Wednesday Hump Day Cartoons: Kiss Asssssssss

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday, it said that Media Matters is changing their focus from primarily Fox News to fake news websites and Facebook. The post was from a Politco page on FB.  So I take it to be true….right?

Media Matters to pivot away from focus on Fox News, as it names new president – POLITICO

Then you have political editorial cartoons, which are beautiful things.

That’s about as close to the truth as you can get…meaning there is absolutely no false news reports in that imagery.

Romney Kisses Trump Butt |
That is a Cagle cartoon, and they are very obsessive about their cartoons. Now that article also includes a discussion on how he came up with the idea.

I will give you links to the Cagle Cartoons below and hope that you visit the site and check them out.

Many of these are from foreign cartoonist. So you can get the feel of how #tRump is being received around the world.

Flag burning and Trump

World Powers and Europe

democracy crisis

Mr. Fish: Red Menace – Mr. Fish – Truthdig

Mike Luckovich: Blind – Mike Luckovich – Truthdig

12/07 Mike Luckovich: Twit-elect. | Mike Luckovich



12/02 Mike Luckovich: Shorthanded. | Mike Luckovich


12/01 Mike Luckovich: Grand opening. | Mike Luckovich



And from Politico Cartoonist Matt Wuerker:

12/05/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

12/01/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

12/05/2016 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

12/05/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

Ain’t that the truth.

12/01/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

I think Dak may have used that Horsey one on her post this past week…

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Joel Pett

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

12/01/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

Anti-Semitism roaches: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Steve Greenberg

Cartoon by Steve Greenberg - Anti-Semitism roaches

Trump Transition Team: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Steve Greenberg

Cartoon by Steve Greenberg - Trump Transition Team

Swamp Tower: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Swamp Tower

Recount: 12/05/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Recount


The Elites: 12/05/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - The Elites

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

12/02/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

Pearl Harbor: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - Pearl Harbor

THE U.S. PRESIDENCY: 12/02/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - THE U.S. PRESIDENCY

Burner: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Burner


NEW TEXAS LAW: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - NEW TEXAS LAW


This is an open thread.

My mom has her specialist appointment today, this morning. We are driving down to Gainesville for that…so I’ve scheduled the post. I hope there are no formatting issues. If so, maybe Dak or BB can clean it up. I will try to pop in later on…if I can. Have a good day.

Lazy Saturday Reads: Trump “Values” Are Not American Values


Good Afternoon!!

Here’s something we can do right away to let the PEOTUS know how we feel about his decision to install a white supremacist in the White House. A friend invited me to join this Facebook group that is asking people to send postcards from their states to Trump Tower between November 26 and 28. I sent invitations to my Facebook friends, so many of you will be getting them. Here’s the plan:

**IMPORTANT: Please do not send your postcard until NOV 26th**


Instructions to participate:

1. Get a postcard from your state – any picture that represents your state.
2. In the message section, write this simple message: NOT BANNON!
3. Sign your name if you wish
4. Address it as follows:
Donald Trump
c/o The Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
5. Affix a stamp – you can use a 35 cent postcard stamp, or a normal letter stamp.
6. Take a picture of your postcard that you can share on social media using the hashtag #stopbannon #postcardavalanche
7. Drop it in the mail between Saturday, Nov 26th and Monday, Nov. 28th to create a concentrated avalanche of postcards.

If you can’t send yours until later, don’t let that stop you.



Now invite, invite, invite! The more voices we can get in the mail, from the more states, the better. To make it go viral we will all need to share the details with our sphere of influence in whatever ways we feel comfortable. Feel free to copy and paste the details or even post your own public event. The more the merrier!

If you are unfamiliar with Steve Bannon, he is a white supremacist who is also the head of a media company that proliferates misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic views. The Donald is about to make him chief White House strategist. We have to stand up for American values against this man!

Let’s go national and send a message the old fashioned way!

Here’s something else people are doing. From the Indianapolis Star: 46,000 people have donated to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name since the election.

People on social media, ranging from regular Janes to celebrities, have been passing around Mike Pence’s official contact information.


To encourage others to make a donation to Planned Parenthood in Pence’s name and send him a notification of the gift.

Planned Parenthood confirmed that people are putting their money where their tweets are. Of more than 200,000 donations made to Planned Parenthood since the election, 46,000 have been made in the vice president-elect’s name, according to the organization.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about what happened to VP elect Pence last night. From the LA Times: Mike Pence gets booed as he arrives for performance of ‘Hamilton.’

Mike Pence, the vice president-elect, took a break from planning the next administration on Friday night by attending the popular Broadway show “Hamilton.”

Though Pence received a smattering of applause when he arrived, the New York audience mostly greeted the Indiana governor with boos….

The hip-hop musical about one of the country’s founding fathers, with its multicultural cast and tale of immigrant pride, has been a favorite of liberals. One of its songs was first performed at the White House when creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was a guest of President Obama.

From Rolling Stone: Watch ‘Hamilton’ Cast’s Powerful Plea to Mike Pence.

Pence had initially received an icy reception from the New York audience, with video of the Indiana governor being roundly booedupon entering the Richard Rodgers Theater quickly circulating on social media.

However, upon the show’s curtain call, the cast and crew of Hamilton, led by actor Brandon Victor Dixon, had a strong message to deliver to the VP-elect. “There’s nothing to boo here, we’re all here sharing a story of love,” Dixon said. “We have a message for you, sir.”

“Vice President-elect Pence, welcome. Thank you for joining us at Hamilton – An American Musical. We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us,” Dixon said.

Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the production, then again thanked Pence for attending a show featuring a “diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds and orientations.” “We don’t have to fight one another. The beautiful part of this country is… we don’t have to agree, but we gotta live here, baby, and share with one another,” Dixon added.

Watch the video at the LA Times or Rolling Stone link.

PEOTUS has already sent two whiny tweets claiming that Pence was “harassed.”

PEOTUS is not a fan of the first amendment to the Constitution. I wonder if he realizes how millions of people are going to greet his inauguration? He is going to hear a lot of boos in the next four years–if he lasts that long. He’d better get used to it. This isn’t Venezuela or Nazi Germany yet.

Meanwhile, the Trump organization is already well on the way to turning the U.S. Government into a kleptocracy. You probably saw that photo of Ivanka Trump sitting in on a meeting between her father and the Japanese Prime Minister. Ivanka’s husband was there for part of the meeting too.

Think Progress: This isn’t just a photo of Ivanka Trump. It’s a middle finger to democracy.


Donald Trump is leveraging his new position as president-elect to empower his business empire — and he’s doing it publicly.

We’ve known for some time that Trump didn’t plan to actually resolve the unprecedented conflicts his far-flung business interests presented.

Instead of liquidating his assets and placing them in a Qualified Diversified Trust, as President Bush did, or investing in index funds and government bonds, as President Obama did, Trump has done nothing.

He’s waved away concerns about conflicts-of-interest, saying that he would just hand over control of his business interests to his children.

He called this a “blind trust” but it is actually the opposite. A blind trust is when you hand marketable assets over to a neutral third party to control. The contents of the trust, since they can be traded at any time by the administrator, are soon unknown to you. Trump knows what his assets are and says he is handing them to his children.

Immediately after Trump’s election, he named three of his adult children — Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. — to his transition team. This means the same people running the Trump Organization will also be choosing the top officials in the Trump administration.

Now he is taking things a step further. In his first meeting with a head of state, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump invited his daughter Ivanka — who will likely serve as acting CEO of his companies — to participate.

Trump could have kept Ivanka’s participation private. Instead, his team handed out a photo featuring Ivanka.

Please go read the rest. They are thumbing their noses at all that is decent and ethical.

And remember that Trump hotel in Washington DC–right near the White House? Foreign leaders and diplomats will soon be able to bribe the President of the U.S. by staying in that hotel on their official visits. They will be able to do the same by staying in other Trump branded hotels and patronizing his golf courses and other businesses.

Washington Post: For foreign diplomats, Trump hotel is place to be.

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC

About 100 foreign diplomats, from Brazil to Turkey, gathered at the Trump International Hotel this week to sip Trump-branded champagne, dine on sliders and hear a sales pitch about the U.S. president-elect’s newest hotel.

The event for the diplomatic community, held one week after the election, was in the Lincoln Library, a junior ballroom with 16-foot ceilings and velvet drapes that is also available for rent.

Some attendees won raffle prizes — among them overnight stays at other Trump properties around the world — allowing them to become better acquainted with the business holdings of the new commander in chief.

“The place was packed,” said Lynn Van Fleit, founder of the nonprofit Diplomacy Matters Institute, which organizes programs for foreign diplomats and government officials. She said much of the discussion among Washington-based diplomats is over “how are we going to build ties with the new administration.”

Back when many expected Trump to lose the election, speculation was rife that business would suffer at the hotels, condos and golf courses that bear his name. Now, those venues offer the prospect of something else: a chance to curry favor or access with the next president.

Perhaps nowhere is that possibility more obvious than Trump’s newly renovated hotel a few blocks from the White House, on Pennsylvania Avenue. Rooms sold out quickly for the inauguration, many for five-night minimums priced at five times the normal rate, according to the hotel’s manager.

Read more at the link, but prepare to be nauseated.

That’s all I have the strength for today. Please post your thoughts and links on any topic in the comment thread, have courage and hold onto your values for dear life.

Sunday Safety Pin Post

Good Morning

Nothing I can say or write will make things any easier.

The Safety Pin Movement Comes To America | Crooks and Liars

The Safety Pin Movement Comes To America

People in the United States are now wearing safety pins in solidarity with those who might be denigrated or made afraid in a post-election America.

I reported on the post-Brexit safety pin movement back in June.

Only to share these cartoons with you.

Passing the baton!: 11/12/2016 Cartoon by Shreyas Navare

Cartoon by Shreyas Navare - Passing the baton!



Popular Vote: 11/12/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Popular Vote

President-elect Trump: 11/09/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - President-elect Trump

11/12/2016 Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies -

11/12/2016 Cartoon by Joe Heller

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

TRUMP WINS: 11/10/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - TRUMP WINS


11/11/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

11/09/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

11/11/2016 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -

11/10/2016 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -

11/11/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

11/10/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -


Trump Says He’ll Be ‘Restrained’ With His Twitter Use As President



The End: 11/11/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - The End

The Winner: 11/10/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - The Winner

Election Sweep: 11/09/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Election Sweep

Role Model: 11/11/2016 Cartoon by Ed Hall

Cartoon by Ed Hall - Role Model

Mourning: 11/10/2016 Cartoon by Ed Hall

Cartoon by Ed Hall - Mourning

11/11/2016 Cartoon by MStreeter

Cartoon by MStreeter -

11/11/2016 Cartoon by Bob Englehart

Cartoon by Bob Englehart -

11/11/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

Rudy Giuliani, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and the KKK apply for positions in the Trump Administrati: 11/11/2016 Cartoon by Kate Salley Palmer

Cartoon by Kate Salley Palmer - Rudy Giuliani, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and the KKK apply for positions in the Trump Administrati

Life!: 11/11/2016 Cartoon by Shreyas Navare

Cartoon by Shreyas Navare - Life!

Coming Together: 11/10/2016 Cartoon by Paul Fell

Cartoon by Paul Fell - Coming Together

11/10/2016 Cartoon by Kevin Siers

Cartoon by Kevin Siers -



Florida AG Pam Bondi Joins Trump Transition Team


This is an open thread.

Live Blogging All Day: Souls to the Polls!


Hello Nasty Women and Bad Hombres!   Did ya vote yet?

Well, after an exciting morning without electricity, I wandered on down to the Poland Avenue Fire station known as OFD Engine 24 and Ladder 4. I voted for Hillary!!! So, here’s my white pant suit look and a shot of the ninth ward, ninth precinct Souls standing in line for the Polls.

The gentleman signing in lives two doors down from me! He’s not getting around like he used to when I first moved to the kathouse over 16 years ago but he managed to vote!!   I actually talked to another black man a bit younger than me that said he hadn’t voted since high school! That means he skipped electing President Obama but made it here to vote for Hillary!  Every one here in New Orleans is standing in the longest lines we’ve ever seen and to my knowledge the old Morial/Landrieu machine is not up and running for anything!


The most fun pictures are coming from Pant Suit Nation where I’m seeing the selfies being taking of mothers taking their young daughter to the polls.  We have a subchapter for Louisiana now and I’m seeing kids from all over the state pressing the button for their moms!


I’ve cried watching live video coming from Susan B Anthony’s grave. Lots of stickers and women paying tribute to this great woman! See that video on BB’s post right before this one!


I’ve laughed watching Donald Trump get boo’d at his local polling place so thought I’d let it give you a good laugh too!  I’ve shared it below!!!

I’m just so excited about today! Can you believe after all these years we’re finally here together and doing all this?

So, how was your voting experience?

Let us know!!!

Sunday Reasons and Links

img_1386Good Night…

Hey, here’s a post with some quick links for you to check out. Again today I found myself having difficulty writing something. My enthusiasm is about as high as a contestant on the Miss America pageant…when she is told to make way for Trumpy as he barges in the dressing room.

I have had to deal with some family members posting things on my Facebook wall during this election. One, who is becoming a Catholic Priest…posted some links to the usual anti-abortion/pro-life shit, and proceeded to get into it with dear friends on patriarchy and such. Mona and I put the kibosh on that one.

But another cousin has been a little more vocal with the Trump rhetoric. Going so far as to put some bigoted stuff on my Hillary threads.

Well, last week I put up a link to an amnesty that was held on the Mexican Border for 3 minutes so that families could come together from the USA and Mexico and see each other and hug and kiss…it was an emotional video. 



Well, he mouthed off about immigrants again, using that passive aggressive crap about defriending him etc…and it took me a few days but I finally put him in his place today. (By the way, Mary Maw is Junior’s mother.) Here is what I told him…

img_1381Junior…just a few thoughts. I think it is so ironic that you seem so full of hatred towards immigrants when our family immigrated here all those years ago, and had to deal with the same hateful prejudices that you are projecting now. Please think about it…understand something about our Latin last names. Do you not realize that my Nana and Mary Maw had experienced this same hate and prejudice back in the days when Trump says that his America was Great. img_1388If your heritage is Italian, Spanish, Cuban…you were treated with disgust. You could not swim over at Sulfur Springs public beaches. (the signs read no dogs blacks or Italians ) and in our own personal case, my Nana’s niece, Annie Centinaro, who graduated at the very top of her class in secretary school back in the late 1930s…never found a job in her field because she was of Italian descent. Don’t forget that in Tampa Florida…The Latin community had to band together to form Centro Espanol and Estudiano Hospitals to help other Latins get medical care because of the lack of options available to them…all because of the similar hate and prejudice which is tearing the nation apart. Why else would the KKK be supportive of a candidate whose slogan is Make America Great Again. It is a turn on the phrase Make America White Again…and it is not what our country is about. At least it is not what my country is about. I will not defriend you. That is ridiculous. We are family. But I only ask that you respect my wishes and refrain from posting hate filled statements on my wall. Thank you.

img_1383It made me also think about another thing his mother shared with me back when I was younger…in 6th grade, and had to do a report on home remedies for an English assignment.  Mary Maw was one of three women to give me a recipe on how to induce an abortion. Give that a few moments thought.

So for my Great Aunt Mary Maw…My Nana…My other Great Aunt Annie…I look forward to Tuesday’s results, when that fucking Glass Ceiling is broken, and Hillary Clinton, a woman is elected President of the United States.

Now a few links, I warn you a few are upsetting…


Mother horrified by photo of St. Louis cop giving ‘thumbs up’ next to her son’s body

… mother of a St. Louis, Missouri man was horrified to see a leaked photo of a police officer giving the “thumbs up” sign next to her son’s dead body.

KMOV Channel 4 reported that now Kim Staton — mother of Omar Rahman, who was 28 when he died on August 8 — wants answers.

“I really don’t know, actually, what happened to my son,” Staton told Channel 4’s Lauren Trager. The county medical examiner ruled that Rahman’s death was an accidental drug overdose.

img_1387Weeks after his death, a photo surfaced of Rahman’s body at the location where he was found dead. In it, an officer from the North County Police Cooperative is wearing latex gloves while holding Rahman’s limp arm with one hand and giving a “thumbs up” to the camera with the other.

The photo does not break any specific laws, but it raises serious questions about officers’ conduct and the handling of evidence.

“In your mind, is there any reasonable explanation for what that officer was doing?” Trager asked the grieving mother.

“No,” she replied. “Because when they come to a call, they’re supposed to be there to help and protect, not doing what he was doing with thumbs up and a smirk on his face.”

Her attorney, Antonio Romanucci, said, “It’s hideous. The implications of this photograph are just astronomical.”

“I have seen thousands and thousands of forensic photographs, I have never seen a staged photograph of an officer next to a deceased body,” he said. “Who was there that allowed this to go on? Was there any Sergeant involved? Those are the questions that need to be asked and that’s what needs to be found here.”

It’s still unclear how the photo was leaked to the public. Police only responded to Staton’s queries when the TV station became involved. They said that they can’t find their official crime scene camera and that hard copies of the photos are missing as well.

Cops refused to answer questions on camera. More at the link.

Up next?

What’s it like for sexual assault survivors to hear Donald Trump talk about his accusers?

If you cannot see that embedded link.

In another article about a similar topic: Therapists Say the Election Is Giving Women Anxiety

So shit…

img_1382Other stories:

Nevada GOP Chairman Laments That ‘Certain Groups’ Got More Time To Vote | Huffington Post

Yeah, can you believe it.

His dog whistle about Hispanic voters wasn’t exactly subtle.

Toronto Star compiles list of almost 500 Trump lies during campaign.

Trump “Assassination Attempt” Turns Out to Be A Republican with a Sign | Vanity Fair

John Oliver lambastes the stupid reason why voting is held on Tuesdays: Blame it on churchgoers

The latest SNL skit…

This was interestingimg_1384Medusa and Hillary Clinton: Why the Original ‘Nasty Woman’ Keeps Reappearing During the 2016 Election – The Atlantic

Hey, can you imagine the scene of this event: Report: Aides block Trump from Twitter | TheHill

Now that is a SNL skit I would like to see. Trump Campaign people taking his twitter away from him.

I’ve got another three videos from Facebook. So if you cannot see the embeds, click on the links.

What happens when a bunch of high school students simulate the US election?

Pretty much exactly what’s happening in real life.


This is a video of the line to see Hillary from Kissimmee FL…it is great to see such diversity.



And lastly…

The moment a baby Chameleon is born 😍

Credit: Simply Rock Creek Chameleons

I’ve never seen anything like that, have you?

This is an open thread…good night y’all.

Wednesday Hump Reads: For Those On the Verge 

This election is going to put me in the booby hatch for good. I can’t take it. I thought things were all good…Clinton had this in the bag, but noooooo. Some #assholedickwad has to go and stick his misogynistic letterhead in the election.

Now I’m getting these emails saying that Trump is ahead in the “poles” uh I mean polls.

Please…someone, make it stop!

Just in case the embed is not working:

From Reddit:
VLifted from reddit:

Clinton emails. Trump admitting sexual assault. Clinton emails. Trump charity fraud. Clinton emails. Trump calls for nuclear proliferation. Clinton emails. Trump calls for national stop and frisk. Clinton emails. Trump violates trade embargo with Cuba. Clinton emails. Trump sued over Trump U fraud. Clinton emails. Trump bribes DA. Clinton emails. Trump doesnt pay taxes for 20 years. Clinton emails. Trump employs campaign manager involved in illegal corruption with Russia. Clinton emails. Trump calls for ban of an entire religion from entering US. Clinton emails. Trump lied about support for Iraq War over and over in debate. Clinton emails. Trump in court for rape of a minor. Clinton emails. Trump unaware of Russia’s Crimea occupation. Clinton emails. Trump unaware of situation in Syria. Clinton emails. Trump penalized for racist housing discrimination. Clinton emails. Trump files for bankrupcy 6 times. Clinton emails. Trump goes 0-3 in debates by showing scant knowledge of world politics. Clinton emails. Trump slams people for being POWs. Clinton emails. Trump calls mexicans rapists. Clinton emails. Trump questions judge’s integrity because of parent’s heritage. Clinton emails. Trump deletes emails involved in casino scandal. Clinton emails. Trump commits insurance fraud after florida hurricane. Clinton emails. Trump has dozens of assault victims and witnesses come forward with allegations of abuse. Clinton emails. Trump attacks former Ms America for being overweight. Clinton emails. Trump tweets about sex tapes at 3am. Clinton emails. Trump calls for US citizens to be sent to Gitmo. Clinton emails. Trump calls for more extreme forms of torture to be used. Clinton emails. Trump asks why cant we use our nukes if we have them. Clinton emails. Trump calls for offensive bombing attack on sovereign nations because someone gave the middle finger. Clinton emails. Trump calls to kill women and children of suspected terrorists. Clinton emails. Trump says women should be punished for having abortions. Clinton emails. Trump makes fun of disabled people. Clinton emails. Trump calls for end of freedom of the press. Clinton emails. Trump calls global warming a chinese hoax. Clinton emails. Trump praises Putin and Kim Jong Un’s strong leadership. Clinton emails. Trump openly admits to not paying his employees during debate. Clinton emails. Trump calls Obama an illegitimate noncitizen hundreds of times over 7 years. Clinton emails. Trump uses campaign donations to enrich his own businesses. Clinton emails. Trump says Ted Cruz involved in JFK assassination unironically citing National Enquirer. Clinton emails. Trump says laziness is an inherent trait in black people. Clinton emails.


I started to write this post last night.

I tried again to finish it at 6:30 this morning.

Again I tried…later at 9:30.

Now it is 3:18pm…y’all are getting a link dump because I am unable to will myself to do anything more than that.

They are in no particular order, except the last two stories where at least one was proved to be a hoax…just keep that in mind as you read the headlines.

Neo-Nazis hatch racist voter suppression plot to hand out ’40s and weed’ in ‘ghettos of Philly’

Trump Supporter to CNN: Sexual Assault Victims Need to ‘Grow a Set,’ ‘Get Over It’ | Mediaite

Militia groups prepare for armed revolt if Clinton wins: ‘Last chance to save America from ruin’

(Just a few for comic relief…)

Imgur user shows map of every river basin in the US | Daily Mail Online

Created by Imgur user Fejetlenfej , a geographer and GIS analyst with a ¿lifelong passion for beautiful maps,¿ it highlights the massive expanse of river basins across the country ¿ in particular, those which feed the Mississippi River, in pink


Obama Sang ‘Purple Rain’ To This Kid Dressed As Prince | Huffington Post

When @barackobama sees your nephew dressed as Prince & starts singing Purple Rain! Yep, Best Halloween Ever! • #MWxDC #acreativedc #RIPPrince | 📽: my wife @dinthelife 😘

A video posted by MASTERWILLIAMS™ (@masterwilliams) on


This Human Library is interesting.


Soccer team is doing its part: QPR gives fleet of coaches to bring child refugees from Calais | World news | The Guardian

Lung Cancer Vaccine: Cuban Drug Coming To US In Historic Move To Combat Deadly Disease

The Collinsport Historical Society: There’s a Vampire in the White House!

A More Accurate World Map Wins Prestigious Japanese Design Award | Mental Floss

Now…back to the stuff that nightmares are made off…or at least, padded cells.

Pope Francis says the Catholic Church will probably never have female priests – The Washington Post

Former FBI Agent: The Bureau Has a Problem With Women |

Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support – Vox

Media Discover Due Caution When It Comes To Reporting About Trump

Republican talk of holding a Supreme Court seat vacant for four years is without precedent – The Washington Post

Being poor costs too much in Georgia, report says |

Being poor means having little money and – at least in Georgia – it seems to mean having higher costs for basics, according to a report released this week.

Rent and childcare eat up most of the average poor person’s resources, according to the report by 9to5 Georgia and the Coalition on Human Needs.

While poverty rates are down and incomes in general are up, the improvement has not been enough to reach many of the nearly 1.7 million poor Georgians, said Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs. “The more troubling news is that the poor and near-poor live in a precarious situation,” The simple fact is, it is expensive to be poor in Georgia.”

The downbeat assessment comes more than six years after the economy started struggling back from a nasty recession and more than four years after job growth restarted in Georgia. The unemployment rate in the state has finally returned to pre-recession levels.

But the rate does not include children, one in four of whom are believed to be living in poverty. And the unemployment rate doesn’t include people who have dropped from the workforce and it does not reflect the mix of jobs – many of the added jobs are low-wage positions and many of the Georgians who work have more than one paycheck to get by.

More Georgians slated to lose food stamps

An additional 10,000 Georgians across 21 counties may become ineligible to renew their food stamps, beginning in early 2017.

Earlier this year, over 5,000 folks living in the metro Atlanta area lost their food stamps, officially called SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Georgia joins 39 other states that are slowly switching back to the ‘no work, no food,’ model. (Although to be fair, the money from SNAP is never enough to actually cover a month’s worth of food).


In Cobb, Gwinnett and Hall Counties, where the ‘no work, no food’ model is in place, the AJC reported a drop of 60 percent in childless SNAP recipients — from over 6,100 to under 2,500.

And another 10,000 folks are slated to join them, while lawmakers talk about ultimately expanding the work requirements to all 159 counties.

While having dependents (or approved disabilities) exempts SNAP recipients from the work requirement, this ignores other caretakers roles people may take on full-time — such as those for parents, spouses or grandchildren.

It also provides little guarantee to certain vulnerable populations — like those dealing with intimate partner violence — who are also more likely to face food insecurity. Safety nets like SNAP can often be critical to these folks being able to leave.

“No one who is able-bodied and able to work should be drawing food stamps, period,” Rep. Greg Morris (R – Vidalia) told the AJC, apparently ignoring the vast number of food stamp recipients who are employed, but dependent on safety net programs because they are unable to make a living wage in a state with crummy labor laws.

“The greater good is people being employed, being productive and contributing to the state,” said Bobby Cagle, director of the state Division of Family and Children Services.

This just seems like an unrealistic, poorly thought-out way to achieve the goal of “motivating” people to work. Folks need food security to function. They need food security to be able to leave violent or dangerous living situations; they need food security to be able to take care of loved ones; they need food security to be able to consistently take medications and manage chronic health conditions; and they need food security to apply for jobs and conduct interviews.

Folks need food security to function and policymakers should stop messing with that for the sake of low-hanging ideological wins.

SPLC Analysis: Small Community of Extremists on Twitter Responsible for Majority of Message | Southern Poverty Law Center

In the Nevada desert, Bundy family warns of another standoff – The Washington Post

‘And So Are You’: Trump, Misogyny, and the Dangerous Precedent Set by This Election – Rewire

And here are the two possible hoaxes:

Notice this first link is from a local ABC news station in Tampa:

VIRAL: Patient seriously burned after fart sparks fire during surgery – Story | | Tampa Bay News, Weather, Sports, Things To Do | WFTS-TV

TOKYO, JAPAN – A story about a patient who sparked a fire and was seriously burned during surgery when she passed gas on the operating table is going viral on social media and making headlines around the world.

News outlets including New York Daily News , Esquire , USA Today , and more have shared the story that is making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

The incident took place during an operation at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in the Shinjuku Ward on April 15.

The Asahi Shimbun , an English news site based in Japan, reports that the patient was in surgery, having a laser applied to her cervix, when her flatulence sparked a fire. The patient suffered burns to her waist and legs.

Experts investigated the incident to find out what could have caused the fire.

They released their findings on October 28, 2016.

“When the patient’s intestinal gas leaked into the space of the operation (room), it ignited with the irradiation of the laser, and the burning spread, eventually reaching the surgical drape and causing the fire,” the report said.

Experts say there were no flammable materials in the operation room at the time of her surgery. They also said that everything was functioning normally.

Even the website has confirmed the unbelievable story. The patient’s current condition was not released in the reports.

Okay, I will buy that…

But this?

Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S. | TRENDING


We have learned that United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now very concerned that an estimated one million pounds of rat meat.

Which is being passed off as “boneless chicken wings,” has been sold in restaurants and grocery stores across America.

According to reports, FDA inspectors raised concerns after several illegal shipping containers originating from China were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco.

It was found to contain rat meat that was meant to be shipped to different meat processing plants across America and resold as chicken.

Video at the link…

This is an open thread. I am going back to my padded cell for the rest of the week.

Sunday Reads: Hatch Act, Hatchet Act, Hatching Act

img_1121 Let me start this post with this petition, I signed it way early this morning…like around 3am, at that time it was around 130 signatures.

Investigate James Comey for Hatch Act Violations | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Demand James Comey immediately resign his position as director of the FBI. Immediately upon his departure launch an investigation of his public statements about the ongoing investigation relating to State Department handling of classified materials as blatant attempts to influence the election in violation of the Hatch Act.

img_1120It is currently at 684 signatures. Which is not very much, and that is rather surprising to me. what do you think?

Quick note, sorry this post is late. We went for a hike earlier today down the Appalachian Trail. It was beautiful, but man was it difficult for my fat ass to make it up those steep rocks. I will post some pictures at the end of the post…

Now, back to the thread.

According to CNN, these emails where in the hands of the FBI weeks ago. FBI discovered Clinton-related emails weeks ago –

The discovery of a trove of emails from one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides occurred weeks ago, law enforcement officials told CNN.

img_1116But the FBI didn’t disclose the discovery until Friday, raising questions about why the information was kept under wraps and then released only days before the election.
The emails from Clinton aide Huma Abedin were found on a computer belonging to her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.
CNN reported on September 22 that prosecutors in Manhattan had issued a subpoena for Weiner’s communications as part of an investigation into alleged sexting with an underage girl.
FBI criminal investigators soon after stumbled on the Abedin emails.
By early October, it was clear to investigators that the emails may relate to the Clinton email server investigation, law enforcement officials said.
But internal discussions at the FBI about how to proceed continued over the ensuing weeks.
img_1123The delay was first reported by the Washington Post.
In his Friday letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey said he was briefed on the new findings a day earlier. He didn’t say when he first learned of the existence of the emails.
FBI officials moved to disclose the development then because they feared the information would leak otherwise, law enforcement officials said.
Comey’s notification to Congress of the review is rocking the final days of the presidential race. Democrats are furious that Comey would revive the explosive issue of Clinton’s email server so close to the election. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is seizing on the review after spending weeks on the defense, hoping it will be a potent issue he can ride until the end of the contest.
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta blasted Comey on Sunday for disclosing the review.
“He might have taken the first step of actually having looked at them before he did this in the middle of a presidential campaign, so close to the voting,” Podesta said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

It is also known that the FBI did not have a warrant for these emails.

What is even more disturbing is that one asshole in particular tweeted the letter before Democrats saw it….Senior Dem aide: Chaffetz tweeted Comey’s letter before Democrats even saw it – Shareblue

img_1125Now we learn that Democratic lawmakers may not have even seen the letter before Chaffetz, eager to influence the outcome of the election, tweeted it.

A senior Democratic congressional aide provided the following statement to Shareblue:

Democratic Ranking Members on the relevant committees didn’t receive Comey’s letter until after the Republican Chairmen. In fact, the Democratic Ranking Members didn’t receive it until after the the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz, tweeted it out and made it public.

This is disturbing, but not surprising. During the Benghazi hearings, it become abundantly clear that Republican members were not seeking the truth but were cynically playing politics with the lives of dead Americans to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

img_1127The strange events of October 29 are further confirmation that Republican politicians like Chaffetz are using their office not to do the people’s business, but to target a single Democrat for destruction, using any means necessary.

They will fail, because voters see through their dirty tricks.

24 hours after Chaffetz pulled his stunt and Trump’s campaign jumped on the bandwagon, it has backfired. Clinton’s supporters are outraged and energized, more eager than ever to defend Clinton against these scurrilous attacks.

I hope the editors of ShareBlue are correct about this latest attack backfiring. The thought of a Trump presidency is too much for me to bear.

img_1130The rest of today’s links are varied. I will post them in link dump fashion:

Another major earthquake in Italy overnight:

‘There are no towns’: Most powerful earthquake for 36 years hits centre of Italy near Norcia | The Independent

Latest Italian earthquake devastates medieval churches and other sites – The Washington Post

A strong earthquake that shook Italy on Sunday morning took a heavy toll on historic churches and other landmark buildings, some dating back to the Middle Ages.

No deaths were reported, and only “tens” of injuries, but the physical damage was extensive.

In Preci, the walls of a hillside cemetery came crashing down on top of the Abbey of Saint Euticius, founded in the 5th century by a group of Syrian monks and hermits and now crushed under the weight of its own burial ground.

img_1129The old town of Arquata del Tronto, in the central region of Le Marches, was virtually destroyed, along with its 13th century church dedicated to Saint Francis. Only the castle remains, still standing guard over the ruins below.

In Norcia, a city that considers itself the birthplace of pork sausages, three of the most important churches were heavily damaged.

Yes, you read that right…the birthplace of pork sausages.

Sunday’s quake was the strongest of a recent flurry of earthquakes. It registered 6.5 on the Richter scale, according to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, and was felt the entire length of the Italian boot. It struck at 7:40 a.m. local time. The strongest hit areas were Le Marche and Umbria.

Even in Rome, more than 110 miles to the east, the papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls was damaged. It shows some cracks on its facade, some cornices have crumbled, and a candelabra is at risk of dropping down from the ceiling.

img_1122Prime Minister Matteo Renzi vowed that Italy would rebuild the homes, churches and other damaged structures and that financial resources would be found to restore essential elements of the national identity and cultural heritage. “We will rebuild everything,” he said Sunday, “the houses, the churches, the shops. We are dealing with marvelous territories, territories of beauty.”

The number of human casualties could have been much greater, but residents of many of the historic town centers had been moved out when the tremors began last week.

This last bit is sad…look what happened to a rose window that was repaired just recently.

“In Italy we do not throw away the rubble,” said Fabio Carapezza-Guttuso, the Ministry of Culture’s national crisis management unit officer. “Even single stones are numbered and handpicked so that they can later be used in the reconstruction, along with pieces of wood, iron and beams. It’s a big effort, and that is why we employ archaeologists to sift through the ruins.”

img_1117Carapezza-Guttuso mentioned, as an example, the work done to restore the rose window of the church of Saint Augustine in Amatrice, which was badly damaged in a deadly earthquake in August. That window is now ready — but what remained of the church collapsed Sunday.

The latest in men’s birth control…halted, because the men can’t take the side effects.

Injectable birth control for men can prevent pregnancy – Study | TRT World That link will give you the particulars.

But as for the pussies who can’t take the pain…depression…or acne: Yes, contraceptives have side effects – and it’s time for men to put up with them too | The Independent

img_1124Apparently women can have such ailments as depression and acne thrust upon them for the greater good of preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but the same level of discomfort cannot be expected of men

The finding that the latest version of the injected male contraceptive is now very effective is fantastic news. In a trial of 320 men, researchers found that, over a one-year period, it was 96 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy. A spokesperson for the World Health Organisation said: “The study found it is possible to have a hormonal contraceptive for men that reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies in the partners of men who use it.”

But the trial of the drug has already been halted – because just 20 of the men (out of 320, don’t forget) found the side effects of the injection intolerable and it was decided that more research needed to be done to try and counteract them. Those side effects included depression, muscle pain, mood swings, acne and changes to the libido.

Do any of those side effects sound familiar? Oh yes, they’re the minor side effects of the combined pill, used by 48 per cent of women aged 16 to 19, 64 per cent of women aged between 20 and 24 and a majority (55 per cent) of those aged between 25 and 29.

How sad for these poor men – they couldn’t handle the side effects that so many women have to deal with every day just to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Women have had to bear the responsibility of contraceptionsince the pill was first launched in 1962 – and all of the side effects that go along with it.

Men Quit Male Birth Control Study Because It Was Giving Them Mood Swings

As most anyone with a uterus can attest to, hormonal contraception can have some serious side effects, including nausea, headaches, weight gain, decreased libido, depression, and yes, mood swings.

img_1132Broadly reports on new research from the University of Edinburgh which suggests that men might also be able to effectively take hormonal birth control, meaning women wouldn’t solely have to suffer than burden. But before you throw a parade/throw out your pills, you should know that the study was stopped because men were experiencing side effects that many women using hormonal contraception currently experience.

Let us stick with periods for a bit…

Period pain is officially as bad as a heart attack – so why have doctors ignored it? The answer is simple | The Independent

Men wait an average of 49 minutes before being treated for abdominal pain. For women, the wait is 65 minutes for the same symptoms. It’s thought that this is because women are seen as exaggerating pain and being ‘dramatic’ due to sexist stereotypes

John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London, revealed this week that research shows period pain can be as “bad as having a heart attack”. He said: “Men don’t get it and it hasn’t been given the centrality it should have. I do believe it’s something that should be taken care of, like anything else in medicine.”

img_1131Dr Imogen Shaw, a GP specialising in women’s healthcare, welcomed his comments, saying: “I wouldn’t say [period pain] has been hugely investigated,” and when asked if the issue would be taken more seriously if men experienced it, said: “I suspect there would be, being very cynical.”

It is extraordinary how little the medical profession engages with menstruation. Although recent years have seen period taboos broken through social media campaigns, this has yet to permeate medical discourse – and periods are seldom given serious medical consideration in research. Scant research has been conducted on specific pain prevention or pain relief and devices such as tampons, moon-cups and sanitary towels remain rudimentary.

It’s not only women’s period pain which is taken less seriously, either – ignoring women’s pain is a concerning practise across medicine. Recent research has shown that women’s pain is taken much less seriously by doctors generally.

img_1126And in other period news: Nepalese girls take photos of all the things they can’t touch during their periods due to menstrual taboos | The Independent

Stigma around menstruation in rural Nepal can result in poor-health and lack of education for women, but 7 girls from Sindhuli have fought back – with photography


“Being able to deal with periods in a hygienic and dignified way is crucial to women’s wellbeing. It helps women feel that they are able to play a full role in society, no matter what time of the month.”

Sushma Diyali,15: “This is the picture of mirror and comb that I use at my house. In our society, when girls experience their first menstruation we are not allowed to look into mirrors or comb our hair.Me and my family do not follow such practice.  I think mirrors and combs are the means of cleanliness and as a human it’s very important that you should stay clean and healthy. Only if my friends just like me could grow in an environment where are no limitations regarding menstruation and receive more support from the families, they can set themselves free and explore greater potential and opportunities around them is what I think.” (WaterAid)

Just a few more links for you, they follow along…

The 18th-Century Devotional Painting that Documents a Brutal Mastectomy

On April 25, 1777, a Mexican woman underwent an operation to remove six tumors from her breast. She commissioned an artist to paint it.

img_1128These Women Born Before Suffrage Will Finally Vote For A Female President | Huffington Post  It is about damn time!

During The Trump-Clinton Election, An Exhibit Of Posters For Women’s Rights | The ARTery

“Women’s Rights Are Human Rights,” the title of a poster exhibit at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, comes from a speech Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, then first lady of the United States, gave to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in September 1995.

“If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference,” Clinton said, “it is that human rights are women’s rights. And women’s rights are human rights.”

This should put thinks into perspective: Officer had a ‘rapability’ scale for female drivers, ex-cop says – The Washington Post

But back to other less disturbing things.

img_1119Brain scans can help predict whether depression patients will respond to medication

Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Discovered For First Time: Similar To Crocodiles And Birds : SCIENCE : Tech Times

The Myers-Briggs Types of 101 Famous Authors

For those of you who are not familiar with Myers-Briggs or the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), it is a personality profiling system based on Jung’s typological theory that was developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. In the Myers-Briggs typology system, there are sixteen personality types consisting of four letters: E for extrovert or I for introvert, S for sensor or N for intuitive, T for thinker or F for feeler, and P for perceiver or J for judger. Psychologist David Keirsey later sorted these types into four temperaments. You can read more about Myers-Briggs here and find books about it here. Myers-Briggs typology can offer a lot of insight into how someone thinks, and in the case of an author, how someone writes.

Take a look at the breakdown at the link.

Still I’ve got more interesting articles for you.

Egg Horse

Egg Horse

‘Violence more common’ in Bible than Quran, text analysis reveals | The Independent

After The Maltese Falcon: how film noir took flight | Film | The Guardian

Ushering in an uneasy world of femmes fatales and shady sleuths, The Maltese Falcon marked the beginnings of film noir. Seventy-five years on, how can this genre speak to our times?

Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Discovered For First Time: Similar To Crocodiles And Birds : SCIENCE : Tech Times



Now, tell me…why would anyone buy this stuff: Soylent halts sales of its powder as customers keep getting sick – LA Times

Liquid meal maker Soylent is stopping sales of its flagship powder, warning that a handful of customers reported stomach sickness after consuming it.

Soylent had already halted shipments of its months-old nutrition bar because of customer complaints of diarrhea, vomiting and upset stomachs. In an announcement late Thursday, the Los Angeles company said there appears to be a common ingredient that’s causing trouble in the latest version of its nutritional powder and its snack bar. The products share several common ingredients, Soylent said, but the investigation isn’t complete.

Backed by more than $20 million in venture capital, Soylent has emerged as one of several popular start-ups hoping to change what and how people eat. Meant to be mixed with water or other liquids, the powder has enough fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients to replace a traditional meal, according to the company. People looking for a quick fix, such as software programmers in Silicon Valley, have become devotees.

Listen to me…Soylent Green is people!

Last link for the day, Why Does Fall Foliage Turn So Red and Fiery? It Depends. – The New York Times

Leaves scream their final cries in color before dropping to the ground. Their shouts — in golden, crimson or scarlet — eventually fade to brown bellows, and their lifeless bodies dry up on the forest floor. It absorbs their crinkly corpses and that’s it — worm food. The fall of a leaf in autumn is an orchestrated death. A complex, brilliant, beautiful death.


Right now across the United States, fall foliage season is peaking, and everyone’s out to get a peep at the fiery show. Hiking trails are crowded. Mountain roads are packed, andleaf cams are getting lots of love. When you think of it as watching the death of leaves, it sounds morbid, but it’s captivating nonetheless. Does the way some turn red in the process serve any purpose?

Leaves actually start out yellow. Chlorophyll, the chemical responsible for giving leaves their green appearance and converting light to energy during photosynthesis, just overpowers it in the spring and summer. But when temperature, daylight and weather events like rain or drought cause leaves to die in the fall, chlorophyll breaks down and reveals the yellow or orange helper chemicals known as carotenes or carotenoids that were there all along.


Red is another story, because it’s made on purpose. As some leaves die, they produce chemicals called anthocyanins (also found in the skin of grapes and apples) from built up sugars. These chemicals produce a red pigment that can combine with green pigments left from chlorophyll and display different shades of red.

How bright this red is depends on what species the leaf belongs to, its inherent genetics and the environment around it — including the forest, the tree, and individual leaves, said John Silander, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at The University of Connecticut.

Well, the leaves are not as brilliant as I have seen before here in Banjoville…but they sure are pretty. Take a look, this is at Cowrock Mountain on the Appalachian Trail.

This is an open thread.