Wednesday Cartoons: Danger Ahead

Good morning…cartoons via Cagle:

Be safe today and this is an open thread.

Sunday Cartoons: Woke Act

Good morning…before we get to the cartoons an explanation of this editorial above…

And now the cartoons via Cagle:

It’s time for crazy ass album covers:

Ever since I’ve had Covid, my health has been shit. I get tired so easily, and out of breath doing basically nothing. It pisses me off!

So just a few more things before I go…

Another story out of Florida:

This is an open thread…be safe today.

Wednesday Cartoons: It tops off at 1416 feet!

Good morning. Before we get to the cartoons, a little bit of ridiculous.

So, I would never want to live in this building…much less in the penthouse, which is up at 1416 feet! Fuck that! I hyperventilated going up to the thirtieth floor and that is as high as I ever got. You could feel the building sway in the wind at that height, imagine what this toothpick does at over 1400 feet? Take a look at the video below:

Now, just look at the elevation of Cornholio Georgia…as you can see below…we are a little bit over that 1400 feet. So, that penthouse is about as high as we are, elevation wise.

We will also be cold as fuck on Friday…and no that 9 degrees is not the wind chill, that is the temperature. More on this cold weather later on in the thread.

Now cartoons via Cagle:

This asshole:

Let’s get to the news:

Don’t forget the winter solstice!

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this one:

And with that…this is an open thread.

Wednesday Cartoons: Kill the Elf

Good morning, this Covid fog is lingering…all this time I thought it was Sunday. Let’s just get to the cartoons. From the Cagle website:

That last one just tickles me…Nixon in chains as the ghost of Christmas Past.

And with that…this is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Tits the Season

Good morning, fifteen days until Christmas…and it seems like things are on warp speed. A lot of news going on, but we will stick with cartoons today.

From the Cagle website:

This is an open thread.