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images (12)Good Afternoon!

It’s been a long few days for me culminating with spending the morning at the LASPCA trying to spring my friend’s runaway dog.  Did I mention it took three hours while I had to look at about 10 cute kittens that definitely need a home ASAP giving me those big eyes ? So, I’m late with everything, tired, and the last thing I need is to crack a virtual newspaper and read about crazy.  However, we still have two crazies in the race, so it’s crazzyyy Monday!!!

We knew the Trump ads against Clinton would be bad but we’re beginning to see exactly how bad they will be.  I think most newspaper Tabloids have less sensation and more facts to be perfectly honest. Is this a clickbait headline or what? Alex Jones has taken over candidate Trump’s policies and their oppo research.  From TPM:  “New Trump Video Mixes Bill Clinton Rape Allegation, Hillary Clinton Laughing.”

Donald Trump released a new Instagram video on Monday featuring audio from interviews with women who’ve accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault. The accompanying text asks if Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is “really protecting women.”

As a photo of Bill Clinton comes into focus against a black-and-white photo of the White House, a voice can be heard saying “I was very nervous.”

That voice belongs to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, explaining her concern about divulging her affair with the President to a grand jury.

The next voice says “No woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault.” That’s Kathleen Wiley, a former White House volunteer who alleged that Clinton groped her in the hallway of the White House in 1993, speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity in 2007.

The last bit of audio is taken from an infamous 1999 NBC Dateline interview with Juanita Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator who accused Clinton of raping her in 1978. A tearful Broaddrick can be heard saying that he “started to bite my top lip and I tried to pull away from him.”

Clinton denied the assault on Willey in a 1998 deposition and has also denied Broaddrick’s rape allegation, which surfaced at the time of congressional impeachment proceedings over his affair with Lewinsky.

Trump’s video clip ends with a shot of Hillary and Bill Clinton together. While audio of Hillary Clinton laughing plays, the words “Here we go again” appear on the screen.

It’s the second time in two weeks that Trump has brought up past sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton. He has called Hillary Clinton a “nasty, mean enabler” of her husband’s alleged affairs.

We’re about to hit through  the boundaries of horrific misogyny32316240-chihuahua-dog-ready-to-run-away-ready-for-adoption-isoalted-on-white-background-Stock-Photo straight into new, uncharted territory.   This is simply on the internet now, but I can only imagine what he’ll eventually try on other forms of media.  This is really appalling.

And this on top of crazy Bernie Sanders and his delusional dead-enders!

There are also the usual proxies for the two campaigns.  I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to read this but you might want to look at the NYT’s profiles of Roger Stone (Trump) and David Brock (Clinton).  It’s about some of their behind the scene work for the campaigns.

One takes a pint-size dog named Toby almost everywhere, smokes electronic cigarettes and wears his silver hair in a flowing pompadour.

The other has a portrait of Richard M. Nixon tattooed on his back, boasts that he owns more shoes than Imelda Marcos and traffics in conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination.

The 2016 election, filled with ugly insults, whispered innuendo and sordid character attacks, features two central antagonists known for their colorful traits and devotion to the dark arts of politics: David Brock and Roger J. Stone Jr.

Each has a passion for his side — Mr. Brock for Hillary Clinton and Mr. Stone for Donald J. Trump — and a zeal for attacking critics of his candidate. Their intensity and pugnacity make them either perfect villains or misunderstood masterminds, depending on your point of view.

On the wall of Mr. Stone’s office in South Florida, which has an undisclosed address because of the death threats he said he had received, hangs a “Spy vs. Spy” cartoon, which young staff members titled “Brock-Stone” after the two battling operatives.

“The dynamic between the two of them is very interesting,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist who knows both men. “This will be a battle about who’s tougher.”

Politics has always attracted flamboyant characters with a sometimes-reckless devotion to a cause, and both these men seem to enjoy their outsize images.

Mr. Brock, 53, divides his time between Washington and the West Village in Manhattan, throwing lively salons and wooing liberal donors on both coasts, often accompanied by Toby, his schnoodle — a schnauzer-poodle mix.

7.10.14-Dog-ActivityWe frequently read our friend’s at Brock financed pro-Hillary blog Blue Nation Review.   The NYT article has some interesting stories on him and the purpose of his pro-Hillary PAC.

Mr. Brock now runs Correct the Record, a “super PAC” that coordinates with the Clinton campaign to defend Mrs. Clinton, and American Bridge, a related group that digs up opposition research to defeat Mr. Trump. (Enough to “knock Trump Tower down to the subbasement,” as Mr. Brock put it in remarks to liberal donors, according to Politico.)

His mission now will largely be to get inside Mr. Stone’s complicated head to anticipate, and stay ahead of, Mr. Trump’s attacks. Mrs. Clinton’s allies have vehemently denied that she was involved in silencing Mr. Clinton’s accusers, but Mr. Trump will continue to push that assertion as the two candidates battle for the support of women voters.

Mr. Stone acknowledged that Mr. Brock’s operation has significantly more resources, but he said the traditional tactic of dismissing these accusations as sordid rumors could backfire. “Brock is calling us conspiracy theorists and trying to make us all sound kooky,” he said. “The only people that scares away are the elites.”

Mr. Brock’s group Media Matters for America has taken direct aim at Mr. Stone, labeling him “the underbelly of the Trump machine” and assembling an encyclopedia on his tactics, including his involvement in a National Enquirer article that accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of associating with Lee Harvey Oswald before President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Mr. Stone calls Media Matters part of “the Clinton slime machine.”

Both men operate outside the official campaigns, though Mr. Brock directly coordinates with the Clinton campaign through Correct the Record. Mr. Stone said he had “no formal or informal role” within the Trump campaign, but he is close to Mr. Trump and has had a major influence on strategy.

And both have taken risky moves that have created drama and tensions within the campaigns they are ostensibly helping.

We probably are experience some Nixonian election tactics this year. So, I am going to use Media Matters as the go to for this story on the potential of running-awayNewt Gingrich showing up as Trump’s VP.  I didn’t want to go directly to the National Review but you can if you’d like!  It’s amazing to me that what looks like a slate of serial adulterers and cheaters is going after Hillary on her husband.  The optics on that alone are so bad as to make your eyeballs peel.  It can’t be to attract women. It must be a full throttle all speed ahead to grab white men’s votes.

Fox News figures are praising network contributor Newt Gingrich as a “great choice” for Donald Trump’s running mate. They have touted Gingrich — the first speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives to be punished by the House for ethics violations — as “a genius,” “a conservative with bona fides,” and someone who would “bring tremendous stability, tremendous gravitas, incredible intellect,” and “judgment experience.”  

Trump Is Considering Gingrich As His Running Mate

Bloomberg: Trump Has Discussed Gingrich As His VP. Bloomberg reported that “Trump has discussed in recent days the possibility of selecting former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich as his running mate, according to people familiar with the talks.” [Bloomberg, 5/11/16]

Trump: Gingrich Is “Absolutely” On His Short List For VP. The Fox News morning show Fox & Friendsasked Trump if Gingrich was on his short list for vice president. Trump responded: “Absolutely. I’ll say yes, because he’s been such a supporter. I mean, anybody that supports me is on the shortlist as far as I’m concerned.” [The Hill, 5/20/16]

Gingrich Has Suggested He Would Accept The VP Slot. Gingrich stated during a Fox News interview that he would be “very hard-pressed not to say ‘yes’” if offered the spot. [The Huffington Post, 5/16/16]

Trump Aide: Staffers Were Informed Gingrich “Will Have His Hand In Every Major Policy Effort.”National Review reported of “Gingrich’s ascent to Trump’s inner circle”:

Gingrich’s influence within Trump World is widespread. Inside Trump’s newly established campaign offices in Washington, D.C., his fingerprints are everywhere. “Right from the minute I joined we were told that Newt will have his hand in every major policy effort,” says one Trump aide. “So one of the things I do when I’m researching or writing anything, in addition to looking at what Trump has said about anything, I look at what Newt has said.”

Gingrich’s ascent to Trump’s inner circle — and potentially to the vice presidency — marks a reversal of fortune for the speaker, who in recent years has fallen out of favor with party elites over his vocal criticisms of the Iraq War and Paul Ryan’s proposal to reform Medicare. On both issues, the views that irked GOP insiders were squarely in line with the unorthodox positions Trump has espoused on the campaign trail. [National Review, 5/23/16]

So, it will be ugly if it’s the doughboys but it’s an easy take down on the sexcapades at least.  I still can’t believe any woman would find Newt’s history fbb9e510884e48c9828b933f161fabf7with women any more appealing than Trump’s.  Still, Trump’s campaign insists they will be aggressive in their ads against Hillary,

“Republicans have been accused in the past, and some degree rightfully so, of not tearing the bark off of our opponents, and this year Donald Trump has made it very clear we are going to be aggressive” to get a Republican in the White House, Sean Spicer RNC chief strategist and spokesman, said.

“We’ve been at it for four years going through her record,” Spicer also said, as quoted by Breitbart. “This idea that people know who she is and that they’ve seen everything is just ridiculous.”

Spicer, speaking with Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM radio, added the party has only “scratched the surface” with Clinton.

I never understand the appeal of these kinds of attacks.  They really turn me off. It’s one of the reasons I’m ready to do just about anything within the legal boundaries of the law to see that Bernie Sanders goes back to the Vermont outback, never to be heard from again.  Why do all the remaining dudes in this race all represent the angry white male, women-hating prototype?   Are there really that many of them left out there?

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?

52 Comments on “Crazzzzy Monday Reads”

  1. dakinikat says:


    Well, at least we’ll get his ass out of the way.

    • NW Luna says:

      Never soon enough for all of us. He’s simply aping Trump’s despicable behavior and would drag the Democratic Party down to shore up his insecurity (and sexism). I want him kicked out of the way!

    • ANonOMouse says:

      That’s a good news poll. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Sweet Sue says:

      Oh, Christ, please,

  2. roofingbird says:

    I said before elsewhere that he would consider Gingrich. Of all the bad suggestions so far Gingrich has the most relevant machiavellian experience, would fend off the crazies in Congress, take over when Trump is taken out of office. Together they represent a solid expression. To the good side, is, if we are going to have a final battle against the VRWC, now is the time and Clinton is the person.

    • William says:

      I may regret saying this, but I think that picking Gingrich is decent for our side. Gingrich just reinforces Trump as a right-wing candidate. Right now, some people are deluding themselves that he is sort of protean, depending on the issue. Gingrich was the focal point of the opposition to Bill Clinton’s presidency. He may help Trump shore up his far-right flank, which might otherwise consider voting Libertarian. But Gingrich won’t give Trump any additional patina of respectability. And Gingrich’s personal history is deplorable. I had first thought that Trump would pick Kasich or Susanna Martinez. It looks like Kasich doesn’t want it. I think that the only three real possibilities now are Martinez, Joni Ernst, and Gingrich.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        If I was a praying person, I’d be praying for Gingrich to be the choice. Two men who’ve demonstrated little to no respect for women, not even the women in their lives. What more could we ask for?

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Those kinds of negative attacks have ended up stimulating a lot of sympathy for Hillary in the past. It’s hard to believe that Trump and Gingrich could really get away with this knowing their history. Plus, Hillary didn’t cheat on anyone or abuse anyone. Why should she be held responsible for Bill’s behavior? I don’t think it will work, but it will be ugly as hell.

    • NW Luna says:

      Even my brainwashed Republican mother drew back about Gingrich after I mentioned he’d divorced one of his wives when she was in the hospital for cancer.

      A lot of Republican women are not going to go along with the flagrant trophy-wife/serf philosophy embodied by Trump and Gingrich.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Perhaps the sealed records of Trump’s divorce from Ivana will show up. If I remember correctly he physically abused and raped her.

  4. William says:

    Trump has no real issues to run on, except trying to argue that free trade agreements have cost jobs. He cannot possibly win a campaign in which issues are argued. And he and his handlers do not intend to do so. They plan to use every avenue to disparage Hillary’s character, to get her unfavorables down to Trump levels, at which point they figure they have an even chance to win. And it might happen. The long-quoted paradox is that while voters always say they hate negative ads, such ads often work. And the other prong is that if Trump can induce such a feeling of, “We don’t want to go through that again for eight years,” on the part of the electorate, they might go for the “new person.”

    This is going to take some very intelligent planning on the part of HIllary’s team. Obviously, she can’t engage with Trump’s gutter attacks. Trump has a terrible personal history; how far do they want to go to emphasize that? Or should she just hammer away at issues, and outlandish statements made by Trump about domestic and international matters? Ordinarily, the effort is made to link everything together in a sort of gestalt which the voters will react negatively to. I am almost certain that we are going to hear over and over from the media, that this is “the race to the bottom,” the campaign where the candidates have the highest negatives ever. Hillary’s negatives are totally undeserved. The question is, what is the most effective way for her campaign jto improve those ratings?

    Dakinikat, I think that in general, these Trump attacks are mostly aimed at Republican women, an effort to keep them from voting for Hillary in substantial numbers. He figures that if he can cut into Hillary’s big lead with women, he will win. It is a variation of the Atwater and Rove technique of attacking right at your opponent’s strength. Thus, Kerry was a coward, and a liar about his war record.

    • Joanelle says:

      Trump is running on the anger of people at the do-nothing Congress, that’s his platform

      • ANonOMouse says:

        And his platform is different everyday. Hillary will beat him over the head with his waffling. He said he opposed the Iraq war, but he’s heard in interviews encouraging Bush to pull the trigger. He criticized Hillary on Libya and says it was a bad decision on her part to support arming the opposition, but he is heard in interviews encouraging Obama to take out Kadahfi. He has been on both sides of everything from Choice, to LGBT rights, to minimum wage, to immigration, to Planned Parenthood, to Russia, to Cuba. You name it, he’s said something about it, usually expressing two polar opposite opinions. I’ll be glad when June 7th is over so that we can get on to the real contest where Hillary can beat him about the head. Trump the man who speaks with forked tongue.

        • dakinikat says:

          I think both he and Trump have mental health issues. They might be age related or life long but no one could possibly be that delusional in seeing himself only doing right things when there’s proof to the contrary.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Sanders picks for platform committee:

    Cornell West, Keith Ellison, James Zogby, Bill McKibben, and Native American activist Deborah Parker.

    This is going to get really ugly.

    • dakinikat says:

      And insane ….other than Ellison are these folks Dems even?

      • NW Luna says:

        are these folks Dems even?

        Not if they’re for Sanders. And whyever did DWS give in to Sanders’ whiny demands? He’s losing!

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Cornell West is a major Obama Hater and member of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) He was an honorary chair of that Party. Allowing West a foot into the Platform committee is a horrible mistake.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      The silver lining is that the platform traditionally means less than doo-doo.

      Just saying.

      Maybe it was a consequence free sop to give “Bernie and the Montpelier Whine Machine” so they will sit down and shut up.

      I was in favor of granting them zero concessions, but I am not worried about this at all.

      The platform is a meaningless exercise. Sad but true.

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    “Why do all the remaining dudes in this race all represent the angry white male, women-hating prototype? Are there really that many of them left out there?”

    Yes, there are a lot of them out there, crossing their legs at the thought of a woman POTUS. So to them I say, PREPARE YOURSELVES for the Great neutering that is about to come. It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Caro says:

    Joseph Cannon has been doing a lot of very interesting work on Roger Stone and Bernie. –

  8. MsMass says:

    Hillary turns down debate- Yeah!

    (Hope link works)

  9. MsMass says:

    INteresting about Brock. Hope he’ll go for the jugular.
    Another good link from BlueNationReview:
    and the Vox link contained there has a great line:
    “There will be a tidal pull to normalize this election, to make it Coca-Cola versus Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola versus sewer water.”
    Trump= sewer water, I like it.

  10. Fannie says:

    At no time in the history of our presidency has anyone said, that he ought to be able to pick cabinet members for the incoming president. Bernie is turning to be the FUCK evah. No equal rights for women, he’s planning on pressuring the DNC to let him do what, declare he is a white man and not let a woman break on through to the White House? In the mist of creating a hurricane at the convention, he’s whip up a fucking typhoon.

  11. dailypuma says:

    So now men are blaming a woman for the actions of another man. Maybe it’s time to call what Trump is doing “The Mommy Card”.

    • NW Luna says:

      Hah! Yeah, it’s never the man’s fault, especially for men like Trump. Just like it was all his first wife’s fault that he had to divorce her and get a younger model. Then that wife had to get older, too, it was all her fault! And he’ll trade the current wife in for a younger, stupider model in a few years too.

    • NW Luna says:

      Good to see Weaver get told that the nonsense he’s proclaiming is in reality contrary to fact. I only wish Sharpton had schooled Weaver in math while he was at it!

      • dakinikat says:

        Maddow was getting hate Twitters last night for her segment on saying the door has closed on Sanders. Everyone realizes he’s toast. Guess he’s run out of money too.

  12. ANonOMouse says:

    Come on June 7th, we’re ready to send the finger pointer packing

  13. ANonOMouse says:

    Evil Man

  14. ANonOMouse says:

  15. ANonOMouse says: