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Good Afternoon!

The U.S. Virgin Islands gave Hillary Clinton all of their seven delegates and one super delegate for the Democratic Convention. Clinton should have the nomination sewed up by Tuesday after the New Jersey polls close.  The lead over Senator Bernie Sanders was commanding.  Remember, we will be there with a live blog on Tuesday night watching Herstory be made.  Be sure to join us!!

Hillary Clinton scored a sweeping win in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Saturday, picking up all seven pledged delegates at stake as she inched tantalizingly close to the Democratic nomination.

She is now just 60 delegates short of the 2,383 needed to advance to the November general election.

The party said Clinton won 84.2 percent of the vote, while Bernie Sanders earned 12.2 percent. Under Democratic National Committee rules, a candidate must win at least 15 percent of the vote to be eligible to receive delegates.

The gadfly senator continues to display narcissism and should be disabused of his grandiose idea that the majority of voters, Democrats, or super Delegates consider him fit for office.  The press is finally beginning to describe him as delusional butslide_485178_6661708_free continues to provide him with a public platform given that his supporters are showing up at events where violence and intimidation eventually occur.  Among the many things Sanders appears completely devoid of knowledge is the idea of a “contested convention”.  

Bernie Sanders urged news organizations on Saturday to hold off on declaring a victor in the Democratic presidential race following Tuesday’s primaries and vowed to soldier on to the party’s convention in July.

Sanders comments come as his rival, Hillary Clinton, is poised to effectively clinch the nomination following the close of the polls Tuesday in California, New Jersey, and four other states.

But the Vermont senator insisted that the delegate count is fluid. And he expressed confidence that he could persuade some “super delegates”— the party leaders who are not locked into voting for a particular candidate — to peel away from Clinton in the “six long weeks” before Democrats gather in Philadelphia.

“Now, I have heard reports that Secretary Clinton has said it’s all going to be over on Tuesday night. I have heard reports that the media, after the New Jersey results come in, are going to declare that it is all over. That simply is not accurate,” Sanders said at a news conference here.

Sanders then added, with emphasis, that the “Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention.”

bloom-county-is-back-splashHe is the very definition of a sad, old man these days. Sanders truly needs to think about how he will be remembered, if at all, in the future and what kind of legacy he thinks he’ll be leaving with his brief foray into the national spotlight.

Clinton appeared on “This Week” this morning .  I’m linking to the full transcript here in case you missed it.  Clinton is clearly focused on the Republican nominee.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Your supporters have been pretty fired up in the last couple of days as you’ve been taking it to Donald Trump and you also step it up, using words like “demagogue” and “dictator.”

Have you concluded that the best way to beat Donald Trump is to be a bit more like him?

CLINTON: No, not at all. I laid out in my speech in San Diego the crux of my concerns and my case against him on foreign policy and national security.

And a lot of what he says plays into what I consider to be a very divisive and dangerous view of the world. And I think it’s important that we call it for what it is.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You’ve also said that he’s temperamentally unfit to be president and, in that speech, you said you’re going to leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants.

Are you suggesting that he’s mentally unstable?

CLINTON: Well, no, I’m suggesting exactly what I said, that he’s temperamentally unfit. He doesn’t really have ideas. He makes bizarre rants and engages in personal feuds and outright lies.

He does apparently seem to have very thin skin and I think that those kinds of attributes, that temperament, is ill-suited for someone to be our president and commander in chief.

And he’s already, as I recited in my San Diego speech, on record on so many issues that run counter to what Democrats, Republicans alike over many decades have thought was in America’s interests in accordance with our values.

And that, to me, is cause for concern.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s the biggest danger coming from his temperament?

CLINTON: I think he engages in so much scapegoating and finger-pointing and he is someone who doesn’t tell the truth. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the constant inherent contradictions.

I said that he had said that he would not mind having other countries have nuclear weapons, including Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia. He said he didn’t. A lot of news outlets, of course, easily pulled up the video of him saying all of that.

His unpredictability, his putting everything in highly personal terms has rattled — and that’s the word President Obama used — has rattled our closest allies, has caused a lot of serious concern around the world, because people are not used to seeing anyone, a Republican or a Democrat, running for president, who is so loose with the truth, so divisive and so dismissive of very legitimate concerns about safety, security, our values and who we are as a nation.

STEPHANOPOULOS: As you know, he said several times over the last few days that he thinks you should be going to jail over the e-mail issues and on “Face the Nation” he’s just given an interview to John Dickerson, where he said he would look at this when he becomes president. Listen.


TRUMP: I would have my attorney general look at it because everyone knows that she’s guilty. Now I would say this, she’s guilty but I would let my attorney general make that determination. Maybe they would disagree.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Your response?

CLINTON: Well, it’s a typical Trumpism. And I don’t have any response, you know; when he attacks me, I am not going to respond.

But I think it is in keeping with his very vicious public attack against the judge, the federal judge, who is hearing the case against so-called Trump University, a judge who has an impeccable record as a prosecutor, who actually spent, as I’m told, nearly a year in hiding because of threats from criminal drug cartels against his life, who was appointed first by the Republican governor of California, Governor Schwarzenegger, then appointed by a Democratic president, President Obama, because of his extraordinary legal record.

And what Trump is doing is trying to divert attention from the very serious fraud charges against Trump University, that have basically been confirmed by some of the highest officials who worked with him.

So this is typical. He does have that thin skin and, you know, Judge Cureil is as American as I am and certainly as American as Donald Trump is. And Trump’s continuing ethnic slurs and rants against everyone, including a distinguished federal judge, I think makes my point rather conclusively.

bernie-sanders-clueless-298x437Trump continues to insult every one while trying to pander.  This week we learn that the women working for his campaign earn less than than the men.

Donald Trump has paid men on his campaign staff one-third more than women, while Hillary Clinton has compensated men and women equally, according to a Globe analysis of payroll data for both campaigns.

Trump’s campaign staff is also far less diverse than that of his likely Democratic opponent. Only about 9 percent of his team are minorities, compared with nearly a third of Clinton’s staff.
The Globe analyzed the payroll for both campaigns for April, the most recent month with publicly available data. The snapshot provides clues as to how the aspiring Oval Office occupants might fill a White House team, and to what extent they include people with diverse viewpoints in the inner workings of their organizations.

In an election that is already focused on gender — including Clinton’s quest to be the first female president and Trump’s accusations she is playing the “woman card’’ — the payroll differences stand out.

This story slays me. It’s probably one of the most typical Trump moves we’ve seen to date in the election.  Trump used a picture of a random black family to show that he does have support from the African American community.  The family is incensed.

At a Friday afternoon rally in California, Trump sought to highlight his support from minorities.

“Look at my African-American over there,” he shouted.

He seems to have made things worse, with many noting that his phrasing implied ownership over the man.

One of the major hurdles for Donald Trump to win the presidency is his deep unpopularity among non-white voters. A recent survey found Trump is viewed unfavorably by 86% of black voters and 75% of Latinos.

Trump’s comments about the African American man came after reiterating his belief that a federal judge should be disqualified from presiding over the Trump University fraud case because of his “Mexican heritage.” (The judge was born in Indiana.)

This morning on Twitter, Trump was back at it, highlighting the support of an African-American family.

The father has made it clear that the family does not support Trump.resize

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the parents in the photo — Eddie and Vanessa Perry — said they are not Trump supporters. They aren’t endorsing or publicly supporting anyone. Eddie Perry called Trump’s use of the photo “misleading” and “political propaganda.”

Clearly, Trump has gotten away with so many lies and he is such a disturbed person that he thinks he can do anything and get a way with it.resize (1)

I’d like to point out the artist of the next few pictures who takes pictures of candidates and turns them into clowns.  They’re pretty funny.  Will Espada has done a great job with all the Republican candidates. Go take a gander at the others.

So, I wanted to end with another Hillary story.  This is about Hillary and the Pride movement.   Clinton has written a think piece for CNN on her policies and hopes for the community.

So the stakes in this election are high. And even if we do prevail against the open bigotry of Donald Trump, we’ll still have our work cut out for us.
We need to pass the Equality Act, to ensure full federal equality for LGBT Americans.
We need to continue to fight discrimination at all levels of government and in all 50 states, as I did at the State Department, where we strengthened the department’s policies on anti-discrimination, worked with global advocates and other stakeholders in encouraging countries to decriminalize same-sex relationships and supported policies that extended benefits and additional protections to LGBT individuals.
And we need to tackle the intersectional pressures that make life even harder for many of our fellow human beings. In particular, acts of violence against transgender women of color continue to be reported at an alarming rate. It’s an emergency, and we need to treat it like one.
This issue is important to me. As secretary of state, I fought to make it possible for transgender Americans to have their true identities reflected on their passports.
And as president, I’ll fight for the rights of transgender people, because no one should be harmed or mistreated for being who they are.
Not long ago, I met a mom from New York named Jodie Patterson. Her youngest child, Penelope, was uncomfortable early on acting, dressing or being treated like a girl. “I don’t feel like a boy,” Penelope said. “I am a boy.”
So Jodie let him be who he knew he was. Today, he’s a happy little boy named Penel who loves soccer and karate. But Penel’s mom worries about his future. She dreads how he will handle puberty, and whether kids in school will be kind or cruel. And she wonders how he will find his place in the world, when there’s so much hostility toward people like him.
Kids like Penel are why all of us do what we do. They are why we fight for an America where every child is supported and loved for who they are, and nothing stands in the way of what they can become.



Today, I celebrate the fact we will have our first woman candidate for President on a major party ticket within a few days. Tomorrow, it will be up to each one of us to see that President Hillary Clinton becomes a reality and that Donald Trump is sent back to the Trust Fund Farm.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?  Remember, this is an open thread!!!


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  1. Delphyne49 says:

    Oh, fear not, Bernie – we are declaring her the presumptive nominee after the polls close here in Jersey whether you like it or not. I CANNOT wait to vote on Tuesday and be part of history!

    And you might want to fear this, you old fool with your talk of a contested convention:

    • dakinikat says:

      I’m all about grave dancing the dude to oblivion. Hope he has to use all those dollars from I’ll gotten adventures like waste dumping on poor people to pay it off.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I’m ready to dance!!! Do you think our dancing might look something like this?

        Secret to share: Last year I threw my back out trying to twerk. 🙂 No kidding!!!!

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I so envy you Delph that you will vote in the State that will give Hillary the Nomination. Take a selfie or at least a photo of the ballot and share it with us.

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    Great post! I definitely plan on being here Tuesday night to be among my “cyber friends” in watching Hillary clinch this nomination at last!

    I will be here with my box of Kleenex, glass of wine, brimming with love and pride with all my Sky Dancing “family”.

  3. ANonOMouse says:

    Great post today Dak. I will see you all Tuesday Night. I’ll bring the fireworks!

    Love to my sisters,

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Mouse, your sense of humor and positive insights have kept me entertained for years!

      I feel so close to all of you on this 8 year journey because you all never let go of the hope and respect we all share concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      History is about to be made this week and will be achieved in November. And we are about to become a small part of it.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Thank you Pat, It’s been a great experience to have blogging friends that have stayed together all along the way. Hillary is going to be victorious on Tuesday the 7th and again on Tuesday the 14th and she will be the presumptive nominee whether Bernard likes it or not! I can’t wait to hear “Hail to the Chief” played for Madam President Hillary Clinton. Thanks for being a friend and leading me out of the wasteland to the SkyDancers, I love ya girl!!!!

  4. janicen says:

    I’ll be here on Tuesday. Where else in the world would I be on such a momentous day?

  5. Delphyne49 says:

    Re: contested convention. This tweet cracked me up – and some of the replies are hilarious!

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    Bernie’s new job in the Hillary Administration.

    Secretary of Bubble Bursting

    I just had to share this again. This is a day to celebrate!!!!

  7. ANonOMouse says:

    Secretary of Nose Exploration

  8. ANonOMouse says:

    Secretary of Hair Product Experimentation

  9. William says:

    Putting aside everything else; by Sanders metrics, no Democratic primary race can ever be over until balloting at the convention, because someone would need to win pledged delegates by over 700, or about 60% of the votes over all primaries, particularly in large states. Otherewise, everything goes to floor fights at the convention, because in Sanders self-serving theory, the superdelegates can change their minds up until the last second. It is just an excuse for him to yell and complain for another two months. Of course the superdelegates are not going to change their minds. And Hillary is going to be within 100 votes or so of the majority, just with pledged delegates. Using Sanders’ argument, Martin O’Malley might as well get back in, because you never know what pledged delegates will do, so maybe they will all go to him; and then Sanders’ delegates will go to him on a second ballot, and he will win.

  10. janicen says:

    None of Bernie’s Highest Paid Staffers Are Women

  11. Jslat says:

    Can’t wait for Tuesday! I’ll be here with my tall glass of iced tea and bowl of Fritos. And a box of tissues ’cause I know I will cry tears of joy!

    See all of you then. Mouse, I’m counting on you for the fireworks to go with our HIL A REE chants! 😀

  12. bostonboomer says:


  13. ANonOMouse says:

  14. ANonOMouse says:

  15. ANonOMouse says:

  16. ANonOMouse says:

  17. ANonOMouse says:

    Hillary Wins Puerto Rico.

  18. ANonOMouse says:

    This morning on CNN Bernie Sanders suggested that Hillary is a warmonger

  19. ANonOMouse says:

  20. ANonOMouse says:

    Oh, Bernie got the boo-boo

  21. ANonOMouse says:

    Hillary needs to make this woman her Secretary of Spirit

  22. bostonboomer says:

    Puerto Rico election officials are blaming the Sanders campaign for the reduction in voting places and long lines. They requested the reduction.


  23. roofingbird says:

    Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! Soft total for PR is 43 Clinton to 22 Sanders …60 out of 67 so far.

  24. roofingbird says:

    NJ will put her over the top, and CA will tell her that the 8th largest economy in the world is behind her!

  25. Jslat says:

    As we wait for tomorrow’s primaries and Hillary’s victory, it is time to remember that thousands of us, including the Superdelegates who have already pledged for HRC, encouraged and begged her to run again.

    This article at Stll4Hill is a satisfying reminder of the journey.