Friday the 13th Full Moon Reads: Full on Fury

Image result for Biden comics Good Morning Sky Dancers!

It’s going to be an interesting Day! #FridayThe13th coincides with the full moon for the first time since 2000,   So why is Friday the 13th so unlucky?  Yeah, well, guess where most of our superstitions come from?  If you said Christianity you were right!

And, it may have started early last night at the debates and the doddering old white grandpas on the stage and in the press who proved they’re still back in the 20th century.  I about dropped my wine glass when I heard Chris Matthews discuss the concerns of the Democratic Base with Corey Booker and let slip the old school, objectification term “coloreds”.  Matthews and Biden still seem to think that there’s some elusive white male working unicorn class out there like their “dads” that will come to the calming old school, whitie tightie, lexicon.  Meanwhile, they both bungle forwards while stuck in the 60s with Bernie and his throwback Berners.

I love this headline by AP’s Julie Pace: “Analysis: Biden looks like a front-runner, until he doesn’t”. He may wind up writing a thank you note to Julian Castro because the only thing that made him look sympathetic was Castro’s performance.

But the debate was punctuated by moments that highlighted why Biden can’t shake questions about his consistency and whispers about his fitness for office, despite his lead in most national polls and early state surveys. Most glaringly: a meandering answer near the end of the debate about his past statements on racial inequality. Biden said poor parents should play the “record player” for their children before veering off into comments about Venezuela.

Biden’s standing in the Democratic contest is the source of much debate within the party. Is he an experienced elder statesman who can calm an anxious nation and peel back some of the white working class voters who helped send President Donald Trump to the White House? Or is the 76-year-old past his prime and out of step with a party that’s growing younger, more diverse and more liberal?

To move further down the analysis:

Perhaps mindful of that reality, most candidates sidestepped overt criticism of the vice president in Thursday’s debate.

The one notable exception was Julián Castro, who served as Obama’s housing secretary and is in need of a jolt to break out of the lower tier of candidates. In a highly charged moment, Castro challenged Biden’s memory — a barely veiled reference to questions about the former vice president’s age.

Airtime consumed by the candidates in Thursday’s debate. (AP Graphics)

“Are you forgetting already what you just said two minutes ago?” Castro said during an exchange on health care.

In a post-debate interview, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker laid into Biden as well, saying there were many people concerned about Biden’s ability to carry the ball “across the end line without fumbling.”

Castro and Booker were zeroing in on real questions that are being asked about Biden. Is he too old to serve as president? If he were the nominee, would he make a mistake at a critical moment that could clear the way for Trump?

Biden’s stumbles later in the debate magnified those questions. He struggled through an answer about the war in Iraq and gave a grab-bag answer to a question about how to repair the legacy of slavery in America. He appeared to suggest that poorer families needed help learning how to raise their children.

Biden’s supporters argue that ultimately, those answers — and the questions they raise — matter less to voters than their overall impressions of the former vice president. Indeed, there is a deep reservoir of goodwill for Biden in the Democratic Party, shaped in large part by the eight years he served as Obama’s No. 2.

Image result for cartoons Cory Booker I do agree that the best questions of the night came for Jorge Ramos.  However, I’m still highly disappointed that we got no particular information focused on women.

Ramos then turned to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker with one of the most distinctive questions asked so far in the 2020 debate season: “After the recent fires in the Amazon, some experts suggested that eating less meat is one way to help the environment. You are a vegan since 2014. That’s obviously a personal choice, but President Trump and Brazil’s President Bolsonaro are concerned that climate change regulations could affect economic growth. So should more Americans, including those here in Texas, and in Iowa, follow your diet?”

That drew laughs. Booker got even more laughs when he said, “First of all, I want to say no. Actually, I want to translate that into Spanish: No.”

Image result for elizabeth warren comics I also found this analysis interesting from Buzzfeed: “The Real Democratic Primary Starts Now. And It’s All About Elizabeth Warren.“If I could be any candidate right now, I would want to be her.” by Ruby Crame and Ben Smith.

It’s impossible, stupid, and likely embarrassing to predict who is going to win the Democratic presidential primary.

But it’s already become clear who has shaped it: Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator, has put her agenda for structural change at the center of the 2020 campaign, helping turn the party’s center into its right and its radical left into a plausible alternative. She’s set the standard for how you run a presidential campaign and watched her rivals — including the men who typically place ahead of her in the polls — imitate her tactics. She’s the focus of public panic on Wall Street and public attacks from the Democratic Party’s old guard. And as she ticks upward in public polling, she’s also benefiting from a remarkable consensus among the Democratic Party’s professional class, according to interviews with a dozen veterans of presidential politics this week, that she is on her way to becoming the candidate to beat.

In the days before Thursday’s debate here in Texas — a moment that marked the start of a tighter, more competitive fight for the Democratic nomination — Joe Biden and his allies telegraphed a series of new talking points, all seemingly aimed at Warren. That same day, a viral clip showed a CNBC panel voice genuine panic about a Warren presidency: “You talk to executives,” said host Jim Cramer, “they’re more fearful of her winning — I mean I’ve never heard anybody say, ‘Look! Uh, she’s gotta be stopped! She’s gotta be stopped!’” A Wall Street Journal editorial followed the next morning.

Onstage in Houston, Warren commanded the most speaking time alongside Biden, putting herself at the center of policy debates on health care while staying out of the most personal arguments between candidates. Her preparation for the third round of Democratic debates on Thursday, her aides have said, did not deviate much from the first and second rounds beyond one key difference: preparing for her opponents to turn their criticism in her direction.

“I know that the senator says that she’s for Bernie, well, I’m for Barack,” Biden said in the first answer of the night, in response to a question about whether Warren and Bernie Sanders are pushing too far left.

Warren, in her response, cut off the idea that she was out to undo Obama’s legacy. “We all owe a huge debt to President Obama, who fundamentally transformed health care in America and committed this country to health care for every human being,” she said. “And now the question is, how best can we improve on it?”

Image result for Cartoons JulIan Castro Trump’s epic physical and mental decline was on full display last night for any one that cares. Matt Fuller of HuffPo writes”Trump Gives A Rambling Mess Of A Speech At The GOP’s Baltimore Retreat — And He’s A Hit. The takeover of the Republican Party is complete.

Trump took the stage clapping along with his excited GOP audience, and he really never stopped praising himself. He cheered his administration’s repeal on Thursday of clean water regulations, while also congratulating himself for what he claimed is the nation’s cleanest water and air in the last 25 years. He cheered the Senate’s confirmation Thursday of his 150th nominee to federal courts. And he lauded the economy that has produced low unemployment rates for minorities.

But far from running through a scripted checklist of accomplishments, Trump delivered a largely extemporaneous ― often bizarre ― speech about, among many other topics, the Democratic presidential candidates, immigration, the 2020 campaign, the 2016 election, the border wall, even cowboy hats.

Trump also told a story about an old business rival that he used to hate and, he said, who used to hate him. He noted that the old rival — who he did not name — was now working to get Trump reelected. He ended the story by remarking that, with the crop of Democrats vying to win the nomination, this old enemy didn’t have a choice but to support him.

“Our country will go to hell if any of these people” win the White House, Trump told the Republicans.

Trump dinged Democrats for their immigration policies ― and spent a considerable amount of time joking about the name of one of the party’s presidential candidates, Pete Buttigieg. But he also praised Democrats for their unity. “We have to stick together like they do,” Trump said.

If the president had any concerns that Republican House members ― who lost their majority in last year’s midterm in a voter rebuke of Trump ― might bail on him, his audience was there to assure him there was no reason to be worried.

As Trump departed the stage to his usual campaign sign-off song, The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stopped the music to deliver a message. “We’re with you, we’ll never get tired of winning, and we’ll always put America first,” the Californian said.

Mind you: Trump had cracked minutes before that the husky McCarthy was somewhat bovine. The joke came as Trump claimed, falsely, that the Green New Deal pushed by some progressive lawmakers would result in “no more cows, no more planes, I guess no more people.”

“Because Kevin is just like a cow, just smaller,” Trump continued. He added that he couldn’t resist the attempt at humor and he picked McCarthy because he saw his “beautiful” face smiling at him.

Well, those are some things I found but I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it all day.  The only thing I haven’t written about today is the Andy McCabe situation.

I think we can clearly call this a DOJ political witch hunt but more stuff will come out I’m sure.

So, join me around the potion kettle tonight and howl at the moon a few times!

What’s on you’re reading and blogging list today?

23 Comments on “Friday the 13th Full Moon Reads: Full on Fury”

  1. dakinikat says:

    more arglebargle

    • Enheduanna says:

      You know for a building developer, that is some stupid there. Does he really not know what an incandescent bulb and a LED bulb are? And you can buy the one you want? And they have soft-white, daylight, etc., etc., etc.

      Do these people ever tire of being lectured to by an idiot.

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    For awhile there I was impressed with Castro. After last night? No way!

    His response to Biden was so rehearsed. Just laying in wait to pounce. I hate that. Trying to insert a “bombshell” to gain points is so amateur. Harris did it in the first debate and look where she is today. Lower than last month.

    As a diehard liberal Democrat I looked at them last night and asked again, is this the best we have? Trump is the major issue. This is where the debate should be focused. God knows there is enough there to spend 3 hours worth of time discussing, not attacking one another over whose healthcare plan is the best.

    Bernie sounded old. That arm waving and finger pointing accompanied by shouting is annoying. Biden looked and sounded old. What will he look like in 6 months when the primaries kick in?

    It is demoralizing for me that I have yet to fasten my support to anyone as yet. I want a winner. Someone who can make a difference . And I am still in a holding pattern. Why is that?

    Whoever the nominee has my vote. But I want to be assured that whoever it is can knock that gasbag out of the Oval Office come 2020.

    I’m waiting.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Harris focused on Trump, just as she does in her campaign appearances. I felt her critique of Biden on race was absolutely appropriate. Biden needs to deal with criticism or drop out. Trump will wipe the floor with him. From Jamil Smith’s piece in Rolling Stone:

      Will they spend all of the general election scolding Donald Trump for being too cruel and obnoxious to their nominee?

      Perhaps they will, if it is Biden, a person whom party centrists like Emanuel are already prone to coddling. Treating the 76-year-old front-runner so delicately is arguably more insulting than questioning his mental fitness, especially considering the incumbent whom he is preparing to run against.

  3. Enheduanna says:

    Great post Dak. I forgot to watch the debate but I’m seeing the gist of it thanks to everyone who did watch!

    Happy Friday 13! Ready to howl at the moon for sure…

  4. dakinikat says:

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Wow that caricature of Kamala Harris–if that’s who it’s supposed to be–is beyond offensive.

    Also, I don’t recall hearing the term “coloreds” in the ’60s. Of course I didn’t hang out with any virulent racists, but my parents did have some friends from the deep South. In the early ’60s “Negro” was used, but “black” soon came into common usage. I can’t believe Matthews said that. He should be fired.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Kids learn vocabulary from being read to and talked to by adults. I don’t know where Biden got the idea that the radio and “record player” would be recommended to replace that. Kids also learn a lot from play, so his idea of forcing them into “school” at early ages is awful.

    • NW Luna says:

      I can’t help but remember that Hillary’s advice to parents was to talk to and read to their kids.

      • bostonboomer says:

        That’s what the research shows. Also, talk to them about the book they are reading and above all encourage story telling by listening to them and asking open ended questions.

  7. NW Luna says:

    • quixote says:

      Women have been erased so effectively from that coverage, until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize my impression of the Hong Kong protests has an all-male face.

      I am so sick of this shit.

  8. NW Luna says:

  9. bostonboomer says:

  10. bostonboomer says:

    • quixote says:

      I looked at headlines in places like CNN or WaPo, and it’s all “Oh, Biden’s so great, did well, up in the polls, yadda yadda, whatever.”

      Jamil Smith, on the other hand, sees cause for him to get his confused butt off the stage.

      I’m with Jamil. But it’s weird how based on their point of view, people are seeing different and incompatible realities.

      And as Dylan once said, “It’s either him or them that’s insane.”

      Democracy depends on people being willing to accept basic facts. It looks like we don’t live in that world anymore.

      And that goes double for Kamala Harris. She looks to have the best combination of ability to campaign, ability to govern, turn out the actual Dem vote, appeal to the mythical middle (because she’s able to articulate her non-scary policies), and do it all while apparently having fun (:boggle:). And the commentary I’ve seen in the “white” press is all about how Oh-my-she-sniped-at-Dear-Old-Joe. (As if discussing segregation is a “snipe”!)

      anyway. tl:dr; grrrrrrrrrr.

      • bostonboomer says:

        My thoughts exactly! Thank you.

      • NW Luna says:

        I also can not understand the status of Biden. It’s not just his age, it’s his brain, which causes him to stick his foot in his mouth on many an occasion for decades.

  11. dakinikat says: