Thursday Reads: How Many Pages Are In the Mysterious Mueller Report? The Latest from Crazy Town

“Barr issues his sticky-note summary of the Mueller report” –Ann Telnaes

Washington DC is Crazy Town, and an insane old man is in charge. That’s the simple truth.

Trump installed a partisan old man with a history of leading government cover-ups as Attorney General, and the hand-picked AG promptly shut down the Russia investigation and issued a nonsensical 3-1/2 page summary of a report that is at least hundreds of pages long.

The stenographers in the media bought the bogus summary hook, line, and sinker; and now wannabe dictator Trump is ranting about getting revenge on anyone who dares to question his author-i-tay!

Raw Story: Trump manically launches a barrage of unhinged attacks in all directions over the past 12 hours.

President Donald Trump has not been calmed by Attorney General Barr’s generous public interpretation of the Mueller report. Instead, the Commander-in-Chief appears to be spiraling even further into madness.

Over the past 12 hours – from 9 PM Wednesday through 9 AM Thursday – the President has attacked the press as having “ZERO credibility or respect,” while promising he has a “secret” on them.

He has endorsed a two-minute Fox News diatribe urging Trump to “counterpunch” against the media – featuring images of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews. And he has also attacked NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN as “Fake News,” and claimed ratings for MSNBC an CNN “have gone down by as much as 50%.”

He has falsely claimed that NBC News somehow deceptively edited his now-infamous comments to anchor Lester Holt that he fired FBI Director Jim Comey over “this Russia thing.”

He has threatened to “close the Southern Border!” because, he claims, “Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country.”

He has called the Mueller investigation, which was created by officials he personally appointed, “an attempted takeover of our government, of our country, an illegal takeover,” suggesting it was a coup.

Insider: Trump dropped an ominous hint that a revenge campaign over Mueller could spread to the FBI and intelligence officials.

President Donald Trump, in his first lengthy one-on-one interview since the special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on Russian election interference, denounced those who initiated the investigation, saying, “Hopefully, they won’t get away with it.”

Speaking with the Fox News host Sean Hannity, a friend who advocates Trump’s positions on the air, the president renewed his attacks on intelligence officials, Democrats, and what he called FBI “dirty cops” whom he has long accused of running a “witch hunt” against his administration.

After criticizing the amount spent on the investigation, Trump said: “How did it start? You had dirty cops. You had people that are about FBI folks.”

He remarked that “at the top, they were not clean, to put it mildly,” adding, “And what they did to our country was a terrible, terrible thing.”

The president went on to express his hope there would be payback for FBI officials who in 2016 began investigating contact between Russians and Trump campaign officials, an investigation that was handed over to Mueller in 2017 after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey….

“That was a disgrace and an embarrassment our country, that they were allowed to get away with this. Hopefully, they won’t get away with it.”

Read more insanity at the Insider link.

Hilariously, AG Bill Barr refuses to tell anyone how many pages are in the “Mueller Report,” so now the media is scrambling to find out.

Politico: Nadler ‘disturbed’ that Barr won’t commit to providing full Mueller report.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), said Wednesday that Attorney General William Barr would not commit to turning over special counsel Robert Mueller’s entire report on Russian links to the Trump campaign — and would almost certainly miss an April 2 deadline set by House Democrats.

“I’m very disturbed by that,” Nadler told reporters at the Capitol….

Nadler, who described his exchange with Barr in a 10-minute phone call Wednesday afternoon, said the attorney general revealed to him the length of Mueller’s report — which Nadler described as “very substantial.” But Nadler declined to disclose its length, saying he wasn’t explicitly authorized to disclose it. Pressed on whether he considered “very substantial” to be fewer than 1,000 pages, Nadler said, “I would think so.”

Judge Napolitano of Fox News claims the report is 700 pages long. The Daily Beast reports:

“We saw on Sunday a four-page summary of a 700-page report,” the Fox analyst said. “The 700-page report is a summary of two million pages of documents, of raw evidence.”

He continued: “In the 700-page summary of the two million pages of raw evidence, there is undoubtedly some evidence of a conspiracy and some evidence of obstruction of justice, just not enough evidence—I’m thinking the way I believe Congressman Schiff is thinking—according to Attorney General Barr, not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the standard.”

Napolitano went on to note that if “there were no evidence of conspiracy and no evidence of obstruction, the attorney general would have told us so,” adding that Barr didn’t, so “there is something there” that Democrats and Trump opponents want to see. And they’ll have a “field day” with it.

Napolitano didn’t explain how he found out the page length of the report.

The New York Times claims another page length: Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary.

The still-secret report on Russian interference in the 2016 election submitted by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, last week was more than 300 pages long, according to American officials with knowledge of it, a length that raises new questions about Attorney General William P. Barr’s four-page summary.

Mr. Barr wrote to Congress on Sunday offering what he called the “principal conclusions” of the report — including that Mr. Mueller had not found evidence that the Trump campaign took part in a conspiracy to undermine the election. But he had notably declined to publicly disclose its length.

The total of 300-plus pages suggests that Mr. Mueller went well beyond the kind of bare-bones summary required by the Justice Department regulation governing his appointment and detailed his conclusions at length. And it raises questions about what Mr. Barr might have left out of the four dense pages he sent Congress….

The American officials spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to discuss details of the report, titled “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

The Justice Department has continued to decline to publicly give an official page number, though a senior Justice Department official told reporters on the day it was received that the report was “comprehensive.”

LOL! Will we ever learn how long the report is, much less find out what’s in it? Stay tuned to the Crazy Town news.

On Twitter this morning, the mocking hashtag #BillBarrLetters was trending. Some examples:

In order to help their cult-leader get his revenge, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are demanding that Chairman Adam Schiff resign. CNN:

The nine Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have signed a letter calling on House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff to resign as chairman, Rep. Mike Conaway, the Republican who led the panel’s Russia investigation, said Thursday.

Conaway pointed to the release of the special counsel’s summary on Sunday to accuse Schiff, a California Democrat, of having “abused your position to knowingly promote false information.”

“Your actions both past and present are incompatible with your duty as chairman,” Conaway said at the beginning of a public committee hearing on Russian money laundering, reading from the letter. “We have no faith in your ability to discharge duties.”

The call from the Republicans on the committee for Schiff to step down escalate the Republican attacks on Schiff, who has come under fire for his claims of collusion after Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter to Congress quoted special counsel Robert Mueller’s report as saying it “did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that Schiff should resign from Congress.

That’s pretty rich, considering the crazy antics of former chairman Devin Nunes, who saw his role as spy for the White House.

C-Span tweeted this speech by Schiff just now. He spoke after Republicans demanded his resignation. The speech is well worth watching.

And that ends today’s dispatch from Crazy Town on the Potomic.


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    Have a great Thursday, Sky Dancers!

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      FYI: This guy is a Fox News reporter.

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      Ding! Ding! Ding! T

      That is the damned truth.

      I hope Stacy runs someday but not with Uncle Joe.

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      Good for her! I’m getting tired of women and especially women of color being used like props for old white dudes.

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      Abrams seems to be getting a lot of press – and they’re having a hard time making her look bad. I’m very glad she’s being well-covered.

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    Ooooh! Slick burn from Nancy Pelosi!

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    I think it is time for another Daniel Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers reveal. The only way we will ever get to the bottom of these lies and obfuscation.

    Of course there was collusion, conspiracy, and corruption committed by President Liarface. Why else has it not been released? We know it. They know it. Hell, the world knows it.

    The best I have heard so far is that now they are more then convinced that Trump will be easily re-elected because of the “exoneration”.

    Mueller, or somebody that still has an ounce of integrity left, needs to step forward and prevent this with the release of that report.

    Trump and his minions should not be able to get away with this lack of accountability regardless of the legal restrictions they are relying on to conceal the truth.

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    I would not respect Trump’s Authori-TAH! if eRIC Cartman asked me himself.

    However I will acknowledge the Trump is most certainly a CHEESY POOF!

    He is the Cheesy Poof in Chief..

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      If he somehow gets reelected I’ll cease believing in this country altogether. I have already had to dial back my expectations in a huge way. I was so sure Hillary would win – and I’d like to be as sure he will suffer a landslide loss in 2020. But who knows?

      Isn’t Quinnipiac a pretty conservative-leaning pollster?

      • quixote says:

        She did win. The only thing you forgot to account for was the scale of the vote tampering.

        There’s every reason to think it’ll be even worse in 2020, unless either popular feeling overwhelms the rigging, or — anything is possible — the Dems and/or the courts actually do something about at least some of the rigging.

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    That #BillBarrLetters hashtag is slap-your-thigh funny.

    “French man eats cookie.”

    “It was the best of times. Nothing more.”

    “Hester Prynn embroiders her sweater.”

    “Man tries green eggs and ham and says it’s tasty.”

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      I think it was William Gibson who said, “The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.”

      Good Venn diagram reminding us that it’s not “future,” singular, either.

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