Wednesday Reads: It’s fucking enough.

I’ve got nothing to say, because we all know this is fucking never going to change. Fuck these Republicans and their thoughts and prayers:

End this post with this thread here:

This is an open thread…

Wednesday Reads: To Brenda

Lady of Montserrat, artwork by Julio Roberto

Good morning.

I have one thing to share this early September day, it is a reminder of who we are losing during this pandemic.

As you may already know, the Covid-19 numbers continue to rise:

This thread:

I know that is a long one, (25 tweets) but take the time to go through it.

With that in mind, say a prayer or save a thought…to Brenda…such a loss for her family.

The pain for this family must be shattering…like so many other needless deaths shared by numerous people across our country.

It is a legacy that must not be forgotten, and it must be laid squarely at tRump’s feet. Things could have been different. They must be different.

Wednesday Reads: Bear with me.

Jusepe de Ribera, Mary Magdalene in meditation, 1623

Today is the feast day of Mary Magdalene…Patron Saint of Women.

Moving on…

The connection between images of wrapped bodies is purposeful…it was like a bomb in my head last night.

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Is it strange, there are zero public service announcements like this floating around the US?

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2020 Romance #klanchowder #turdreich #thedailydon

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A couple of links showing perfection:

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Featuring @balletluisf ✨✨ 📷 @alinnevolpato

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That last one, magnificence.

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Don't be a red shirt.

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The way that bear puts his paw up to catch the door…he must be an expert!

This is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Say their names.

Click on the above picture of the New York Times Front page…to enlarge this image to see the names fully.

And take note:

As it states above, that times page only list a 1,000 names…

tRump was so bad last night on Twitter:

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Just a few thoughts this Sunday morning…

Wednesday Reads: Waffle House Closures!

The shit has really hit the fan!

There are 1600+ restaurants still open for business…but, it does make you think.

Here is something else to make you think:

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Here is the full image…

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Visit link in bio for full story.

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It bothered me to…but he was calling Dr. Fauci by his first name too. It is being disrespectful to both Doctors.

That is so true…

So, with all this stressful mess going on, I’ve been killing time coloring…

I thought I would share this with you…it seems a lot of people are finding it soothing.

Happy Color App

Anyway, stay safe and as usual, this is an open thread.