Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Uncle Voyeur

Good Morning Sky Dancers!!

Sorry I’m a little late this morning. I’m working on a post that I should have up soon. Meanwhile here’s a fresh thread to discuss the day’s news.

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  1. bostonboomer says:

    I’m working on a post about Snowden and NSA. It’s taking awhile to pull it together, but I’ll have it up ASAP. Meanwhile, talk among your selves, and have a great Tuesday!!

  2. dakinikat says:


    A female Texas state representative took to the state House floor on Tuesday with some sharp words for the men in the legislature who were trying to push through a bill to limit abortions.

    Texas state Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) was answering questions about amendment she proposed, which would allow an exemption to the proposed 20-week abortion restriction in cases of rape and incest. Thompson was exasperated about the Republican effort.

    “We were these men’s first teachers. We taught them how to put their pants on, how to tie their shoes, how to potty,” Thompson said. “And all of a sudden when we get to be adults, then we become senile to the extent that we don’t know what is good for ourselves, we cannot make decisions for ourselves, like we can’t think ourselves out of a paper bag. And we can.”

    Thompson, a former public school teacher with a history of sponsoring legislation related to women’s health and violence prevention, explained the need for victims of rape and incest to have a safe “choice” available.

    This woman is amazing!!!

    • She is, been “blogging” this over at Pink sneaks on fb nonstop….

      So much amazing Texan women energy…I’m on a cloud nine of sorts!!!!!!’

      • dakinikat says:

        I just talked to Dr. Daughter who basically said “what is wrong with Texas” oh wait there are so many things wrong with Texas, where do you start?

        I said at least it seems to have some great women in office! I can’t say that for any state I’ve ever lived in except for maybe Minnesota!

  3. dakinikat says:

    Scuba divers find underwater forest in Gulf of Mexico, with trees that are thousands of years old: http://ow.ly/mMZhh