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Good Morning!! I’ve got a potpourri of interesting links for you today, so I’ll get right to it.

Yesterday Mitt Romney gave an interview to Mark {Gag!} Halperin of Time. Halperin asked the putative Republican nominee to say specifically what the unemployment rate would be after his first year as POTUS. You may recall that not long ago, Romney stated that unemployment should be below 4 percent and that anything higher than that is unacceptable. But now he’s singing a different tune.

Romney: I can’t possibly predict precisely what the unemployment rate will be at the end of one year. I can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we’d put in place, we’d get the unemployment rate down to 6%, and perhaps a little lower. It depends in part upon the rate of growth of the globe, as well as what we’re seeing here in the United States, but we’d get the rate down quite substantially, and frankly, the key is we’re going to show such job growth that there will be competition for employees again. And wages – we’ll see the end of this decline we’re having. The median income in America is down 10% in just the last four years. That’s got to stop. We’ve got to start seeing rising wages and job growth.

Romney gave no specifics about how he would achieve this with the policies he has been promoting–cutting taxes on the rich, raising them on people with lower incomes, and cutting everything except defense spending, which he would increase substantially. Halperin did ask for more specifics, but Romney just babbled a bunch of nonsense:

Halperin: One more question generally about jobs. For people out there, for voters who want to know what you’re about in terms of job creation, is there some new idea, some original idea, that hasn’t been part of the debate in American politics before, that you have that you think would lead to a lot of new jobs?

Romney: Well the wonderful thing about the economy is that there’s not just one element that somehow makes the whole economy turn around, or everybody in the world would have figured that out and said there’s just one little thing we have to do – you know, Greece is settled, and France and Italy are all back and well again. No, it’s a whole series of things. It’s a system of factors that come together to make an economy work. What is it that makes America’s economy the strongest in the world, the most robust, over a century? It’s a whole series of things – everything from our financial service sector, to the cost of our inputs, our natural resources, to the productivity of our workforce, to our labor and management rules and how they work together, to our appreciation for fair trade and free trade around the world, and negotiating trade arrangements that are favorable to us. It is a whole passel of elements that come together to create a strong economy, and for someone who spent their life in the economy, they understand how that works. And it’s very clear, by virtue of the President’s record, that he does not, and he is struggling. Look at him right now. He just doesn’t have a clue what to do to get this economy going. I do. I laid out a 59-step plan that encompasses a whole series of efforts that will together get this economy going and put people back to work.

But from what I could make out in wading through all the blather, it really comes down to the confidence that will wash through all of us once we know that Mr. Fixit, Willard Mitt Romney is going to save us.

Romney: Well actually if I’m lucky enough to be elected the consumers and the small-business people in this country will realize that they have a friend in the White House, who is actively going to encourage economic growth, and there will be a resurgence in confidence in this country and a willingness to take risks, to invest, to add employees. I think it will be very positive news to the American economy. Will I be able to get done between January 1 and January 20 the things that I’d like to do? Of course not, I’m not in office. But I believe that we will be able to have a grace period, which allows us to tackle these issues one by one and put in place a structure, which is very much designed to get America working again.

Romney also gave a speech about education policy in which he proposed to further privatize America’s education system:

Mitt Romney proposed a series of steps to overhaul the public education system, reigniting the debate over school choice as his campaign intensifies its effort to introduce the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to a general-election audience.

The education plan, detailed in a speech today in Washington, would create a voucher-like system to give low- income and disabled students federal funds to attend charter schools, private institutions and public schools outside their district.

“I don’t like the direction of American education, and as president, I will do everything in my power to get education on track for the kids of this great land,” Romney told a gathering of Latino business owners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

No new ideas there. To be perfectly honest, I strongly doubt that Romney knows the first thing about American public schools. But let me refer you to an expert on Willard’s past history in dealing with public education, the one and only Charles P. Pierce. Pierce writes about what Romney did to the public education system of Massachusetts during his one term as Governor:

In 2006, he cut $37.8 million from the state’s higher education budget. Fees skyrocketed, as they did generally throughout the state. In 2003, he tried to cut $100 milion from that same budget while raising tuition by $50 million at state colleges and universities. He also wanted to slash job training initiatives and workforce training funding. Things were rather worse at the primary and secondary level, where Romney passed down budget cuts and left cities and towns holding the bag. And that’s the way it was.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Yesterday the Department of Justice announced that Patrick Fitzgerald, longtime federal prosecutor for the Chicago area plans to step down at the end of June. Fitzgerald brought down two Illinois governors and as a special prosecutor he

obtained the 2007 conviction of former Cheney chief of staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby for obstruction, perjury and lying to the FBI about the leaking of CIA officer Valerie Plame’s name after her husband, retired diplomat Joe Wilson, went public with critical comments about the Bush administration’s decision to to war with Iraq.

Emptywheel, who provided comprehensive coverage the CIA leak case to the blogosphere and wrote a book about the case, had this to say so far:

For better (he’s always been an aggressive, though usually fair, prosecutor) or for worse (I really believe he did try to hold Dick Cheney accountable for exposing Valerie Plame’s identity), Patrick Fitzgerald has resigned. And he’s a more honest prosecutor than a lot of the ones DOJ has these days.

She did speculate: “I will say the timing–just after the crackdown on the NATO protestors as terrorists–is curious.”

At TPM, Brian Beutler has a piece on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on the upcoming “fiscal cliff” that the Republicans are determined to push the country over.

A giant austerity bomb is timed to go off at the beginning of next year, and the threat of significantly higher taxes and lower spending has Republicans running around the Capitol sounding more like John Maynard Keynes than John Boehner.

Automatic, across-the-board reductions to domestic and defense spending, combined with the looming expiration of the Bush tax cuts, will dramatically consolidate the budget in the next calendar year, if Congress does nothing. And despite bemoaning deficits throughout the Obama years, the GOP’s suddenly come around to the view that cutting government spending is a job killer.

Just listen to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

“Just when you thought the economic news could not get much worse with slow economic growth, with reduced wages because of higher costs, and with many people simply giving up looking for work with the lowest labor participation rate we’ve had in some time,” Cornyn warned reporters in the Capitol Tuesday, “we have an entirely predictable and preventable jobs crisis approaching in January, where because of the sequestration [automatic spending cuts], my state alone will lose 91,000 private sector jobs — and there are about a million private sector jobs at risk if the sequestration goes into effect on January 2.

This marks the return of the Defense Keynesians — Republicans who admit that government spending supports job growth in a weak economy, if and only if that spending is directed toward the military.

As luck would have it, a new Congressional Budget Office concludes Republicans are right about the economic consequences of defense cuts — but that their other fiscal priorities are just as perilous for economic growth.

Read it and weep, folks.

The New York Times has a front page story on the Eurozone crisis. I’m going to have to link to it at The Oakland Tribune, because the NYT won’t let me read it on their site.

At a summit meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, regional leaders failed to signal any concrete new steps to stimulate the sputtering regional economy or resolve the competing agendas of President Francois Hollande of France, who favors stronger steps to spur growth, and his German counterpart, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has opposed aggressive moves to ease the pressure on Europe’s weakest economies.

Yet, the urgency for a solution to the region’s debt crisis, now in its third year, may never have been greater.

With international economic monitors warning that Europe could slide back into recession, Spain has watched its borrowing costs climb to unsustainable levels, as concerns rise about the country’s weakened banking sector. Fears continue to grow that it will be difficult to avoid a messy divorce between Greece and the eurozone, with still unpredictable consequences for markets and other heavily indebted European economies, including Spain and Italy.

In a conference call held Monday, finance ministry officials from the eurozone countries were urged to make sure contingency plans were in place for all eventualities, including a Greek exit, one European official involved said.

Speaking of austerity, cranky old fuddy-duddy Alan Simpson of Catfood Commission fame had a few choice words for the elderly yesterday:

Alan “Skeletor” Simpson

Cantankerous former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson (R) lashed out once again at another notable senior organization recently, calling their criticism of his recommendation for massive cuts to Social Security “bullshit.”

In a letter forwarded by the AFL-CIO Wednesday morning, the passionate Simpson expressed his displeasure with the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) for sending out a flyer condemning his deficit reduction plan from President Barack Obama’s task force he co-chaired with former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles (D).

“Your little flyer entitled ‘Bowles! Simpson! Stop using the deficit as a phone excuse to gut our Social Security!’ is one of the phoniest excuses for a ‘flyer’ I have ever seen,” the Republican wrote. “What a wretched group of seniors you must be to use the faces of the very young people that we are trying to save, while the ‘greedy geezers’ like you use them as a tool and a front for your nefarious bunch of crap. You must feel some sense of shame for shoveling this bullshit.”

Translation: “I’ve got mine and I don’t care what happens to you and the rest of the lesser people!”

At Bloomberg, Margaret Carlson explains why Corey Booker stabbing President Obama in the back was a deliberate effort to lay the groundwork for his own (Booker’s) presidential run:

Booker’s comments might have faded into Sunday talk show obscurity were they not such a clear example of how deeply our politics are controlled by money. Booker wasn’t committing a Kinsley gaffe, the term for when a politician accidentally tells the truth.

He was purposefully telling the truth. Nary a cent for his mayoral campaigns (or revitalizing his city) came from Newark or New Jersey. Most of it came from the mountain of private equity and investment banking just across the Hudson, from which hedge- fund managers and other banking types write big checks to Romney and howl over “class warfare.”

For Obama, this is a lesson in how not to choose a surrogate: Stay away from people still in the game and hoping to run for higher office. No one goes straight from Newark City Hall to the Oval Office. On his trajectory upward, Booker might enjoy the help of Obama — but he absolutely needs the deep pockets of Wall Street.

The Black Agenda Report has even more harsh words for Corey Booker as well as Barack Obama.

Ted Kaczynski as a young man

I’ll end with this: Unabomber submits update to Harvard alumni book

Harvard University alumni attending their 50th class reunion this week are getting updates on classmates – including Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

Kaczynski graduated in 1962 and is locked up in the federal Supermax prison in Colorado for killing three people and injuring 23 during a nationwide bombing spree between 1978 and 1995. In an alumni directory, he lists his occupation as “prisoner” and says his awards are “Eight life sentences, issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1998.”

Harvard’s alumni association said all class members, including Kaczynski, were invited to submit entries for the class report, distributed for reunion activities during commencement week. But it said it regrets including his references to his convictions.

Hey– Harvard drove him insane, why shouldn’t he get to include his prison sentences in his entry in the Alumni Directory?

Have a great Thursday, and please post your own links in the comments.

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  1. bostonboomer says:

    A New Jersey man has been arrested in the case of 6-year-old Etan Patz, the first milk carton missing child. He disappeared 33 years ago.

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    I’m still reeling from the idea that shows the latest polls with Obama and Romney running neck and neck.

    We are talking Mitt Romney here! One of the worse, if not the worst, two faced, insincere, flip flopping, double talking liars to grace the American political stage.

    This man is a clown. He has no clue about foreign policy so he surrounds himself with the likes of the same neo cons who served Bush and apparently looks to Dick Cheney as a “man of wisdom” according to Rachel Maddow’s reporting. Jesus, haven’t we had enough from that crowd to last us a lifetime of regret?

    It is unfathomable to me that anyone could find a spark of anything inspiring in Mitt Romney.

    A man who embraces the Ryan Budget plan and speaks of dismantling government altogether that would have serious consequences for those of us who do not live in his rarified world.

    What the hell are people thinking?

    • northwestrain says:

      This is where the real fight is — Warren’s battle as well as the other high quality candidates who will work for the people rather than the ultra right hate agenda.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Breaking: The Red Sox are still in last place but they are now at .500.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      The fact that they have achieved this stat is astonishing when considering all those on the disabled list.

      Ellsbury (be still my beating heart!), Crawford, Ross, etc., the newbies have really had to pull their weight as far as the hitting goes.

      However, their pitching staff for the most part still sucks! Anytime I see Buchholz, Miller, or Bard as starters, I know we are almost in for a disaster. And Dice K’s injury can be counted as a blessing in disguise.

      Thank god for Nava, Middlebrooks, Ross and Aviles otherwise they may not have even come this close.

      However, we fans never give up!

      • bostonboomer says:

        The good news is that they are only 5.5 games out of first place. It’s pretty amazing that they managed to beat Baltimore this time around. But I agree that the pitching needs serious help.

  4. ecocatwoman says:

    Great roundup, bb. The Romney/education speech yesterday was covered briefly on NPR. Romney laid the blame for all that’s bad with US education on …….teacher’s unions, of course. Here’s a good piece from the Miami Herald: giving details about his speech to Latino businessmen & women in DC.

    I so loved this quote in the Romney interview you posted above: “But I believe that we will be able to have a grace period, which allows us to tackle these issues one by one and put in place a structure, which is very much designed to get America working again.” Yes – once elected THE WORLD WILL STAND STILL so that The Anointed Romney can tackle issues one by one. What an idiotic schmuck! This guy can’t walk & chew gum at the same time, nor think and speak at the same time. Oh, and the unemployment drop from 10% to 8% – no big deal, but a drop from 8% (or lower) to 6% that would be Romney’s miracle. You think he even realizes that those 2 different 2% drops equal different number of jobs filled? Math is probably a forbidden 4 letter word for Romney.

    Why is John Cornyn concerned about unemployment? Aren’t there any feti to save? Or pristine wilderness areas to despoil? Oh, that’s right, it’s election season & those unwashed, little people actually still have the ability to vote. Republicans must appear to care about them, at least through November. After that, screw ’em.

    Are you sure it was Harvard that drove Kaczynski crazy? I’d wager it was the Repugs & Ted was the canary in the coal mine.

    Loved your morning roundup.

  5. ecocatwoman says:

    Holy crap! I just read the Booker piece on Black Agenda. So, Repugs aren’t just running fake Dems in some elections, they’ve actually infiltrated the Democratic Party. That piece is beyond disturbing. Marching, marching, marching to a one party system in the US. Who will be our Hitler/Putin/Mao?

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I’ve come to believe there are as many ratfuckers around, especially in the blogosphere, as actual Democrats. The ratfuckers continue to attempt to verify their dem credentials, but their hatred of all things Dem is so vehement they can’t control themselves.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Amen to that as we both know!

        Nothing illustrates severe “ratfucking” more than finding any excuse to single out Obama for every fault available but blowing a “sweet kiss” to Ruthless Romney and the radical right as just being “victims” of the hated press.

        Embracing illogical arguments against a tide of extremism but labeling oneself an “independent”, or worse a “disenchanted liberal” is hilarious if it weren’t so disengenuous..

        Just come out and say it: I am a GOP fancier who hates Obama from the tips of my toes to the top of my eyelids and be done with it.

        I have yet to see postings coming out condemning what the Right is doing, or promising to do to this nation, but instead a steady block of screeds edging toward hysteria with a focus of “bringing the Dems to heel”. Stupid beyond belief.

        Better to be more concerned over Romney’s “love affair” with Dick Cheney than to resurrect the Rev. Wright associations that meant little when all was said and done. Or the Ryan Budget that will have more far reaching and dangerous effects to be felt in this nation than anything Rev. Wright ever said or did.

        But no, far better to exhort the Dems by propping up the nutjobs across this country who may someday find themselves as full fledged members of congress.

        And then what?

      • ecocatwoman says:

        Mouse & Pat, I’m confused. Are your comments directed at the Black Agenda Report? Clue me in, please.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I can’t speak for Pat, but I wasn’t talking about BAR. I was talking about the ratfucking of blogs that claim to be liberal or disenfranchised Dems but never challenge any of the far rightwing ideology or programs or budgets or POLS.

    • Beata says:

      Well said, Mouse and Pat. The ratfucking on some blogs would be laughable if the GOP alternative facing us in November wasn’t so grave. The Romney-supported Ryan budget plan alone should scare the bejebus out of any reasonable voter but let’s get all worked up about the secret Muslim / Nazi / Stalinist and his former preacher instead. And let’s teach those Democrats who did Hillary wrong a lesson by electing a bunch of right-wing nutjobs who will do their level best to destroy what remains of the middle class in this country over the next 4 to 8 years. What a terrific, well-thought-out plan! Sign me up!

      ( This isn’t directed at BAR, Connie.)

      • Pat Johnson says:

        I think Mouse and I were directing our comments against a few “liberal blogs” we once visited Blogs where we were considered “trolls” if we dared to take issue with some of the right wing leaning rhetoric that began to take over.

        Some are still “smarting” over the Hillary/Obama fight. Others simply hate Obama with a passion that borders hysteria. Still others insist that voting Republican will “smack some sense” into the Dems as if what happened in the 2010 midterms weren’t a lesson in stupidity in itself.

        Some of us have been around long enough and are fully aware of each other’s positions to know that we are not Obama lovers as much as we fear the GOP itself. But trying to reason with people who are deaf and blind to what is happening, it’s better to just float away than to “debate” issues with those who refuse to acknowledge the depth of the GOP agenda and prefer to ignore it completely.

      • ecocatwoman says:

        Thanks both of you. I thought I had stepped on toes by being so disturbed by the BAR story. I did lurk on several “progressive” blogs during the last prez campaign but fled when I saw how venomous it was getting. I made the mistake of criticizing Palin on one of them & got a number of nasty responses. After that I pretty much abandoned the political blogosphere for several years.

      • RalphB says:

        Personally, I can’t take any more of that damn “teach the Dems” crap. It drives me around the bend. I think it’s the most selfish argument I’ve heard and can only come from those who don’t give a tinker’s damn about all the people who will be hurt by it.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “we once visited Blogs where we were considered “trolls” if we dared to take issue with some of the right wing leaning rhetoric that began to take over.”

        Pat, I was considered well below-troll level. I’ve been called “ignorant”, “mentally ill”, “crazy” “superior victim” “fucked up” and those were the nice things said about me. 🙂
        It’s a good thing I’m not thin-skinned!

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “The Romney-supported Ryan budget plan alone should scare the bejebus out of any reasonable voter but let’s get all worked up about the secret Muslim / Nazi / Stalinist and his former preacher instead”

        Beata. I’m with you girl. The Paul Ryan budget is a non-starter for anyone who ever considered themselves liberal. Even moderate Dems should find the Ryan Budget nothing but a total giveaway to the rich and the defense industry, while pushing austerity onto the backs of those who can least afford it. It already passed in the House so it’s sitting there, like a time-bomb ticking away, only needing a way to get it through the Senate and a POTUS that will sign it, to become law.

      • This series of comments are damn good. I believe Connie that they are talking of some of the blogs whose name of which we do not speak…save to say it is citrus in color. (Am I right?)

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    Basically what Romney said was “just seeing me as jthe POTUS will make businesses create jobs”. What a total dipshit this guy is.

    • alibe50 says:

      Romney is as batshit crazy as Obama….Obama saying he would be able to work with the republicans. They are all insane. It is hopeless and the only change that seems in the future is for the worse. If the Dems don’t teach the Dems a lesson then there is no chance for a two party system. we will be stuck with a pretend democracy. I only hope that the Dems will act a little like Dems and stand up to the GOP rather than the POTUS and the Congressional Dems and the media all roll over and support the GOP or Obama, about the same thing in my book. It is so damn depressing.

    • NW Luna says:

      Romney’s faith-based economics. Yeah, riiiiiight.

  7. Eric says:

    Mitt’s solution to the crummy public education that exists in so many places in America is to increase vouchers, and make more charter schools. Implicit in this (non) approach is the feeling that there are a few deserving students in inner city schools for example, and they should be offered a way up and out. And screw the rest of the students. How can there be any other interpretation of his message?

    • bostonboomer says:

      A lot of these charter schools are run by the military and channel poor kids into the services. People like Romney want fewer well educated middle and working class people and more cannon fodder for their wars.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Also Eric, this is just a veiled effort to funnel public dollars to private schools. Under a voucher system every child will be eligible for a voucher. Even those who can afford upscale private education will receive a voucher to supplement their childs tuition. Unlike the Public School System, the private schools, will pick and choose who to accept and they will use enrollment benchmarks, class size, grades, behavior, tuition, etc that will weed out those they deem undesirable. If that isn’t Romney’s goal with Vouchers, then he should explain, in depth, that the vouchers can be used by anyone, anywhere and no one will be excluded from the school of their choice simply because they can’t pay the difference between voucher and the tuition or because their grades aren’t up to snuff. Romney won’t do that, because that’s not his intention. His intention is to shovel monies to his friends in the private education sector.

      Romney knows full well that most families in the middle class, lower middle class, working poor and the poor will stay in the public school system for a variety of reasons. Most of those reason have to do with the economics associated with transportation, childcare and the extras expenses associated with Private Educatioin.

      After the passage of the Civil Rights Act, I saw, first hand, the swift emergence of Private Schools and Private Relgious Schools to avoid integration through busing. The South had an enormous explosion of Private/Private Relgiously affiliated schools and it was all about whites escaping education integration.

      • ecocatwoman says:

        All excellent points, Mouse. Transportation issues were my first thought, but the others you mentioned are a concern as well. I was personally surprised that Romney mentioned parochial schools,which was a misspeak on his part. Not that he doesn’t want to include parochial/religious schools, but probably didn’t mean to be so specific/honest.

        It seems that the real Repug agenda is to take the country all the way back to the constitution pre-Bill of Rights. No votes for women, people of color – only white landed gentry. And only white landed gentry are entitled to an education. Civil rights & feminism has simply ruined Their world.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “It seems that the real Repug agenda is to take the country all the way back to the constitution pre-Bill of Rights”

        It sure looks that way.

    • northwestrain says:

      Why do the Republicans champion a failed program like vouchers for schools. This idea was tested in San Jose — in a huge school district and the whole thing was a mess and a failure.

      Yes of course the Republicans are taking over the democrat party — there is no demo party in many states.

      What happens is this — the extreme religious right takes over the Republican party — and the moderate Republicans move to the D — and then the D party is radically changed. The D party is now like the R party of the 1970s. In most places the D party no longer exists. The R party is now the party of the right wing fundamentalist/dominists who are willing to do what ever it takes to bring their view of the New Testament mythology of “the end times”. This new R party has been a magnate for all the right wingers — and they have selected the minorities to blame every single thing that goes wrong on. Gays, Women. “illegal” Aliens. (and the usual rare Liberal, Progressive — plus the Unions — bad evil from Satan.)

      The R & D parties of your parents is extinct.

      Stupak a Democrat — no way in hell in 1970 would he be considered a Democrat. yet he was allowed to dictate his wacked out world view to the Congress. The Republican Ds let this creep right in the front door. And 0bowma bowed down and let one stinking phantom have a larger say in women’s health care than WOMEN.

      • northwestrain says:

        Down below I found a link to an article by a real conservative — who more or less says what I’ve written above. He names names of the radical nutjobs who’ve taken over the R party.

        Of course this information is like singing to the choir — we all know it and many of us have been keen observers of politics and politicians for decades.

  8. RalphB says:

    Ashley Judd is a marvelous spokesperson for human rights. Screw Cory Booker, Obama should engage her as a surrogate!

    PRESS Pass: Ashley Judd

    Judd is in Washington to speak on global women’s rights for the International Center for Research on Women’s (ICRW) “Champions for Change” gala. The group has focused on curbing international child marriage by educating women around the world in skills like communications, negotiating in the household, and financial literacy.

    She argues that the human element is most important when bringing attention to any issue and that Judd’s fame allows her to “give a name and face to the narrative.”

    You can watch the entire PRESS Pass with Ashley Judd above to hear more of their discussion, including the issue that body image and some of the headlines she’s made recently about it.

  9. RalphB says:

    By the way, for Willard’s 6% unemployment the estimates I’ve seen show it going to 6% with the current policies in place. He’s a dipshit as usual.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      He is a dipshit, maybe even a double-dipshit

    • bostonboomer says:

      I read somewhere this morning that it’s expected to reach 7.5% based on current policies. If Congress actually did something to create jobs and stimulate demand it would probably go lower.

      So Romney wants us to throw out the current President based on his promise to lower it to 6% with his dubious policies, i.e. return to Bushonomics? No thanks.

      • RalphB says:

        What I’ve seen is that within 4 years it will be 6% with no changes.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        BB…. I saw a few clips of his Time interview with Mark Halperin on CNN & MSNBC and he avoided more questions than he answered. Not to mention he looked like a guy who was either getting over a cold, or getting over a drunk. He had red eyes, red nose and red mouth. And when he said he was going to lower unemployment to 6% in 4 years, Halperin didn’t even challenge him on his campaign rhetoric that anything over 4% unemployment was unacceptable. What I saw of the interview, it was a total softball by Halperin.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “What I’ve seen is that within 4 years it will be 6% with no changes”

        I saw that too. It came from OMB and also CBO. In other words Romney promises to get UE down to where it’s going to be anyway if Obama is re-elected.

        I want his feet held to the fire over his statement that “anything over 4% is unacceptable

    • RalphB says:

      Bwahahahaha 🙂

    • ANonOMouse says:

      He must be going to stay up all night on Day One. 🙂

      I wonder what he’s going to do on Day Two? Cure all human illness. Establish Contact with ET, Make the skin on Joan Rivers face look like skin?

      • ecocatwoman says:

        I’m figuring he’ll wage war on Iran & establish a lasting peace agreement between Israel & the Palestinians (probably convert all of them to Mormonism).

  10. RalphB says:

    Jane Lynch narrates a moving short for the Obama campaign.

  11. northwestrain says:

    The new R — run by the extreme right even has real Conservatives worried.

    “The new right cannot advance a conservative agenda precisely because, other than a few small holdouts like the American Conservative magazine or that battleship that refuses to become a museum, George Will, it is not itself conservative. Pod people are running the show. It has no such capability; no such desire. I find that disturbing for obvious reasons. But, based on my own conversations with liberals, I think – nay, I know – that if more of these allegedly godless, treasonous people understood real conservatism a lot would embrace many conservative positions.

    Thus everybody realizes government spending has lost its airbrakes. But while the new right screams the most about big government, it nonetheless supported President George W. Bush as he presided over the largest expansion of government spending since uber-liberal FDR and left us with a massive debt before President Obama was sworn in. Why? Silly rabbit! Because the left opposed him.

    The same has been said for the right’s otherwise seemingly unfathomable enchantment with Sarah Palin; it’s a defense of their damsel in distress. The veracity of the left’s claims about her are irrelevant. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Or so thought that uber-liberal FDR about good ol’ “Uncle Joe” right to the end, even as conservative Winston Churchill tried desperately to convince him otherwise. And so fell the Iron Curtain. ”

    . . . . .
    “The right didn’t create this reservoir of fear, anger and hate. But it has both tapped into it and roiled it. Indeed, the right-wing mass hysteria is what sociologists call a “moral panic.” It occurs when a society is undergoing a wrenching transformation. Somebody then comes along and creates a “folk devil” both to provide an explanation for bad conditions, real or imagined, and a target. Kill the devil; eliminate the bad conditions. But the right has no serious incentive to help solve or ameliorate these problems. Indeed, as with the reelection of Obama, it will benefit from their continuation or worsening.

    So animosity has now reached levels both hysterical and historical. The last time anything like this occurred was during World War II, when at least it was aimed outward. Before that? Just before the Civil War.” [“Michael Fumento is an attorney, author, journalist and former paratrooper who has written for National Review” . . . and many other publications. . .

    • RalphB says:

      Pity the poor Onion; there’s nothing left to satirize.

      Pretty good summation.

  12. NW Luna says:

    Romney’s “management” of higher-ed in Mass would be atrocious extended to all the states. Here in Washington state the local state universities are having double-digit increases in tuition. Some programs are switching to “fee-based” tuition which is as high as private-university tuition. Bad news all around.

    • northwestrain says:

      Also a good example of the Democratic party turning into the GOP of the 70s. The moderate R left the party when it was taken over by the jesus freak haters. A tiny minority took over a major party — absolutely amazing.

      The first thing the haters go after is education — every time. Making college too expensive for anyone except the very wealthy — is just another way to tighten control. Poor people who have to work several jobs just don’t have the time to pay attention to the world turning into a corporate fascist state. Run by a few multi national corporation.

      Someone posted the history of IBM on this blog a few weeks back about the IMB & nazi Germany partnership — and how it was the IBM computers that helped the nazis identify and then track the Jews and other “others”. See — there was direct involvement because of the coding used on the punch cards and the upkeep of the computers — a major US corporation was involved in that gross endeavor by Hitler to purify the German blood. Someone familiar with the IBM punch card computers of that era gave me the additional details about just how closely IBM had to be involved in the planning and organization of the slaughter of millions of humans.

    • bostonboomer says:

      And don’t forget Romney told us we don’t need student loans, because students who aren’t rich can just shop around for good prices on tuition. What a creep!