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I am a Buddhist and took refuge vows over 20 years ago.  You become a Buddhist by taking refuge vows. You speak them daily when you wake up and before you sleep and when ever you take a breath. Giving and taking refuge is the most sacred and precious gift. This explanation is from the great Vajryana teacher and master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

In the Buddhist tradition, the purpose of taking refuge is to awaken from confusion and associate oneself with wakefulness. Taking refuge is a matter of commitment and acceptance and, at the same time, of openness and freedom. By taking the refuge vow we commit ourselves to freedom.

Two year Old Yanela Hernandez, a Honduran girl, arrived at the US Border with her Asylum-seeking mother. We have signed treaties, enacted laws, and implemented procedures for seeking Asylum. Yanela Hernandez is now the face of what happens when you hand the sacred duty of giving refuge to soulless rage monsters.

We’ve seen this before in our history.  We enslaved Africans and separated families. We snatched indigenous children and institutionalized them in church schools. We put Japanese immigrants in internment centers during World War 2. We send money to Israel where Palestinians are walled into an outdoor concentration camp and shot at with snipers for doing almost anything then we leave Human Rights Councils when our complicity in Crimes Against Humanity becomes something for which do not want to be held to account.

Yanela is the face of our ability to create suffering where none should exist. She joins our terrible history of systemic racism and oppression. Our bleakest history is why we continually move forward to enfranchise more of us  in “We the People … in order to form a more perfect union”.  This should be our daily task and affirmation.

Sandra’s current immigration proceedings are ‘ongoing’ and she is being housed at a family detention center in Texas.

Denis said that his wife had previously mentioned her wish to go to the United States for a ‘better future’ but did not tell him nor any of their family members that she was planning to make the trek.

‘I didn’t support it. I asked her, why? Why would she want to put our little girl through that? But it was her decision at the end of the day.’

He said that Sandra had always wanted to experience ‘the American dream’ and hoped to find a good job in the States.

Denis, who works as a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes, explained that things back home were fine but not great, and that his wife was seeking political asylum.

He said that Sandra set out on the 1,800-mile journey with the baby girl on June 3, at 6am, and he has not heard from her since.

‘I never got the chance to say goodbye to my daughter and now all I can do is wait’, he said, adding that he hopes they are either granted political asylum or are sent back home.

Sandra and Yanela “were never separated by border control agents and remain together.”  Small kindness can still exist in a policy meant to dehumanize and terrorize potential asylum seekers.  My sacred rite of refuge is a tool of oppression in the hands of KKKremlin Caligula and his MAGATs

Eventually, Americans wake up. “There’s nearly a Nixon ’74 level of public support for impeaching Trump.”

There is a truly remarkable number in the most recent CNN poll, conducted by SSRS and out this morning.

In it, 42% of Americans say President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

What makes it remarkable is that he’s on par with President Richard Nixon, who 43% of Americans said should be impeached and removed from office in a March 1974 Harris poll. That was after the scale of Watergate came to light, but months before the House started to move against Nixon, who would go on to resign in August 1974 rather than be impeached.

Impeachment requires “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” according to the Constitution, which also lists it as the the only thing for which a President can’t issue a pardon.

Trump has bragged that he certainly has the power to pardon himself but won’t need to use it. Nixon got a pardon from Gerald Ford, the man to whom he gave the keys to the White House.

The 43% supporting Nixon’s impeachment in that Harris poll, by the way, is much higher than the 29% who supported impeachment for President Bill Clinton in 1998. Or, for that matter, the similar number who wanted Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush impeached. As CNN’s Grace Sparks writes, there’s basically “a baseline of pro-impeachment sentiment for a modern president” and Trump far eclipses it.

This isn’t stopping KKKremlin Caligula from his efforts to define humanity into wipipo and those from shithole countries and building a monumental wall to stomp out the symbol of the Statue of Liberty as American’s Beacon.  We don’t have beacons with have SS styled ICE agents, militarized police, and bigger barricades to freedom. The Hair Furor wants his wall and we will all suffer unless he gets it. We will also inflict massive suffering on others.

As a national debate raged about family separations at the border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection told a group of South Texas officials earlier this week that the federal government plans to move forward with private land seizures in the Rio Grande Valley to build sections of President Donald Trump’s border wall.

“They said that they got the money, they got the authority and they’re going to move on trying to acquire the land,” said U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Laredo Democrat who attended the briefing in McAllen of a few dozen officials from cities, counties and foreign trade zones along the Texas-Mexico border.

Cuellar, who serves on the House Homeland Security Committee, said land will be seized to build a section of wallthat’s already been promised funding; on Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a spending bill that includes $1.6 billion for about 65 miles of fencing in the Valley.

“In the next week or so we’re going to find out how much more they’ll be asking for the fencing to be built,” Cuellar added.

Everything Trump Touches Dies.

Everything Trump says is wrong and filled with lies.

The DOD has reported widespread contamination at its bases and posts, as well as their surrounding areas. In a March report to the House Armed Services Committee, the department provided a list of 126 military facilities where nearby water supplies contained PFAS levels above the EPA’s standard, and 36 bases with drinking water contamination on site. “In all, 25 Army bases50 Air Force bases49 Navy or Marine Corps bases and two Defense Logistics Agency sites have tested at higher than acceptable levels for the compounds in either their drinking water or groundwater sources,” the Military Times reported.

The EPA had been assuring people who lived o these bases that they were safe from the potentially harmful effects of PFAS—which range in severity from weight gain to liver disease to cancer—at levels of 70 parts per trillion. But the new ATSDR study says safe levels were actually much lower, from 7 to 11 parts per trillion.

“It’s pretty pervasive problem,” Melanie Benesch, a legislative attorney at the Environmental Working Group, told me. “It’s getting into the groundwater and tap water on bases, so people living on base are of course affected.” Military personnel often live on bases with their families, so those drinking contaminated water can include pregnant women and children—two populations especially vulnerable to PFAS. And these compounds can remain in the body for six to ten years. “Veterans who have since moved off likely continue to have it in their bodies,” Benesch said.

In 2016, the Grand Rapids Press spoke to several veterans who blamed various health problems—spinal defects, thyroid problems, and hypertension—on PFAS-contaminated water at Wurtsmith Air Force Base. They began connecting the dots whlen, that February, Michigan officials warned against consuming well water near the facility due to the presence of the compounds. “We thought that if anything was wrong, of course someone would tell us,” one veteran said. “It feels like we’ve been betrayed.”

And where are families seeking political asylum going to be sent?

And what about our economy?  What about the jobs numbers when this continues to roll over American workers in THESE industries?  We’ve got a huge big Tent Circus going on here with so many rings you can’t watch them all . We do know they all are run by evil clowns.

It’s just hard to keep up with all the bad news.

But still, we must do it.

And, we must do what we can to stop it.

And stop it now!

The EU tariffs on $3.4 billion worth of U.S. products are in retaliation for duties the Trump administration has imposed on European steel and aluminum.

The EU trade commissioner has acknowledged that the EU targeted some iconic American items to put political pressure on U.S. President Donald Trump and senior U.S. politicians. European Commission spokesman Alexander Winterstein said the EU’s response is proportionate and reasonable.

Daniel Gros, director for Economy and Finance at the Center for European Policy Studies, said that in a trade war everyone stands to lose, but the U.S. has put itself in a worse position.

“I think the United States is losing more because it has put tariffs on a very important input which very often it doesn’t produce itself,” he said. “The EU perhaps will find a few disgruntled consumers who have to pay more for their Harley Davidsons, but that is not a big loss for us.”

Trump imposed tariffs of 25 percent on EU steel and 10 percent on aluminum on June 1. Europeans claim that breaks global trade rules.

Melania Antoinette Trump has become the face of brutal indifference with her choice of jacket messages yesterday.  Our nation sends out weary laughs while we shake our heads. I’ve shared some of it with you today.

These memes might be a sweet moment of hilarity, but don’t let it distract you from the real problem facing us at the moment: the threat of separation facing immigrant families on a daily basis. That one isn’t funny at all.

Oh, and the Pentagon said “fuck you” to the Space Force.

But, the biggest deal right now is how to get these children and parents back together.  It’s something we must do now.  The MAGATs must know this because the propaganda channel is trying to make us all as heartless and soulless as they are.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): The other thing that I think is the biggest joke that we’re not addressing, it wasn’t President Trump’s idea to have everyone leave from Central and South America in June and well up at the border. Somebody has to deal with this issue. It doesn’t matter who the president is. If you don’t like his policy, he’s also open to your policy rather than just criticizing his. He’s trying to send a message to the other countries. This is not the way you do it because this is a country that has rules and laws. The port of entry will be one thing. We can bolster those laws, but we just can’t let everybody in that wants to be here.

And these are not — like it or not, these aren’t our kids. Show them compassion, but it’s not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country and now people are saying that they’re more important than people in our country who are paying taxes and who have needs as well.

AINELY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, well he just wants to make sure we vet who’s coming across the border, in case it’s MS-13 or drugs.

And the MAGATs are outfront and proud about it:

An Army National Guardsman is being disciplined for posting “they’re lucky we aren’t executing them” on a viral Facebook fundraiser for immigrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Reuniting these families is currently as chaotic as you might assume.  Trump’s executive branch is a combination of empty heads and positions.

Each of the mothers had a different memory of the moment she was separated from her child.

For some, it was outside a Border Patrol station just north of the Rio Grande, shortly after being apprehended. For others, it was after an interrogation by federal authorities in a bitterly cold air-conditioned office.

Jodi Goodwin, an attorney in Harlingen, Tex., has heard more than two dozen variations of those stories from Central American mothers who have been detained for days or weeks without their children. So far, she has not been able to locate a single one of their offspring.

“It’s just a total labyrinth,” she said.

Even though the Trump administration has halted its policy of separating illegal border crossers from their children, many of the over 2,300 youths removed from migrant parents since May 5 remain in shelters and foster homes across the country. The U.S. government has done little to help with the reunifications, attorneys say, prompting them to launch a frantic, improvised effort to find the children — some of them toddlers.

One legal aid organization, the Texas Civil Rights Project, is representing more than 300 parents and has been able to track down only two children.

What’s going on is something none of us should sit out. Do what you can.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?


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  1. dakinikat says:

  2. dakinikat says:

    Nikki Haley: ‘It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America’

    A United Nations report condemning entrenched poverty in the United States is a “misleading and politically motivated” document about “the wealthiest and freest country in the world,” according to the Trump administration’s ambassador to the world body.

    U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the report for critiquing the United States’ treatment of its poor, arguing that the United Nations should instead focus on poverty in developing countries such as Burundi and Congo. The U.N. report also faulted the Trump administration for pursuing policies it said would exacerbate U.S. poverty.

    “It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America,” Haley wrote in a letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday. “In our country, the President, Members of Congress, Governors, Mayors, and City Council members actively engage on poverty issues every day. Compare that to the many countries around the world, whose governments knowingly abuse human rights and cause pain and suffering.”

    Can you read that last sentence without choking on bile? Does she know what demons she serves?

    • bostonboomer says:

      Haley is a monster just like the rest of the Trumpists. We desperately need help from the UN right now.

    • NW Luna says:

      The U.N. also points out the high rates of illness, and violence, and the abhorrently poor healthcare system in this country.

      Trumpists have no shame. Bring up facts and they attack the speaker.

    • palhart says:

      The House Republicans, for Ryan’s going-away present, have quietly unveiled their 2019 budget that attacks the safety net of $5.4Tr, over the next decade, by robbing from the poor to pay off the $1.5Tr in tax cuts to the richest Americans. It calls for the following:

      –$537B, in cuts to Medicare,
      –$1.5Tr, in cuts to Medicaid,
      –$4B, in cuts to Social Security.

      Poverty exists in the US, Nikki Haley, and should be examined by the UN.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    I’m sorry. I simply do not believe the Daily Mail story. It contains no evidence whatsoever that the mother and child are together or that they are OK. It offers nothing but the words of the father who admits he hasn’t spoken to his wife and old photos. I need evidence in order to believe this. Trump and his gang are pathological liars. They are monsters. Show me evidence.

    How the hell do we know that this woman wasn’t running to escape her husband?

  4. dakinikat says:

  5. dakinikat says:

  6. bostonboomer says:

    • dakinikat says:

      Good for him and fuck Karen Handel straight to the worst he’ll realm

      • Enheduanna says:

        Handel disgusts me – she’s a grifter just like the rest of them on top of their onerous bigotry. I’m ashamed she’s from Georgia and that I have relatives who voted for her.

        I ❤ Ted Lieu.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    • dakinikat says:

      Sounds like he’s Aspi.

      • quixote says:

        Very much so. One who didn’t get the counseling help he needed.

      • Jane says:

        Don’t know about that but heard Steve Miller as a high school student, saying that he “was sick of being told to pick up his trash.” that was what janitors were for. Sounds like a self-centered spoiled brat to me. Much like the drumpf.

  8. bostonboomer says:

  9. RonStill4Hills says:

    Melania “Eva Bronze” Trump, Kellyanne Riefenstahl, Kirstjen Ilse Koch Nielsen, I do not know why we coddle any of these Nazi anyway. Least of all the First-Daughter-Wife.

    They are true believers or at best collaborators. When we have the reckoning they will be in the dock right along side the men.

    For some reason delusional Mika Brzezinski continues to defend Melania. Hmmm, this is the woman who has never passed up an opportunity to rip Hills a be one. This is the woman who coined the phrase ‘“But Her e-mails..”. (In the original non-ironic sense). She is dumber than dog shit but that is no excuse, you can not absolve grown adult women from responsibility for evil deeds.

    Ivanka needs to be called out as well.

    The only one I don’t blame is…wait …no I blame every last one of them. As Machine Gun Moses said on that beach in the future under the shadow of the shattered Statue of Liberty “Damn them, damn them all to hell!”

    • Enheduanna says:

      One of my favorite movies (even with Machine Gun Moses). hahahahaha

      I actually had a tiny molecule of general empathy for Melania… up until I found out about the company that makes that jacket thanks to BB’s posts yesterday. This has to be very deliberate on her part. That jacket is far too heavy for June – whether you’re in Texas or D.C. She also put it back on after she left the staged photo-op at the child care center (that was NOT a detention center). She chose to send that message. FK her.

      • NW Luna says:

        • NW Luna says:

      • RonStill4Hills says:

        Yes. The Death Camp Pajamas and Swastika handbags left me speechless.

        No words.

        But luckily these are dumb racists who do this stuff in public.

        I heard someone call Il Douchebag “The Great Disinhibitor.” And that is fair. He does embolden these idiots and the show their true faces.

        But I must say, racism and exhibitionism don’t really mix well in the long run.

        The Trumps, all of them, are not content to do evil, they have a pathological need to be seen dot do evil. They will call it good and help to fool the world, but they won’t do it in secret.

        They can’t help but crow crow when they do it.

    • Sweet Sue says:

      I love Eva Bronze. That’s brilliant, Ron.

    • dakinikat says:

      Ivanka has serious issues with Daddy. It’s obvious she’ll wilt if she stands up to him

  10. Pat Johnson says:

    The “argument” of the day is the meaning of Melania and her inappropriate jacket.

    My take is simple: she is a moron!

    If this was meant as a message to President Stupid it makes no sense considering the venue she chose to attend.

    If this was a signal toward the media, again, why there when the purpose was a visit to detained children trapped by this hateful policy?

    If this was a mistake that she put on a jacket (in 90 degree weather) then where are her handlers?

    She knows what she was doing and it was in bad taste to say the least. This grifting family, consumed by wealth and privilege, do not care. Period.

    She has given the finger to the US for whatever reason was bouncing through her empty head.

    These idiots cannot leave fast enough.

  11. NW Luna says:

    It’s. Getting. Worse.

  12. NW Luna says:

  13. NW Luna says:

  14. NW Luna says:

  15. dakinikat says:

    He AUTOGRAPHED photos of all the MURDER VICTIMS. He also joked about one of the photos, “This is Tom Selleck. Except better looking” … in front of the victim’s mother.

    Trump autographed photos of deceased crime victims for White House ‘Angel Families’ event
    President Donald Trump appears to have autographed photos of deceased young people that were featured at a White House event Friday highlighting victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

    • NW Luna says:

      “There, there. Your dead kid’s photo has been signed by me, the greatest president ever, by my very own bigly hand.That oughta make you feel best. Hey, now your kid’s pic is worth yuuuge money. And I alone did it!”

      Evil, evil, evil.

    • NW Luna says:

      • quixote says:

        As somebody pointed out, when he’s not being criminal, he’s so effin weird.

        (The other example just a couple of days ago was that hug of the flag that he somehow turned into an obscenity.)

    • palhart says:

      Oh, God, that’s sick (Trump autographing photos of murder victims)!

  16. dakinikat says:

    Exclusive: Navy Document Shows Plan to Erect ‘Austere’ Detention Camps

    The U.S. Navy is preparing plans to construct sprawling detention centers for tens of thousands of immigrants on remote bases in California, Alabama and Arizona, escalating the military’s task in implementing President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy for people caught crossing the Southern border, according to a copy of a draft memo obtained by TIME.

    The internal document, drafted for the Navy Secretary’s approval, signals how the military is anticipating its role in Trump’s immigration crackdown. The planning document indicates a potential growing military responsibility in an administration caught flat-footed in having to house waves of migrants awaiting civilian criminal proceedings.

    The Navy memo outlines plans to build “temporary and austere” tent cities to house 25,000 migrants at abandoned airfields just outside the Florida panhandle near Mobile, Alabama, at Navy Outlying Field Wolf in Orange Beach, Alabama, and nearby Navy Outlying Field Silverhill.

    • dakinikat says:

      The Pentagon has been asked make preparations on military bases to house as many as 20,000 house immigrant children who are apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border without an adult relative or separated from parents, U.S. military officials said. Department of Health and Human Services completed assessments this week at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Dyess Air Force Base, Fort Bliss in Texas and Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas for potential use for the Unaccompanied Alien Children program.

  17. NW Luna says:

    I want to drag all Trumpists in there. Then chain-lock an impenetrable barbed-wire cover over them.

    This is the Japanese internment camps all over again except even more cruel. At least children weren’t separated from their parents in those.

  18. dakinikat says:

    Show of hands…who believes this?

    • NW Luna says:

      No hands raised. They’re really stupid if they think we’ll believe this shit. They’re just saying it for the Trumpists voters who will then rant at “libtards” that Herr Trumpr fixed it.

  19. NW Luna says:

    Also telling that it took this long for him to realize this. Well, better late than never. At least this may help other Repubs think twice.

  20. NW Luna says:

    • joanelle says:

      You said “These memes might be a sweet moment of hilarity, but don’t let it distract you from the real problem facing us at the moment: the threat of separation facing immigrant families on a daily basis. That one isn’t funny at all.
      This one of the things that contributed to our being in this mess. We Americans seem to make a joke of everything, no matter how, bad, how sad or even how cruel it may be, and don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of situations until we’re up to our whoha in deep dodo. We seem to have this need to feel ‘ok’ about everything, but ‘every’thing isn’t always ok.
      The Budget: we could easily have a realistic budget if we put all our Congress critters on a pention when they leave office like the rest of retirees instead of having them collect their salary for the rest of their lives. Why and how do we stand for what they do to us??? 🤨

  21. NW Luna says:

    Jogger accidentally crosses US border from Canada and is held for two weeks