Sunday Reads: Independence Day My Ass!

Fuck Independence Day! Shit on 4th of July!

I refuse to celebrate July 4th…when half the population is not free! Women are no longer independent in the USA…we no longer have #BodilyAutonomy :

Read this link above, a few important points:

Cartoons via Cagle:

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Wednesday Reads: Rise Up RevComs

Cartoon by Pia Guerra

Watch the video from the hearing below:

Cartoons via Cagle:

So…earlier this week I got this tweet sent to me when I retweeted something from Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights:

So, I looked into it.

Then last night I found this video:

Here are some more things I found:

Some of the responses from Rise Up and RevComs:

As you can see, RevComs is using the Rise Up hashtag:

I find it interesting that they are highlighting this:

As well as this tweet from RevComs:


In other news:

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All this pleading the Fifth has me thinking of this skit:

Sunday Reads: This county is no longer safe for women.

It is all too upsetting…

Repost from @nationalwomensliberation

The final decision is out. SCOTUS has overturned Roe against the will of the people. This is a country with a growing maternal mortality and morbidity rate, no paid parental leave or public universal childcare, and no universal healthcare. An unelected, undemocratic government body that has also gutted voting rights and eliminated the right to live freely without gun violence is now going to force people to carry children against their will. The freedom to marry and access to birth control are next.

So will you FIGHT for abortion and DEMAND Reproductive Justice? We will NOT back down!

Will you Pledge to #AidAndAbetAbortion no matter what it takes? LINK TO SIGN IN BIO!

Will you study the history of how we won abortion and fight to expand reproductive freedom? Buy and read Without Apology

Will you study the root of why this country pursues abortion and birth control bans instead of improving our material conditions? Buy and read Birth Strike.

Will you learn about reproductive justice and all that it encompasses to FIGHT for a society and build communities that value families and supports the health, safety and dignity of everyone?

Will you consider engaging in civil disobedience to help someone get an abortion?

Build the Women’s Liberation Movement. Find a protest or gathering and let it be a start to the long term real freedom we all need to win.

#aidandabetabortion #nationalwomensliberation

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Wednesday Reads: Kuchisabishii

Good morning…

Fucking Republicans….

A few things on the abortion front:

And one last thought on yesterday…

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Sunday Reads: High Five

Hey baby…

So yeah, it turns out the she kitten has a set of balls…go figure! When she was told it was a female…we all took it for granted that the kitten was just that, a girl. We never checked up on this…it was only at the vet when we were informed, it’s a boy. So my daughter has decided to call him Philip aka Pip, from Dickens’ Great Expectations. Of course she didn’t learn about Pip from school …they never read Dickens. She learned about Pip from South Park.


Now for cartoons via Cagle website:

Oh yeah…

This is my favorite one of the bunch, because I’m a history major…

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Happy Father’s Day