Iran and nukes

I agree. Iran should not have nuclear weapons.

Neither should China, Russia, North Korea, Britain, France, the US, India, Pakistan, or Israel.

Hello? Those things are either bad, or they aren’t. What kind of quadruple standard are we using here? And don’t tell me that it’s different when sensible countries, who would never actually use mass death against civilians, have them.

Only one country has used nuclear weapons to mass murder civilians. And it currently has more of the things than anyone else and shows no sign of thinking that’s a bad idea.

Could we just tell the truth? Nobody wants Iran to get more power. Iran, on the other hand, does want more power. If you want to stop them, just say so. Enough of this sanctimonious dogwash.

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  1. Amen, and thank you.

  2. ralphb says:

    True dat! I don’t want Iran to have more power. But the same is true for all the other countries run primarily by religious extremists. That may soon include us, if it doesn’t now.

    No Nukes, please.

  3. northwestrain says:

    Thank you for putting into words the truth of the multi-standards.

    Each of the countries who have the nukes — waged war of a sorts on their citizens in order to produce the weapons. Bombs were set off in the US (many locations & in the Pacific Ocean), France also set off bombs in the Pacific Ocean. China poisoned her own people with the boms, as did Russia. Israel is still lying about having the bomb — and they have a Fundamentalist population of idiots who should never have access to the bomb.

  4. Quixote, I’m loving this so much, I’m going to press it on my blog, just in case a few people extra might catch it there.

  5. The Rock says:

    I agree. Iran should not have nuclear weapons.

    Neither should China, Russia, North Korea, Britain, France, the US, India, Pakistan, or Israel.

    HONK!! HONK!! Leadership is going to the UN and making a plea to the world to suspend production of weapons of mass destruction save a joint worldwwide venture for weapons powerful enough to defeat those that may come from outer space (I know that sounds goofy, but mathematics tells us that we are not alone, and we can’t honestly say that their intentions if they come would be honorable). Isn’t Obumbles scheduled to make that plea next week?

    And then I woke up…..


    Hillary 2012

  6. bostonboomer says:

    I totally agree!!!

  7. Pilgrim says:

    I guess I agree that Iran should not get nukes…but…

    Israel has nukes, China has nukes, Pakistan has nukes, Russia has nukes, France, England, USA, N. Korea…..

    Iran knows damn well that the only way to prevent attack from U.S. and Israel and assorted allies is — to get nukes. Consider the careful respect with which nuke-possessing nations are treated.

    Iran saw what happened to Iraq.

    • northwestrain says:

      Mutually assured destruction — is the way the International game has been played. We are merely bystanders in this game.

  8. quixote says:

    (Good ole Real Life happened, so I haven’t been keeping up here. Sorry!)

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I saw one more news report about Iran-says-they-only-want-peace and US-says-they-only-want-no-nukes-(for-Iran) and I just exploded and had to vent. You know how it is.

    Pilgrim, yes, I’m sure that’s a huge part of why Iran would love to have nukes. (I’m not saying I know whether they’re trying to get them or not. Just that I’m sure if someone sent Ahmadinejad a brithday gift of a few nukes, he’d love it.) That, and the fact that they could throw their much-bigger-weight around in the Middle East.

    There was a cartoon around the beginning of the Iraq war, when the US was lecturing dictators about how they’d better watch their steps or Big Boy Bush would shock and awe them. Meanwhile, N Korea was in one of its hissy fits where they were testing one of their six nukes by chucking it into the ocean. But the US didn’t even raise its voice. So the cartoon was a roomful of dictators listening to the US spiel and thinking “GET NUKES! GET NUKES! GET NUKES!”

  9. ralphb says:

    For those interested, this episode concerns a comedian who turns investigative reporter and travels to China for a look at Apple’s near slave labor conditions. It’s illuminating to say the least.

    Sorry for the OT, but slave labor is foreign policy, or should be, to me.