Live Blog: Nothing Could be finer than to win in Carolina …

gettyimages-509269010_custom-cc0d7bb4353ca060d0b96d4836ecc880b5422693-s300-c85This evening we are following the returns from the Democratic Party voting in South Carolina. At stake are 53 delegates.  This primary is the prelude to Super Tuesday.  All look extremely promising for candidate Hillary Clinton.  Polls close at 7 p.m. EST.

I’m getting this posted a bit early because I will be watching the returns with the Honorable Anthony Foxx–who is President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation— and members of the Krewe of Hillary. Members of the national campaign are beginning to join us here in Louisiana but Texas is the obviously big deal coming up.  Our turn to vote is next Saturday. We’re also one of the expected blowout states.

Sanders was not in South Carolina today. He spent time in Texas and Minnesota.  Two states where polls are showing less than a total blow out.

Sanders is hitting two Super Tuesday states today: He was in Texas earlier and now he’s headed to Minnesota. As a Politico reporter has pointed out, he might miss the networks calling South Carolina. And if Sanders loses the state, Clinton could have to wait for a congratulatory call.

Black voters who are extremely enthused about Hillary make up a solid majority of Democratic voters in the southern state and most southern states.

Black voters account for roughly six in 10 Democratic primary voters in preliminary exit polls reported by ABC New. That would would set a new record: the current record is 55 percent, set in 2008 as then-Sen. Barack Obama campaigned — against Clinton herself — to become his party’s first African American nominee.

Exit polls reported by ABC News also showed that a large majority of Democratic voters, fully seven in 10, wanted the next president to continue President Obama’s policies, rather than pursue a more liberal agenda. Sanders has called for a “political revolution” that would enact sweeping liberal policies — including universal, government-run health insurance — beyond what Obama has put in place.

And exit polls showed there had been no surge in young voters, a key part of Sanders’s voting base. In these early polls, younger voters’ current share of the vote in South Carolina was on pace to be the lowest yet in any Democratic primary contest this year.

Larrie Butler, a 90-year-old African-American man, was born in Calhoun County, South Carolina, at a time when the South was segregated during Jim Crow. He moved to Maryland after serving in the military and attending college, but returned to South Carolina in 2010. He got a voter-registration card and voted in the state in 2010.

In 2011, South Carolina passed a strict new voter-ID law requiring a government-issued photo ID to cast a ballot. When Butler went to the DMV to switch his driver’s license from Maryland to South Carolina, he was told he needed a birth certificate to confirm his identity. But Butler was born at home, when there were few black hospitals, and never received a born certificate. When he went to the state Vital Records office to get a birth certificate, they said he needed to produce his Maryland driving records and high-school records from South Carolina. After he returned with that information, he was told he needed his elementary-school records, which Butler couldn’t produce because the school was closed. So instead he found his census record, which was not accepted because his first name in the census, Larry, did not exactly match the name he’d used for his entire life, Larrie. He was told to go to court and legally change his name at 85 years old, in order to obtain the birth certificate required to get a driver’s license in South Carolina and also be able to vote.

“It made me feel terrible,” Butler said.

This may be a rather short evening but we’ll see.  Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. est.  Here’s some exciting and good news!  It’s also not surprising.

CNN says black turnout higher than 2008 – 6:25 p.m.

An exit poll conducted by CNN says 6 out of 10 voters in the South Carolina Democratic primary were black, up from 55 percent in 2008.

How that figure relates to voter turnout is unclear. In 2008, the electorate set a South Carolina record when 23.7 percent of registered voters turned out at the polls.

See the poll, which reveals a number of other details about the electorate, here. 

So, how big will the margin of victory be?  Join us!!!!!

Hello from Second Vine! This is my favorite cabinet secretary now! The enthusiasm in the room during Hillary’s victory speech was amazing!


118 Comments on “Live Blog: Nothing Could be finer than to win in Carolina …”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Okay, we have her Victory speech coming up already. Sanders really did get blown out.

  2. Fannie says:

    Yay………….it’s a land slide, we knew she would, how sweet it is. Feel the WIN.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    MSNBC makes me sick. Brian “I lie” Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Andrea Mitchell all putting Hillary down and still pushing Bernie while insisting that he could “pull it off” come Super Tuesday. Jesus they cannot even give her her due.

    There is really nowhere to turn to on the dial for even handedness. Awful.

    • purplefinn says:

      Agreed! A segment I heard on NPR with two male analysts showed a tinge of Bernie lean. This was notable since I had just watched the PBS debate with female moderators and analysts. To be fair, they may have had a Clinton lean, but how refreshing!!

    • Fannie says:

      Pat I am watching CNN, just because, they are really pissing me off too. You referred to Andrea Mitchell, and I witched over after she was announced winner. Andrea came out focusing on her frigging emails. How a bunch of them came out last, and that the black voters don’t seem to care. That’s my take.

      I hear you, and it’s our party tonight!

      • Riverbird says:

        I had to turn CNN off because they made me so mad.

        • Valhalla says:

          Honestly, I am watching Fox. They hate her just as much but they are out in the open about it. And they hate Bernie too, so at least they are not pretending he has a chance.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I’m watching CNN too. They are horrible, but MSNBC is even worse.

        • Fannie says:

          What a wonderful, wonderful speech! Wow she was fantastic, tone perfect, looking confident, and brought tears to my eyes……..ROSA PARKS………….Jim Clyburn, and mothers. I luv me so ROSA PARKS, thank you Hillary, thank you.

          Then Wolf comes on and mentions her “remarks”………and her dig at Trump saying America is great, not we are going to make it great. And how her speech wasn’t so much against corporations………did you hear that BB?

          Her words about how long, 227 years that’s how long for a woman to become President. I am grateful, I am living to see and hear her.

        • William says:

          It is close, but I agree that MSNBC is worse.They are both deplorable. Except for Begala, who gets to talk very briefly, there is no one who favorrs here, just a bunch of conservatives, or Sanders supporters. There is one African-American on CNN who is pretty good; not Van Jones, though the did say he liked the speech.

        • dakinikat says:

          We were watching CNN while being watched by secret service. I forget how they creep me out.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I’ve been writing emails to Rachel Maddow calling out her Bernie bias. In my last email to her I predicted that Bernie would be “Gobsmacked” by Hillary in SC. I’m so happy that she beat him resoundingly. It’s important that Rachel, Matthews, Williams and the rest of those in the MSM who want to make more out of Bernie than he actually is, get the Message that Hillary is for REAL, as are her supporters. Hillary won 96% of the 65+ vote, a vote otherwise known as the WISE vote!!! She’s on her way and I’m rejoicing!!!!

  4. redwoodk8 says:

    This win is YUUUGE! Tuesday looks like it might be devastating for Bernie. Will be enjoying this one all weekend!

  5. Valhalla says:

    I’m so happy for her. I’m happy for us. Happy!

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    What a great woman and leader! I am so proud to support her.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Pat, I can’t wait to vote for her on Tuesday!!

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Me too! Love her!

      • Fannie says:

        Big smile thinking you, and thinking of Pat going to vote. What a day that will be.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Don’t forget to wear something to the polls that lets those around you know who you’re voting for. I early voted and wore my Love Wins rainbow t-shirt. No republican would wear something like that, especially down here in South Bumfuckerville. In my State we can’t wear shirts with the candidates name on them inside the poll, but when I voted for Bill Clinton the first time I wore a Bill Clinton t-shirt, with another t-shirt under it. Right before I went in to vote I turned up the bottom of the Bill Clinton shirt up just enough to cover his name. Everyone knew what I had on but they couldn’t stop me from voting. So get creative girls and Show Your Hillary Colors.

      • Adam Lofton says:

        I voted for her early this morning on the way to see Bill here in Tulsa. 2 confirmed votes for Hillary( no I didn’t cheat) my 19 year old son also voted for her. Hillary 2016!

      • dakinikat says:

        I vote on Saturday but will be out canvassing and phone banking all week!

  7. bostonboomer says:

    She said it. “We need more love and kindness.” Tears.

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Wolf Blitzer says Hillary beat Bernie by 40 or 50 points!

  9. purplefinn says:

    Thanks for the two celebrate Hillary’s South Carolina win posts. Off to bed happy!!!

  10. William says:

    A wonderful speech by Hillary. A very powerful message which will resonate across the country.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Minneapolis Star-Telegram endorsed Hillary before Bernie’s plane landed.

  12. janicen says:

    Just got in. Today is my wedding anniversary, 23 years, so we went out to dinner but I’ve been glued to my phone for updates all evening. Hey, priorities you know? I can’t wait to find her victory speech in its entirety. I’ve seen pieces of it and it seemed awesome. I’m so damned happy right now.

  13. roofingbird says:

    Just got here, is was 74% to 25.4% Clinton. Total votes, 325,552, are some less than half to what the Republicans produced, 737,917. YEYYY CLINTON!

  14. bostonboomer says:

    Hillary even won with white voters in SC.

  15. bostonboomer says:

    Another big problem for Sanders: he’s very low on funds. He spent a lot in SC and got nothing for it.

  16. RalphB says:

    Wonderful win for Hillary/ Great speech. I just can’t stop smiling! Come on Super Tuesday. If things fall as I believe they will, this could be effectively over on March 15.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Love and Kindness will be the campaign theme for 2016!

      • RalphB says:

        I hope so. I saw her speak in 1993 at UT where she talked about that and a politics of meaning. I thought then we’d elected the wrong Clinton and have supported her ever since. Finally we have a chance to put the right Clinton in the West Wing!

    • Fannie says:

      Hi Ralph – I agree it’ll be over on 15 Mar……..At last.

  17. ANonOMouse says:

    Who’s surprised that the only Demos she lost were white men 56%-44% and very young voters 17-24 years old by 40% to 60%.

    • RalphB says:

      Guess I’m surprised though those are the demographics which tend to believe in unicorns.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        They believe in golden Unicorns that poop rainbow milk shakes, I guess this could officially become the day that the Unicorns quit producing.

  18. RalphB says:

    With 99% of the vote in, 73.5% Hillary 26% Bernie. Sanders scores a second place win again.

  19. RalphB says:

    Would have liked to be in the room when someone told Bernie he lost by 48 points.

  20. Ron4Hills says:

    HOLY SHIT! I fell asleep around 8:00 and woke up about twenty minutes ago. I was really worried whether my people would come through for Hills or if they would let her down. Needless to say I have a pretty big grin stuck on my face right now.

    Go Hills!

  21. RalphB says:

    Gee why didn’t we ever think of this. Only every election for years!

  22. List of X says:

    Let’s hope Hillary can repeat that performance in the general.
    (The primary will probably be decided in a couple of weeks, anyway).
    After Iowa and New Hampshire, she had me worried for a minute, because while I still prefer Bernie, I didn’t expect him to become a serious challenger.

    • janicen says:

      Although this is win for Hillary feels great right now, I don’t think anyone expects her to win SC in the general. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Doubtful. But that’s hardly the point. She will carry the important swing states, but let’s take it a step at a time. Bernie will not drop out right away unless his money woes continue.

  23. Hillary in Springfield Monday-Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History at 21 Edwards Street.Doors open at 8AM. Rally for 9:15

    Hillary in Boston Monday- 12:45 p.m. campaign rally at the Old South Meeting House. Doors for the event will open at 10:45 a.m.

    I hope you MA fans can go- I have to work or I would be there.

  24. purplefinn says:

    The Today Show actually led with the Oscars this morning before acknowledging Hillary’s landslide victory. They did give her her due at least. TV is all about ratings and earnings. They must plug the Oscars at every turn. Thank goodness for the internet and the best Hillary blog – Skydancing!