Open Thread: Sounds of Summer

Burkie's Drive-In, Muncie, Indiana

What are your favorite summer songs? Since I’m so old, mine tend to be oldies from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. But we have some younger folks here too–have there been any summer classics in the past couple of decades?

I grew up in a medium-sized town in Indiana. There wasn’t a whole lot to do there. When we wanted to get out, we often just drove around with a gang of kids. We’d drive around the drive-ins to see who was there. One of those drive-ins is pictured above. There was another one in town called John’s Awful Awful Drive-In (awful big and awful good!), but that one has been torn down and I couldn’t find a photo. We would drive around for hours, listening to music, laughing, and talking. It sounds boring, I know, but it was fun. This teen-age lifestyle was depicted in the great summer movie American Graffiti. You’ve probably seen it. America was car-crazy in those days, and rock ‘n’ roll ruled.

In the summer there were always upbeat, happy songs that went along with the sunny season. I’ll share a couple of my old favorites and hope you’ll share yours.

This one is a real oldie but goodie, Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochrane–a big hit in 1958.

Summer in the City, by the Lovin’ Spoonful

The Drifters, Up on the Roof

Of course the ultimate summer group of the ’60s was the Beach Boys. This one is from before they were the Beach Boys. They were so young!

Here’s another live video from before Brian Wilson got sick.

So….. what are your summer favorites?