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I’m filling in for Dakinikat. She is having serious computer problems and it looks hopeless. She will have to find a way to buy a new computer. If anyone can help, she could really use some donations.

I’m getting a very late start–so this will be brief. Tomorrow is Independence Day, but this year it is being celebrated on July 3–today. The annual 4th of July concert and fireworks display on Boston Common was cancelled, and there will be a “virtual concert” tomorrow night. I assume other cities have also called such huge gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But Trump has to have his childish events so he can fill up the empty whole inside him with narcissistic supply. His last mass rally in Tulsa bombed and I hope his events today and tomorrow will also be massive failures.

Tonight he’ll be in South Dakota for a super-spreader event at Mount Rushmore.

CNN: Trump set for another massive event during national pandemic.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump head to Mount Rushmore National Memorial on Friday to celebrate an early Fourth of July at a gathering of an estimated 7,500 people during a global pandemic.

No social distancing is planned for the event despite the record-high new coronavirus cases in the United States. And the event takes place amid environmental concerns over the use of fireworks in the dry land and as the country engages in a reckoning over its own monuments and racist history.

“We told those folks that have concerns that they can stay home, but those who want to come and join us, we’ll be giving out free face masks if they choose to wear one. But we won’t be social distancing,” Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said during a Monday appearance on Fox News.

There may be health screening for ticketed guests in one area, according to A recording on the park’s main telephone line Monday said: “There are no social distancing requirements in place at this time.”

Native Americans are not happy about the Trump event.

The Yellow Books, 1887, Vincent Van Gogh

The Independent: ‘It’s going to cause an uproar’: Sioux president says Trump not welcome to visit Mount Rushmore.

The president of the Oglala Sioux tribal council has said that Donald Trump should not attend Mount Rushmore’s fourth of July fireworks celebration in South Dakota on Friday.

President Julian Bear Runner cited health fears over the coronavirus and also said that Mr Trump’s attendance is an insult to Native Americans on whose stolen land it was built.

“Trump coming here is a safety concern not just for my people inside and outside the reservation, but for people in the Great Plains. We have such limited resources in Black Hills, and we’re already seeing infections rising,” Mr Bear Runner said in an interview with The Guardian.

Several Native American groups are planning to stage protests over the president’s scheduled appearance, the newspaper reported.

“It’s going to cause an uproar if he comes here. People are going to want to exercise their first amendment rights to protest and we do not want to see anyone get hurt or the lands be destroyed,” Mr Bear Runner added.

Politico: ‘Complete disaster’: Trump’s fraught ties with Native Americans on display at Mount Rushmore.

Trump is planning to visit Mount Rushmore on Friday to kick off Independence Day weekend with a glitzy fireworks display and a military flyover — and has run into strife and contention over his decision to celebrate at a national landmark built on land stolen from Native Americans at the same time the country is reassessing the offensiveness of such monuments.

LÜBECK ORPHANAGE (1894) Gotthardt Kuehl

In the days before his visit, some Native American leaders called for destruction of the massive sculpture — built in the Black Hills on land taken from the Lakota tribe to honor several presidents they say were hostile to Indigenous people.

And protesters are expected to greet Trump on his trip and express Native Americans’ broader grievances. Tribal leaders have criticized the president for what they describe as harmful policies, delayed and watered-down measures to help their community and his offensive language.

“Symbolically, he’s been a complete disaster for most people who follow Indian affairs,” said Matthew Fletcher, a member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and director of the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University.

Tomorrow Trump will put on a tasteless military display in Washington DC, with flyovers in some cities. I heard we’re getting one in Boston. Instead of supporting and protecting our troops, Trump uses them as pawns in his endless desire for attention while refusing to condemn his pal Putin for putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

ABC News: Despite pandemic, Trump promoting July 4th fireworks in DC over mayor’s objections.

President Donald Trump is promoting a big July Fourth celebration and fireworks display in the nation’s capital this weekend, with administration officials expecting large crowds on the National Mall and nearby, despite the mayor’s objections the event may spread the coronavirus.

The dispute comes amid spikes in coronavirus cases around the country – with over 50,000 COVID-19 cases reported in just one day this week.

Madame de Pompadour (1756) Francois Boucher

“We’ve communicated to them that we do not think this is in keeping with the best CDC and Department of Health guidance. But this event will take place entirely on federal property,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a news conference.

The city is currently in phase two of its reopening plan, which encourages its residents to continue to engage in social distancing, keep wearing a mask, and to avoid congregating in confined space with more than 50 people.

But Bowser said since she does not have jurisdiction over federal land, she could only urge D.C. residents to exercise caution this weekend, advising people to stay home if they don’t think they can remain physically distanced from others.

The Washington Post: Trump to hold Fourth of July gathering at Mount Rushmore as coronavirus surges.

The Washington Post: Fourth of July in Washington includes fireworks, military flyovers and protests.

Even as local officials are discouraging people from joining the traditional Fourth of July festivities on the Mall out of fear that crowds could spread the novel coronavirus, President Trump has decided the tradition will continue and, come Saturday, fireworks will light up the skies of the nation’s capital, the Interior Department said Wednesday.

The year’s festivities also will include flyovers by the Air Force’s Thunderbirds and the Navy’s Blue Angels, and a showing of World War II aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang fighter and the B-29 bomber.

It’s unclear how many people will show up for America’s freedom celebration, but those who do will be joined downtown by scores of protesters.

The protests spurred by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police in May are expected to continue this weekend and draw large crowds. As many as 20 protests are scheduled for Saturday, and they could extend through the night.

Anyone who goes to either of these event is nuts IMHO.

More reads to peruse today:


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Have a great weekend and stay safe!

18 Comments on “Independence Weekend Reads”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    MSNBC just let Peter Navarro spew a racist concpiracy theory.

    • quixote says:

      I guess blaming the protestors isn’t working since the spikes are worst in the reddest areas.

      Blaming sneaky inscrutable Asians spreading it as part of the Enemy Agenda is all they’ve got left.

      I wonder if they can keep trying that forever or if they’ll have to come up with Plan C after a while? If so, what’ll it be?

      I know! The virus was hatched in the basement of a pizza parlor! The only reason we missed that initially is that, with fiendish cunning, they used one in San Francisco, not DC.

      • bostonboomer says:

        The new administration strategy is “live with it.” I’m not kidding.

        • quixote says:

          I’m really disappointed in myself. I *never* manage to guess which bullshit they’ll come up with. It’s always something so far beyond sanity, my imagination doesn’t reach that far.

          Well, much as it feels wrong to suggest such a thing even for criminals against humanity, the right punishment for thinking that the weak should die is that they catch it. And find out the virus thinks they’re weak.

          • NW Luna says:

            Problem is, there looks like there are long-term consequences of covid-19 even in younger people and those who are asymptomatic. People in their teens, 20s – 40s are having strokes while infected.


            A new review outlines a three-stage classification of the impact of COVID-19 on the central nervous system and recommends hospitalized patients with the virus all undergo MRI to flag potential neurologic damage and inform postdischarge monitoring.
            In stage 1, viral damage is limited to epithelial cells of the nose and mouth, and in stage 2 blood clots that form in the lungs may travel to the brain, leading to stroke. In stage 3, the virus crosses the blood–brain barrier and invades the brain.

            “Our major take-home points are that patients with COVID-19 symptoms, such as shortness of breath, headache, or dizziness, may have neurological symptoms that, at the time of hospitalization, might not be noticed or prioritized, or whose neurological symptoms may become apparent only after they leave the hospital,” lead author Majid Fotuhi, MD, PD

            The recommendation for all patients at discharge to get an MRI might be a scanning for dollars recommendation, but some will need it.

            Plus, Pregnant women who get infected have a higher risk of needing hospital care than if they weren’t pregnant. You’d think that might get the MAGAts concerned, but oh no.

          • quixote says:

            Yes, covid is one scary disease. I saw a report about a 20 year old who had nothing worse than sniffles for a couple of days, got better, thought he was over it, and then, bam! Suddenly he was Type 1 diabetic. The virus had quietly destroyed all his pancreatic islet cells.

      • NW Luna says:

        We think the protesters aren’t generating that many new infections because they’re outside, moving around, and most have been wearing masks. All those conditions lower the risk.

        OTOH hanging out in bars and restaurants and Trump rallies indoors produces petri dish conditions.

  2. jslat says:

    Happy 4th, bb! Stay safe.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    • NW Luna says:

      It must really burn to see one’s ancestral lands not only stolen and occupied but the mountains used to turn into giant faces of the invaders. Regardless of whose land, it’s incredibly arrogant to make use of nature that way

      Teddy Roosevelt’s the only one who merits a monument in relation to establishing national parks, and I doubt he would have wanted a giant effigy of himself.

    • quixote says:

      (Totally OT, but I never realized what a neanderthal brow ridge whatshisname (Clark Gable? right?) had. Look at the slope on his forehead!)

  4. dakinikat says:

    Thx for covering me … I’m trying everything I know to get it back up. I’m running check disk atm and it’s taking forever… not sure if I can save it this time.

  5. NW Luna says:

    Lololol! Donnie, it’s getting cloooooser to you!