Thursday Reads: Darkness Is Rising; Time for Courage and Determination

Trump Tower AKA Mount Doom

Trump Tower AKA Mount Doom

Good Morning!!

The light is fading; the darkness is rising. We are on the precipice of a national tragedy, a global cataclysm. We must take time to mourn and then gird ourselves for political battles. Young people are our hope for the future now. We must support them and use what wisdom we have to help and guide them. This is the what the electoral map would have looked like if only voters aged 18-25 had voted.


Watertown NY WIC provides services for persons over 18 who are physically or mentally impaired and who are in a situation where they are harmed or threatened with harm by the actions of themselves or others. This often involves the frail elderly and adults who are physically or mentally disabled, seriously ill or alcohol/substance abusers.

I’m not capable of writing much today. It feels like a death in the family. I woke up this morning and for a moment everything seemed normal. And then I remember the horror that has befallen our beloved country. At least there were people out in the streets protesting in cities around the country.

On the Boston Common:


Berkeley High school students on the UC Berkeley campus:


In New York City:


Outside Trump Tower in Chicago:


And in many other places.

This morning I talked to my brother on the phone and we both cried. I’m so fearful for my nephews, but I’m determined to do anything in my power to protect and support them. Yesterday an old friend called me to see if I was OK. She was sobbing. It’s going to take some time to process what has happened and figure out how to react to it. But I refuse to give up. I will keep writing on this blog and I’ll try to find some ways to volunteer and/or donate to help others.

I’m going to post a bunch of links and let you decide which ones you want to click on. Every time I think about posting excerpts I have a huge amount of resistance because I don’t to traumatize myself or anyone else with unwanted information. Dakinikat suggested that I post this letter from Aaron Sorkin to his wife and daughter, so here it is. I haven’t even read it yet, but I trust Dak’s judgment.

Sorkin Girls,

Well the world changed late last night in a way I couldn’t protect us from. That’s a terrible feeling for a father. I won’t sugarcoat it—this is truly horrible. It’s hardly the first time my candidate didn’t win (in fact it’s the sixth time) but it is the first time that a thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn has.

And it wasn’t just Donald Trump who won last night—it was his supporters too. The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who think rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life (or are the reason for their way of life) have been given cause to celebrate. Men who have no right to call themselves that and who think that women who aspire to more than looking hot are shrill, ugly, and otherwise worthy of our scorn rather than our admiration struck a blow for misogynistic shitheads everywhere. Hate was given hope. Abject dumbness was glamorized as being “the fresh voice of an outsider” who’s going to “shake things up.” (Did anyone bother to ask how? Is he going to re-arrange the chairs in the Roosevelt Room?) For the next four years, the President of the United States, the same office held by Washington and Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R., J.F.K. and Barack Obama, will be held by a man-boy who’ll spend his hours exacting Twitter vengeance against all who criticize him (and those numbers will be legion). We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world.

And the world took no time to react. The Dow futures dropped 700 points overnight. Economists are predicting a deep and prolonged recession. Our NATO allies are in a state of legitimate fear. And speaking of fear, Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans are shaking in their shoes. And we’d be right to note that many of Donald Trump’s fans are not fans of Jews. On the other hand, there is a party going on at ISIS headquarters. What wouldn’t we give to trade this small fraction of a man for Richard Nixon right now?

So what do we do?

First of all, we remember that we’re not alone. A hundred million people in America and a billion more around the world feel exactly the same way we do.

Second, we get out of bed. The Trumpsters want to see people like us (Jewish, “coastal elites,” educated, socially progressive, Hollywood…) sobbing and wailing and talking about moving to Canada. I won’t give them that and neither will you. Here’s what we’ll do…

Read the rest at Vanity Fair.

epa05624834 People participate in a protest against the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in New York, New York, USA, 09 November 2016. President-elect Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America to serve from 2017. EPA/ALBA VIGARAY

People participate in a protest against the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in New York, New York, USA, 09 November 2016. EPA/ALBA VIGARAY

Here’s one more from Garrison Keillor at the WaPo: Trump voters will not like what happens next.

So he won. The nation takes a deep breath. Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out, and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting “Lock her up” — we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted “Stronger Together.” It just doesn’t chant.

The Trumpers never expected their guy to actually win the thing, and that’s their problem now. They wanted only to whoop and yell, boo at the H-word, wear profane T-shirts, maybe grab a crotch or two, jump in the RV with a couple of six-packs and go out and shoot some spotted owls. It was pleasure enough for them just to know that they were driving us wild with dismay — by “us,” I mean librarians, children’s authors, yoga practitioners, Unitarians, bird-watchers, people who make their own pasta, opera-goers, the grammar police, people who keep books on their shelves, that bunch. The Trumpers exulted in knowing we were tearing our hair out. They had our number, like a bratty kid who knows exactly how to make you grit your teeth and froth at the mouth.

Alas for the Trump voters, the disasters he will bring on this country will fall more heavily on them than anyone else. The uneducated white males who elected him are the vulnerable ones, and they will not like what happens next.


To all the patronizing B.S. we’ve read about Trump expressing the white working-class’s displacement and loss of the American Dream, I say, “Feh!” — go put your head under cold water. Resentment is no excuse for bald-faced stupidity. America is still the land where the waitress’s kids can grow up to become physicists and novelists and pediatricians, but it helps a lot if the waitress and her husband encourage good habits and the ambition to use your God-given talents and the kids aren’t plugged into electronics day and night. Whooping it up for the candidate of cruelty and ignorance does less than nothing for your kids.

We liberal elitists are now completely in the clear. The government is in Republican hands. Let them deal with him. Democrats can spend four years raising heirloom tomatoes, meditating, reading Jane Austen, traveling around the country, tasting artisan beers, and let the Republicans build the wall and carry on the trade war with China and deport the undocumented and deal with opioids, and we Democrats can go for a long, brisk walk and smell the roses.

Read more at the WaPo. Revenge will not be so sweet for those of us who aren’t as wealthy as Keillor, but it will still be interesting to see the Republicans try to deal with their madman and watch the yahoos come to their rude awakening. But it’s a good piece and it gets better, so do read on at the WaPo link.

And just one more from fantasy novelist Saladin Ahmed: Fantasy and the Real World.

Let me tell you a few stories

Story #1: After years of abuse at the hands his foster family, a talented British boy escapes to private school, which holds challenges of its own.

Story #2: A small group of agents from several nations works to destroy a powerful weapon of mass destruction before it falls into the hands of the enemy.

Story #3: Terrifying creatures, neither women nor men, lurk near the privies, waiting to snatch unsuspecting children and turn them into similar creatures.

Story #4: Savages stand poised to destroy the Eagle Republic. Traitors threaten it from within. Only the Orange Man and his Great Southern Wall can protect us.

Which of these stories is fantasy? Which is a story from the real world? Which of them is “true?” Stories 1 and 2 are of course ‘real world’-toned descriptions of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, respectively. On the other hand, stories 3 and 4 are fantasies that millions of American voters have accepted as accurate descriptions of the real world around them. All of these fantasies have the power to shape not only our own realities, but the real lives of millions of other human beings….

Despite the best efforts of those who insist that we somehow –magically, one might say– keep politics out of the stories we tell, our fantasies are, inevitably, shaped by the world around us. And, perhaps more to the point, the world around us is shaped by stories. The stories we choose to live by, the fantasies we choose to believe in, matter.

“Why should a man be scorned,” Tolkien once wrote, “if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if, when he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls?” Fantasy provides us a noble escape from an imprisoning world, he reminds us, and we must not “confuse the Escape of the Prisoner with the Flight of the Deserter.”

That escape, however, is always temporary. Eventually we are dragged, kicking and screaming, back to prison. What then? “The night is dark and full of terrors,” George RR Martin writes, and at its best fantasy is not only an escape from those terrors but a bulwark against them. Magic glasses that help us recognize and counter the bad fantasies at work in the world around us. The best fantasies offer us true and beautiful stories that do battle with the ugly fever dreams of the real world.

UT students block bridge in Austin, TX

UT students block bridge in Austin, TX

More headlines in no particular order.

WaPo: Moscow had contacts with Trump team during campaign, Russian diplomat says.

Charles Blow: America Elects a Bigot.

Daily Beast: Team Trump Struggling to Fill National-Security Jobs.

Reuters: Trump due in court before Oval Office.

Here’s a weird one: Trump Win Dashes Dreams of UFO Disclosure.

Politico: President-elect Trump invites British prime minister for a visit.

NYT: World Is About to Find Out What Donald Trump Really Believes.

NYT: Trump Rides a Wave of Fury That May Damage Global Prosperity.

Linda Greenhouse: The Choice Confronting the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice.

Nieman Lab: The forces that drove this election’s media failure are likely to get worse.

Buzzfeed: Secretary Of Education Ben Carson? Here’s A List Of Potential Trump Cabinet Picks.

The Education Reference Desk considers students who enrolled in UWW online degree programs that do not come to campus for those courses to be Distance Education (DE) students.

The New Yorker: Hillary’s Powerful Concession.

Market Watch: Siemens warns wave of populism threatens business.

CNN: Mexico stunned by election of Donald Trump.

The Economist: What does Donald Trump’s victory mean for the world?

Reuters: Tough reality check for Trump’s pledge of better heartland jobs, wages.

NYT: On Late Night, Comedians Grapple With Trump’s Victory.

If you want to, please share how you are doing after this incredible shock to our political and cultural systems; and post any other comments and links you want in the comment thread. Courage Sky Dancers!







151 Comments on “Thursday Reads: Darkness Is Rising; Time for Courage and Determination”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    I love and treasure all of you. We’ve been through a lot in our lifetimes. We will get through this too.

    But I won’t look at his grotesque orange face, his disgusting yellow hair, his porn star wife, or his animatronic robot children. I won’t listen to his crude honking voice hollering incoherent, illiterate nonsense. I respect the office, but he is not my president.

    • NW Luna says:

      You speak for me.

    • dakinikat says:

      Same here and back at you!!

      • Fannie says:

        Ditto BB………..he’s not my president either, and I will not subject myself to the man that I think is full of shit, and says the will put Hillary Clinton in prison. I don’t give a crap how “nice” he appeared at the White House.

    • Enheduanna says:

      BB – you are more than entitled to take a break and turn away. You’ve done so much to help me see what was going on and I respect your POV even when we differ (you are always right btw).

      I won’t watch cable but I’ll probably be drawn to the spectacle vicariously through online blogs – like watching a long horrid train wreck. I sure wish you’d do that for us so we don’t have to.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I have a hard time turning away, but I haven’t had the TV on all day. I’ve been on Twitter though.

      • NW Luna says:

        sure wish you’d do that for us so we don’t have to.

        Nooooo! I don’t want you to go through what I wouldn’t. We do not need to go through more misery! Mental toxins can come in from what we watch. We need to minimize exposure to hateful people and the co-conspiring media.

        • Fannie says:

          You know my nephew, the one who called Hillary a cunt…….left me messages, that Killary is going to prison, and there will be no more corruption in white house. I lost it, and told him to fuck off. He kept at me telling me how I have destroyed family relationships. He’s not lived long enough to understand life, and that he’d better work on his sexist attitude, because someday a woman might come into his life, and he should never look at her as a piece of leg.

          I mean really the holidays are coming, and I’m telling family to go fuck themselves. Now that is the situation. I won’t take it from anyone.

    • Valhalla says:

      Same here. Thanks so much for all you have done, bb.

    • Jslat says:

      Thank you!!

  2. NW Luna says:

    Posting again, because it’s so important.


  3. Ron4Hills says:

    My seething anger demands I repost from below…

    I am going to re-use my Lucy Charlie Brown analogy one more time.

    I saw a post on YOUTUBE, a couple of young black women ever so pleased with themselves on the topic of “Why Black and Latino Voters Helped Elect Trump.”

    Same old horsesh!t about being taken for granted and what racists Bill and Hillary are for mass incarceration, and other crimes. Apparently they made people sell drugs and kill people.
    I was thinking of the “Mothers of the Movement” (Black mothers of police involved shooting victims). Now, we know that she has been meeting with them for a while, and that she committed to putting their issues and concerns front and center. But hey, maybe BLM will get a better deal from Trump and Giuliani.

    Anyhow, the point was they were “high-fiving” one another over sticking it to Hills and the Democrats.

    Over the course of this election Hills has had to prove and re-prove her bonafides with the Black community. Which is a long list by the way.

    She has been on an apology tour about the crime bill and the “super-predator” comment she made about people who ran crack houses and did drive by shootings. You know, the “super-predators.”

    But always,like Lucy and Charlie Brown, she makes the amends and they move the ball.
    Nothing was required of the Black Prez who could have CHANGED the laws from the crime bill, but nobody expected him to fix NAFTA, or CAFTA, or the WTO either. And never mind the fact that all this so-called Clinton racism and corruption is debunked right wing propaganda.
    But for Hills, all these things are deal beakers unless she contritely genuflects.

    And then, just like the media and all her other bogus crimes, she does as asked and they snatch away the football.

    It forces me to ask again, at what point is it okay to just kick Lucy?

    As for my people…I have two things to say. “You’re On Your Own” and “You Brought This On Yourself.”

    • purplefinn says:

      Powerful message, Ron.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thanks Ron. Frankly, Bernie seems happy too. It will help his fund-raising. And the Bernie bros are even worse than the Trump trolls on Twitter today.

      • Fannie says:

        Yep, and my son, was for Bernie, voted Hillary, but there is this new revolution coming, so they think.

    • gregoryp says:

      This country isn’t good enough for her in my opinion. We don’t deserve to have a great leader willing to help others the way she does. This is a country full of bigots, misogynists and just downright greedy evil people. I am in the mood to laugh about this and let them all go down with the ship because frankly it is going down. I’ve got a crummy job but a great education. I could get off my ass and fix my situation rather easily by moving to where the jobs are in my field. Most of these yahoos have nothing to bank on. They lack talent, education and even ambition. I am not sure what anyone over who has no retirement money going to do now because if they are believing they’ll be able to get SS and Medicare then they are going to be in for a shock once privatization bleeds that trillion dollar trust fund dry. It won’t take long and it won’t be pretty.

      • gregoryp says:

        That was over 45 but really in practicality if you haven’t started saving before 35 then chances are your retirement won’t ever be enough even if you make a really good wage.

      • Fannie says:

        Gregoryp they think that they won’t have to pay taxes, just like Trump, and they are sure to come out with a bundle of money. NOT.

    • NW Luna says:

      Oh Ron, this is terrible. And you’re so right about the moving target they kept giving Hillary, and the whole concept was, as you said, a nutwing lie. I’m more than ready to kick Lucy and everyone else who thinks that Trump will give us clean water, good schools, truly affordable healthcare, fair policing, and living-wage jobs.

    • Fannie says:

      Wow, I was going to buy a talking Lucy……..and it wasn’t working, so I didn’t………Yup, you nailed it.

  4. purplefinn says:

    Thanks for your post, BB. I am pleasantly surprised by the 18 – 25 vote!!! This morning I am profoundly aware of how much I love Hillary Clinton and what she stands for. Maybe there is a Hillary headed movement I’m responding to.
    Sky Dancing is where I find truth, poignancy, hope and healing. Thank you all.

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    Let’s be honest: there is no “unity” no matter how loud we chant that word. To those who keep repeating it I say most heartily “fuck you!”

    You ask that I stand behind a man who is the classic sexist we all try to avoid in real life? A man who mocks the disabled? A man who calls for a “war” ( because, yes that is what it is} against an entire religion? Who does not hide his bigotry but exults in it? Whose followers ridiculed and demeaned his female opponent with his encouragement and who is possible “considering” putting her on trial for nothing but revenge? Who refuses to let us see his tax returns? Who lied 70% of the time while running for office? Who surrounds himself with members of the Alt-Right that denied Sandy Hook? Who threatens to bomb the hell out of innocent people because of where they live? Whose hobby seems to be tweeting out nonsense in the middle of the night? Who has never done one decent thing in his 70 years to merit praise?

    A man who adores no other but himself? Whose ties to Russia may upset the balance of peace? Who admires dictators? Whose sleazy behavior and filthy mouth show us exactly who he is? A candidate who has promised to gut every regulation, healthcare policy and banish Planned Parenthood given the chance he now has in his hands?

    This is who I am supposed to put my resentment aside and stand behind because why? Give me a reason. This is not simply a matter of policy differences. Nor is it because Hillary was not elected. This is what this man stands for and who he is. I cannot accept it. I will not seek “unity” for any reason with this monster. Fuck him and whoever parrots that word. He is Trump to me. Not President Trump. Just Trump. That says it all. A fake, a phony, a deceiver.

    My depression is slowly lifting. My anger is now rising to the surface. Unity my ass. Pardon my language but this is how it is for me. He is about to take away all the strides we have made and for that there is not “unity”. Just bullshit.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I have no sympathy for all the reporters who are whining about how Trump wouldn’t let them cover his visit to the WH today. Tough shit. They broke it, they bought it. I will never support any of the “journalists” who betrayed us with their constant bleating about emails. Never.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Without irony they are slowly wrapping him up in a mantle of “presidential”. Andrea Mitchell cannot help herself.

        It all comes down to “access”. They want the invite to the WH. Doesn’t matter that they are talking about an unrepentant narcissist. This man will never change, he is certifiably nuts aside from the fact that he is wholly incompetent and seriously stupid!

        You still can’t put lipstick on a pig. At least not this pig. He is who he is. He never hid that fact and to try to paint a different picture of him now is insane by itself.

        The press has earned its nickname of “whore”. So apt.

    • Fannie says:

      Luv you sister, today I told my nephew to fuck off…..he’s not our President, and never will be.

  6. bostonboomer says:


  7. Sweet Sue says:

    I’m with you, BB, and all my other friends, here.
    I posted this over at RD’s place:

    Second morning in a row, I wake up with a sinking feeling in my heart.
    Seriously, I think my heart is sinking.
    Last night, I watched WW11 propaganda movies on TCM and the parallels between Trumpism and the rise of Mussolini were so obvious, I fully expect Trump to declare war on Ethiopia as his first official act.
    It turns out that It Can Happen Here and it did.

    Now, BB, I have a question for all of us: Should President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before leaving office?
    She, of course, committed no crime but the thought of Giuliani hounding her into prison tears my heart open.
    We’ll be fair game, but Hillary will be target one.
    Of course, if she accepts a pardon that will prove her supposed guilt in the minds of Trump’s black shirts for all time.
    Any thoughts?

  8. Minkoff Minx says:

    I can’t do much of anything now. I’m still under the covers hiding from the new world. ( That is the truth. I’m literally typing this on my phone under the covers. ) the only thing that I have done is join the ACLU and moved my monthly contribution from Hillary to them.

  9. dakinikat says:

    I have the strongest feeling that what we will be called upon to do these next few years will be to love and protect one another. I’m old with no uterus but I may have tp stand at a clinic and protect those who have one. I am white but I have no doubt the police will be out of control. I can try to protect and be a witness for my black and brown neighbors. I am a Buddhist that may need to protect Muslims and Jews. I am also an adult who must protect and comfort children. These will be dark days but if these horrid people voted to put white privilege on steroids than we need to use it as a weapon for good as much as we can.

    • dakinikat says:

      There’s already violence against the GLBT community even here in New Orleans.

      Sinclair Lewis wrote: “When fascism arrives in America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

      We will need to protect those whose rights are threatened.

      • Enheduanna says:

        These cretins are developmentally challenged. Why are so many (assuming mostly men) so weak and fearful? It says so much more about their paranoia than it does any actual loss of status. These are weak, unsuccessful failures blaming any and everyone but themselves.

        Not that I care – but who is Wilfred Chan?

      • NW Luna says:

        One of those hate-filled persons seeing the Hitler Gas-n-Go Grill tweet to Mr. Chan claims that Hillary’s supporters say the same things about Trump followers!

        I’ve thought off and on about getting on Twitter, but I don’t want more exposure and direct replies of this vileness and threat.

    • NW Luna says:

      Yes. I will guard at abortion clinics. I will speak out for fairness regardless of skin color and religion. I will tear down and paint over hate speech. I will help those without healthcare if it’s anything in my area of practice.

    • palhart says:

      Before I happily saw the second night of protestors, I had been searching some variation of “Stop President-elect Trump.” I’m especially focused now on protesting his move to scrap ACA, but I’m reading about more concerned protestors, like scientists. Focusing my disgust and fear is a mood boost.

    • contrask says:

      I think you are spot on. We can not mope around. We are going to have to find places where we fit and get to work. There must be a way to reclaim our nation, we have to have hope and keep taking care of each other.

  10. janicen says:

    Yesterday I avoided all news shows. I listened to music and watched a cooking show. Browsed twitter here and there but avoided heavy duty reading. In the evening I watched the movie, “Brooklyn” that I had recorded from HBO. It’s a lovely, non stressful movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it with a cup of herbal tea. I’m telling you all of this to lead up to the fact that last night I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. Even when I was taking pain meds after surgery I was waking up every couple of hours and peeking at twitter. Last night I slept comparatively peacefully. I just have to take some time away from all of this.

    • janicen says:

      I do wish I knew how to get my daughter calmed down. This is very, very hard on her and she is very, very angry. She’s not an angry person at all. I’ve never seen her like this.

      • bostonboomer says:

        It will be much harder on the young people who haven’t experienced this before. They haven’t had time to get jaded yet.

      • teele says:

        Better she stays angry than sinks into fear and depression. I let fear get the best of me during the Dub/Dickie years, and now I’m enraged. I’m putting up with no more shit from anybody, I’m not going to walk away from people talking trash, and I’m definitely not going to be polite to anyone who acts like an asshole. And I sure hope I don’t run into any middle-aged white women happily talking about what that dippy wife of his is wearing — for their sake and for mine. Although, in a couple of years, a cozy cell with 3 squares might be my only chance for a secure retirement!

      • Fannie says:

        I had a long conversation with grand daughter, and she asked me so many questions, and I told her, I wish most 12 years old asked the questions you are. And we talked about anger. It’s hard.

    • contrask says:

      My car is observing radio silence. No news shows in the house either. I need some good, relaxing jazz/blues to melt the stress away. And books. And rides on my horse.

      • janicen says:

        I have not watched a single new show. peeking at FB and twitter here and there but as soon as I catch myself, I turn away. I’m texting and messaging with friends, listening to music, reading books, just staying chill. If I were mobile, I’d be working out at the gym but until I get back on my feet, I have to find other ways to calm myself. I have to stay healthy for the fight ahead.

  11. William says:

    I thought I would feel a tiny bit better a day later, but I don’t. I probably feel worse, just contemplating what is to come. And I already miss Hillary. I loved Hillary, not literally, of course. I would find out when her rallies were, and I would set to tape them, and watch them later. I sent her more money than I ever had sent any candidates in all other elections combined. She is the best candidate I have ever seen; brilliant, knowledgeable, caring, empathic. And her political career is over. Oh, I will always vote, but I’ll never follow a campaign again like this. Eighteen months I watched Hillary, and hoped and hoped that she would win. And it looked like she would, and then Comey and the rest of the sleeper cells of the vast right wing conspiracy struck like poisonous snakes once again. And the media, snakes themselves, let the phony story run, and affected great concern. And it lost the election for her and us. And also voter suppression, very possible hacking; and of course the Bernie Sanders supporters who just had to show how superior they were, and vote for Johnson and Stein. All the forces and things we knew were out there, and still thought we might surmount, and they finally combined to destroy everything. And of course Hillary won the popular vote, just more bitterness to endure with that knowledge.

    Yes, we must fight Trump, who would install a Nazi state here, and may well be able to. And we must not give up. But right now, I miss Hillary. I don’t want Warren or Michelle Obama, or Booker or any of the others. Hillary was the best we will ever see. My girlfriend, who maintained a profoundly touching optimism throughout this entire campaign, and was sure that HIllary would win,would say, “She will save us.” Now she says that she has lost her childhood faith that things will ultimately turn out right in the end, that good will win, and evil will lose. And I have tears in my eyes as I write this, It is all like some movie or play where some indulgent and perverse director wants to defy the sensibilities of his audience, and make the heroine lose and the evil, leering villain win. But you can walk away from a movie or play. Not this. Sorry if this is depressing. But after Gore, and Kerry, this, the worst one of all, by far, is very hard to deal with, because the horrors will be palpable, and the pit we fall into will be deep, before we can even start to dig ourselves out.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      Between my Mom, my girlfriend and I we donated approx $8,600 to this campaign. I do not regret a penny.

      I guess maybe I will open one of those online e-trading account thingys and start putting my Hillary money there.

      Also, you mentioned all of Hills attributes…I heard how young Hills was described as the voice of her generation. That is my mom’s generation. That is part of what I liked so much. I was so excited about seeing someone so similar to my mom, steering the ship of state.

      That dream, I guess ,is over. How horrible the waking nightmare that replaces it!

      • Fannie says:

        We are so grateful for all that you guys have done, and the years of support. Don’t know where we would without you. Thank you.

    • Sweet Sue says:

      Great comment, you’re a good man, William.
      If memory serves, you’re a lawyer. Do you think Obama should issue a blank pardon for Hillary so the jackals can’t get at her?

      • teele says:

        I think they will leave here alone now. To pursue her any further at this point pretty much guarantees blood in the streets.

    • Enheduanna says:

      William – I am sorry. I actually do feel a “tiny” bit better today – at least it doesn’t feel like I was gut-punched anymore.

      This is a devastating setback – but it is just a setback. Hillary isn’t going to quit and neither should we. Trump will be a painful embarrassment but it’s the GOP Congress that will enact death-dealing legislation. There is also the possibility of a huge amount of conflict between Trump and Congress. it will be a shitshow and I’m sure the media is delighted.

      In four years we’ll be back. And I do like Warren and I would like to see her energize the kids and bring them out like Obama did.

      The people who voted for Trump Tuesday are an endangered species (remember only 49% of eligible voters came out Tuesday). 25% for Trump and that was the max those types will ever be. I think Hillary lost because of Democratic-leaning men who couldn’t stomach a woman (Bernie Bros, etc.).

      I also wonder if the polls showing a sure thing for Hillary encouraged younger voters who didn’t realize it was so important to show up, to stay home.

    • Beata says:

      William, not even 48 hours have passed since the election ended ( correct my math if it is wrong ). For most of us here, we have been on an 8+ year journey as Hillary supporters. She has been a huge part of our lives. Of course we miss her being in the center of political life, as well the hope and the sense of purpose her candidacy gave us. Give yourself time to heal from this loss. Sadness, anger, disbelief, disorientation, and a myriad of other feelings are perfectly normal. So is crying and a loss of appetite and sleep. If any of these problems continue for too long, get help from your doctor. I say that not only to you but anyone else here who is experiencing distress.

      I would also urge you ( and others ) to find support from caring family, friends and community. I have done that and it has helped me immensely. Many people across the country are very upset by this election. Reach out to your girlfriend and help each other through this. Reach out to other like-minded people for support. Isolation is not the answer.

      Loss is a part of life, as you well know. It wounds us, it leaves scars, but somehow we survive. As the saying goes, we do after all survive everything, except the last thing. Hillary’s defeat is not “the last thing”, although it may feel that way now. We don’t know what the future will bring. A fascist state is not the inevitable result of Trump’s election. There are millions of good people in this country. The fact that Hillary won the popular vote is proof of that. So are the large anti-Trump demonstrations that are already happening.

      William, you worked hard to help get Hillary elected in 2008 and 2016. Be proud of that. But the best team doesn’t always win.

      Take care, my old friend.

      • William says:

        Beata, thank you for your heartfelt message. We have to get through this, but right now I just feel an emptiness and loss of sense of purpose that I had held, and which vastly increased when I realized that Hillary was going to run again this year. And this was our time; not only for women, but for all those tipping point issues like global warming. I am afraid we will not get the chance again to fix that or many other things. We would have to redo the entire New Deal and Great Society eras, and with a venomous and rabid pack of right-wingers gaming the system at every statge.

        • NW Luna says:

          Yeah. I’m not ready to make nice. I’m surly and snarly. Wearing my Nasty Woman badge of honor! Not cowed — too stubborn for that — but not ready to glaze a peaceful visage over me yet.

    • Valhalla says:

      Thank you for writing this. I feel the same way. I have been disappointed by election results many times, and been sad, angry or frustrated, but this is something else. You’ve put it perfectly. I will miss Hillary. Not only the Hillary that is now, with all her intelligence, grace and open-heartedness, but the Hillary as President who will never be. I am the opposite of all those jerks who said they want to see a woman president, just not “that” woman. Yes, I wanted to see a woman president — I have for my whole life — but more than that I wanted to see THIS woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as president. There may be in my lifetime a woman president, but she won’t be Hillary.

      Also, lately I’ve been thinking that while I agree that love trumps hate, we may need to adjust that a bit to Tough Love Trumps Hate. I’m a little dismayed by all the politicos, media and even businesses (I’m looking at you, bernie, and you too, New Balance) rushing to assure everyone they will work with Trump. I think we should take a page from the Tea Party and the godawful Trump supporters and just block and stymie everything his administration attempts. We don’t have to fuel it with the kind of misplaced hate and rage they used, we can fuel it with the righteous anger of injustice that I know we are all harboring. Hillary says anger isn’t a plan. And it isn’t. But we do HAVE a plan — Hillary’s — and there’s plenty of anger. And if there are Democratic officials who won’t fight alongside us, well then let’s kick them out and find some who will.

      • William says:

        I completely agree. I do not know why the Democrats always do this. It never helps them. Millions of people are counting on them to fight, not cave in. “Working with Trump,” means letting him get his way every time. Why not fight him all the way, even if the stupid media criticizes them for it? We’ll lose more senate seats next time, with the states up, and then he’ll get everything through, anyway. So why not say that this will not stand, that they are fighting for the republic. Maybe it will wake up some voters for next time. Nothing else seems to.

        • NW Luna says:

          Let’s not forget that this “working with” them crap made Obama appoint Comey. Don’t know how much damage Comey did but it was at least part of it.

          Fight, resist, and do not compromise basic Democratic ideals!

      • purplefinn says:

        I agree about Hillary. She will be the best president we never had. : (

  12. Sweet Sue says:

    Take care of yourselves, everybody.
    Me? I’m sorry to say that I’ve spent the last two days drinking myself to death.

    • dakinikat says:

      I’m hanging on in bed with Temple and the cats …

    • Beata says:

      I am reading cozy English mysteries.

    • Jslat says:

      I’m taking long walks with my dog and practicing my deep breathing.

      • Fannie says:

        Love you all…………today was me and my granddaughter, and I feel she is my soul mate, and she knew, when I told her that someday she would see a woman as president. She smiled and agreed. She’s a very smart girl, so much so, that I am truly amazed at her IQ, and her sensitivities.

    • William says:

      Sue, I do hope that it gets better to the point that you can function reasonably well. I empathize greatly. We said all along that a loss meant the abyss. I would mis your presence. But, gosh, even though I don’t drink, I well understand the feeling. There is no way to put any kind of good spin on it. It’s like every evil force out there has been unleashed on our world.

      • Sweet Sue says:

        Thank you for the good thoughts, William.
        Where do you come down on the pardon issue?
        I only bring it up because I cannot stand to see Hillary hurt or humiliated one more time.

        • William says:

          Sue, I think that Obama should ask her what she wants. Maybe she is weary and sad, and just wants to be let alone, so she’ll take the pardon no matter what is said by others. My thought is that she will not, she does not want to be seen like that. And as truly awful as the Right is, I don’t think that they have any case. Comey even said that. So I don’t think she would take it.

  13. Ron4Hills says:

    Current count has Hills up 301K in the popular vote.

    • Enheduanna says:

      Can you even imagine if the tables were turned and Trump got popular vote but lost electoral college? Can you even IMAGINE???

      That thought will never cross the lizard-brains of the fucktards who love Trump.

    • bostonboomer says:

      It looks like she may end up leading him by 1.5 to 2 million votes.

      • William says:

        That would be over 1%, and the largest margin by which any candidate ever got who lost in the electoral college. Truly one for history. Nothing much of solace in it, but we can always say that to people. HIllary won.

  14. Pat Johnson says:

    Let me “lift” your spirits even more: Liz Cheney won her father’s congressional seat so we will be certain to see more of her in the coming days.

    And Sarah Palin, along with Ben Carson, are in consideration for cabinet posts! John Bolton is in line for Secretary of State.

    Sleep well, Sky Dancers.

  15. Pilgrim says:

    BostonBoomer, I am glad you are taking this approach.

    I’m a Canadian who lives in Ontario, Canada, and feel very fortunate for that. But 93% of Canadians were hoping for a Hillary win and we too are struggling back out of the depression that began to descend some time after 9 p.m. EST on Monday.

  16. bostonboomer says:


  17. Jslat says:

    BB and dak, thanks again for providing this safe and supporting place for us all. Thank you for wanting to continue the fight.

    Recovering from the shock and planning how to move forward, my thoughts and heart are with the caring young people who are now facing a more intolerant America. This old lady will do all I can to support them. They are our future. Our children and grandchildren.

  18. Jslat says:

    The Economist compares T-rump to Berlesconi of Italy. Another wealthy businessman with no governing experience when he became president.

    • NW Luna says:

      Horrible. If you’re a person of color or a non-rich white female, take a self-defense class if you haven’t yet. We all need to be able to punch, kick, fall down with minimal injury and get back up, break out of holds… will help in a lot of situations though not all. Wear clothes and shoes you can move easily in. Stay on alert (as if we aren’t already on hypervigilance.)

  19. NW Luna says:

    from the Memeorandum feed on the side:

    Howard Dean announced Thursday that he will run to be chairman of the Democratic National Committee for a second time. “The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again,” Dean tweeted Thursday afternoon.

    Dean, a former Vermont governor, served as DNC chair from 2005 to 2009. During the 2006 and 2008 elections cycles, Democrats gained 52 House seats, 14 Senate seats, 7 governorships and the White House in 2008. During his DNC tenure, Dean focused on a fifty-state strategy and to build up the party even in more Republican strongholds.

    Dean’s progressive group, Democracy For America (DFA), had endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic presidential primary, but the former governor supported Hillary Clinton.
    After a few shakeups at the DNC and major losses for Democrats on Election Day, the party is eyeing new leadership.

    Note: Dean founded DFA but stepped aside in 2005 and his brother Jim heads it. Sanders is proposing Ellison for DNC chair. Why should we listen to a non-Democrat about the head of the DNC, especially from Sanders? This calls for protest to all your Dem congresscritters and other Dem officials.

  20. NW Luna says:

    Fed the kitty a bit; I need this blog.

  21. roofingbird says:

    I’m still struggling with the idea that 52% of white women voted for drumf. Religeous and baby histrionics aside, this seems an enormous number of dumb shits.

    • janicen says:

      I’m thinking our catch phrase, rallying cry, call it what you will, ought to be “It’s The Misogyny, Stupid”

      That’s all that comes to mind as I read through tweets and posts.

  22. Ron4hills says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers how in 1993 Ed Rollins bragged about paying black clergy to convince their congregations to boycott the gubernatorial election between Christy Todd Whitman and Jim Floro. The pastors were asked to make up pretexts to get them to stay home.

    How ironic that black voters did it to themselves this time and didnt even get paid.

    Rollins later claimed that he made it up. We’ll never know the truth, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this whole “don’t vote” thing was just a 2016 ratfucking operation.

    It would not be a new idea.

  23. ANonOMouse says:

    May I take a second to implore everyone here who can afford it to donate to Planned Parenthood whatever you can afford, whenever you can afford it. Even if as individuals we send them only a few dollars a month, it will be a powerful gift with millions of us doing it. The first thing the GOP Senate and Congress will do in the next budget is defund Planned Parenthood so we need to begin the process now

  24. roofingbird says:

    I’m on the west coast so you have proably seen it, but Rachel M. Said that Russia admitted they had been in contact with drumf before the vote and since. She is asking what the secret service is going to do.

  25. vger says:

    Hillary should begin enjoying her time off. She should write or just do whatever she wants. If I were them, I would move the headquarters of the Clinton Foundation out of the US. They are being harassed for just doing good work over made up charges or corruption. For me, one of the saddest parts of the campaign was the attacks on their philanthropy. As private citizens, the way should be free to do what they want peacefully. I still can’t believe we elected this monster.

    • NW Luna says:

      “We” didn’t elect him. Trump lost the popular vote. The Electoral College is not democracy in action. But so many did vote for this monster. And so many did not vote. May they be cursed with chronic leishmaniasis over their tiny nether regions and scabies elsewhere.

    • bostonboomer says:

      That isn’t going to happen. It’s a waste of time and energy.

      • joanelle says:

        but it couldn’t hurt, and it might shake up a few folks along the way. And if in fact her numbers com in over 2,000,000 over his count, it will mean something for the future

        • Enheduanna says:

          I think this is a terrible idea for many reasons and I believe Clinton would reject it hands down.

          A. It undermines the “peaceful transfer of power” narrative
          B. Paying electoral college members to switch their vote is smarmy at best and corrupt at worst.
          C. Don’t doubt for a minute this would set off violent rioting and random retaliation against marginalized populations. Trumpsters are dangerous and highly armed.

          We’re better than that. He won thanks to a rigged system. Let’s change that system the right way.

          • joanelle says:

            And he kept telling us that the system is rigged – but we thought he was talking about rigged for Hillary – shame on us.

    • NW Luna says:

      Tried to sign it but it first tells me there’s something wrong with my street address (which is correct) and then wants me to sign in as a member to the site.

  26. Jslat says:

    I refuse to spend too much more time chasing what ifs or angsting. Fire up all the young voters and build a wall around T-rump.

  27. William says:

    Unbelievably, it is now thought that after all the CA votes are counted, Hillary might have over 51% of the popular vote! This is even more upsetting, she might win by 3%! This has never happened before.

    The electoral college is utterly outmoded. California is severely underrepresented by electoral votes, we should have 90 or so, compared to those states which get their automatic three votes and have about a hundredth or less of our population. One person, one vote, I don’t care where they’re from. This is abominable. Of course, we know that the Republicans, who game everything to their advantage, will never change this, nor will their stacked Supreme Court. But if this ends up being the result, I believe there should be major action, including all efforts to delegitimize Trump as President. Is he going to lose the vote by 3 million, 3%, and still be tne President? At the least, have peaceful marches and demonstratons to demand that electors vote for Hillary. They won’t, but it will really damage Trump’s ability to argue that he has a mandate for anything, which may hasten his and the Republican Congress’ demise. Can you imagine them cutting Social Security and Medicare, with a minority vote, and not getting tremendous blowback?

  28. Tiffany says:

    I like the Aaron Sorkin letter. I just would add one thing to it. He wrote ‘And speaking of fear, Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans are shaking in their shoes’.

    I would just add women are shaking in their shoes. I know that he wrote about the misogony but he also wrote about the racism. But far too often it is often forgotten how afraid the women are now with Trump as president, far too often not enough is said about women’s fears of rape, access to help because of rape, access to our bodily autonomy. He even mentioned Jews as needing to be afraid but not women. All too often what I just wrote would be considered oppression olympics but I just think it is always forgotten how women as a group are afraid, not just the various races or people practicing various religions.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Women are a huge concern for me too. And I think that is something that is getting lost in the mix because so many of them voted for Trump. I feel full of resentment towards that group that in my opinion, completely sold us out. Traitors to our sex. It conflicts with my overall emotions about how women need to look out for other women. That is a belief that I hold strong to…and now I see that half (?) of our population are the truest backstabbing cunts that some of us have dealt with during our high school days. I think maybe that is why I’m so hurt. Those (Heathers) awful bullying women just did the same shit to us on Tuesday as they did back when we were in high school. My point being…you are correct. Women are in trouble with a Trump presidency, and we need to be there to support each other. I don’t know if those who voted for Trump will realize what they have done, but younger generations of all women will feel the sting of their actions.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Yes. As usual the terrible effects on women will be put on the back burner.

        The Bernie crowd wants us to believe he could have done better, even though he lost the primaries because he ignored black people, Latinos, and anyone else who wasn’t white.

      • NW Luna says:

        Women end up last again. It is a knife to the heart that so many women helped.