Caturday: Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

374478_358084140974846_313238422_nGood morning, newsjunkies!

Eighty-seven years ago today, the inimitable Marilyn Monroe was born. To the right is perhaps my favorite photo of Marilyn, taken by Anthony Beauchamp. It projects such strength and awesomeness…and so fabulously complements the vulnerable doe-eyed look that she is known and celebrated for elsewhere.

Huffpo has an interesting 1-and-a-half minute clip of an interview with Marilyn’s “closest” friend Amy Greene, from just two days ago. Greene talks about how she met Marilyn…and she has some very spirited and choice words summing up her thoughts on the film, My Week with Marilyn. I tried to embed the clip, but the code won’t work on wordpress. So please take a moment to click over and watch when you can. You won’t want to miss the punchline!

Also, if you are so inclined, check out this recent drama going down regarding a letter written by Marilyn. The letter in dispute is characterized as follows:

According to The Beverly Hills Courier, Monroe wrote the undated letter to Monroe’s longtime mentor and acting coach, Lee Strasberg, on Hotel Bel-Air stationary. It reads, in part, “My will is weak but I can’t stand anything. I sound crazy but I think I’m going crazy…It’s just that I get before a camera and my concentration and everything I’m trying to learn leaves me. Then I feel like I’m not existing in the human race at all.”

Wow, that gives me chills.

Huffpo also has a nice gallery of photos up for Marilyn’s birthday. One of the last photos:

marilyn5Undated photo shows US actress Marilyn Monroe a few weeks before she died in 05 August, 1962 at the age of 36. The circumstances of her death have never been cleared up. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Damn. Maybe it’s because I turned 32 a couple months ago, but to me that photo looks like a woman just getting started in life.

A few rare shots of Marilyn here, by a reporter who took these photos at the time as a teenager himself for his high school newspaper. He actually ended up selling them to some other small magazine instead of publishing them in his school paper. Anyhow, check them out. They’re all black and white and pretty fantastic for a high school paper photog!

marilyn.catAnd to the right, a sight for my 30-something crazy cat lady self! According to the internet, it’s Marilyn with her adopted kitty Serafina. I wish I could find the official credits for that photo, but all I was able to track it down on, through a cursory search, was pinterest- and fanpop-type sites. I’ll keep looking, or maybe one of you knows!

In the meantime, here are a few other news stories for you to nibble on this morning with your brew or beverage of choice…

This first one is a doozy. Wingnut radio tinfoil chaser says McCain was “hobnobbing with jihadists” with his Syria trip, and Gohmert faults McCain for being partly responsible for Benghazi. (And, this ‘my friends’ is why I am going to bypass all the political freakshows taking up all the headlines. Cuz, just WTF? Who even cares anymore. The Onion is more realistic.)

Here’s something much better to click over to: May 31, 2013 – American Voters Like Clinton Over Paul, Jeb Bush, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds. Keep whining about MarshaBenghazi, Jan Brady GOP-ers. That’s really working out for you.

And, this one is an arrow from Marilyn’s bow shot straight into the heart of rightwing canards… New Study Shows Immigrants Pay More Into Medicare Than They Take Out:

A study released by the Harvard Medical School on Wednesday shows that immigrants as whole pay more into Medicare than they use, effectively subsidizing the program. The study found that in 2009 alone, immigrants created a $13.8 billion surplus for Medicare. From 2002 to 2009, immigrants paid a total of $115 billion more to the government health program than they used. American-born workers, on the other hand, posted a $28 billion deficit in the same 2002 to 2009 time frame.

But, hey what are facts in the face of xenophobic hate and mistrust?

And, finally this one here is my favorite and I highly recommend if you click any link in this roundup, it’s this: If I Admit That ‘Hating Men’ Is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning It Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Seriously, if I excerpted from it, it wouldn’t do the piece justice. Go read now!!

Alright Sky Dancers, your turn. What’s on your list for today? Have a great weekend and would love to hear from you if you get a chance.

12 Comments on “Caturday: Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!”

  1. I like that you pay tribute to Marilyn.

    Mona, I tried to give a little hint to her special day earlier in the week, when I posted those pictures of her from Earl Moran. I don’t think anyone caught it. 😉

    Off now to read your links. What a crazy day it was yesterday.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Wonderful photos of Marilyn. Thanks for writing this Mona. If only she had lived to be 87.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    I was trying to figure out what’s going on in Turkey right now, and it turns out it’s an occupy-type movement protesting austerity and privatization, according to David Atkins at Digby’s.

  4. ecocatwoman says:

    I tend to view Marilyn, Elvis & Michael Jackson as tragic figures, mostly concocted by PR people, designed for our consumption. Too often they believed their own PR and became the creations instead of real people. I think they were doomed to die young. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live your life in a fishbowl, never permitted to walk down the street, pop into a store or walk on the beach without either a personal entourage or paparazzi or people mobbing you. Given a choice between fame and anonymity, I would choose anonymity.

    The Jezebel post is totally awesome!

      • ecocatwoman says:

        Actually I heard it on NPR yesterday. They didn’t say it was poachers, but that’s what I figured they were. The head of the non-profit he worked for said he’d been kidnapped by 4 masked men a few days before his body was found. Poaching & poachers are a horrendous problem everywhere. Sea turtles are primarily endangered because of hunting years ago & poaching now. Capt Cook & his crew nearly completely wiped out the tortoises of the Galapagos. They’ve never recovered from the mass slaughter.

  5. RIP Jean Stapleton
    No stifling, Edith…eternal grace be yours.

    “Jean Stapleton, who won three Emmys for her role as Archie Bunker’s wife in “All in the Family,” has died, her son said.” — CNN

    • ecocatwoman says:

      She was amazing as Edith – perfect match for Carroll O’Connor. So many actors I grew up watching are leaving and it’s sad, but inevitable.

  6. Fannie says:

    Edith was the “sunshine” girl. Never to be forgotten.