Saturday Night Open Thread and cuteness break

Time for a break before the Sunday Talk Show Madness.  You’re going to need to relax tonight because Paul Ryan will be on Dancin Dave’s tomorrow.  Of course, Paul Ryan can’t do math or economics  but he’ll discuss the budget anyway. It will undoubtedly raise your blood pressure so best to treat it now with a nice hot bath, a glass of malbec, or a good meditation session on a nice comfy mat.   Guess who is facing the nation?   ICKster Newt Gingrich and Marsha Blackburn will follow Diane Feinstein in a debate on gun control. Whatever made Newt relevant again?  His moon base suggestion??   Thankfully, Marsha Raditz is filling in for George Stephanopoulos tomorrow which might make ABC with a view if it wasn’t an interview with omigawd … NOT AGAIN!!! … hold, hold, guess … yup … McBitternutz himself  John “GRUMPY” McCain. Hopefully, Bob Menendez can hold off the yawns.

Okay … so, deep breath, relax, and here’s some music you may or may not know.

and now here’s your reward … the cute … these guys know how to relax!!!

kitty relaxpolar bear