Monday Live Blog and Reads: Second Public Hearing on Trump’s Insurrection

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We’re live blogging the second of the Jan. 6 Committee’s hearings today which start at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

Here’s some warm-up material to read!

This is from The New York Times: “Trump Campaign Chief to Headline Jan. 6 Hearing on Election Lies.”

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol plans to use the testimony of former President Donald J. Trump’s own campaign manager against him on Monday as it lays out evidence that Mr. Trump knowingly spread the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him in an attempt to overturn his defeat.

The committee plans to call Bill Stepien, the final chairman of Mr. Trump’s campaign, who is expected to be asked to detail what the campaign and the former president himself knew about his fictitious claims of widespread election fraud. Those claims will be the focus of the second in a series of hearings the panel is holding this month to reveal the findings of its sprawling investigation.

After an explosive first hearing last week in prime time, leaders of the committee are aiming to keep up a steady stream of revelations about the magnitude of Mr. Trump’s plot to overturn the election and how it sowed the seeds of the violent siege of the Capitol by his supporters last year.

From The Washington Post tweet above: “Committee to focus on how Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled the insurrection.”

Donald Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and how it fueled the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection are the planned focus Monday of the second in a series of June hearings by a House select committee. Panel members said they will also explore how Trump’s “big lie” drove Republican fundraising appeals after Joe Biden won the election.

Scheduled to testify before the committee on Monday are former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien; Chris Stirewalt, a former political editor for Fox News; Benjamin Ginsberg, a Republican election lawyer; former U.S. attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak; and Al Schmidt, a former city commissioner of Philadelphia. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

From CNN: “Major TV networks, including Fox News, plan to televise Monday’s hearing of the January 6 committee.”

You may also Livestream the hearings from the Committee’s website. 

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Wednesday Inauguration Reads: Finally!

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Election Night Live Blog: Take it Back Joe!!!

Well, this is the night that matters!  

From Axios:  “Scoop: Biden’s plan to assert control”.

If news organizations declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even if President Trump continues to fight in court, advisers tell Axios.

Why it matters: Biden advisers learned the lesson of 2000, when Al Gore hung back while George W. Bush declared victory in that contested election, putting the Democrat on the defensive while Bush acted like the winner.

So if Biden is declared the winner, he’ll begin forming his government and looking presidential — and won’t yield to doubts Trump might try to sow.

  • Biden’s schedule for Tuesday includes a clue to this posture: He “will address the nation on Election Night in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told reporters Monday that even if all the votes aren’t counted tonight, the campaign should have “a very good sense of where we’re headed”:

  • “We’re not really concerned about what Donald Trump says. … We’re going to use our data, our understanding of where this is headed, and make sure that the vice president is addressing the American people.”

To show momentum, Biden may begin transition announcements quickly, starting with senior staff appointments.

  • That way, core aides won’t have to worry about their own jobs, but will immediately be able to get to work.

Biden plans to adopt what one confidant called “a healing tone,” and begin talking about the path forward in battling the coronavirus.

  • Look for Biden to embrace science, and talk up the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci, after Trump threatened Sunday to try to fire the trusted official.

From there, the transition would move with unprecedented speed:

  • Biden had eight years in the White House, and he’s surrounded by aides with decades of government experience.
  • So the transition has made the most thorough agency-by-agency preparations in history, including offices no one’s thinking about.

Biden has blueprints for staffing every single agency, and has extensive plans for executive orders, including ones to undo Trump actions.

  • Look for Biden to send all-business signals: He won’t pack the courts, and is unlikely to push for repeal of the Senate’s filibuster rule and its 60-vote requirement anytime soon.
  • Instead, look for Biden to push to pass as much as possible under the banner of budget reconciliation, which requires just a simple majority.

Barton Foley, 32, with his cat “Little Ti Ti” on his shoulder, casts his ballot on Election Day at Ballard High School in Louisville. Bryan Woolston / Reuters

NBC’s Live Blog is here and the most interesting story is the high turnout and the number of votes already in from early voting.

Voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots on Election Day, although more than 100 million Americans have already voted early or by mail.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has an aggressive day of campaigning ahead while President Donald Trump takes a lower-key approach as they try to rally supporters in the final hours before polls close.

Good weather and high turn out usually means better results for the Democratic Party Candidates!  We had both today so that should be a good omen!

And on the ground we have some of the good news already!  This is from Michigan and I will follow with some others.



So, here we go!!!

Live Blog: VEEP Debatestakes 2020


Where would be without a live debate thread especially when it’s Kamala vs the guy who calls his wife mother?


So,  we will be following the debate antics.  Here’s the details:


9-10:30 PM EDT on ABC · CBS · FOX · NBC · PBS

Stream: C-SPAN · CBSN · ABC · NBC · PBS

Apps: ABC News · CBS News · CNN · Fox News · NBC News

Moderator: Susan Page

Location: University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Format: Nine segments of approximately 10 minutes each

And here’s the downlow:  “How to watch the vice presidential debate” by Caroline Linton of CBS.

Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris will meet for their first and only debate on Wednesday, October 7, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Susan Page of USA Today will moderate, and Pence and Harris will be separated by a plexiglass barrier.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, both of whom helped with Mr. Trump’s debate preparation, have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as Hope Hicks, counselor to President Trump. Christie also checked into the hospital for treatment. Chris Wallace, the moderator of the first debate, said Mr. Trump arrived too late to the debate site to be tested for COVID-19 there.

Pence has been tested multiple times since then, and he said the latest test, on Wednesday, was negative.

Harris announced on Friday that she and her husband, Doug Emhoff, had both tested negative for COVID-19. To limit travel, she arrived in Salt Lake City on Friday night. 

The candidates will be seated 12 feet away from each other. 


So, let’s see if she can make him cry!


First Presidential Debate of 2020: Live Dread and Thread

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So here’s some things to read before it starts. We’re here for you!

Just one whopper for Joe!

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