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Good Morning!!

I can’t believe I have a cold in June–sore throat, stuffy nose, and a cough. Ugh. Plus the town is working the water pipes on my street, and they are right in front of my house for the second day. This morning they have shut off my running water. I don’t know how long it will be, because I wasn’t even warned they were going to be digging a giant trench that would keep me from getting my car out of the driveway for two days straight. What if I had to get to a job?

There is a huge digger machine in front of the house, men all over my yard and driveway. Occasionally there are loud thumps that shake the house. Late yesterday they filled in the trench temporarily, but I still wouldn’t have dared drive my car out because there was a depression at the end of the driveway that looked like it would be difficult to get past.

I just hope they finish up today. I have known for a long time that they were going to do this, but I expected to be told when they would be shutting off my water and blocking my driveway. Oh well . . . fortunately I don’t need to get out.

I had something really interesting that I wanted to write about today, but I’m going to postpone that until Saturday when I hope I’ll be feeling more like myself. This post will be basically a link dump.

Here’s the latest on the GOP clown car.


We all knew that Ted Cruz was a giant a-hole, but this is really beyond the pale. From David Nir at DailyKos,

Joe Biden has suffered far, far more tragedy than anyone should ever have to endure in a lifetime. In 1972, just weeks after he first won election to the Senate, Biden’s wife and one-year-old daughter were killed in a car accident. Last week, his 46-year-old son Beau, who survived that same accident, died of brain cancer.

As Biden’s son Beau’s body awaited burial, Cruz decided to tell a “cruel joke” about his grieving father.

“You know, Vice President Joe Biden,” he said as a few chuckles emerged from the crowd, setting up the joke for him.

“You know the nice thing. You don’t need a punchline. I promise you it works. At the next party you’re at, just walk up to someone and say, ‘Vice President Joe Biden,’ and just close your mouth. They will crack up laughing.”

Afterward reporter Chad Livengood asked Cruz about the death of Biden’s son. Cruz’s response was telling.

Q: Could you talk about the vice president losing his son this week?

A: Heartbreaking and tragic, and our prayers are very much with Vice President Biden, with Jill. It’s a tragedy no one should have to endure.

Q: Why’d you tell a joke about the vice president tonight?

A: Uh …. [walks away]

 Cruz later “apologized,” according to The Detroit News:

“It was a mistake to use an old joke about Joe Biden during his time of grief, and I sincerely apologize,” Cruz said in a statement. “The loss of his son is heartbreaking and tragic, and our prayers are very much with the Vice President and his family.”

Biden’s eldest son, Beau, died Saturday of brain cancer. Beau Biden was a former two-term attorney general of Delaware and is to be buried Saturday in the Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Cruz used the joke to talk about Biden’s past comments about firing off a double-barrel shotgun to ward off intrudersone of several stump-speech jabs at Democrats.

“That is very, very good advice — if it so happens that you’re being attacked by a flock of geese,” Cruz said….

Cruz was the keynote speaker for the Livingston County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner at Crystal Gardens banquet center in Howell.


I thought Jeb Bush was already running for president, but apparently he’s still playing games in an attempt to get media attention. From the AP, via Huffington Post: Jeb Bush Teases Presidential Announcement On June 15.

The former Florida governor, widely expected to run for the GOP nomination, tweeted “coming soon” with a link to the website On that page, the date 06.15.15 was listed, followed by the tease, “BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. RSVP NOW!” Visitors to the site could enter their name and email address. Bush also tweeted it in Spanish, “Próximamente 6.15.15.”

Boooooorrrrrrringggggg . . .

And then there’s the scandal-ridden former governor of Texas.

USA Today: Rick Perry launches 2016 presidential campaign.

ADDISON, Texas — Former Texas governor Rick Perry will announce Thursday that he’ll make a second bid for the White House.

The campaign’s new website went up early in the day, saying that Perry offers “tested leadership” and “proven results,” particularly in job creation.

Perry, who served as Texas governor for 14 years, plans to stress his experience, saying in a campaign video: “It’s going to be a show-me, don’t-tell-me, election.”

Yawn . . . .


Politico reports that Lady Lindsey “compare[d] Hillary Clinton to Kim Jong Un.”

Lindsey Graham says Hillary Clinton is avoiding media questions on the campaign trail because she lacks confidence in her own foreign policy record.

“Well, it’s easier to talk to the North Korean guy than it is her,” the Republican senator from South Carolina said in a “Fox & Friends” interview Thursday, an apparent reference to dictator Kim Jong-un.

“I think it’s the lack of confidence in her ability to distinguish herself from Barack Obama,” he added.

Clinton will be speaking on voting rights this afternoon at Texas Southern University, whose press guidance for the speech circulated Wednesday stipulated that there will be “NO opportunities to interview Hillary Clinton; her speech will be her interview.”

Hahahahaha! Now why wouldn’t Hillary want to talk to the media? Here are a few clues:

Josh Rogin at Bloomberg View: Why Hillary Can’t Run on Her State Department Record.

Washington Post: Clinton rivals pounce as her ratings fall.

Business Insider: There’s only one thing Wall Street hates about Hillary Clinton, and it has nothing to do with all the scandals. This one is incredible. according to author Linette Lopez, Wall Street insiders think the Clintons are “so shady, but Wall Street is a shady business.” And If supporting Clintons makes someone more money or gives them more power, they will instantly overlook their incessant corruption,”

At least the media wants to talk to her, unlike some of her competitors.

So far no one is reporting that Martin O’Malley is largely responsible for the policing problems in Baltimore. Maybe it’s because O’Malley has no chance in hell to beat Hillary.


And then there’s former Republican Lincoln Chafee, who would probably fit in pretty well in the clown car.

Business Insider: A Democrat just launched his presidential campaign in a ‘half empty’ school auditorium.

Politico: Lincoln Chafee can’t win his local paper.

Moving on to other news . . . .

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but Boston Police shot a man on Tuesday. He was a suspected terrorist.

From The Boston Herald: Roslindale man killed in showdown with anti-terror task force.

An armed 26-year-old man under constant surveillance by an anti-terrorism task force was shot and killed by an FBI agent and a Boston police officer in Roslindale this morning after he came at them with a military-style knife, authorities say.

The suspect was identified by police as Usaama Rahim of Roslindale.

“He was on foot, under surveillance,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said. “The officers have been surveilling him and again they wanted to speak to him … and he turned and our officers gave several commands for him to drop the weapon and unfortunately he came at the officers and they did what they were trained to do and that’s never an easy decision for any officer to make.”

One FBI agent and one BPD officer fired, FBI Special Agent in Charge Vincent B. Lisi said.

Evans said “the level of alarm” had them want to question Rahim today.

Lisi added task-force members — who had Rahim under 24-hour watch — wanted to “interview him and talk to him about his intentions and some other matters.” At the time, Lisi added, Rahim was considered armed and dangerous.

Evans said a video shows Rahim “coming at the officers” as police retreated telling him to “drop the knife!” They then shot him twice, once in the torso and abdomen.

(Boston, MA, 06/02/15) A picture of the military style knife that was used to threaten officers during a police involved shooting this morning at 4600 Washington St. in Roslindale, during a press conference at Boston Police Headquarters on Tuesday,  June  02, 2015.   Staff Photo by Matt Stone

(Boston, MA, 06/02/15) A picture of the military style knife that was used to threaten officers during a police involved shooting this morning at 4600 Washington St. in Roslindale, during a press conference at Boston Police Headquarters on Tuesday, June 02, 2015. Staff Photo by Matt Stone

The Christian Science Monitor: After terror shooting, Boston police choose transparency over tradition.

As US police officers acknowledge feeling under siege by public unrest over deaths at the hands of police, the city of Boston, for the second time in just over a month, tried a new strategy – sharing grainy video of a police shooting with civic and religious leaders.

The new video involved a terrorism suspect, Usaama Rahim, who authorities say threatened retreating officers with a military-style knife on Tuesday before being fatally shot. The footage, community leaders said a day later, contradicted the contention by Mr. Rahim’s brother, an imam named Ibrahim Rahim, that he was shot in the back while talking to his father on the phone.

Darnell Williams, CEO of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, declared after watching the video that Rahim “was not on a cellphone and was not shot in the back.”

Quickly releasing video to community leaders, acknowledges Daniel Conley, district attorney for Suffolk County in Massachusetts, goes against a long-held policing tradition in which investigative details are kept under wraps until a trial. The strategy stands in sharp contrast to how officers acted after last year’s shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. There, days after violent protests had already erupted, police revealed only piecemeal and contradictory information….

Boston’s strategy is an attempt at transparency – to reach out to those who may have questions and concerns about what happened, and whose views can be influential in the community.

We’ll see if that holds up after further investigation, but so far it sounds somewhat positive.

According to The Boston Globe, Rahim planned to behead police officers. He was overheard talking about it on phone taps. I don’t know how he thought he’d accomplish that goal even though he had a very scary looking knife.

Usaama Rahim had been plotting for days, officials said. He bought three long-bladed fighting knives — “good for carving,” he said — and confided to his nephew and another man that he would travel to another state to commit a beheading.

But at 5 a.m. Tuesday, the plan abruptly changed, according to a federal affidavit. Rahim would murder police officers in Massachusetts.

“I’m just going to, ah, go after them, those boys in blue,” Rahim allegedly told his nephew David Wright, in a phone call recorded by an anti-terrorism task force.

Two hours later, when members of that task force approached him in a Roslindale parking lot, Rahim allegedly brandished one of his military knives. They told him to drop his weapon. “You drop yours,” he allegedly replied, before a Boston Police officer and an FBI agent shot him to death.

The details emerged as Wright, Rahim’s nephew and alleged conspirator, appeared in federal court on a charge that he obstructed the investigation by encouraging his uncle to destroy his cellphone to hide evidence.

I don’t know. It still sounds like one of those FBI sting operations . . . .


A few more links:

This sounds like another Freddie Gray incident. From Raw Story: ‘Nobody knows what happened’: Florida inmate mysteriously dies after ride in sheriff’s van.

Vox: I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me.

Rhonda Garelick in an op-ed at the New York Times: The Price of Caitlyn Jenner’s Heroism. It’s not what it sounds like. Heroism should have been in quotes. Please read this one.

Eric Boehlert at Salon on why Hillary won’t talk to the media: GOP’s obscene sex-cop hypocrisy: Dennis Hastert, Hillary and the absurdity of the Clinton impeachment.

Why won’t Hillary Clinton open up to the press? Why can’t Bill and Hillary handle the media? Why has she ”withdrawn into a gilded shell“? Why does she wear media “armor“? Those questions have been rehashed in recent months as journalists focus on themselves and what role they’ll play in the unfolding nomination contest.

A suggestion: Follow the path back to Dennis Hastert’s impeachment era for clues to those Clinton press questions.

AP via the WaPo: Co-owner of Four Seasons charged with sex abuse in New York.

Think Progress: Jim Bob Duggar Repeatedly Minimizes The Sexual Molestation Of His Own Daughters.

Pop Crush: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Defend Son: ‘He Was Just Curious About Girls.’

Good Morning America: Duggars Say Son Josh ‘Improperly Touched’ 4 of Their Daughters.

Gawker: Gawker Media Votes To Unionize.

What else is happening? Please post your thoughts and links in the comment thread and have a nice Thursday.


41 Comments on “Thursday Reads: GOP Clown Car Update and Other News”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    The DPW says my water will be turned on again sometime today. I hope so. You just wouldn’t believe what’s going on out there! Wouldn’t you think they would have left a note in my door that I would be trapped in the house for two days? At least I hope they finish today.

    • NW Luna says:

      That must be frustrating!

      And I’ve got a cold, too. Hope we both get over it soon.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Thanks. I hope you get better soon, Luna. The water is back on now, but it’s still a mess out there. I hope they are going to fix the damage they did to my driveway.

        • Sweet Sue says:

          Sad to say, you might have to stay on them to clean up after themselves.
          BB, maybe you should drink bottled water, only, for the next twenty four hours.
          Our city will be redoing our street, starting this summer and it will be an inconvenient mess for months, so I feel your pain.

          • bostonboomer says:

            Thanks Sweet Sue. I only drink bottled water and use filtered water for cooking.

    • Fannie says:

      Sorry to hear about this. I know they are paid well, you think a little PR work would do wonders for everybody concerned, before and after they complete the work.

      Hope you feel better.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    From the Good Morning America story on the Duggars:

    “He said he had improperly touched some of our daughters,” he said. “He said he was just curious about girls and he had gone in and touched them over their clothes when they were sleeping.”

    Michelle Duggar, Josh’s mother, added that after speaking to the girls, they knew nothing about “Josh’s wrongdoing.” He was 14 at the time.

    Michelle said they put safeguards in their home to protect their daughters but Josh again came to his parents to confess after a second incident.

    A third incident prompted Michelle and Jim Bob to seek help. They sent him out of the home after he touched the daughter they referred to as “the little one,” whom Kelly said was of single-digit age at the time.

    “We need to get help,” Jim Bob said of what the parents were thinking after “the little one” had been a victim.

    These people should be prosecuted. Seriously. The other girls were younger than 14, right? But that didn’t matter to these freaks?

    • bostonboomer says:

      • bostonboomer says:

        Hey the girls were asleep and they didn’t know about it. Plus it was “just” inappropriate touching” “over the clothes.” Well, there were a few times “under the clothes,” but it was “just for a few seconds.”

        How the hell do they know how long he did it for or whether it was “over the clothes?” Were they watching?

      • janicen says:

        They sound as if they were coached by lawyers. Their words were very carefully measured. And what does it mean that they put “safeguards” in place? What safeguards? Did they set up video cams? Lock Josh in his room? Did they ever ask themselves what they did to contribute to the molestation of their daughters? He was curious about a five year old’s body? WTF?

    • ANonOMouse says:

      This was the quote from Jim Bob that made my head spin: ”He was just curious about girls and he had gone in and touched them over their clothes while they were sleeping. They didn’t even know he had done it.”

      So what does that mean? If the girls had known it they would have taken him out of the house and gotten help for the girls? How about the 2nd time he confessed, or the 3rd? Would it have made a difference to them if the 1st time he had confessed to sexually molesting his brothers?

      And he “touched” a child that was younger than 10? Why not just say she was 5 or 6, which is the truth, instead of saying the child was “single digits”. It’s all just a ridiculous effort to keep their TLC show and their source of income. Whatever happens to these folks it shouldn’t happen on TV, their days in the limelight needs to come to an end, now.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Yes, I put that headline in my post. Just curious about girls? So it would have been OK it I touched my little brothers’ penises if I were curious about boys?

        • ANonOMouse says:

          It just demonstrates how they think, or maybe how they don’t think. They are excusing this as being curious about girls but completely ignore the fact that those girls were his sisters, one of them a baby. This isn’t like a 14 year old boy with a 14 year old girl classmate in a consensual setting. This is a boy who, on at least 3 occasions, sexually molested his sisters. Do they know the word incest? Or the word pedophile? If he was 15 and sexually touched his baby sister, that’s pedophilia. That isn’t curiosity about girls, that’s curiosity about a baby girl.

          • bostonboomer says:

            From the Fox interview:

            At one point, Kelly asked Michelle Duggar about a robocall she made that, Kelly said,”suggested transgender people might want to go into the bathrooms of girls, locker rooms of girls, and that they may be child molesters.”

            “I think that protecting young girls and not allowing young men and men in general to go into a girls’ locker room is just common sense,” Duggar said.

            “But this is different, because you injected child molestation into it,” Kelly said.

            At that point, Jim Bob Duggar told Kelly that his wife “actually said pedophile in that [robocall]. And actually a pedophile is an adult that preys on children. Joshua was actually 14 and just turned 15 when he did what he did.

            “I think the legal definition is 16 and up for an adult preying on a child. He was a child preying on a child.”

            I don’t know about “legal” definitions, but it is considered molestation if a child perpetrator is at least 2 years older than the victim.

            The Duggars seem very concerned about legal definitions and not concerned much at all about what happened to their daughters or what Josh could be doing to his own children.

          • NW Luna says:

            Well, that’s right “Christian” of the parents. /s

            Those poor daughters.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            Michelle Duggar when asked if she can understand why people are upset: “I can understand that, but I know that every one of us have done things wrong. That’s why Jesus came.”

            Oh, well that splains it Lucy!!!! Damn!!!!

          • And did he molested the “little one” after the “older ones” access was cut off from him.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            “And did he molested the “little one” after the “older ones” access was cut off from him.”

            That doesn’t matter JJ, because Jesus!! You know how that works, right?

      • Fannie says:

        I wish, once, just once they would not be allowed to use the word Jesus and God. That’s why they need to be in court of law, however knowing some of the judges, it could be stacked too.

        They just keep minimizing the whole situation, and no body talks about our Child Protection Laws.

        Everyone of them wackers.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    My eyes are like two slits every morning and stay that way for almost an hour when they then open and leak and itch for the rest of the day. I have never had allergies this bad in the past and I now have a sore throat to go along with the slit eyes. Have not left the house for 3 miserable days.

    The right has nothing to offer beyond beating up on Hillary. And Cruz s such a jackals that he makes some of the others appear reasonable. But not for long as each one cannot offer solutions other then sending more troops into battle as a sign of our “strength”. Idiots!!!

    The “pious” Duggars are all over the place “explaining away” their son’s transgressions by blaming the press. Typical reaction from those who preach a good sermon but fail to practice it.

    Back to bathing my eyes.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I have the same problem. I can’t read anything for at least an hour after I wake up, and my eyes are scratchy and watery all day long–and that’s after taking Allegra and Flonase.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Michele Digger is the epitome of a Stepford Wife. No doubt about it.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    This is interesting:

    Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s endorsements of Mike Huckabee scrubbed from his official presidential campaign website. Former Arkansas Gov. says he doesn’t know whether they’ll join him on the campaign trail.

  6. bostonboomer says:
  7. bostonboomer says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Details emerge about Pleasant Grove girl’s ‘tragic and disturbing’ forced abortion

    To their neighbors, Sharon Jones and her daughter Cecila McDonald appeared to have caring instincts toward children.

    But when the two learned that Jones’ 14-year-old niece was pregnant in early 2013, the result of a rape by a family member, they and two other relatives “took matters into their own hands” by turning on the girl, Dallas police said Wednesday.

    Deputy Chief Gil Garza said the foursome committed a “very tragic and disturbing” attack against the young teen. They are alleged to have beaten her for hours at Jones’ Pleasant Grove home to induce an abortion.

    Then, police said, they tried to burn the stillborn baby on a charcoal grill to cover it up.

    Good job closing all those abortion clinics, Texas.

  8. dakinikat says:

    The long drawn out “just thinking on it” process is so they can avoid campaign finance rules and the SCOTUS ruling. They can coordinate the all the fuck they want with the superpacs. They can get away with icky under the table fundraising if they are exploring and not campaigning. This is what the slippery slope of unethical behavior begats.

  9. dakinikat says:

    Hope the construction moves on today. I really hate all the noise. Sorry you have to deal with that and a cold.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thanks. They seem to be through for the day, but the construction stuff is still out there. I think they have moved on to my neighbor’s driveway area, but I’m not positive. The noise isn’t all that bad, but it’s scary when the house shakes.