Election Night Live Blog: Take it Back Joe!!!

Well, this is the night that matters!  

From Axios:  “Scoop: Biden’s plan to assert control”.

If news organizations declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even if President Trump continues to fight in court, advisers tell Axios.

Why it matters: Biden advisers learned the lesson of 2000, when Al Gore hung back while George W. Bush declared victory in that contested election, putting the Democrat on the defensive while Bush acted like the winner.

So if Biden is declared the winner, he’ll begin forming his government and looking presidential — and won’t yield to doubts Trump might try to sow.

  • Biden’s schedule for Tuesday includes a clue to this posture: He “will address the nation on Election Night in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told reporters Monday that even if all the votes aren’t counted tonight, the campaign should have “a very good sense of where we’re headed”:

  • “We’re not really concerned about what Donald Trump says. … We’re going to use our data, our understanding of where this is headed, and make sure that the vice president is addressing the American people.”

To show momentum, Biden may begin transition announcements quickly, starting with senior staff appointments.

  • That way, core aides won’t have to worry about their own jobs, but will immediately be able to get to work.

Biden plans to adopt what one confidant called “a healing tone,” and begin talking about the path forward in battling the coronavirus.

  • Look for Biden to embrace science, and talk up the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci, after Trump threatened Sunday to try to fire the trusted official.

From there, the transition would move with unprecedented speed:

  • Biden had eight years in the White House, and he’s surrounded by aides with decades of government experience.
  • So the transition has made the most thorough agency-by-agency preparations in history, including offices no one’s thinking about.

Biden has blueprints for staffing every single agency, and has extensive plans for executive orders, including ones to undo Trump actions.

  • Look for Biden to send all-business signals: He won’t pack the courts, and is unlikely to push for repeal of the Senate’s filibuster rule and its 60-vote requirement anytime soon.
  • Instead, look for Biden to push to pass as much as possible under the banner of budget reconciliation, which requires just a simple majority.

Barton Foley, 32, with his cat “Little Ti Ti” on his shoulder, casts his ballot on Election Day at Ballard High School in Louisville. Bryan Woolston / Reuters

NBC’s Live Blog is here and the most interesting story is the high turnout and the number of votes already in from early voting.

Voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots on Election Day, although more than 100 million Americans have already voted early or by mail.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has an aggressive day of campaigning ahead while President Donald Trump takes a lower-key approach as they try to rally supporters in the final hours before polls close.

Good weather and high turn out usually means better results for the Democratic Party Candidates!  We had both today so that should be a good omen!

And on the ground we have some of the good news already!  This is from Michigan and I will follow with some others.



So, here we go!!!

34 Comments on “Election Night Live Blog: Take it Back Joe!!!”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    This needle thing is disgusting:

  2. Beata says:

    AP: Biden has won VT. Trump has won KY.

    Otherwise, numbers from the early states are not telling us much yet. Percentages counted so far are very small.

    I may go to bed early. I can’t handle this. Having flashbacks to 2016.

  3. bostonboomer says:

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Surprise! Biden wins Massachusetts.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Biden wins New Hampshire. I’m not surprised; Trump wasted his time there this week.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Fox News projects Cory Gardner loses to Hickenlooper in CO. Good riddance!

  7. Autumn says:

    I’m sad that M.J. Hegar has apparently lost to Cornyn in Texas. I’m having flashbacks to 2016 as the evening wears on.

    • NW Luna says:

      I’m trying to keep a mental wall up around the memory of 2016 or I’ll lose it. With Biden it won’t be the heartbreak it was for losing Hillary. OTOH the alternative is worse as Trump will speed up selling America off for parts even faster.

      • Autumn says:

        Exactly. It wouldn’t be the same but it would be horrible.

        I was down for awhile but I have a second wind. I’m glad about Hickenlooper.

    • DarthVelma says:

      I am dubious about everything about the Texas numbers right now. I’ve been refreshing the elections website for Texas all night. Dallas county has only reported early voting data – nothing so far for election day data. Harris county has just barely started adding election day numbers to their early voting data (like in the last 10 minutes or so). That’s a HUGE number of outstanding votes.

      And since I’m in N.C. now, been hitting their data all day too. Almost a quarter of the ballots have not been counted yet – and that’s not including the mail in ballots that are still working their way through the mail.

  8. Enheduanna says:

    Wow – so we won’t know counts for Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania until tomorrow or even later in the week. This is such a hodgepodge I can’t watch. And Kornacki insists on throwing up numbers from 2016 – county by county. GAH

  9. jslat says:

    Enough for me. I’m heading to bed. Looks like nothing will be decided tonight. Patience. Patience. UGH!!!

  10. NW Luna says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      Thanks Luna – this is very helpful. Both Kornacki and John King are irritating. King insists on gloom and doom for Dems – showing Georgia red on his map. They haven’t even started counting the ATL metro area which is heavily blue.

    • quixote says:

      All true. But it’s also true that without the Senate, we may as well all just go into medical comas for the next four years. It’ll be a bloody replay of McConnell dragging the country into 1820 by brute force. (I can’t believe he got re-elected. I know the polls said he would. I couldn’t believe them.)

      I can’t fit the information that *after seeing the Dump for what he is* this is not a total blowout. That, all by itself, is horrible.

      But time may show that once the votes are counted, it won’t be as bad as possible.

  11. NW Luna says:

  12. NW Luna says:

  13. NW Luna says:

  14. NW Luna says:

  15. NW Luna says: