Live Blog: Bombs Away … De Hair Furor on Syria at 9 pm EST


Will striking the Syrian Regime be legitimate?

But calling Trump’s potential strike against Syria a legitimate humanitarian intervention is absurd. The most comprehensive effort to define that notion came from the Canadian government, which in 2001—in response to pleas from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan—empaneled a commission on the concept known as the “Responsibility to Protect.” That commissionoutlined several criteria that any humanitarian war must meet. No past U.S. intervention has met them fully. A new Syria strike, however, wouldn’t even come close.

One criterion was what the commission called “reasonable prospects.” A military intervention, it argued, must stand “a reasonable chance of success in halting or averting the suffering which has justified the intervention.” When Trump struck Syria for the first time last year, it may have been “reasonable” to hope an American strike would prevent Assad from using chemical weapons again. But it is utterly unreasonable today. That’s because, in the year since Trump’s strike, Assad has used chemical weapons again and again. He didn’t just apparently use them last weekend. According to, he also allegedly used them on March 11, on March 7 and at least five times in January and February.

Shouldn’t Congress approve?  Ryan says no!!!

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday that President Trump has broad authority to attack Syria, precluding the need for Congress to act beforehand.
“The existing AUMF gives him the authority he needs to do what he may or may not do,” Ryan said during a press briefing in the Capitol.


We’re striking with the UK and France. The force is on the war.



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    REUTERS reporting explosions in East Damascus per Rachel Maddow.

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    Thanks, Dak. What a day. Trump wags the dog. It won’t help him. He’s fucked.

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    It took Bolton 5 days to attack a country!

    And No Secretary of State …

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    Problems with the sound system at the Pentagon.

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    Guess that’s all for the moment but tomorrow is another day!!!

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    I can’t bear being an American, anymore.

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    That image, of tRump riding the bomb, fuckingfantastic.