Party Unity My ASS!

While Bill was held captive in some undisclosed area in Europe,  Hillary Clinton put on her best Democratic face and blue pantsuit then joined the legions of Obama Fluffers.  The big question now remains.  How many deadenders are out there that are not buying this unity marketing campaign?   It appears the Puma Rebellion is now big enough that all the MSM channels and even news papers are noticing.  Yesterday, it was the WaPo. ( Today, even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got into the act.

Suddenly, those of us in the PUMA roots were being courted for press interview.  We know the Obama campaign has poured over our sites and when you look threatening enough, assigns you an Obama Troll of your very own.   Our presence has been duely noted, but has not ranked up there enough with sites like No Quarter to achieve multi-trolling.

My mother used to say that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.   This was her way of saying my tongue was way too sharp.  Obama’s minions will occasionally try the honey:  But Hillary says she’s supporting him! (Yeah, I know, most of them are still probably virgins with lines like that!)  ALL the KIDS are DOING IT!!!!  But generally, they ramp up shortly to thwapping you with race cards and nasty labels.  Then the nasty Republican policies enter the equation.  Problem is that John McCain isn’t your standard Republican and Obama has no record to run on.  The only thing you have is his word, and gee his word on FISA, public financing,  hand gun bans or nonbans,  Iran (threat or no threat), and unconditional well, maybe not so unconditional chatting with despots still has me wondering if Obama really knows the meaning of the word truth.

Here’s an NPR editorial. This is the beginning, hopefully, of the Media taking a real hard look at Obama the way that those of us in the PUMA movement have.

So, anyway, there are many folks out there trying to get a headcount on us.  Latest thing I saw on statistics said that about 25% of original Hillary supporters are saying no to Obama and perhaps an additional 10% haven’t figured out what to do yet.    DNC pundits are pounding home historical  trends of chicks coming home to the roost prior to the GE. The Baltimore Sun had  a great article on this called “Painful Lessons” by Dr. Lynette Long.  She outlines the things she’s learned during the Hillary run for President.


Among the most interesting points in the article is the belief held by the DNC that women will return and vote Obama because they have no place else to go.  They think we’ll just go along with their less-than-evil party niche.

Women voters are not factored into the decision making of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC is concerned that black voters will protest and stay home if Senator Clinton gets the nomination, even though she is the stronger and more electable candidate. But the DNC doesn’t worry that white women, three times larger than the combined black vote, will stay away from the polls if Mrs. Clinton does not get the nomination. They expect the white women of the party to fall in step and vote for Mr. Obama in the general election. ”

This is one chick that is not coming home to roost and I think that the DNC is about to find out that many women have had it with being taken for granted.  Twenty-five percent of 18 million voters is a heck of a lot of people.  Perhaps this sudden awareness of PUMA and JUST SAY NO DEAL and the huge number of MSM articles is due to the number of women responding with utter frustration to their prior sexist and nasty articles and blogs with “PUMA BOMBS”.  This is the PUMA response to the seemingly endless cut and paste political points that have flooded the Hillary blogs and sites for months now.  The difference is that we’re not being paid for it.  Obama’s blog trolls are salaried.  If you watch some of the larger sites (like No Quarter) you can even tell when their shifts change.  The message of the day is pretty much the same and their tactics are similar.

PUMA is an interesting rebel movement.  I’ve long said that I have felt the stirrings of a new women’s movement only to be belittled with charges that it could neve result in a backlash quasi-championed by the Anti-choice McCain with his surly sexist jokes and insulting names for women, including wife Cindy.  However, this belies the major point.  It’s a backlash and a protest.  No one said that actions rooted in anger and injustice make sense.  They are results driven more than dogma driven.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about the PUMA movement that is ignored by the Obama folks is the incredible amount of diversity in the ranks.  It is not a movement of just white women.  There are women of many backgrounds as well as many men.  I can provide blog names of gay men, African Americans, Asian-Americans, straight men,  Americans of middle eastern and Indian descent,  Native Americans,  and every flavor of Latin/Hispanic American possible.  Here’s a link to Riverdaughter’s The Confluence showing a MAWN speaking to Fox and protestors at the unity event that includes (shock!)  ANTI WAR PROTESTORS!


Many of us (including me) have signed up for the movement and are in for the long haul.  We cannot sit idly by and watch the DNC make a mockery of the democratic process.

Nancy and Howard and Barrack and Harry:  PARTY UNITY MY ASS!  Ignore us at your own peril!