My Little Collection of Odd & Offbeat Holiday Songs

3718693-stylized-holly-berry-and-dots-on-a-dark-backgroundSo, this is an open thread as you’ve probably gathered by now.  It’s musical. It’s full of holiday songs.  It’s full of really offbeat Christmas songs because I’m that sorta dakini.  Blame Josh Barro and Dave Stringer Huge’s Tolerable Christmas Playlist on Spotify.   Some of them are very bluesy, some are punk rocky and some are outrageous and EXPLICIT.

From Tom Waits Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis (what can I say … it’s Tom Waits!!!)

The Pretenders: 2000 Miles  (obscure and beautiful)

From Eric Idle:  F%^k Christmas  (yes,it’s graphic)

Sufjan Stevens:  That Was the Worst Christmas Ever  (hauntingly beautiful and acoustic)

Fountains of Wayne:  I want an Alien for Christmas  (It’s very neo Punk and fun!)

snoop dogg: santa claus goes straight to the ghetto (graphic, funky, and very socially aware rap)

The Kinks:  Father Christmas (CLASSIC)

Blink 182: I won’t be home for Christmas  (Youngest Daughter was obsessed with this group 4evah!!! Rocky Neopunk and very dark humor lyrics)

Julian Casablancas:  I wish it was Christmas today (Cross between the Kinks and the Ramones plus Julian is yummy!)

Jimmy Eat World:  Last Christmas (It’s an update to a song sung by Wham! and George Michael so yes, very pop, very 80s and could be covered by Justin Beiber … Highly CORNY.)

The Waitresses:  Christmas Wrapping (From my misspent punky youth … I loved this group for some reason)

The Ronettes:  I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus  (Yes, it’s the Wall of Sound, creepy Phil Spector and that very 1960s sound!)

The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl:  New York Fairy Tale  (A beautiful, haunting song with a very Irish sound and dark lyrics.)


I got a few more up my sleeve and I’ll post them as the evening wears on and my wine glass refills.