Wednesday Reads: Ugh

Ugh…I’m getting sick and tired of the same shit, tRump…blah, blah, blah…and another day passes. Yet, the orange turd still remains free.

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Wednesday Reads: Dumbbells

Hello…and so we begin with the cartoons, via Cagle:

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Wednesday Reads: Fairy visitors…

Good morning. I’ve been visited by the migraine fairy, so just a quick post today.

Cartoons via Cagle website:

If only:

Now that is a pretty purple bird.

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Wednesday Reads: MTG is FU

Truth…as we know it. But is the message getting through to people who voted for this:

Enough of that bitch.

Cartoons for now:

Now the next two cartoons are from a right wing cartoonist…

I would have never put this cartoonist in a thread before…and believe me his other offerings were the typical shit. I just thought it was interesting.

From 2019…


The latest from Uvalde :

In other news:

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Wednesday Reads: It’s fucking enough.

I’ve got nothing to say, because we all know this is fucking never going to change. Fuck these Republicans and their thoughts and prayers:

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