Wednesday Cartoons: Hit the wind machine!

It was #WorldDownSyndromeday yesterday, so here is a picture of my brother Denny…I miss him so much.

We will see…

Now the cartoons from Cagle website:

See the thread below:

This is an open thread, try to have a good day…

Wednesday Cartoons: Judge Krapsmaryk

Good morning…hitting the cartoons first, via Cagle:

Later…sometime today:

I will put any updates on this Judge’s decision in the comments.

This was the best moment of the Oscar’s:

Watch till the end…

And on that note…have a safe day, this is an open thread.

Sunday Cartoons: Spring Ahead

Good morning…some cartoons from Cagle before a few interesting links.

That should get the the conversation going…

This is an open thread.

Wednesday Cartoons: Retribution?

Granlund cartoon: Trump’s R&R, from February 2020.

Good morning, just a quick cartoon post today…from the Cagle website:

And I will end with this last thought:

This is an open thread, be safe today.

Sunday Cartoons: One of us.

Good morning, let’s dive in…

Have you seen this clip?

It is good but it is missing the first part:

Cartoons from the Cagle website:

So this is of course an open thread.