Friday Night Festivities: Celebrating “The Little Blog That Could”

Can you believe it has been almost a year since Dakinikat turned her blog from a file cabinet into “The Little Blog that Could” and invited all of us to join her? We’ve had some ups and downs, but generally speaking we’ve done pretty well for a small startup blog. We’re so grateful for all the people who stop by here to read and comment on our posts. We really put our heart and soul into keeping this place going, because we love to write and talk about politics!

It’s not quite our first anniversary yet–that will come towards the end of next month. But today we do have something to celebrate. Sky Dancing’s Technorati authority has been moving up steadily for the past several weeks, and today we made it into the Top 100 U.S. Politics blogs! I took some screenshots, because we could fall off the list tomorrow. But right now, we are ranked #93.

We are also on the Top Ten Movers list, meaning that we’ve gone up pretty quickly lately.

Please forgive us for a little immodesty, but we’ve worked really hard to keep new content up every day a few times a day. And besides, we owe any success we have had to you! So please celebrate with us. I hope this isn’t too corny…