Sunday Reads: Presto!

Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat…


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If anyone said half the shit tRump has said…they would not have been elected either.

In other news:

Read through this next one…

I want to vomit:

I’m not crazy about the Lincoln Project, probably because of who is behind it…but this is a real good ad:

What do you think?

Have a good Sunday…

Sunday Reads: SuperSPREADER

No, that is not a link to The Onion:

In a series of phone calls, President Donald Trump floated a bizarre idea last week from his presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center — he wanted to rip open his dress shirt after discharge to reveal a Superman symbol beneath, The New York Times reported Saturday.

He “wanted to appear frail at first,” people with knowledge of the conversations told the Times. But underneath his dress shirt, Trump would wear a Superman T-shirt, which he would reveal by ripping open the top layer of his clothing. He ultimately opted not to go ahead with the stunt. It wasn’t immediately clear why.

I think it is obvious, tRump is clearly crazy coo coo.

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A cartoon by @b_a_bourgeois. #NewYorkerCartoons

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Looking real good RNC

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This seems like a poor choice of outfit

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Here are a few interesting items, non-political links:

This is a quick post, we have already seen a tornado warning tonight…also flash flood warnings, as the remaining parts of Delta pass over Northeast Georgia. I hope everyone takes care…this is an open thread.

Sunday Reads: Memes and More

The orange turd, receiving his experimental treatment after testing positive for the Covid 19 virus.

Before we get to the comedy relief, here’s some newsy updates that will peak your interest:

Keep that in mind…

This thread here:

And still, the idiots persist:

Point to be made:

There was a debate last night:

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And I will leave it at that.

Please take care of yourselves…

Wednesday Reads: To Brenda

Lady of Montserrat, artwork by Julio Roberto

Good morning.

I have one thing to share this early September day, it is a reminder of who we are losing during this pandemic.

As you may already know, the Covid-19 numbers continue to rise:

This thread:

I know that is a long one, (25 tweets) but take the time to go through it.

With that in mind, say a prayer or save a thought…to Brenda…such a loss for her family.

The pain for this family must be shattering…like so many other needless deaths shared by numerous people across our country.

It is a legacy that must not be forgotten, and it must be laid squarely at tRump’s feet. Things could have been different. They must be different.

Wednesday Reads: Licking Rats

Oh wow…I am thrilled!

Kamala Harris is Biden’s choice for VP…

I think y’all can guess which nickname I fancy the most…

I wanted to end this on a powerful note:

This is an open thread.