the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.⁣ ⁣ It lists 1,000 Americans that have died from COVID-19.⁣ ⁣ This represents just 1% of the number (almost 100,000) who have died thus far in our country.⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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As it states above, that times page only list a 1,000 names…

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Actual footage of President* Virus Death Shrug chomping at the bit to reopen houses of worship this weekend. #dumptrump #trumpvirus #fucktrump #politicalcartoon #magaisformorons #thedailydon

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Day 1223: In which President* Body Count Enthusiast hopes to pack the pews with expendable evangelicals like it’s the federal judiciary. #dumptrump #trumpvirus #magaisformorons #politicalcartoon #thedailydon

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tRump was so bad last night on Twitter:

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Memorial Day is this weekend and I’m tired of being home too but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be reckless. Stay Safe Y’all ☀️

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A positive message found in Brooklyn to brighten your Saturday feed ❤️

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#EidMubarak on Eid al-Fitr or "The Feast of Breaking the Fast," which marks the end of Ramadan. Calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya designed this 2001 stamp in our @nationalpostalmuseum collection. The calligraphy translates literally as “blessed festival” and can be paraphrased as “May your religious holiday be blessed." ©USPS; all rights reserved.

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Just a few thoughts this Sunday morning…

Wednesday Reads: 👀 Look and See

I think this tweet by cartoonist Pat Bagley says it all:

Then there is this perspective:

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When it all comes down to this:

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80,000 are dead. How many more will it take? • #trumpsupporters #trumpvirus #trumpownseverydeath #trump #fifthavenue #magaisformorons #fucktrump #notmypresident #worstpresidentever #dumptrump #coronavirus #trumpliedpeopledied #covid19 #coronavirustaskforce #drfauci #politicalcartoon #digitalillustration #illustrator

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And now…

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#voteblue #blacklivesmatters #unitedwestand #sisepuede

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This is bullshit:

And then some ass asked me…

I want to end this with a couple thoughts…

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Blessed Virgin, illumine the minds of men and women engaged in scientific research, that hey may find effective solutions to overcome this virus. #Montserrat #BlessedVirgin #PopeFrancis

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But the soul of sweet delight can never be defiled. To create a little flower is the wisdom of ages. WB.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #Poetrybook #williamblake #Spiritualbeing #Sussex #Visionaryart ⁠ #Mystical #Romanticpoetry #engraving⁠ #darkartist #psychedelia ⁠ #printmaker #bookart

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Stay safe, stay home if you can…

Sunday Reads: Don’t bitch to us…

With all the bullshit lately about fucking Bernie Sanders…and since the one person who could stand up to tRump has/was left to drop out (Kamala)…to where we are seriously looking at a old white guy (Biden)…to wit, do we honestly think the elections are actually “secured” anymore (Putin)…

I feel that when tRump is re-elected, we here can tell all those news media assholes, BernieBros, Biden Shills, Tom Perez and the rest of the damn fools…

Hey! You listen to me, wacko.

See this fist?

I’m about ready to use…

that hatchet-face

of yours as a punching bag.

Now sit down and shut up!

Mole’s right, Peggy.

I am sick of listenin’

to your bitchin’.

The next time you feel a fit

comin’ on, go outside and bitch.

Bitch at the air.

Bitch at the trees.

But don’t bitch at us!

Gotta love John Waters Desperate Living!

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As 2019 winds down I get to reflect back on the work I’ve done this past year. Here are my top ten cartoons. Thank you all for the support. Couldn’t do it without you. • #topten #top10 #yearinreview #goodbye2019 #politicalcartoons #fucktrump #politicalart #resist #guncontrol #mostliked #mostlikedphoto #hello2020

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No shit…but in all seriousness, if tRump is re-elected, the USA will turn into a Mortville:

(Once you get past the roaches, you’ll see what I mean.)

Since this post is a total downer, let’s take a look at who died this year.

Now the video does not include, Sue Lyon Dies: ‘Lolita’ Star Was 73

She was 14 when Kubrick cast her as Lolita back in 1962. She was two years older than my mom.

More, “Gone but not forgotten…”

13 Trailblazing women:

Cokie Roberts, Toni Morrison. Gloria Vanderbilt.Getty Images/AP

From the NYT: In a Year of Notable Deaths, a World of Women Who Shattered Ceilings

Just a few tweets to round this thread up:

All I can say to this next tweet is…If only:

Oh yeah, this tweet reminds me:

Giuliani pals leveraged GOP access to seek Ukraine gas deal

Check it out, Nixon got something right:

And lastly:

This has been a difficult year, I miss my mama like crazy. Just wanted to get through all the sad depressing rehash of who we lost this year. Some I have left out on purpose. Can y’all guess who?

This is an open thread.

After I wrote this post, news of the latest anti-Semitic attack/hate crime in NYC:

Wednesday Reads: Turd Reich

After seeing a few minutes of the MSNBC interview with Barr yesterday…I had to turn the shit off.

Did you see this crap:

Check out some of the responses on that thread.

I believe my expression had to be something like that mountain lion…

Wouldn’t you know it, later last night…

If this impeachment trial in the Senate goes by like we know #MoscowMitch will handle it… I am so fearful of what could end up happening…

Someone is actually selling this design online… (lucashgm on redbubble)

The photo above was taken in Atlanta.

Now a few non-tRump things:

Didn’t something like this happen the last time a Saudi national murdered some dissident… after Khashoggi, women got the right to drive? Yes? (Actually, it was given to them a couple of months before he was killed.) I’m just making a connection.

That asshole. Fucking disgusting.

Let’s end this on a positive note.

This is an open thread.