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There are a few things I really need to rant about today and all of it has to do with the fact that some people just can’t see past privilege and recognize when they’re behaving liked spoiled asses.  Well, it’s mostly white people and mostly men, and mostly Christians and mostly straight people, but there’s enough of them and they’ve got the power and the anger to ruin the lives of a whole bunch of people.   I am really trying to be gracious to the people who got caught up in the Bernie scam.  Sheesh, people,  where are your critical thinking skills?

I’ve been watching one thread that started out as a complaint about the possible price tag of an Armani jacket degrade into Hillary took a private jet plane to her speech in NYC.  I also had to endure some white dude who hasn’t got enough money explain to me that he has no privilege so take it up with the folks with money. Dude, money is just one aspect where you can achieve favoritism by society.  Do some research! Develop some empathy. Oh wait, you’ve listened to Bernie who thinks only your net worth matters as a measure of your integrity.

Have they actually been watching the same election that I have and noticed that Sanders has wracked up some pretty hefty bills for private flights too?      I guess FDR and JFK could never EVER have been any good to ordinary people because they came from the richest of the rich. Hillary may have be born to a simple middle class family but now all these folks can say is that she shills for the kinds of income brackets that Bernie Sanders has been a part of for decades.

Yup, hypocrisy thy name is  gullible Sanders voter.  You know, Hillary does not make money off of dumping nuclear waste on poor communities but Sanders continue to do so. That alone should disqualify Sanders from even being considered anything other than a fucking opportunist.  Sanders also makes tons of money off the Military Industrial Complex.  I’ll take speaking fees from Goldman Sachs any day over shilling for the Big and Little gun industry.   Real Socialists do not claim this man as one of their own.

Much of the criticism of Sanders’s foreign policy stances have come from his left flank. The World Socialist Web Site called Sanders a “silent partner of American militarism.” And Counterpunch, a left-wing magazine, has criticized Sanders on more than one occasion for being insufficiently pacifist.

“He behaves more like a technofascist disguised as a liberal, who backs all of President Obama’s nasty little wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen,” wrote Thomas Naylor in the magazine. “Since he always ‘supports the troops,’ Sanders never opposes any defense spending bill. He stands behind all military contractors who bring much-needed jobs to Vermont.”

Sanders’s support of the Kosovo War led to the resignation of an adviser; when antiwar activists occupied his office, he had them arrested; and Sanders voted to authorize the war in Afghanistan, Howard Lisnoff wrote in the same publication.

[R]eaders ought not to count on him to push back on the militarism and military actions that have become routine under both Democrats and Republicans who occupy the presidency,” Lisnoff added.

The double standards for women and the bull shit people will buy about Hillary is just one set of the things that we knew we’d face this election because the folks who seem like rational liberal democrats suddenly start sounding like they spend time reading every conspiracy possible from InfoWars when it comes to Hillary Clinton.   We’ve seen the AP set up emergency lines for Reporters getting threats from Bernie Sanders.  Super Delegates have been receiving similar threats and many are being investigated by law enforcement. Every time some one posts for Hillary some really nasty, caps using creep threatens violence and all kinds of things.

Today, the chutzpah meter was dialed up to 11.  They’re harassing the trek uhura barbie doll

Even as some top supporters have started backing down since Tuesday night, when Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic nomination — and as a planned Sanders letter to superdelegates campaigning for them to support him rather than Clinton appears in limbo — frustration is bubbling among those who want the senator to keep the campaign going.

In their view, the president is trying to prematurely end the fight. They warn that it won’t work and that the blowback might show him he’s not as popular with the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party as he might like to think.

“The president is not Sen. Sanders’ boss. We’ve got to get this straight here,” said Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator who’s been traveling the country on behalf of the campaign. “There’s respect that’s for the commander in chief … but Sen. Sanders is duly elected, and he’ll make his own decisions.”

Or else.

“In some ways, even though [the president’s] numbers are good, and good with the Democratic base, he overestimates,” said a Democratic strategist aligned with Sanders. “Much of the activist Bernie movement — I think he overestimates his strength with those people.”

The campaign is hypersensitive to any whiff of being treated as a smaller, protest candidacy, to failures to acknowledge that Sanders won more than 40 percent of the primary vote, or to being dismissed by what they see as the Democratic establishment. And an endorsement of Hillary Clinton by a president who many Sanders supporters believe fell short of his progressive promise has that establishment smell.

“They don’t want to see him shoved to the side,” the Democratic strategist said. “A lot of love is going to be more productive than a lot of pressure. There’s a strain out there that just wants to hit [Sanders] with a 2-by-4 and say, ‘get out.’ The better course is to show appreciation and engagement and show how much the party needs this guy.”

Sanders has never been much interested in what Democratic leaders have had to say about his presidential bid, and every call along the way for him to drop out seems only to have encouraged him to push ahead. That’s left prominent Clinton supporters worried about what the reaction to Obama’s urging will be.

“People talk to Bernie. But Bernie marches to his own drum. And that’s true if Clinton talks to him or if Obama talks to him,” said Clinton ally and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. “The president deserves an A for effort, but I’m not sure he’s going to have much of an impact.”

13339590_1122856197773856_7674846890449011437_nI’ve noticed how many of us are in “secret” and “closed” Hillary Facebook Groups.  We have to in order to post our true feelings over there for many reasons not least among them are the tons of angry Bernie Trolls that just dump right wing memes straight out of InfoWars on any thread.

Well, this is an interesting item for all of us that feel like we need safe spaces like “Sky Dancing” to let our Hillary Freak Fly . Here’s the headline:  3rd-party candidate’s daughter points out the ‘one big difference between Hillary’s supporters and everyone else.’

Writer and comedian Joanna Castle Miller wrote a Facebook post that is going viral on Twitter (she took a screenshot of the original). Miller has a lot of insight into the campaign—even though she’s a liberal, her father is Darrell Castle, the real, live third party candidate of the right-wing Constitution Party. Traveling around the country and meeting voters and supporters of all kinds, she noted something unique about Hillary supporters. It maybe explains why you see (and hear) Sanders & Trump supporters all over the Internet but only saw Hillary supporters in vote tallies. Here’s the solution to the mystery of the missing Hillary fans.

She writes:

Over the last week, I spent time with all of the 3 major campaigns here in CA as part of the show I’ve been working on. Everyone I met was polite, energized, and passionate. But I noticed one big difference between Hillary’s supporters and everyone else. 

When I spoke with Trump and Bernie supporters, they were most eager to get in front of the camera. They spoke with a lot of confidence, and they spoke very freely.

Almost all of Hillary’s volunteers (approx the same number as were at Bernie’s office on the same day) were women, of varying age and race. Her supporters did *not* clamor for the camera. It was the opposite. They wanted to be interviewed, but they debate it for what seemed like forever. They got quiet and asked questions like, “Will my name be used?” “Where will this be seen?” and “Can I wear sunglasses?” Some of them thanked me and said no, and they looked really sad about it. When I pressed them, they told me they were terrified of the online threats they might receive, and in some cases had already received. Even lead organizers admitted they hadn’t put up a yard sign or bumper sticker for fear of retaliation. When women walked in to volunteer for the phone bank, they were assured they wouldn’t have to give their names if they were too afraid.

Hillary’s office was tucked away in a dying mall, with little hand-drawn posters taped up, cheerleader-style. It was cheery, but quiet and nearly invisible. A lot like those volunteers.

This is not to generalize all women as Hillary supporters or as timid – of course not! But I personally believe there’s a correlation between her largely female volunteer base (as of now), her unexpected voter turnout, and the fear so many women have expressing themselves online, or on the street, or in the board room.

A lot of people on social media have wondered where all of Hillary’s votes came from, because there was no signage no outpouring of love on Facebook. It shouldn’t surprise us that when we fail to listen to women’s voices well in the public sphere, we mis-calculate what women are actually thinking and doing in private. We didn’t know where Hillary’s votes were coming from because they didn’t feel it was safe for them to tell us in the first place.

So, there you go: they were there, a lot of them were women, and they didn’t trust the general public not to act like general a-holes if they spoke up.

This is the election where the a-holes are letting it all hang out.  How’s this for Minnesota Nice?  Headline: Minnesota Republican Attacks Her Democratic Opponent For Being ‘LGBT’ And ‘Half Black’

During a Republican district convention in the suburban Twin Cities last month, Ali Jimenez-Hopper helped seal her endorsement as a state House candidate with a speech that attacked her Democratic opponent on the basis of her sexual orientation and race.

Referring to Erin Maye Quade, a staffer for Keith Ellison who has a black dad and is married to a woman, Jimenez-Hopper said “she is really far left [in] her values.”

“She brings up that she is half black and she uses that as a strength. She brings up that she is in support of LGBT and that lifestyle and puts out pictures on Twitter of her and her wife,” Jimenez-Hopper continued. “I believe in the traditional marriage in the sense that it’s between a husband and wife and God and that family is important. We need to have these values so we can go forth and think about your community.”

Following that speech, Jimenez-Hopper was officially endorsed as the GOP candidate for the House seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Tara Mack. Neither Jimenez-Hopper or Maye Quade face primary challengers, meaning they’re set to face off in the general election this November

Reached for comment, Maye Quade said that like many people, she first heard audio of Jimenez-Hopper’s remarks when they were detailed in a report published Wednesday. She said she came across the article this morning while in bed with her wife Alyse.

“This isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing, it’s basic human respect and it’s shocking to hear from anyone,” Maye Quade told ThinkProgress, adding that she’s never met Jimenez-Hopper. “That’s not the tone I want for this election — at least for me.”

Maye Quade, a longtime community organizer and Apple Valley resident, said she’s completely unaccustomed to experiencing racism or homophobia in her suburban community. As news of Jimenez-Hopper’s remarks circulated, Maye Quade said she’s experienced an “outpouring of love” from people on both sides of the aisle.

Despite the fact that the seat Maye Quade is running for is currently held by a Republican, she pointed out that the “purple” district was carried by Barack Obama in 2012 and Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton two years later. She said she intends for her campaign to be focused on issues like ameliorating childhood hunger, investing in transportation, enacting statewide paid family leave, and providing people with better mental health resources.

“We can’t afford to focus on dividing people and spewing hate,” she said.

Dividing people and spewing hate–especially towards women and minorities of all flavors–is the tagline of the 2016 elections.

Sanders has met with both Harry Reid and President Obama today.  Can they get anything through his thick skull and can they get him to call off his hell hounds?

Bernie Sanders on Thursday emerged from a White House meeting with President Barack Obama and vowed to work together with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Warning that Trump would make a “disaster” leader of the country, the Vermont senator — who has pledged to continue his White House bid even after Clinton became the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee — said he would “work as hard as I can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become president of the Untied States.”

“I look forward to meeting with (Clinton) in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1 percent,” Sanders said.

The senator thanked both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for showing “impartiality” during the course of the Democratic campaign.

“They said in the beginning is that they would not put their thumb on the scales and they kept their word and I appreciate that very, very much,” Sanders said.

He added that he will monitor a “full counting of the votes” in California, where Clinton won the Democratic primary contest on Tuesday. The results will show “a much closer vote,” Sanders predicted.

Sanders’ high-profile meeting with Obama and his public remarks after come just days after Sanders declared that he intends to continue his White House campaign. At a campaign rally Tuesday night, Sanders had declined to acknowledge that Clinton had secured the necessary delegates to win her party’s nomination. At the tail end of the primary season, Sanders had vowed to forge ahead to the District of Columbia’s primary next week, and then on to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

You can see the presser at the CNN link above.

We shall see Bernie. We shall see.  As my Irish Grandmother used to say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

For some uplift, here’s Samantha Bee!!!

Other Female Firsts Covered Like Hillary’s Historic Nomination

Hillary Clinton has made history by becoming the first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major U.S. party. In doing so, she joins a long line of celebrated female firsts…

MAY 20, 1932

DERRY, Northern Ireland — “Amelia Earhart completed her solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic yesterday afternoon. Her landing was met with skepticism by aviation enthusiasts who claimed her aircraft gave her an ‘unfair advantage.’”

SEPT 20, 1973

HOUSTON, Texas — “Billie Jean King has crushed her male opponent Bobby Riggs in a highly anticipated tennis match. This raises the question: do the rules of tennis need to be changed?”

DEC, 1903

OSLO, Norway — “Ignoring voice vote, rigged Nobel Prize committee hands award to Marie Curie.”

There are more of them and they are very very funny.

My headline today includes the beginning of a quote from one of my local sheroes Chef Leah Chase.  She’s called the Queen of Creole Cuisine and had to fight to be taken seriously as a chef.    She owns a very successful restaurant here and has achieved many prestigious awards.  You have no idea how significant this is for a Black American woman to hold so many accolades.  She was born in 1923 which is exactly the year my parents were born. You can read the full quote on the painted power box picture.

If you didn’t see me post down thread yesterday with this headline “Parents Across the Internet Let Daughters Stay Up to See Historic Clinton Speech”, please go see it.  It’s inspiring.

The struggle is real. The struggle continues for all of us that don’t hold all the keys to maximal privilege.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today? 


“To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want—even president. Tonight is for you. -H”


Breaking News:  President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton!!!

He also is urging the party to unite behind her.



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  1. dakinikat says:

    Let Me Finish: Hillary Clinton makes history
    Chris Matthews ends the show with what was missing last night when history was made: a recognition and salute of what Secretary Clinton herself accomplished.

    • Jslat says:

      Good post dak. I saw the last fifteen minutes of Hardball last night and was happily stunned with Matthews’s ending. Thanks for posting it.

    • janicen says:

      He needed to say that as the one who, in ’08 said that she got where she was because of who she married. Good for Tweety.

      I loved the Samantha Bee link too. Thank you.

  2. bostonboomer says:


    • pdgrey says:

      Brain Williams just said, “I will step on Bernie’s big moment”. So sad.

    • janicen says:

      I was in a restaurant when this was on TV. I could see the text but I couldn’t hear it. I was amazed that the Pres went so far. It was unprecedented and awesome. I’m with her.

    • Jslat says:

      Obama did the old “rip the bandaid off quickly” routine. Sooner and faster you deal with the pain the better. Tip toeing around wasn’t going to make it easier. The bernie babies now have more time to get those tantrums out of their systems.

  3. pdgrey says:

    Thank you, Dak, I need that rant!

  4. Just got this text.

    You’re one of the first to know: President Obama is on Team Hillary. Watch his full endorsement to see the rest and then tell your friends to text I’M IN to 47246 to join him:

    ~ ᏠᏠ Ϣѧʟτṡ ~ ʂɛŋɬ ʄཞơɱ ɱყ ı℘ɧơŋɛ…


  5. dakinikat says:

    Political scientist: Bernie isn’t the future of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama is.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Great post, Dak. I really enjoyed reading it. Love the quote from Leah Chase.

  7. palhart says:

    I have read most of this post. I can’t take too much more of this Bernie-pampering. I also have read some other sources. By way of his complaints of the “rigged” system, against him, he was given 5 seats on the DNC to Hillary’s 6, and 4 were chosen by chairman. Most likely he will fight tooth and nail for his platform, but he will dog every step of President Hillary Clinton’s path to see that his bloody demands come to fruition. Look, comrade, YOU LOST THE PRIMARY! Hillary is our nominee; take some time to let that filter through, but, after the Convention, you’ll sthu, or stfu. (MSNBC has spent 3 hours on the loser’s meeting with Obama.)

  8. quixote says:

    “The double standards for women and the bull shit people will buy about Hillary is just one of the things that we knew we’d face this election ”

    I know. And yet at least once a day something comes up and smacks me across the face like a wet fish. So on some level, I don’t know.

    I guess it’s actually better never to get used to this shit. But Christ on a bike in a scuba suit, I am so ready for it to be over. DONE. History.

  9. Enheduanna says:

    Hi ya’ll – I was really struck by the Joanna Castle Miller piece. Because I live alone, I would absolutely never ever put a Hillary yard sign out there or use a bumper sticker (personally I hate all bumper stickers – they look a little trashy to me). I live in a very conservative area although it is changing and becoming more diverse. I have a lot of black and Mexican neighbors.

    But still – I wouldn’t dare put a Hillary sign out there. I can’t begin to express how resentful I am about that.

    • pdgrey says:

      I can relate. I am surrounded be Trump yard signs. Although I don’t live alone. I just don’t want to hear their views on racism. I know I can come to Skydancing and to treated with respect.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I live in the South in a place I call Bumfuckerville, TN. I have my Hillary yard sign, bumper sticker and I have the sign in a very prominent spot in my front yard, near the mailbox. If someone decides to vandalize it, I’ll just put up another one, and if they vandalized that, I’ll put up another one, and another one, and another one. If they vandalize my home, I’ll call the police and my homeowners then PUT UP ANOTHER HILLARY SIGN.

        • Jslat says:

          Wish I could do the same. Some experience with vandalism including someone hurting my dog who was in the yard make me less brave than you.

          Please keep you fighting spirit.

    • Jslat says:

      Gosh it is so comforting to know I’m not alone. Much as I want to put a HRC sign in my yard, I live alone (not counting my two Cavalier Spaniels😀) and am concerned about vandalism. Soooo sad😥

    • janicen says:

      I have had a Hillary magnet on my car since she declared her intent to run. Hubby has too. We live in a very conservative area (Eric Cantor’s old district) and I wondered if my car would get keyed or something bad would happen but so far so good. Once she is nominated at the convention, my yard sign will go up.

      I have learned from working on various campaigns that a single yard sign generates 3 votes for the candidate. People are sheeple and will follow the herd. As well, I have never put up a bumper sticker, car magnet, nor yard sign in my life and I figure now is the time. I owe it to Hillary and I owe it to myself.

      Having said all of that, I completely understand why people don’t. I’m not saying everyone should do it, I’m just saying I decided it’s just another tiny thing I can do to help her get elected.

    • Purplefinn says:

      I live in a conservative area also. I have had yard signs taken. Now I put them up in the morning and take them down at dusk. So far so good. I do wonder whether in a contest against Trump I will experience some property damage or worse. Well, it’s a civil society we are trying to maintain. Good luck to all of us as we do what we can to elect Hillary!!

  10. MsMass says:

    Love the picture up top and quote too.
    Got my bumper sticker on for months, put up the yard sign last week, but back from the road.
    I saw someone deliberately cross the sidewalk to run over a Trump sign, not sure if that person feels the same way about Hillary, but the sign was kind of expensive.

  11. Jslat says:

    Elizabeth Warren to endorse Hillary on Rachel Maddow Show tonight!

  12. pdgrey says:

    Over at Charles Pierce, He reminds us that republicans have been this way for a long time.

  13. Timing IS everything! This landed in my in-box this a.m.

    THIS should go VIRAL!!! Share if you agree!
    Tawny Engleman

    Sexism is when a judge gets to legally prioritize the safety of a rapist over the safety of every single woman he’ll come across in his life.

    Racism is when a prison is full of black males charged with non-violent offenses, but considered “too severe” for a white rapist convicted of 3 felonies.

    Privilege is being able to read that and still roll your eyes and deny either exist.

  14. bostonboomer says:

    Here’s Why I Want to See a Female President in My Lifetime, by Caryl Rivers

    Electing a woman would be a historic break from our entire past, but hardly anybody is saying that.

    Am I surprised? No. There is a long-standing pattern of women getting through the door of rights and achievement after everybody else. Black men got to vote in 1868, thanks to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Women–black and white–did not get the vote until 1920.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been used in many court cases to remedy job discrimination against women. But that did not happen because people in the ’60s were so worried about women and jobs. It happened because a racist southern congressman, Howard Smith of Virginia, changed the language of the bill. It originally outlawed discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race. Smith added the phrase “sex” in an attempt to make the bill a joke and to perhaps derail it. Helping women was the last thing “Judge” Smith, as he was called, had on his mind.

    I didn’t know that about the Civil Rights bill.

    • pdgrey says:

      Wow, I lived thru this and I didn’t know that. I sending that to my sisters. Thanks BB.

    • palhart says:

      Howard Smith of VA debunks this account of his intentions in his addition to the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 (actually google that). He claims he had been working with Alice Paul, ERA, for many years on women’s rights.

    • NW Luna says:

      Yurgh! So women’s rights were a joke to “Judge” Smith. In that action, the joke was turned on him.

      Problem is that women’s rights are still a joke to so many. I think Madame President will help change that!

  15. Sweet Sue says:

    Help an old woman out; why is “delete your account” such a sick burn?

  16. Fannie says:

    OMG, Elizabeth Warren just knocked it out of the ball park on Rachel Maddow…… gotta watch this……….Biden is up at the launch pad next!

  17. Fannie says:

    You know Bernie got creamed in this last election. On this night, and listening to the speeches, Hillary is shoring up the power, and in a way could tell Bernie, so long, later. We got this.

  18. pdgrey says:

    Oakland Cal. Mayor Libby Schaaf says “the most dangerous place in America is Donald Trump’s mouth.” Not her city.

  19. Jslat says:

    Warren endorsement IMHO. Well that was underwhelming. 10% endorse Hillary 60% praise Bernie 30% other stuff.

    • janicen says:

      I agree. Tired of the platitudes about Bernie’s campaign. He lost the primary by a landslide, his team hacked and stole data from the party, his campaign money is being investigated by the FEC, and he’s hiding his tax returns. Enough with the “he ran a great campaign, blah, blah, blah.” He didn’t. He got is ass beat. Delete your account, Bernie.

  20. Ron4Hills says:

    I loved Biden’s speech.
    I loved Warren’s speech.
    I loved Obama’s endorsement.
    I think Warren will talk less and less about Bernie after his feathers are smoothed.
    Expect Bernie to shrink.
    Rachel disappointed me last night but better tonight.
    I have always been in the minority in that I would be happy with a Clinton/Warren ticket if it brings us millennials and suburban white women. I want to win.
    Warren can learn presidenting from Hills. 🙂
    If Hills had won in 2008 I’d have taken Obama as a running mate.
    Warren is easily as smart as him.

    • Jslat says:

      I’ll keep the faith Ron. I guess I was expecting Warren to say more about Hillary. I think that what little she said about Hillary was strong & positive….just wanted more. As far as VP choices, I’m completely neutral. Hillary has run a smart campaign and I just trust her to be just as smart deciding who she wants to run with.

    • Fannie says:

      I’d like to see Elizabeth Warren as Attorney General

    • Jslat says:

      The bernie babies attacked Warren on Twitter for endorsing Hillary. Surprise Surprise

      There’s a screenshot of their tweets in this article from NPR.

      • Jslat says:

        Sorry, the comments were on Warren’s Facebook page.

      • Ron4Hills says:

        This is why the “Bern Unit” is such a group of losers.

        They are EXACTLY like the Tea Baggers on the right,

        We cannot have a principled disagreements, you are either with me or your are a monster!

        Nor can we make common cause with friends who do not line up with us perfectly on every issue, capitulate or you are no longer my friend!

        Nor can we take “half-a-loaf” when if is available, failure to starve makes you a counter-revolutionary!

        Nor can we horse trade with our opponents across the aisle, this is a war of annihilation!.

        If you have not drunk the orthodox Kool-Aid down to the last drop, you are a sellout.

        What a bunch of children.

        How do these people live their lives throwing these tantrums when they don’t get their way?

        Remember when I said that the Republicans would rather wreck the car than see a woman drive? Well these cut-rate low-rent hippie wannabes are right there with them.

  21. janicen says:

  22. janicen says:

    I know I’ve said that Warren would not be a good Veep choice because of lack of foreign policy chops but I have to be honest, I’m getting all excited about the buzz that Hillz might Liz. I’m now thinking that would be an awesome choice.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’m beginning to be converted too. She would be an amazing attack dog,and Trump would just hate having to fight two strong women.

  23. palhart says:

    Elizabeth Warren could be an excellent choice for vp, but she is better suited for a more demanding office. One criterion for vp selection is not to select a senator in a state where the Republican governor would choose the replacement which lets out my top choice of Sherrod Brown. I like Julian Castro and maybe Tim Kaine. Just my 2 cents.

  24. bostonboomer says:

    Morning post is up!