Tuesday Reads: No More Finger-Wagging Old White Men, Please.

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Did you see the disturbing interaction between Joy Reid and Joe Biden at the Poor People’s Campaign forum? I didn’t watch it, but Rachel Maddow showed the clip last night.

Hundreds of women reacted on Twitter, calling Biden’s body language intimidating and his tone condescending. I agree.

Two male authors at CNN said Biden “forcefully pushed back against criticism that he is naïve to think Democrats can work with Republicans in Congress,” seemingly missing Biden’s threatening body language.

Here’s another Biden interaction with a woman that was posted on Twitter:

The Daily Dot: Voter behind Biden finger photo says they were ‘shocked’ by candidate’s actions.

We all know those people who say, “no one is a bigger feminist than I am” yet go on to show through their actions that they are anything buta feminist. A recent photo of 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden pointing a finger in a womxn‘s face illustrates this type of character perfectly. And, hopefully, the memes emerging from this photo will put a spotlight on the former vice president’s policies concerning reproductive rights, abortion, and assault.

K.C. Cayo, who goes by @thelocalmaniac8 on Twitter, shared the now-viral photo of Biden—who is currently campaigning in Iowa—pointing a finger in their face with the caption, “Told Biden we need someone stronger on reproductive justice, and after his reversal on the Hyde Amendment, we asked him to protect assault survivors. He said, ‘nobody has spoken about it, done more, or changed more than I have.’ I told him we deserve better.”

Just what we need–another finger-wagging white male in his 70s. More from the Daily Dot story:

Cayo told the Daily Dot in a direct message on Twitter that they were “overwhelmed and excited” by the response to the photo, which was taken by Sarah Pearson. “I’m glad that survivors of sexual assault are finding that my experience resonates so much with them, and that we were able to capture Biden’s true colors,” they said….

“When it was happening, I was shocked—we all were,” they said. “This was not supposed to be a ‘gotcha!’ moment…this was supposed to be a candid discussion about why people like us were wary of his policies and voting record, followed by a question about how he would protect womxn by reforming and restructuring our courts to keep people like Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh off of it.”

“Our conversation never got that far,” Cayo continued. “He continued to change the subject to VAWA, got increasingly agitated, leaned close, raised his hand, and raised his voice.”

And where did Biden get the idea that he can get Republicans to work with him? Why didn’t he do it during his eight years as Vice President if he’s so confident?

According to The Washington Post, Obama administration veterans are mystified:

While Biden often cited his relationship with Obama, he left some members of the Obama administration frustrated with his promises to cooperate with Republicans.

Joy-Ann Reid, an MSNBC host who moderated the session, asked Biden how he would pass his plans through a stubborn Congress — in particular, how he would work with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who makes little secret of his satisfaction at blocking Democratic initiatives.

Biden bristled at the suggestion that his approach was misguided. As he wound through his response, Biden moved nearer to Reid, who was seated, and leaned over her.

“Joy-Ann, I know you’re one of the ones who thinks it’s naive to think we have to work together,” Biden said. “The fact of the matter is, if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive branch. Zero.” He added that “you can shame people into doing the right thing.”

Biden’s suggestion that he could persuade McConnell to cooperate prompted skepticism from those who have interacted with McConnell. Alyssa Mastro­monaco, a former Obama deputy chief of staff, tweeted, “maybe you can shame people. you can’t shame McConnell. it would be dope to find a path to greater bipartisanship but this isn’t that path.”

I will never vote for Biden. Never.

The youngest white man in the presidential race is having facing some trouble back home in South Bend. USA Today: Buttigieg cancels campaign events after fatal police shooting in South Bend.

Pete Buttigieg this week canceled several campaign events after returning to South Bend, Indiana, following a police-involved shooting that left a black man dead.

South Bend resident Eric Logan was shot early Sunday after the police responded to a report that a suspicious person was going through cars, the St. Joseph County prosecutor’s office said, according to the Associated Press.

Logan was confronted by a police officer in a vehicle at an apartment building parking lot, the AP reported. The prosecutor’s office said Logan exited the vehicle and approached the officer with a knife raised and the officer opened fire, according to the AP. The name and race/ethnicity of the officer were not released.

Logan, 54, died at a hospital and an autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

Eugene Scott at The Washington Post: Police shooting in South Bend will put scrutiny on Buttigieg’s handling of race and police.

Buttigieg has spent the past few months trying to convince black voters that he hears, and understands, their concerns when it comes to issues of police violence against people of color — and that he will work to address those concerns if elected president.

During Buttigieg’s 2015 State of the City address, he used the phrase “all lives matter,” which critics say displayed a lack of awareness or a lack of sensitivity about the ongoing tensions between law enforcement and communities of color:

There is no contradiction between respecting the risks police officers take every day in order to protect this community and recognizing the need to overcome the biases implicit in a justice system that treats people from different backgrounds differently, even when they are accused of the same offenses. We need to take both those things seriously, for the simple and profound reason that all lives matter.

“All Lives Matter” is a phrase often used to counter the argument made by those invoking “Black Lives Matter,” a slogan used to draw attention to police brutality against black people. The young mayor has said he was trying to acknowledge that police are worthy of respect for putting their lives on the line while also acknowledging implicit biases in the criminal justice system harm people of color.

Click the link to read much more about Buttigieg’s history with African Americans in South Bend.

Last night Trump sent a disturbing tweet about mass deportations of undocumented immigrants.

some people on Twitter referenced Kristallnacht in reference to Trump’s threat.

The Washington Post: Trump vows mass immigration arrests, removals of ‘millions of illegal aliens’ starting next week.

President Trump said in a tweet Monday night that U.S. immigration agents are planning to make mass arrests starting “next week,” an apparent reference to a plan in preparation for months that aims to round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities….

Large-scale ICE enforcement operations are typically kept secret to avoid tipping off targets. In 2018, Trump and other senior officials threatened the mayor of Oakland, Calif., with criminal prosecution for alerting city residents that immigration raids were in the works.

Trump and his senior immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, have been prodding Homeland Security officials to arrest and remove thousands of family members whose deportation orders were expedited by the Justice Department this year as part of a plan known as the “rocket docket.”

In April, acting ICE director Ronald Vitiello and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were ousted after they hesitated to go forward with the plan, expressing concerns about its preparation, effectiveness and the risk of public outrage from images of migrant children being taken into custody or separated from their families.

It’s difficult to know if there really is such a plan for next week or if this is just bluster ahead of Trump’s hate rally in Florida tonight, where is supposedly announcing his run for reelection again. If he sees today’s Orlando Sentinel, he’ll have a nasty surprise.

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump | Editorial

Donald Trump is in Orlando to announce the kickoff of his re-election campaign.

We’re here to announce our endorsement for president in 2020, or, at least, who we’re not endorsing: Donald Trump.

Some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election, and before knowing the identity of his opponent.

Because there’s no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump.

After 2½ years we’ve seen enough.

Enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, the self-aggrandizement, the corruption, and especially the lies.

So many lies — from white lies to whoppers — told out of ignorance, laziness, recklessness, expediency or opportunity.

Trump’s capacity for lying isn’t the surprise here, though the frequency is.

It’s the tolerance so many Americans have for it.

There was a time when even a single lie — a phony college degree, a bogus work history — would doom a politician’s career.

Not so for Trump, who claimed in 2017 that he lost the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally (they didn’t). In 2018 he said North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat (it is). And in 2019 he said windmills cause cancer (they don’t). Just last week he claimed the media fabricated unfavorable results from his campaign’s internal polling (it didn’t).

According to a Washington Post database, the president has tallied more than 10,000 lies since he took office.

Trump’s successful assault on truth is the great casualty of this presidency, followed closely by his war on decency.

Click the link to read the rest.

More stories of possible interest, links only:

The New York Times: Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened.

Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair: “Crickets. They’re Gone” Why the Mercers, Trump’s Biggest 2016 Backers, Have Bailed on Him.

The New York Times: Kremlin Warns of Cyberwar After Report of U.S. Hacking Into Russian Power Grid.

Yahoo News: Shanahan’s confirmation hearing for defense secretary delayed amid FBI investigation.

Politico: Pentagon sending 1,000 more troops as tensions with Iran grow.

Politico: Trump prepares to bypass Congress to take on Iran.

Politico: The House committee quietly racking up oversight wins against Trump.

What else is happening? Please share your thoughts and links in the comment thread below.

28 Comments on “Tuesday Reads: No More Finger-Wagging Old White Men, Please.”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    TPM: Of Course He Will: Trump Set To Live-Tweet First Dem Debates Next Week.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with Trump’s plans during the Democratic debates said that the President is tentatively planning to live-tweet the debates on June 26 and 27.

    Although Trump’s advisers initially wanted to keep the avid Twitter user off of the platform, considering his recent attacks against former Vice President Joe Biden, the new live-tweeting strategy is seen as a way to make Trump’s presence “more tangible.”

    The Journal reports that Trump’s tweets “could provide instant responses as well as insights into which attacks he feels most acutely.”

    • dakinikat says:

      I see nothing good coming from this and possibly a few candidates that will need secret service protection.

    • NW Luna says:

      Oh, well that’s grown-up, Presidential behavior.

      You’re right — he’ll encourage violence. “MAGAts, if you’re listening, there’s these Democrats who should be taken out.”

  2. NW Luna says:

    And where did Biden get the idea that he can get Republicans to work with him? Why didn’t he do it during his eight years as Vice President if he’s so confident?

    Exactly. He’s an idiot, or doesn’t want to accept reality, or both. Obama wanted to ‘reach across the aisle’ and look where that got him.

    • quixote says:

      Well, sure, but Obama had something, some kind of problem, I can’t put my finger on it, that prevented proper Old Boy chumminess with the (white old) men in the Senate.

      Biden isn’t just a misogynist. Funny, how all the bigotries always seem to lean on each other.

  3. bostonboomer says:

  4. NW Luna says:

    We should be in the streets like this:

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    Equally disturbing today are the lines of people already in place hours before Trump’s appearance to be present when he announces his candidacy once again.

    How is it possible that thousands of people are supporting one of the worst POTUS to ever set foot in the Oval Office?

    Do they really not care that he is a danger to the planet at large? That he lies and lies and lies? That he has no idea of what he is doing beyond aggrandizing himself at their expense? That he is completely corrupt? That he is enriching himself at the public trough? That he cannot be trusted with intelligence briefings? That his cabinet alone is made up of grifters? That he is daily undermining the rule of law? That he is a “fan” of dictators and murderers? That he is threatening to take away their healthcare and voting rights? That he has separated children from their parents who are trying to escape death and tyranny in their own countries? That he is pushing forward laws that will abolish a woman’s right to choose?

    What is wrong with these people? Why would anyone with a modicum of common sense endorse such an evil, ignorant, corrupt man that is Donald Trump?

    I am speechless watching and listening to these morons “explain” this man and the reasons for their support. Morons!

    • Enheduanna says:

      They don’t care – he’s a TeeVee celebrity!!!11!!

      He’s a TV star. Watch them as he’s speaking – they’re star-struck. The fact he’s an ignorant racist like themselves is icing on the cake. They like his inimical style. Oh and also his vulgar wealth – they think he and Melania are classy.

      These are not decent people who care about other human beings.

    • lililam says:

      I watched some of Lawrence last night, where tingles discussed the election with residents of Dayton, both trump and non-trump. There was the usual “he’s good for the economy” hogwash. Then Matthews asked for a show of hands of those whe felt Trump did not lie- no one raised their hand. One lady (a trumpet) admitted that his behavior was the antithesis of everything she taught her kids about behavior, but yet, since she is doing ok economically right now, it is all worth it.

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. dakinikat says:

    • quixote says:

      “The Trump strategy of spasmodic strategic incompetence has left always made it functionally incapable of grappling with complex threats” (Fixed it for them.)

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Shanahan is withdrawing his nomination for Defense Secretary. Wait till you see what that FBI investigation was about!

    WaPo: As Trump’s defense pick withdraws, he addresses violent domestic incidents

    In the months that he has served as President Trump’s acting secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan has worked to keep domestic violence incidents within his family private. His wife was arrested after punching him in the face, and his son was arrested after a separate incident in which he hit his mother with a baseball bat. Public disclosure of the nearly decade-old episodes would re-traumatize his young adult children, Shanahan said.

    • bostonboomer says:

      In November 2011, Shanahan rushed to defend his then-17-year-old son, William Shanahan, in the days after the teenager brutally beat his mother. The attack had left Shanahan’s ex-wife unconscious in a pool of blood, her skull fractured, and with internal injuries that required surgery, according to court and police records.

      Two weeks later, Shanahan sent his ex-wife’s brother a memo arguing that his son had acted in self-defense.

      “Use of a baseball bat in self-defense will likely be viewed as an imbalance of force,” Shanahan wrote. “However, Will’s mother harassed him for nearly three hours before the incident.”

      • dakinikat says:

        sweet baby kingcake jayzus!

        • bostonboomer says:

          That story is really something. Read the whole thing if you can.

          • NW Luna says:

            I read the whole thing. That man is dangerous. Oh, and he’s soooo worried that his son would be traumatized with the news getting out that he attacked his mother with a $400 (!) baseball bat. So I guess getting a fractured skull and beaten so badly you need surgery isn’t traumatic, but your assailant having his crime made public is.

            If this man had become Sec of Defense, he’d cuddle up with strongman Putin and then start WWIII by attacking some small country. Only the best people, indeed.

  9. bostonboomer says:

  10. dakinikat says:

    • NW Luna says:

      This will have repercussions for generations. We already have too few people voting. More citizens will be apathetic or cynical (or both) and disengage. I worry the media will continue to avoid offending power and not call out lies.

  11. bostonboomer says: