Friday Nite Lite: Fat one tonight!



Good Evening

Hey ho! We got us a thick ass post tonight.

So many cartoons….let’s just get to them, in no particular order. Oh, except that the Maya Angelou tributes will be at the end.

The Harm of Limited Intervention in Syria – Political Cartoon by Dan Nott, The Gabbler – 05/30/2014

Cartoon by Dan Nott - The Harm of Limited Intervention in Syria

Mike Luckovich: NRAuto – Mike Luckovich – Truthdig

Putin’s weapon by Political Cartoonist Olle Johansson

149098 600 Putins weapon cartoons


US Troops Extend Stay in Afghanistan by Political Cartoonist R.J. Matson

149096 600 US Troops Extend Stay in Afghanistan cartoons


Dick Cheney put the W in Weakness for War by J.D. Crowe

149092 600 Dick Cheney put the W in Weakness for War cartoons


CNN Coverage by Rick McKee

149103 600 CNN Coverage cartoons


Voting by Political Cartoonist Marian Kamensky

149054 600 Voting cartoons

School’s Out by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller

149045 600 Schools Out cartoons


Too Many Captains by Political Cartoonist Jeff Koterba

149078 600 Too Many Captains cartoons

Cloud by Political Cartoonist Jen Sorensen

149062 600 Cloud cartoons


Death Row Show by Political Cartoonist Martin Kozlowski

149076 600 Death Row Show cartoons


Spot the Differences by Political Cartoonist Tim Eagan

149079 600 Spot the Differences cartoons


Clay Bennett: Bill – Clay Bennett – Truthdig


Taking a chance on net neutrality – Political Cartoon by Don Landgren Jr., TelegramTowns – 05/30/2014

Cartoon by Don Landgren Jr. - Taking a chance on net neutrality

Snowden homecoming demands by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund

149031 600 Snowden homecoming demands cartoons


Sexist Manifesto – Political Cartoon by Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 05/30/2014


Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Sexist Manifesto


Our Religion of The Founding Fathers by Tina Dupuy

The Founding Fathers are all things to all Americans.

“The American people having healthier life that [‘s what] our founders wanted for them,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said last month about Obamacare. Other self-described patriots sneered, “George Washington wanted Obamacare, Pelosi says.” And “No, Nancy, the Founding Fathers Would Not Have Supported Obamacare.” Senators Rand Paul and Chris Coons penned a bipartisan op/ed for Politico Magazine titled: “The Founding Fathers Would Have Protected Your Smartphone.”

87776 600 Our Religion of The Founding Fathers cartoons

Pat Bagley / Salt Lake Tribune

Last year a series of polls came out asking Americans if the Founding Fathers would be happy with the country today. A majority of Americans told pollsters these Framers would be disappointed.

Even as we continue to debate what religion meant to the people who christened the country—they now themselves have become a religion. And like all stern paternal deities, our Liberty Lords are frowning down on us because they know we can do better.

No one ever brings up Jesus’ name when the 2000-year-old prophet would disagree with them. As in: “Jesus drank wine with hookers and outcasts, but as a Christian, I find that reprehensible.” Jesus only gets used to corroborate personal conviction.

As an appeal to what we imagine to be our better selves we ask, “What would Jesus do?” And as Americans we’re expected to ponder, “What would the Founding Father’s think?”


Read the rest at the link.

Boning Up Again by Political Cartoonist Randy Jones

149074 600 Boning Up Again cartoons

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez, El Nuevo Herald – 05/30/2014

Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez -

And now the tributes to Maya Angelou.

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez, El Nuevo Herald – 05/29/2014

Cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez -


Maya Angelou tribute by Dave Granlund

149099 600 Maya Angelou tribute cartoons

Maya Angelou tribute by Political Cartoonist J.D. Crowe

149013 600 Maya Angelou tribute cartoons


A Rainbow in our Cloud by Political Cartoonist Mark Streeter

149015 600 A Rainbow in our Cloud cartoons

Maya Angelou by Political Cartoonist John Darkow

149021 600 Maya Angelou cartoons


Maya Angelou by Political Cartoonist Taylor Jones

149051 600 Maya Angelou cartoons


Have a good evening…this is an open thread.

11 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite: Fat one tonight!”

  1. So I guess that should be enough to get y’all started on the weekend. I was a little iffy on the first cartoon. But there were really none that made me laugh as hard as the history one for Afghanistan.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    As usual, Luckovich is spot on, but of course my favorite was the Snowden conditions for his return.

    • RalphB says:

      I finally watched his interview with Brian Williams. Snowden just lied his ass off and it seemed obvious to me.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I was going to force myself to watch it last night, but I just couldn’t do it. I’ll have to get through it today somehow.

  3. NW Luna says:

    Nice roundup. Some lovely tributes to Maya Angelou.

  4. NW Luna says:

    And cute hamster butt!