Well, I guess it’s going on long enough we need to open a live blog thread!!!

Senator Bernie Sanders has started a filibuster of the Obama/McConnell behind-closed-doors tax deal.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — a self-described democratic socialist — railed against the plan in a lengthy floor speech that he said “you [can] call … a filibuster.”

“You can call what i am doing today whatever you want, you it [sic] call it a filibuster, you can call it a very long speech … ,” read a message posted on Sanders’s Twitter account after he’d taken to the rostrum at 10:24 a.m.

“I’m not here to set any great records or to make a spectacle,” Sanders said at the top of his speech. “I am simply here today to take as long as I can to explain to the American people the fact that we have got to do a lot better than this agreement provides.”

CSPAN-2 is live streaming the Senate.

Right now, my Senator Mary Landrieu is up and appears to be aiding the effort.  She even has a nifty graph up about my state of Louisiana.

Sanders has called the plan  “virtually a Republican idea”.

Here are the CBO numbers on how much this tax plan will cost.  The number is $858 billion dollars.

The Obama-McConnell tax compromise will cost $858 billion over the next 10 years, according to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

In other words, the Republican-backed tax plan will cost more than the stimulus bill, which priced out at $787 billion.

For starters, extending all of the Bush tax cuts for two years will cost a total $675.2 billion over 10 years, according to a Dec. 3 Congressional Research Service study. Setting the estate tax at 35%, adding an exemption for estates under $5 million, knocking 2 percentage points off employees’ portion of the Social Security payroll tax, and the cost quickly goes up.

So, how does the U.S. pay the bill?

Twitter Update from CSPAN on the Live Coverage:

cspan CSPAN
Screen grabs from C-SPAN2 HD coverage of Bernie Sanders filibuster &
From Brian Beutler in TPM:

It’s a filibuster as filibusters were originally intended — and, as such, makes a mockery of what the filibuster’s become: a gimmick that allows a minority of senators to quietly impose supermajority requirements on any piece of legislation.

Joined at different times by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Sanders has been decrying the Obama tax cut plan for bailing out the wealthiest people in America. “How can I get by on one house?” Sanders railed, sarcastically. “I need five houses, ten houses. I need three jet planes to take me all over the world! Sorry, American people. We’ve got the money, we’ve got the power.”

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  1. Valhalla says:

    Landrieu!?!?! I’m choking…

  2. zaladonis says:

    Sanders talked so long, he was talking when I took my dog to the vet and was still talking when we returned. When I turned on the set and saw him still going, my heart leapt.

    And now your Senator is amazing.

    Democrats doing what they’re supposed to do. Bostonboomer called it!

    And BTW totally and completely off topic, my dog’s biopsies came back benign.

    This is one fine Friday.

    • NW Luna says:

      Glad to hear good news on the biopsy results.

    • dakinikat says:

      Glad to hear that about your dog!!!

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’m so excited! I just happened to turn on C-Span 2 this morning and I found a REAL filibuster going on. Bernie is getting kind of hoarse now.

    • Sima says:

      Woo hoo! Glad to hear about your dog. What a relief! I’ve got to go take my puppy to the vet in an hour, nothing as bad as a biopsy for her though.

      I just logged in, 12:30 pm here in the PacNW and Sanders is still talking.

      Bless his wonderful heart!

  3. zaladonis says:

    Sanders to Landrieu: “Senator I’m not going anywhere, take as long as you want!”


  4. Valhalla says:

    Landrieu is sounding amazingly populist.

    I have to say, when the first rumblings of a Democrat rebellion began, I thought iwas just the usual cover kabuki for a few. But perhaps not. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. I can’t say I hope it’s real, since the word “hope” remains poisoned by the 2008 campaign, but I’ll allow this could turn out to be not what I anticipated.

    • dakinikat says:

      Yup,we’re actually hearing some populist rhetoric that’s coming from Democrats this time!!

    • zaladonis says:

      I thought the same thing and will love nothing more than to have been wrong!

      Also with you about “hope,” but I’m letting myself be a little encouraged.

      Will be listening to as much as I can.

    • TheRock says:

      She actually did make a great point about something that I really never did consider. The use of stimulus money to offset taxes. Its nice to see democrats finally getting a spine……

      Hillary 2012

  5. SHV says:

    Where is Russ Feingold in all of this??? He has done nothing for the past two years to throw sand in the works, now he has nothing to loose.

  6. soupcity says:

    Bernie Sanders a trending topic on twitter 🙂 , I am loving this and extremely proud to be witnessing this, where are the rest of the dems?

  7. Dario says:

    I’m calling Feinstein and Boxer to support the filibuster! We need to call all Democrats to support Sanders.

    • Woman Voter says:

      I got one of my Senators, the other one’s lines are all busy. The first I called from the rural number, but told them I was closer to the big city, I was tired of busy signals.

      Go Senator Bernie Sanders BO!

  8. grayslady says:

    Bernie is saying everything that has needed to be said for years!

  9. Pat Johnson says:

    I am wrapping gifts while glued to C-Span and applauding Bernie Sanders and Mary Landrieu for voicing the concerns and outlining the mess the GOP is forcing on this country.

    Whether or not he succeeds, the American public owes him a huge debt of thanks for taking up this important matter and speaking on behalf of us who still care about this democracy.

    Good on Bernie and all those who speak up to power on our behalf!

    The lone “bright light” in a darkening America.

  10. Delphyne says:

    I just called Sen. Menendez’s office and he is support Obama’s bill and will not support the filibuster. I’m sure Sen. Lautenberg’s office will tell me the same, but I’m calling anyway. Infuriating!

    • Dario says:

      Get friends to call Menendez to support the filibuster. The more people call, the more difficult it will be fore these senators to support the tax cuts. I know Boxer does not want to join the filibuster, but if she gets enough calls, she’ll shift.

    • Thursday's Child says:

      Just called Sen. Menendez’s office and added my voice to yours. So that makes two of us, Delphyne. Sen. Lautenberg’s office says he is still studying Obama’s tax proposal, about which he has “concerns”. 🙄

  11. soupcity says:

    Sen. Byrd’s quote “Why is this Chamber empty?” keeps going thru my head.

  12. Delphyne says:

    Jane at FDL has a small chart on how much the Obama tax cuts would cost over 10 years – $800 billion, adding $4 trillion to the deficit over 10 years. How is this going to be paid? The addition to the deficit for tax cuts for those of us who make under $250K is $3.2 trillion and the cost is NADA.

    Her last line:

    It’s hard to “fight” when the head of your party runs his political operation with the emotional maturity of an overheated teenage boy in the latest installment of Twilight.

    • dakinikat says:

      wow, that’s harsh!!! I have Bernie streaming in the background. He’s gone off on the estate tax now and he’s just talking the Walton family (Walmart).

  13. dakinikat says:

    We’ve just completed 5 hours of filibustering!!!

  14. bluelady says:

    I love Bernie!
    He’s talking about what is actually going to happen to Social Security and whose idea the payroll tax holiday really is- the Republicans – y’know those folks who want to do away with SS.
    Thank you, Bernie.

    I hope that lazy MSM picks up on this.
    And I wish Kerry would stand up with him. I just told him so.

    • Dario says:

      Bernie is saying Obama has no credibility.

    • Woman Voter says:

      DAK, maybe you can touch on that as it really hurts the worker and as someone that does payroll, I don’t know what that is going to do to me ( I don’t see a box to unclick and will my payroll assist software company be able to do it in time? Will I have to give them a check…oh, just what I needed at years end with all the other things to do).

      I am a supporter of showing at years end, what employees put in and what employers put in too. I also, think it should also include the workers comp payments per worker at years end so that they could see what that costs and how small business bares the burden as large companies can self insure and fight tooth and nail over any claim. Small businesses are left out in the cold. I personally think the workers comp insurance should be tallied into Health Care via the Public Option as the reason workers comp insurance went into affect was because workers didn’t have health insurance. Also, we carry liability insurance and that could then include negligence etc, for the employees. Lordi, I even have to have coverage in case I make an admin whapo (mistake).

      Go Bernie GO!

  15. bluelady says:

    To paraphrase, Bernie to the Republicans: don’t give me your hypocrisy, you’re giving the tax breaks to the rich because they give you money.

    Priceless! Someone speaking the truth!

  16. bluelady says:

    I just told Bernie Thank you!
    Here’s a link:

  17. Sima says:

    I can’t get to the site. Wonder if it’s getting hammered by a DDOS or something more benign?

    • dakinikat says:

      yup, it appears to be overloaded!!!

    • Sima says:

      Finally got through and emailed them. Now to note down the phone numbers and give them a call.

    • Woman Voter says:

      It would be funny if Joe Lieberman (or is it Joe Leiberman) and HLS thought it was a wikileaks supporter attack and all it was, a bunch of Democrats chumping at the bit to see A REAL DEMOCRAT WITH PRINCIPLES! An endangered species in the OBAMA Democratic Party.

  18. bluelady says:

    Could be alot of us cheering him on-

    • Delphyne says:

      I know I am – I just emailed him to thank him and Sen. Landrieu.

    • Woman Voter says:

      Like Star Trek’s 7 of 9 contacting the ships captain, “Captain, we are under attack, our computers are being over run by useless information”, then the captain informs 7 of 9, that those are FANS sending messages to DATA!

  19. dakinikat says:

    OOOOOhh,he just took it to GE and Imelt!! Go Bernie! GO !!!

  20. bluelady says:

    Or call him:
    Phone DC: (202) 224-5141
    Phone Vermont: (802) 862-0697

    • Dario says:

      I called the VT phone number to thank Senator Sanders. I also let the assistant know that I called Boxer and Feinstein to support Senator Sanders filibuster. The assistant was very thankful.

  21. dakinikat says:

    rickklein Rick Klein vows primary challenges vs. Dems who vote for tax deal. #TopLine w/ @ilyseh:

  22. Dario says:

    The Congressional Black Caucus today said it is overwhelmingly opposed to President Obama’s proposed deal on tax cuts, with members criticizing the plan’s inclusion of an extension for high-income Bush-era tax cuts and an estate tax cut provision as a “bad deal for African Americans” and a scheme that “disproportionately hurts the poor.”
    At a press conference earlier today, Rep. Barbara Lee, the chairwoman of the CBC, emphasized the message she says she told Vice President Biden Wednesday that “the overwhelmingly majority of the Congressional Black Caucus members are opposed to the current tax plan.”

  23. janicen says:

    Big Dog is on CNN right now saying this is a good bill.

    • Sima says:

      Sad, sad, sad. He knows better.

      • grayslady says:

        Wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

        • Dario says:

          I wished Bill had not supported the bill. I understand why he did, but I would preferred he didn’t.

          • Dario says:

            Then again, Obama will be responsible for the mess it creates, so it’s possible Bill is doing the same thing he did with HCR telling Obama to go for it. Sometimes I think Bill is giving Obama the rope.

          • dakinikat says:

            He said he thought it was the best deal they could get.

          • Dario says:

            TC has the video and I see that BC put the spin. He picked the good parts and never talked about the SS tax holiday that it’s very bad for the Social Security. Reversing that tax will be another fight and it will happen with a GOP controlling the house. Obama will go along with another extension. Bye bye SS.

          • NW Luna says:

            The best deal “they” could get. No way is it the best deal he or Hillary would get.

      • Woman Voter says:

        Yup, but Obama must have called him asking for HALP! Where is that kitty photo…HALP! They are waking up…HALP!

  24. janicen says:

    It’s stunning to watch. The press is asking Big Dog questions. Obama is just standing there.

    • Dee says:

      I watched the last part (after Obama walked off) on CSpan. Clinton took questions on many issues. The Clinton hating but “deal” supporting Obotos are going crazy.

      As Clinton was finally walking away from the podium one press member shounted-

      “What time is your presser on Monday?”

      Everyone laughed.

  25. Sima says:

    So, did the House fold yesterday on this? I know the caucus voted not to support it, but, but, then I heard that the WH was rushing in to do some strong arming and so on. So did they fold? Or is the bill’s fate in the House still uncertain?

  26. janicen says:

    Holy shit. Obama just walked off saying he’s keeping the First Lady waiting, and then he left!

  27. janicen says:

    Big Dog’s still taking questions.

  28. Dario says:

    The media has a blackout on Bernie Sanders filibuster. Very few in the media have a story. The LA Times must have looked for the least good looking Senator Sanders photo for the story.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders launches filibuster against tax cut for the wealthy

    The filibuster — or simply the threat of one — has stymied countless legislation in the 111th Congress. Even with a heavy majority, Democrats have often been unable to secure 60 votes needed to invoke cloture. But a filibuster in its traditional sense — a marathon speech by a senator or senators — hasn’t been seen in nearly two decades.

    According to the Associated Press, the last true filibuster was mounted in 1992, when then- Sen. Al D’Amato (R-N.Y.) spoke for hours to oppose a change in a tax bill that would have hurt a home-state typewriter company.

    D’Amato spoke for 15 hours and 14 minutes; Sanders’ office says there is no timetable yet for his speech.

    “They won’t need to change any plaques in the Strom Thurmond Museum,” said spokesman Mike Riggs, referring to the former South Carolina senator who holds the record for longest filibuster, at over 24 hours.

    More at LA Times

  29. Boo Radly says:

    I could not bear listening to Big Dawg say these things – Bumbles never disappoints when it comes to behaving sub human – what a statesman….


    • Dee says:

      I loved every minute of. I don’t even care that he said Charles K is brilliant. He is smart – just don’t agree with anything he says.

      Loved the sign behind Clinton:
      The White House

      Clinton was Presidential. Actually fatherly. Obama needed help from Daddy. This is just too funny.

      • janicen says:

        Me too, Dee. It’s the first time I’ve enjoyed a “Presidential” new conference since the nineties! Clinton was brilliant. Totally knowledgable on every subject with no teleprompter.

    • HT says:

      I suspect that the Big Dawg is trying to keep the Democratic party together. I don’t believe that he thinks this is good, but he’s no longer the President. However he still is a major part of the Democratic party and probably sees the disintegration of his beloved party so is doing whatever he can to prolong it’s existence. Does that make sense? He’s trading on his own popularity to shore up the reputation of a party that rejected him and Hillary – yet he can see what will happen if people turn to the republicans, so he’s making the best of a bad deal – triangulating if you will. Sometimes I think he enjoys being called in to clean up another of Obama’s messes. Other times, I wonder what he is thinking because Obama knows the depths of CDS and only called on Bill because Bill is smarter, and anything henceforward will be blamed on the Big Dawg and by extension Hillary. To any Obot reading, Bill Clinton is a thousand times smarter and more saavy than your messiah, and by his own admission, he has nothing on Hillary. And you chose the GQ man.

      • Dee says:

        I agree – I believe this is Bill’s effort to save his Party and has little to do with wanting to save Obama’s ass. Also, I think the fact that Hillary is in the cabinet probably contributed to his decision to take the stage.

        This has been an extraordinary week in politics.

      • janicen says:

        I agree. Bill’s not crazy about the bill, he said as much, but he knows it’s better than anything that’s going to happen when the Republicans take over in January. He’s a patriot first, an Obama detractor second.

      • soupcity says:

        Well said HT. Watching Obama’s face as Bill talked started to melt in a way, you could kinda see the jealousy and anger rise. I do believe however that Big Dawg wouldn’t have negotiated this deal from such a give away position in the first place.
        Like Bernie keeps saying, does anyone actually think those tax cuts will expire in two years?

  30. dakinikat says:

    Okay, I find this funny too:

    McCainBlogette Meghan McCain

    God I love politics. This Bill Clinton taking over the economy stuff is PRICELESS!

    • Dee says:

      Bill took a bunch of questions on a wide variety of issues. He was fantastic.

      I posted this above. As Clinton was finally leaving the press room a reporter shouted to him – “What time is your presser on Monday?”

      • janicen says:

        How long will it be before some Koolaid drinker says that this shows what a great leader Obama is? LOL

        • Dee says:

          I have been reading some of the posts by the true believers over at DU. They are angry and crazy. They can’t decide if they are more mad at Obama or Clinton. One thing is clear – the children are hurting.

          It is very entertaining.

  31. dakinikat says:

    Bernie is reading these letters people write him and they are just heart breaking!!

    • zaladonis says:

      And he’s adding his own comments, explanations. Love how engaged he is even at nearly 6 hours. That’s passion.

  32. paper doll says:

    so glad SOMEONE is standing up and braking back!! Thank you Bernie !

  33. zaladonis says:

    Called Bernie’s office in Vermont. Could hear phones ringing in the background. Nice tired sounding guy answered the phone, very pleasant, asked if I’d like to be added to Sanders’ email list.

    Call and support Bernie!

    Phone DC: (202) 224-5141
    Phone Vermont: (802) 862-0697

  34. pdgrey says:

    I just called Sen. Sanders office in Vermont. I started telling her thank-you and burst into to tears. She told me thousands of people where calling and then, me knowing the MSM is not letting people know we agree with him, I just fell apart. It is well worth calling. Phone DC: (202) 224-5141
    Phone Vermont: (802) 862-0697

    • Woman Voter says:

      What do you make of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ speak-a-thon?

      * Waste of time
      * Proves an important point
      * Who is Bernie Sanders?

      Created on Dec 10, 2010

      Total Votes: 3,614

      GO BERNIE GO! Many people are agreeing with you!

  35. Woman Voter says:

    Go Bernie GO!

    I am glad that he is mentioning that NOT everyone goes to an IVY LEAGUE college, some don’t even have the opportunity to go to college and are the foundation of our working force, what makes America work, what makes America great.

  36. dakinikat says:

    NEW Filibuster Live thread up!!!