New Years Eve Greetings Open Thread

I know. I know.  Every one is busy; even little ol’ me. But,  I did want to put up an open thread so we could share our New Year Wishes and Greetings with each other  tonight on  into the morning!!

I’ll be down on the Poland Avenue Wharf watching the two barges from the east and west bank of the Mississippi shoot their simultaneous fireworks display.   Lama is here with his youngest son who gets to experience his first American New Year’s celebration ala New Orleans. I’ve got a big ol’ pot of hopping john bubbling away on the stove!

I’m not sure if you know, but those of us that are students of Vajryana do New Year’s (Losar) based on the Tibetan Lunar Calendar, so this month really isn’t a holiday month per se for us.  However, I’m never one to keep a good party down that includes joyfulness! (Also, this one lacks crass consumerism, so I opt in.)  So, here’s to all those displays of wisdom lights over the world!

May the New Year see the multiplication of people who seek and find the blessings of peace!

May the New Year bring harmony to those whose inner demons rule their thoughts and lives!

May the New Year see the brilliant play of wisdom and the skillful means necessary to ameliorate the suffering of the many!

May the New Year open the eyes of those whose lives are filled with abundance so that they are moved to share those blessings with others!

May the New Year welcome you and yours and everyone’s into the comforting arms of health, prosperity, peace and love!

May the beneficial actions of the wise and compassionate multiply!

May the obstacles to wisdom diminish!

May compassion and love surround you until whatever place you reach is where you should be!