Wednesday Reads: 🖕🏼 NY Cuomo

Well, the investigation is over.

Via Cagle Cartoons:

This next link is from yesterday but it still is important:

Hells yeah!

This is an open thread…

Sunday Reads: Deltapaloosa

Take a look at this:

Those cartoons are via Cagle.

It is late, I forgot this was Sunday…take it easy. Stay safe.

Wednesday Reads: Monster Mash

Cagle cartoons…

This is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Tokyo Fucktastrophy

It’s cartoons from AAEC…

Tokyo Olympics
Republican Confessions
9742 Delta Blues
Is Fox News Evil?
Garbage In and Out animation

And from Cagle:

Now for some Twits:

What a fucking bunch of assholes…

Sad to see this former Rabbi turned comedian is no longer with us:

Top ten states with new cases as of yesterday evening…see Florida’s increase in one day.

Try and be safe with the rising COVID-19 cases…

This is an open thread.

Wednesday Reads: Gummit Man

Back to normal

If it is Wednesday it’s time for political cartoons…

Starting with editorial cartoons from AAEC:

The Investigators
Fool and His Money
A (very)Little Help
Biden Zucked Over
Take Me Out Of The Ballgame
07182021 Disinformation
One Small Step

Now for some via Cagle:

Now for a few twits…

Have a safe day…this is an open thread.