Monday Reads: Just Plain Tired Reads

Good Day Sky Dancers!

I’m going to really cop out on you today because I’m exhausted and I need to finish my grades. A good deal of the reason for the exhaustion is the hell realm that’s been my street lately. The Tourists are back and they’ve joined in with the local colony of hipsters to search out every nuisance business and event in the area and wander around like lost toddlers.

A 3 day a week rave in the Navy yard with its dusk to dawn thumpa thumpa music and skateboarding and skating while breaking and entering, trespassing, and noise ordinance violating has driven me to call the police and I’m calling the mayor and my city council member next. Last week I found myself hoping that the Chinese space rocket would take out the entire Navy base and a few other select buildings in the area. The Desk Sargent at the local precinct keeps telling me I’m not the only sleep-deprived local asking for help with the noise and zoning violations going on around here. (Yes we have laws here!)

You can’t sit on your porch during Tourist infestations because they assume you’re just a Disneyland like freebie for them invading your neighborhood so they can ask you dumb questions like “where’s the nearest Applebees”? It came from an elderly couple so I told them out by the airport–which is true–but I really wanted to say something like Topeka, Kansas. I suggest you visit there instead. If it was one of these colonizers I’d suggest the middle of Lake Ponchartrain during Hurricane Season.

So, the entire night, 911 call and all came to a blaring stop when we had one of the largest Formosan Termite swarms that I’d ever experienced. It seems Jerky Hipsters, Ugly American Tourists, and Colonizers can’t tolerate the little beasts. It was so bad that a few found a crack in my bedroom window and headed towards my desk lamp. I pulled the window down immediately followed by the black-out shades in my bedroom I installed to save my life from the Air BNB invaders at the AirBnbs on both sides of me.

If you stay every use an AirBnb I’m pretty sure I can’t talk to you ever again. You have no idea how miserable it makes the lives of locals all over the planet. Stay in a damn hotel or any of the lovely motor Inns out by the Airport! Thank you very much!

So … the Onion sent me the perfect article for me to post for this Open thread.

Enticing potential bookers with the apartment’s best features, a New Orleans Airbnb reportedly touted Monday its location in the heart of the city’s historic Airbnb quarter. “Located mere steps from a wide array of other Airbnbs, this apartment is the perfect spot for a couple or two friends to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Easy’s iconic Airbnb district,” read the listing in part, adding that the apartment was located on the top floor of a beautiful gut-rehabbed building dating all the way back to 2009. “A private and spacious apartment located right where a 1852 Creole cottage used to be, our year-round rental offers incredible views of dozens of other Airbnbs with a long and storied tradition of hosting bachelorette parties and boys’ weekends. Upon your arrival, you’ll find we’ve even made a little walking tour of all the best short-term rentals dotting the Airbnb Quarter, or you can strike out on your own, and who knows? While you’re out getting coffee and beignets, you might even find yourself stumbling upon some of the oldest Airbnbs in the city.” The apartment listing also touted the benefits of staying near the colorful local community, encouraging customers to experience firsthand New Orleans’ famous Instacart and UberEats delivery drivers.

They forgot to add you can have fun treating the locals like your private concierge and ensuring every neighborhood bar now has conversations worthy of the Applebee’s in Topeka, Kansas.

Note: No Termites were hurt during this particular snark session where I whine about the worst business models ever necessary because no one can make a real living at anything else.

You may discuss amongst yourselves or completely change the topic.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?

8 Comments on “Monday Reads: Just Plain Tired Reads”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Take Care! Have a good week! I may try to sleep a little more if the local colonizers will quit torturing the morning with the sound of leaf blowers.

    • NW Luna says:

      Leaf blowers! I hate them. So much noise and stink to do what could be done quietly in nearly the same amount of time with a leaf rake. What’s especially ridiculous is using them in wet weather trying to move clumps of wet leaves. We have a push mower and rakes.

  2. NW Luna says:

    Quite a mass of AirBnBs on that map — looks like there’s no room for NOLA natives in places.

    Perhaps you should have asked that couple “What’s an Applebees?”

    • dakinikat says:

      I know. And that’s also only the ones they know about. It’s a mess here. A lot of them have out-of-state owners and they’ve changed the requirements to someone living on the premise to at least put one renter there. Many of the friends I know in the service industry have had to move to St Bernard Parish to find something affordable. That infers they–at least–have cars.

  3. NW Luna says:

  4. darthvelma says:

    Anyone who goes to New Orleans and eats at an Applebee’s should be immediately sent back where they came from and barred for life from ever returning to the city.