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Every time I see anything having to do with Mitt Romney, it feels like we’ve time tripped back to some awful period in the past where women don’t have access to the pill unless they live in certain states and are married, where black people are no where to be seen on TV and they can’t vote without facing extreme tests and poll taxes, and where GLBT have been shoved back in the closet.

We’re getting voter suppression by the GOP that’s horrifying.  I expect to see people being hosed in the streets again for trying to eat in public places.  This election just has been really bringing out the worst in a lot of people and by that I basically mean white Republican people.  Here’s a story from Virginia that’s shocking. A 31 year old white male of GOP persuasion was caught throwing away voter registrations for democrats.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s office has arrested a Pennsylvania man and charged him with attempting to throw away filled out voter registration forms.

Colin Small, 31 year old male from Phoenixville, PA has been charged with 8 felonies and 5 misdemeanors in connection with the controversy. He is employed by Pinpoint, a company that was hired by the Republican Party of Virginia to help with voter registration.

UPDATE:  The Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins released the following statement in reaction to the arrest of Small:

“We were alarmed by allegations recently made regarding an individual in Harrisonburg. The actions taken by this individual are a direct contradiction of both his training and explicit instructions given to him. The Republican Party of Virginia will not tolerate any action by any person that could threaten the integrity of our electoral process.

The individual in question was fired immediately after we learned of his alleged actions. We are grateful to the local sheriff’s office and Registrar for acting so quickly to protect our democratic process and will fully cooperate with any requests made by them.  However, since there is currently an investigation underway, we will refrain from any further comments until they have concluded their inquiry. “

Not surprisingly, democratic bloggers are on fire with this news tonight. The initial scuttle came from Ben Tribbet at Not Larry Sabato, who with help discovered Small’s LinkedIn pagewhich says he is a current employee of the Republican National Committee.

Arizona has been handing out voter cards to Hispanic voters with the wrong date on it.  

Arizona’s Maricopa county listed the wrong date in the Spanish version of voter registration cards, a development likely to further complicate tense relations between local authorities and Latino residents.

The county’s elections office says it mailed out nearly 2 million new voter registration cards. Only about 50 of the cards — handed out over-the-counter at its offices — had the error, it said.

Instead of November 6, the Spanish translation said the election would take place on November 8.

“The program has been updated so it reflects the correct dates in both English and Spanish,” the county said in a statement.

A local rights group said the damage has already been done.

“It’s a mistake that should not have happened,” Petra Falcon, the executive director of Promise Arizona in Action, told CNN affiliate KNXV-TV. “To know that there’s information out there that’s wrong, it’s going to take a lot of work to make sure that people know the correct date.”

Promise Arizona describes itself as “a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding civic participation in Arizona, particularly among Latinos and youth.”

County officials and local Hispanics have long had an adversarial relationship, particularly over the subject of illegal immigration.

Those disputes have landed in court.

Here’s a film the Romney Campaign is probably following closely.  It’s a 1950s documentary training film on how to deal with those troubling women in the work place.

“I can remember the good old days, when there were all men in my department, and we didn’t have these problems!” a male manager complains to his boss. “You didn’t have the production output you’ve got now either!” the boss counters. Through this anecdote, the McGraw-Hill instructional film below sets out to teach male managers how to “cope” with female employees.

Long before anyone was slinging binders full of women, men were forced to accept female coworkers out of sheer need. Women joining the workforce during World War II seems to have spawned a cottage industry in educational material about gender and work. Don’t miss this 1944 gem, Supervising Women Workers, or this manual of management tips.

“Look Brad, you’ve got a new bearings inspector who happens to be a woman. You need someone, and there isn’t a man available. It seems to me that whether the gal ads up to trouble or not is pretty much up to you,” the boss explains at the end of the film. Brad is in for an attitude adjustment. He arches an eyebrow but says nothing.

Go look at the film and see if you don’t see a few Romney men wandering around.

The one thing you won’t find is any Romney men wandering around the military.  They have their own special form of “service”.  Here’s Queen Ann talking about the princes and their public service (i.e. harassing people to become mormon) on the view.

The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday said that her husband and sons had not joined the U.S. military but had found “different ways of serving” by going onreligious missions in France, England, Australia and Chile as part of their obligation to the Mormon church.

During an interview on ABC’s The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Ann Romney how she would explain to the families of fallen soldiers why her husband and sons had not served their country.

“When I read about your husband, what I had read — and maybe you can correct this — is that the reason he didn’t serve in Vietnam was because it was against the religion,” Goldberg said.

“That’s not correct,” Ann Romney insisted. “He was serving his mission, and my five sons have also served missions. None served in the military, but I do have one son that feels that he’s giving back to his country in a significant way where he is now a doctor and he is taking care of veterans.”

“So, you know, we find different ways of serving,” she added. “And my husband and my five boys did serve missions, did not serve in the military.”

The candidate’s wife explained that Mormon missions were like military service in that “you’re going outside of yourself, you’re working and you’re helping others. And it changes you. And are we so grateful in this country for those people — men and women — that are volunteering, they’re sacrificing their life for us, and we cannot forget that or we have to acknowledge that always.”

Yup, irritating people with religious spiels is akin to fighting wars abroad.  At least it is the weird world of the Romneys.  Joe Walsh inhabits that world too.

Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, running against Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, told reporters Thursday night that there should be no abortion exception for the “life of the mother” because “with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” in which a woman would actually die, according to a radio station. Walsh, of course, is flat wrong.

“There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing,” Walsh continued. The comments were first reported by the Illinois radio station WGN.

“There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing, with advances in science and technology,” Walsh said, according to the video above. CREDO superPAC, which is opposing Walsh, tipped HuffPost to the comments.

You should hear Dr. Daughter go off on this.  She delivers babies every day and is seeing an increasing number of high risk pregnancies due to obesity and mothers than come in that are already diabetic and have blood pressure issues from obesity.  Of course, most of the women are also on medicare or are unable to get medicare because of their status so their babies tend to be born compromised.  But hey, Joe says no one dies any more because science won’t let them.

Yes, there’s some weird Stepford wife reality going on there in Republican land.

It’s really hard to know these guys come up with this crap, isn’t it?

I still can’t believe that Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate were subject to arrest and detention for basically showing up at the debates the other night.  Amy Goodman has interviewed the two. Nothing like shutting out alternatives to the two party political duopoly.

I interviewed Stein the day after the debate, after their imprisonment (which ended, not surprisingly, not long after the debate ended). She told me: “We are on the ballot for 85 percent of voters. Americans deserve to know what their choices are. The police said they were only doing job. I said, ‘This is about everyone’s jobs, whether we can afford health care, whether students will be indentured.’ There are critical issues left out of the debate. Ninety million voters are predicted to stay home and vote with their feet that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney represent them. That’s twice as many voters than expected for either of them.”

Even if Stein and Honkala hadn’t been hauled off a public street and handcuffed to those chairs for eight hours, Stein’s exclusion from the debate was certain. The debates are very closely controlled by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which excludes third-party candidates, among other things. George Farah is the founder and executive director of Open Debates, and author of “No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates.” Farah told me on the morning of the Hofstra debate about how the CPD gained control over the debates from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters: “We have a private corporation that was created by the Republican and Democratic parties called the Commission on Presidential Debates. It seized control of the presidential debates precisely because the League was independent, precisely because this women’s organization had the guts to stand up to the candidates that the major parties had nominated.”

Okay, so I’ve had it with all things Republican this election.  What about you?  And, what’s on your reading and blogging list this today?

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  1. I had it with all things Republican in this election over a year ago. Great post and links….the comment Ann Romney made about mission work and active duty in a war zone pissed me off big time! And once again the Romney’s are getting away with it.

    And you can add Flake to that asshole list…Did you all see this: Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Openly Hostile To Free School Lunch Program He Relied On As A Child | ThinkProgress

    A new Esquire profile of Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) details the Senate candidate’s hard-scrabble childhood on an Arizona cattle ranch — where he was sustained by federal school lunch programs he has repeatedly tried to hobble as a Congressman.

    Flake’s elder brother, Scott, explained to Esquire how they benefited from entitlement programs meant to provide nutrition for children from low-income families:

    It didn’t feel like we were poor, but we always qualified for free school lunch and those kinds of things. I guess it was just a function of having so many kids. They made enough money raising cattle to raise big families very efficiently, carefully. But they didn’t have enough money to send anybody off to college. If you wanted to go to college, it was encouraged and good luck to you, but you had to figure out how to do it.

    Though Flake was a direct beneficiary of the federal school lunch program, he’s refused to support these free school lunches for other children. Flake has regularly been one of a few hard-line conservatives to vote against child nutrition and school lunch programs in Congress. In 2004, Flake and just 4 other members of Congress voted against reauthorizing funding for child nutrition programs. He has also steadfastly opposed even recognizing the importance of school lunch programs over the years, voting against Congressional resolutions celebrating the School Breakfast Program and the Child and Adult Care Food Program, which provides food assistance in daycare for low-income families. Most recently, he refused to express support for “the goals and ideals of the National School Lunch Program.” Each time, he was joined by around 10 other members in opposing the overwhelmingly popular programs.

    Walsh, Flake, Akin…damn the list goes on! It is so depressing.

    • surfric says:

      There is something wrong about saddling an adult congressman with responsibility for what happened to him when he was a kid. The rep. is perfectly entitled to hold whatever views he thinks are right with respect to school lunch assistance, even if most of us, including me, think he is 100% wrongheaded and callous. The fact that his family qualified for free lunch when he was a schoolchild should not be held against him, and his right to hold a negative opinion of such programs now. I think he has it totally wrong, but the fact that he had free lunches as a kid has, or should have, absolutely nothing to do with the present situation.

      • pdgrey says:

        I’m sorry surfric, it is the same thing Paul Ryan did and I see it as pulling the ladder up behind you when you get yours.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I agree. Since when are there rules for what we can hold against someone? Your concern is noted, Eric. The congressman is entitled to his opinions and we are entitled to criticize them.

      • surfric says:

        Sure BB and pd, I criticize this d-bag too. It is reprehensible that he would deny kids food benefits that he got when a kid. But we should not hold him responsible for what he ate in school when he was a child. Remember the righties going crazy on Obama because he ate dog in Indonesia? Whereas Romney merely put his on the roof of the car? It was ridiculous because Barack the kid just ate what his folks gave him. If he comes out for the protection of dogs in our country do you want to call him a hypocrite because he used to eat them?

        For that matter, I don’t find Ryan or Brown any more heinous in their views because their families benefited from government largesse when they were children. Let’s just consider their actions as adults and trash them for that.

      • surfric says:

        Sorry to chime in again, but I forgot to comment on this. “Since when are there rules for what we can hold against someone?” Since forever, I’d say, BB. The operative rule in this case is you don’t hold against a person what they did as a minor child. This is pretty well established in our system of justice.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I call bullshit. It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple. Sorry if you can’t see that, but I for one will continue to point it out when I see it.

  2. Oh, and just one more thing…I have written about my friend Derrick Whittle, he is the deputy that was killed responding to a domestic violence call. I’ve mentioned his son Nick, who has played football with my son since they were in flag. Well, Nick scored his first High School touchdown last week. And, he is up for play of the week. So if you all could help him out, please vote for him here: Panthers defeat Riverside Homecoming Night |

    Certainly one of the most memorable highlights of the night was Nick Wittle’s td run, the crowd going nuts, and the players mobbing him in the end zone. Nick’s dad Deputy Sheriff Derrick Whittle tragically passed away in a car crash a little over a year ago while in route to a domestic disturbance.

    This was a great victory for the Panthers and a very special moment for Nick.

    Vote for the Zaxby’s top play of the week!

    To vote, look for the poll on the right margin…and if you want to see the play, and the emotional closeness these boys have with each other, watch it here…starting at 0:53, play number 5:

  3. ecocatwoman says:

    Last night one of the MSNBC shows played a video of the 5 Romney sons being asked direct questions about military service. Dumb me can’t remember which show & can’t find the video on any of their sites. It was cringe worthy. All of them were as wooden as their daddy, coming across as less than fully human. I”m beginning to believe that the 1950s movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, was a documentary & not a low budget work of fiction. Pod people.

    • Beata says:

      Is this the video, Connie? It’s from 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace. Just makes you want to take a swing at those smug entitled Romney princes, doesn’t it?

    • pdgrey says:

      It was Lawrence O’Donnell, it was his lead in to his throw down on Tag.

      • Beata says:

        I’m trying to decide which Romney son is the creepiest.

        Is it Tagg, the bully-boy chicken hawk who wants to physically assault the President? Or Josh, the Vulcan-eared demon-eyed Prince of Snails?

        • ecocatwoman says:

          It was the blond one that creeped me out the most. He was studying to be a doctor & had the “privilege and/or honor” to treat the wounded warriors. However, there was no sign of real sentiment, compassion or care in his eyes or on his face.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        The Chickenhawk Prince of Snails better be careful about who he takes a swing at. I think I could kick his ass. 🙂 Of course I might have to sneak up on him to do it.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Paul Ryan made some troubling remarks at a fund raiser yesterday.

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Thursday night poked fun at the Democratic argument that the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

    “Now it’s a war on women; tomorrow it’s going to be a war on left-handed Irishmen or something like that,” Ryan told donors at a Naples fundraiser, according to Shushanna Walshe of ABC News.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Let’s see now, how many bills has Ryan supported that try to control the bodies of Irish fishermen?

    • janicen says:

      My brain just processed a list of vulgarities and obscenities to hurl at him. What a despicable thing to say.

    • janicen says:

      What really just pisses me off are these damned so-called feminists all over the blogs clutching their pearls and claiming that they just can’t vote for Obama because he hasn’t done enough for women so they’re going to withhold their votes in an effort to make a point that no one will notice. Anything that weakens Obama strengthens Romney/Ryan and I’m convinced that the pearl clutchers are so blinded by their secret reasons for not supporting Obama (I say secret reasons because it can’t be feminism, it can’t be Hillary, so it has to be an agenda they are ashamed to admit to) that they would actually help the likes of Paul Ryan, a man who would dare to utter those offensive words, get elected.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Exactly, and if it is predicted to be “this close” than throwing votes to a third party may just as easily decide the outcome as is not voting at all.

        Obama may not have succeeded in doing as much as he could for women’s rights but voting for the other side who has predicted an end to Planned Parenthood, personhood status for a zygote, and promoting the elimination of birth control devices is either sheer insanity of stupidity on a level never seen before.

        These “so called feminists” are not feminists at all when you weigh their response against what feminism is really about: equality and human rights.

        Tossing that premise aside does not make one a “feminist” but a moron.

      • Fannie says:

        I hear ya, I have lost life long friends because they are playing in the dirt.

      • RalphB says:

        Pat, I vote “moron” cause it doesn’t make any sense at all.

      • Fredster says:

        Am I thrilled about voting for Obama? No. However, the alternative is simply impossible to support if you care about the “47%”, i.e. rest of us, and what’s left of the safety-net for people. I cannot let any “hatred” for Obama (actually I don’t feel that strongly, just a lot of dislike) blind me to the fact that he is better than the alternative. Is he too going to make changes to Social Security and Medicare? Most likely so, but I think the changes he and Dems will make are not going to be as bad as what the Repubs want to do. I still have my absentee ballot and have not sent it back yet. I was going to vote Jill Stein since LA is going to go red no matter what. But now, I may go ahead and fill the thing out for Obama. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven the Dem. Party or the Rulez committee for what happened in 2008, I haven’t. But, voting for the double-Rs is definitely not of any benefit to me.

        • dakinikat says:

          Same here. I want to send a message to Republicans that all this hatred towards gays and women shall not stand. Nor shall the return to the NeoCon War wet dreams.

        • dakinikat says:

          Same here. I want to send a message to Republicans that all this hatred towards gays and women shall not stand. Nor shall the return to the NeoCon War wet dreams.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I agree, Fredster. I have plenty of issues with Obama, particularly when it comes to expansion of presidential powers and drones. But it’s obvious that Romney would be worse on those issues, along with all the other horrors he would bring about, beginning with most likely crashing the economy again.

      • Fredster says:

        Replying to dak and BB and janicen: I also know about the “losing friends” thing from a couple of blogs and the same thing happened in ’08 with the Alaskan Princess. 😉

        dak: I feel you and I have had a ringside seat to see what the repubs will do as we have watched Jindal tear apart public health-care in La and also the same for public education. The nat’l republicans will do on a nationwide basis just what lil Bobby has done to La.

  5. Wounded Pakistani girl Malala now able to stand but battling infection –

    LONDON — Malala Yousafzai, the teenage education-rights campaigner who was shot in the head by the Taliban in Pakistan, has been able to stand for the first time since the attack and is communicating by writing, a British hospital official said Friday.

    But the 14-year-old whose plight has aroused international concern is still fighting an infection caused by the bullet that entered her skull, burrowed through her jaw and lodged in her shoulder blade, said David Rosser, medical director at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, in central England. Malala was flown to the hospital this week to receive treatment.

    Rosser said she continued to show signs of improvement since waking from a long anesthesia.

    “One of the first things she asked the nurses was what country she was in,” he told reporters, adding: “She’s closer to the edge of the woods, but she’s not out of the woods.”

    • HT says:

      great news! If she’s asking what country she’s in, then perhaps the damage to the brain is not as severe as the doctors were worried it might be.

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    And yet, despite these miserable people, the Gallup Poll is howing Mittens ahead by 5 points nationally.

    How can this be happening? You don’t need to be an Obama supporter to reject this platform and these people.

    What are people thinking? I am speechless to wake up and find this race this close.

    What is happening out there? I can’t believe this.

    • bostonboomer says:

      The Gallup poll is meaningless. Read what Nate Silver said about it yesterday.

      • bostonboomer says:

        BTW, Nate Silver and Sam Wang are both going to be on Science Friday this afternoon.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Wow. Obama’s chances of winning went up from around 65% yesterday to 70% today, according to Silver’s model.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        BB…..Have you watched any of Morning Joe this morning? Yesterday Joe blustered at Mika that Romney was going to win by a landslide. This morning he agreed that Obama may win the Electoral College Vote while Romney wins the Popular vote. That’s a long way from his landslide claim. Joe is having severe mood swings.

        Thank you and Ralph for putting me onto Nate Silver’s blog. I hear/see a snapshot of his analysis on MSNBC in the evening, but haven’t taken the time to read the blog. I’d suggest it to everyone.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I listened to a little of Morning Joe. I can’t take much of Scarborough, but it did sound like he realized the beatdown on Mika didn’t go over too well with the audience.

        I don’t believe for one minute that Romney will win the popular vote. I could be wrong, but I just don’t buy it. Paying attention to the tracking polls like Gallup and Rasmussen is a waste of time. Another thing they said on Morning Joe–how can you trust these polls when

        1. They don’t call cell phones

        2. Most people have caller ID and don’t even answer unless they know the caller.

    • I’m with you Pat…even if Gallup is seen as crap…it still is too close for comfort.

      • RalphB says:

        JJ, Gallup really is crap! … Here are the latest national polls of the presidential race:

        Hartford Courant/UConn: Obama 48%, Romney 45%

        Public Policy Polling: Obama 48%, Romney 47%

        Rasmussen: Obama 48%, Romney 48%

        More should come out later.

    • Fredster says:

      Gallup is showing as an outlier this time, from what I’ve heard Pat.

  7. Bomb in Beirut

  8. peregrine says:

    Jobs, jobs, jobs, where are the new jobs, Romney? Paul Krugman, mouse, and I, along with hundreds of millions of Americans, want to know? Where? Where? Where?

    Mitt expects the heavens to open, celestial choirs to come down, and jobs magically to appear because his “awesome” self is president.

    Americans should sing out for the next 18 days:

    Where are the jobs, Mitt?,
    Where are the jobs?,

    Show me the jobs, Mitt?
    Show me the jobs?

    Are you a liar Mitt?,
    a liar, liar, liar!

    • ANonOMouse says:

      “Jobs, jobs, jobs, where are the new jobs, Romney? Paul Krugman, mouse, and I, along with hundreds of millions of Americans, want to know? Where? Where? Where?”

      A quote from Bill Clinton “This guy ran Bain Capital and is a business guy and he’s hiding his budget? That oughta tell you something. He, well, he’s hiding his taxes too, but he’s hiding his taxes in the years when he earned ordinary income, when he, he’s given us two years when he was just running for President, so, and he’s hiding whether he would’ve sign the Lily Ledbetter Act, he’s hiding everything. He doesn’t want you to think about him. He wants you to think “Oh this economy is terrible, I’m a jobs guy.”

      Romney ain’t gonna tell the huddled masses a damned thing, because if he spoke the truth he’d only get the vote of Ann, the boyz, the uber-rich and the chickenhawks.

  9. Pat Johnson says:

    Okay, we have a candidate who refuses to reveal his tax forms. Who has changed positions more often than he does his “magic underwear” (I would hope). Who also refuses to reveal the specifics of his budget cuts. Who can’t seem to keep his stories straight from one campaign stop to another.

    Who is on record deriding 47% of the electorate. Who has been exposed for his lies that are available on tape. Whose “core principles” are built around favoring the rich. And who would send women back into the Dark Ages with a stroke of the pen yet he is leading, or at the least, gaining in the national polls.

    A man whose party has been busy in an attempt to suppress voters; who work against collective bargaining; and who dismiss climate change as “unproven”. A party that would rewrite history books; deny healthcare access to the poor; and would eliminate regulations over those industries who have polluted the very air and water we need to survive.

    And at least half the population is moving toward this radicalization of democracy? His running mate has proposed a bill that would make something unseen by the naked eye as a “person” and has lied his soul to hell repeatedly.

    I will never understand the ignorance of the electorate if this ticket succeeds.

  10. NW Luna says:

    The actions taken by this individual are a direct contradiction of both his training and explicit instructions given to him.

    Explicit instructions: Don’t Get Caught!

    • janicen says:

      That is EXACTLY what I thought when I read that and I was going to put up the same comment but I got distracted.

  11. So, marie claire comes out with an article and interview with Hillary: Hillary Clinton Stepping Down as Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton Interview 2012 Election – Marie Claire

    Politico seizes on the crap about whiners, which as you read it in the MC piece does seem to make that inference.

    Hillary Clinton trashes whiners – Kevin Robillard –

    Only to find out that MC took comment out of context and Politico ran with it: Hillary Clinton did not actually accuse Anne-Marie Slaughter of ‘whining’ | The Cable

  12. NW Luna says:

    New Mormon bishop in Spokane has controversial past

    A Spokane psychologist who helped develop controversial interrogation methods that some human-rights groups say amount to torture became the new spiritual leader of a Mormon congregation on the Spokane’s South Hill this week. As a bishop — an unpaid, part-time position that usually lasts several years — Jessen will take confessions and help people with their personal problems ….

    The appointment surprised some groups that have denounced Jessen and then-partner James Mitchell for techniques they helped develop for the Central Intelligence Agency to interrogate suspected terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Among those techniques were sleep deprivation and waterboarding, according to a 2009 U.S. Senate committee report.

    Contacted by phone for a comment, Jessen said, “I don’t have anything to say to you” and hung up.

    Sick. A “spiritual leader” who taught waterboarding. Wonder what he orders after he “takes confessions.”

  13. Pat Johnson says:

    O/T but that lovely picture of Marilyn Monroe heading up today’s post reminds me that Marilyn would be in her 80s today but having died young she will always be the beautiful woman she was.

    Also one of the saddest though her memory still lives on.

    • Beata says:

      Pat, did you notice Marilyn is reading James Joyce’s “Ulysses” in the picture? During her lifetime, the press loved to make fun of her quest for knowledge but I think it is obvious she had an intense desire to better her mind.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Marilyn was more of a “presence” than an actress which led the press at that time to concentrate more on her “sex bomb image” than her quest to be taken seriously.

        Her two best pictures for me were “Niagra” and “Bus Stop” where her limited abilites were actually quite good. She tried so hard to unharness herself from the “dumb blonde” image that it wasn’t until after her untimely death that the real Marilyn was exposed as the loveless little girl who wanted to be accepted at all costs.

        The fact that 50 years after her death she is still an icon proves that her allure onscreen did not go unnoticed as she is still considered one of the biggest stars of all time.

        I should have also included “Some Like It Hot” that showcased her comedic abilities when cast with two great actors like Lemmon and Curtis where she held her own.

        Remarkably beautiful but a sad little girl underneath. This was her appeal since it was identifiable with so many.

      • HT says:

        Beata, there’s a recent book about Marilyn that makes the case that she was a very, very smart woman. Wish I could remember the name of the book – I wrote it down and promptly forgot where I put the note, but I heard the interview with the author and she made some incredible points to bolster her premise. I need to find that note!

      • dakinikat says:

        That’s why I love this photo and posted it.

  14. Just sent this to Walsh, that asshole!

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Hey, Joe Walsh, get back to me when one of your daughters or one of your many girlfriends finds themselves faced with this decision.

      Better yet, get back to me when you yourself are put in this position and perhaps then we “can talk”.

      Until then STFU!

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Preach it JJ!!!

      These dumbasses have no clue.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Good for you, JJ!

    • Beata says:

      Well done, JJ. You’re an amazing woman!

    • dakinikat says:

      But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said in a statement Friday that even today’s medical advances can’t prevent the need for abortions to save the mother’s life in every case.
      “Abortions are necessary in a number of circumstances to save the life of a woman or to preserve her health,” the college said. “Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a risk-free life event, particularly for many women with chronic medical conditions. Despite all of our medical advances, more than 600 women die each year from pregnancy- and childbirth-related reasons right here in the US. In fact, many more women would die each year if they did not have access to abortion to protect their health or to save their lives.”
      Dr. Sara Imershein, an obstetrician and gynecologist in private practice in Washington, D.C., told POLITICO there are “numerous situations where life of the mother would be a reason to terminate the pregnancy.” She cited cancer, multiple pregnancies, hemorrhaging or situations in which the mother’s health is at risk, such as patients with sickle cell anemia or chickenpox.
      “Unfortunately, there are many cases where technology cannot do what a legislator would like it to do,” she said.

      Read more:

      Again, you should hear my daughter rant about this …

      • NW Luna says:

        Abortions are far less dangerous to the health of the woman than is pregnancy & childbirth. I will never understand those who would condemn a woman to a dangerous, life-threatening forced pregnancy and forced labor.

      • HT says:

        I am one of those women who could never have a supposedly “natural live birth ” without endangering the life of the baby and my own. I cannot understand why people don’t understand that child birth is a life threatening endeavour.

    • surfric says:

      JJ, I used to teach a course in Human Sexuality to about 400 undergrads. Part of my own research was on the compound RU 486, which became known as the abortion pill, so I was quite familiar with the popular and scientific literature on this hormone. One of my lectures I devoted the entire time to talking about the outrage of banning this drug, not only because of its usefulness in effecting a very early termination of unwanted pregnancy, but also because it is among the only effective treatments for conditions such as endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancies. Now, usually a roomful of hundreds of undergraduates at a state university can be a slight management problem, but when I got into this topic, every year, you could have heard a pin drop. This is one of the best memories I have of my teaching career, and it gives me hope that the coming generation will be more enlightened about such matters.

      • HT says:

        One can only hope so surfric, because there appears to be no hope for the current generation of politicians.

  15. bostonboomer says:

    This could be good for Obama in steel-producing states: WTO hands Obama victory in U.S.-China steel case

    (Reuters) – The World Trade Organization barred China on Thursday from imposing duties on certain U.S. steel exports, siding with U.S. President Barack Obama in a dispute with Beijing over a type of steel made in two election battleground states.

    The case involved duties imposed by China on “grain-oriented electrical steel,” which is used in the cores of high-efficiency transformers, electric motors and generators. The steel is made by AK Steel Corp of Ohio and ATI Allegheny Ludlum of Pennsylvania.

  16. RalphB says:

    Josh Marshall says Gallup is lonely, 🙂

    National polls, tracking and otherwise, from the last 24 hours

    PPP Obama +1;
    Rasmussen Tied;
    Reuters/Ipsos Obama +3;
    IBD/TIPPP Obama +.5;
    RAND Obama +5.7;
    UCONN: Obama +3;
    Gallup Romney +7;

  17. RalphB says:

    TPM: Obama: Mitt Has ‘Romnesia’

    President Obama said at a campaign event in Virginia on Friday that Mitt Romney has been “backtracking” and “sidestepping” so much, the condition needs a name. Obama dubbed it “Romnesia.”

  18. RalphB says:

    Paul Krugman: Snow Job on Jobs