Evening Round-Up: BS and WTF?

Good falloutEvening…

My father is going off the deep end. I don’t know, he has become obsessed with the end of the world, the CDC’s stash of plastic coffins and Agenda 21. So tonight’s links will be a quick dose of reality…meaning, shit we should be concerned with.

Privacy…The Volokh Conspiracy » District Court Grants Motion to Suppress After Government Uses “The Shadow” to Locate Laptop Using Unsecured Wireless Network  (Fourth Amendment? Drawing the line or crossing it?)

Austerity…What Austerity Brings  (It sure doesn’t bring about anything good.)

Indefinite detention, and “unlawful pretrial punishment”…The Prosecution’s Argument for Why It Didn’t ‘Unlawfully Punish’ Bradley Manning  (And why is it that FDL’s coverage of the Manning trial uses images from Beavis and Butthead?)

Minorities…Black, Hispanic Teens Most Disconnected, New Report Says  (Nothing new here, carry on…)

Boehners…Obama Rejects Boehner Fiscal Cliff Plan  (Boehner = The tangerine ass clown.)

Boneheads…Rush Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood “Is All About The Elimination Of Black Families”  (My girlfriend who lives among the corn was going on about this a couple weeks ago.)

Protection of our precious bodily fluids…Tracy Bloom: GOP’s Doomsday Fiscal Cliff Plan, Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge, and More  (Okay, that last one is an attempt to joke about Dr. Strangelove…we certainly don’t want a mineshaft gap!)

This is an open thread…

The Unity Pony is missing a few legs

I’ve always been a fan of NPR.  It’s the best way to spend a morning or afternoon commute to work.  They have not quite joined in the Main Stream Media Lovefest for Obama so I can listen with out feeling like my intelligence is being insulted.  This post concerns something they discussed earlier.  It seems they’ve discovered a keen lack of enthusiasm over Obama by key democratic constituencies.

I know that Donna and Howard and Nancy and Harry don’t think the party needs working class whites or women. We’ve been told that over and over. But NPR and Leon Pannetta suggest something different.

“Leon Panetta, who served as White House chief of staff under former President Bill Clinton, says Obama still faces problems with swing voters in swing states.

“By virtue of having lost some of those big states and some of those very important constituencies that are important — Latino, white, rural, a lot of the blue-collar women’s vote — he can’t afford to not get those votes back in the Democratic Party. … Those fault lines have cost the Democrats, I think, seven of the last 10 presidential races,” he says.

“If they open up and stay unhealed, then there’s no question that he ultimately loses,” Panetta adds.”

source:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=91366795

I personally disagree with Panetta in that I think Obama’s got a lot more woman problems than the one’s he has with my blue collar sisters.  Most of the women that I know that can’t  stand Obama are highly educated and professional.  But, it got me thinking are there more folks out there not on the unity pony?  I decided to do some searching around the web for indications of some of the other groups since I’m more than aware of the so-called bitter women and racist hillbilly backlash.

First, I looked into where the Jewish money is going.  Jewish Americans are very politically astute and active. They also will donate to causes they believe in and care about.  When I ran for office in the mid 80s in Nebraska one of my best set of phone bankers were the Jewish women’s groups in Omaha.  They are tireless supporters of abortion rights and campaigns that strongly recognize the nonestablishment clause in the first amendment.   So here’s the first major indication that the Jewish money is going to McCain now that Hillary Clinton has been sidetracked.

Here’s a little bit from The Hill:

“Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is attracting elite Jewish Democratic donors who backed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and are concerned about Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) stance toward Israel, say McCain backers who are organizing the effort to court Democrats.

McCain has already had several fundraising events with Jewish Democrats in Washington and Florida, say his supporters.

Oh, dear, that’s not going too well. I also imagine that all those nice jewish folks in Florida don’t like being considered 1/2 of a person either.  This does not bode well for Obama on many, many levels.

I guess even if you tell stories about Auschwitz and say you really didn’t mean it when you said Iran was not a threat, it just doesn’t cut it. It takes more than lip service and backpedalling to attract major Jewish donors.  I guess Obama’s former camp counsellor just isn’t on the unity pony.

source:  http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/jewish-dem-donor-joins-mccain-team-2008-06-10.html

Next, I went looking for some evidence that Hispanic Americans might being loving them some unity pony. Earlier, it was evident that pandering to Cuban-Americans wasn’t working very well for Obama.  I guess when you announce on every news channel during a debate that you intend to meet with leaders of rogue countries without preconditions that your average Cuban-American think this means the Castro brothers.  Obama again qualified and back pedaled.  It was quietly mentioned in the MSM over Memorial Day weekend that Cuban Americans were pretty safe Republican voters.  It appears they still will be.

However, Hispanic Americans are not some huge monolithic group  so, as the Google godess,  I went searching for the unity pony and any hispanic communities in the saddle.  I found this about the Hispanic votes in Obama’s backyard in Illinois.

“Dozens of Fox Valley Hispanics will get the chance to talk with Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s nominee for president, later this month. And they’ll get to do it for free.

McCain will be in Chicago on June 18 for a fundraiser at the Drake Hotel, but he’ll stick around that night to hold a town hall meeting with Illinois Hispanics …

“A lot of Hispanics are just hard-working small-business owners,” Brady said. “They don’t want their taxes going up, they don’t want the government in their business. They want the borders closed, but they want (immigrants here) treated humanely.”

Wyatt is a Mexican immigrant herself, and she said she respects McCain for being among the first to push for comprehensive immigration reform. McCain and Sen. Ted Kennedy jointly proposed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act in 2007, which included a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The bill never reached a vote.”

Guess the unity pony doesn’t understanding Spanish very well.

How about you?  Are you getting on that Unity Pony?

I thought Democratic unity ponies were representative of all kinds of people.  Maybe this year, the unity pony has lost a few its parts.