Late Night: Prosecutors Investigating Cape Cod Christian Camp

Accused Perpetrator still works for Camp Good News

Back in February Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown revealed to 60 Minutes that he had been repeatedly sexually abused as a child. The interview coincided with the publication of Brown’s memoir, Against All Odds. From The Boston Globe:

Sen. Scott Brown has revealed he was sexually abused as a child several times by a camp counselor and was physically abused by a stepfather.

The Massachusetts Republican said yesterday that he hopes the childhood physical and sexual abuse he writes about in a new book can inspire others to overcome similar challenges.


The camp counselor threatened to kill him if he disclosed the sexual abuse, Brown said in an interview to air Sunday night on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

“He said, ‘If you tell anybody…I’ll kill you. I will make sure nobody believes you,”‘ Brown said in the interview.

Today The Globe reports that at least one other person has come forward to say that he was also abused at the Christian camp.

Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who represents the former camper, referred the allegation to the Cape and Islands district attorney’s office yesterday. The office acknowledged that it has launched an investigation into the complaint by Garabedian’s client…

Garabedian says the employee who allegedly assaulted his client in the mid-1980s still works at Camp Good News, which is located in Sandwich.

Uh-oh. That isn’t good. There are likely to be more victims coming forward then. A pedophile can molest hundreds of children if not stopped.

…First Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny said that he has received several calls relating to other matters at the camp in the weeks since Brown disclosed in his autobiography that he had been abused. Glenny declined to specify whether the other calls related to allegations of sexual abuse but said that the office is looking into the issues raised by the callers.

According to the Globe story, an employee was reported for having child porn on his computer in the late ’90s, but no one did anything about it.

In 2002, former Good News counselor Charles Lewis filed a report with the Sandwich police saying that he had repeatedly found child pornography on the computer of one of the camp’s other workers, according to Lewis.

Lewis, who worked at the camp from 1991 until 1999, said he had reported his finding to the camp’s former director, Faith Willard, but little came of it. When Sandwich police questioned Willard about the matter, according to Lewis, she told them that she had thrown away the disc on which the pornography had been stored.

That wasn’t very helpful of Ms. Willard. I wonder if the porn belonged to the perpetrator in question? Anyway, this employee was apparently working for Camp Good News since the 1980s. I hate to think how many children he hurt.

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