Humor-Challenged Open Thread

Yesterday, in a speech in Stamford, CT, President Obama got off a pretty good one-liner about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, calling it “Romney Hood.”

President Barack Obama is labeling opponent Mitt Romney’s tax plan as “Romney Hood,” saying it takes from the middle class and gives to the rich.

Speaking Monday night at a campaign event in Connecticut, Obama said the GOP plan “is like Robin Hood in reverse.”

He also referred to Romney’s policy as “trickle-down fairy dust.” Obama’s comic timing was pretty good too:

Today, Fox News’s Carl Cameron gave Mitt Romney an opportunity for a humorous rejoinder. Sadly, Mitt is severely humor-challenged. Here’s his attempt:


“We’ve been watching the president say a lot of things about me and about my policies, and they’re just not right,” he told Cameron. “And, if I were to coin a term, it would be ‘Obamaloney.’ He’s serving up a dish which is simply in contradiction of the truth … he’s just simply saying things that are not accurate.”

Oh brother! Even Romney looks embarrassed. I don’t think that one’s going to catch on.

Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Mitt Likes Music, Including This

A few days ago, The New York Times posted a funny mashup of Mitt Romney talking about all the things he likes. The video was created by The Gregory Brothers, a musical group that produces takeoffs on the news. I wish I knew how to embed it here, but you’ll have to go watch it the NYT site. Please watch it if you haven’t already. It’s really hilarious!

Here is the original 1994 interview in which Mitt earnestly told a young interviewer, “I like music of almost any kind, including this.” At the time, he was running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate.

Back in March, Romney listed his favorite songs on Spotify, which I think is an iPad app. Here’s Mitt’s playlist, which his campaign insist he drew up all by himself:

I am a Man of Constant Sorrow” by The Soggy Bottom Boys
Read My Mind” by The Killers
December, 1963 [Oh What a Night]” by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash
Somebody Told Me” by The Killers
The MTA (The Boston Subway Song)” by The Kingston Trio
Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys
Desperado” by Clint Black
Crying” by Roy Orbison
Only You ” by Commodores
Runaway” by Del Shannon
It’s your Love” by Time McGraw
As Good As I once Was” by Toby Keith
Born Free” by Kid Rock
“Over the Rainbow” by Willie Nelson
“In Dreams” by Roy Orbison
“Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban
“All-American Girl” by Carrie Underwood

Jim Farber, a reporter at the NY Daily News, notes that Mitt seems to like sad songs.

A man of constant sorrow who roams this world alone, doomed to realize his greatest loves only in dreams. Does this sound like the description of a man running for President?


Romney opens his 25 song list with The Soggy Bottom Boys’ version of that classic song of suffering “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow.” He goes on to pepper the list with Clint Black’s cover of the Eagles’ ode to a shut-down loner “Desperado,” Roy Orbison’s uber-mopey “Crying” (along with his classic song of thwarted love “In Dreams”), Johnny Cash’s rumination on eternal damnation, “Ring of Fire,” and Willie Nelson’s take on the ultimate song of hopeless yearning, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

Together, these selections suggest a guy whose soul may be far deeper, and less satisfied, than his public persona presents.

Farber also notes that there is only one female artist and one African American group represented on Mitt’s list. Some of the items also reveal Romney’s advanced age. Roy Orbison and Del Shannon were on the soundtrack of my late childhood (I’m just a couple of months younger than Romney).

I found a couple of other Romney- and music-oriented videos on Youtube. Who is Mitt Romney anyway?

This one is silly, but I really liked it: “Mitt Romney, I think I hate you.”

What do you have to say about all this, Mitt?