Sunday Reads: Earth Day

Lots of cartoons today…from…

This is an open thread…

Wednesday Reads: Hangover

Hello… as I write this on Tuesday night it is my birthday, and I’m a little tipsy on Southern Comfort.

So allow me some leeway on my 51st to share my favorite song when I was a baby. And make this an open thread, because as of right now everything is a bit blurry…and who knows what I will feel like in the morning.


Sunday Reads: Is it Sunday?

The days seem to fly by…can you believe we are a quarter way through 2021 already? Here it is, April 11th.

From Cagle Cartoons:

That’s a lot of cartoons… but some are spot on…

So.. I’ve been doing a binge lately…of all these crime shows on Netflix and Amazon and HBO. Watching episodes about serial killers like Ted Bundy and documentaries on the Mafia and Staircases and Nazi war criminals and stolen art. And I don’t have any problems with crime scene photos…they are disturbing, but not to the point of keeping me from watching the program.

But then I start to watch this one show and there is this thing about a guy abusing cats/kittens. They don’t show this video, they have someone talking about it..and I can’t even watch a few minutes of that series. I have to turn that kitten killer off!

Now, what the hell is wrong with me? I’m desensitized to violence against humanity…bloody pictures of people at the bottom of stairs or shot in a pizza joint…no problem…but talk about horrors against kittens, and I can’t take it.

This has to be a psychological issue…don’t you think?

Now for some tweets:

Ok, this does get me. That is so sad.

Now this…this just pisses me off.

I’m writing this post before reading what BB wrote yesterday…so this may be a repeat:

I love her.

This is an open thread…

Wednesday Reads: Hope Spings

Good morning… let’s start with some cartoons from

Major news updates:

There’s some excerpts of Gaetz book…something about always taking the orange turds calls…no matter what Gaetz was doing. You can let your imagination run with that.

This thread:

South Park is streaming the latest episode for free:

Go check it out…at least see the first few minutes. It is hilarious.

And with that…have a good day.

Sunday Reads: Easter 🐣

Happy Easter.

The last few days I’ve binged two series… The Staircase and Making A Murderer from Netflix. During this marathon of legalese crime documentaries, I have not seen any news updates…so I’m clueless to what’s happening with the world outside. So…today we have some cartoons, while I catch up on the news.

This is an open thread.