Monday Reads: Nasty Desperation = f(Election Math)

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We’re at the point in the primaries where intellectual dishonesty has taken on an ugly life.  It’s probably because the paths to victory for any one that’s not Donald Trump or not Hillary Clinton are narrowing drastically.  While some people hang on the overall results of one state.  Savvy politics followers know it’s the math.

For Bernie, he has to win Big States by a BIG margin for the math to come close to working for him.  This is highly unlikely.

As of today, Clinton has 1,231 delegates to Sanders’s 576 — a lead of 655. That means that Clinton has 51.7 percent of the 2,383 delegates she needs to become the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Subtract superdelegates — Clinton is dominating even among this group of elected officials and party luminaries — and she has 766 delegates to Sanders’s 551, a margin of 215. (Worth noting: That is a wider lead than the margin by which Clinton ever trailed then-Sen. Barack Obama in the long slog of the 2008 primary race.)

That lead may not seem momentous. After all, almost 3,000 delegates are yet to be allocated in the primaries and caucuses to come. The problem for Sanders is that Democrats allocate their delegates proportionally in every state — meaning that between now and when the process ends June 7, there is no state where Clinton will be shut out.

Winning, then, is not enough for Sanders. He has to win by a lot to make up any real ground.

Clinton has already done that. Take, for example, Alabama. She won there March 1 by 59 points and gained 38 more delegates than Sanders. Or Georgia on that same day, beating Sanders by 43 points and netting 55 delegates. Or the aforementioned Mississippi, where Clinton’s 66-point win translated to a net gain of 28 delegates.

Tomorrow is an extremely important day for the Republicans because Florida is a winner take all in a closed primary state.  Hillary Clinton is likely to do well in the state since the state’s she’s lost have been due to Republican cross-over vote (likely sandbaggers) and independents (any one’s guess).  However, there’s an all out fight to stop the Donald there and in Ohio because the magic number is within Trump’s reach.

Tuesday might be the most decisive day of the 2016 GOP campaign. Depending on the results, one or more of the remaining candidates might be forced to drop out. And Donald Trump might be unstoppable.

If Trump rolls to victories in Florida and Ohio — the first states on the calendar this year that award every single delegate to the statewide winner — his lead becomes all but insurmountable. Without home-state wins, Marco Rubio and John Kasich would have little cause to continue.

But if Rubio or Kasich can pick off either of the delegate-rich battlegrounds, the calculus of the race could be rewritten. Though neither underdog has a mathematical shot to overtake Trump before July’s convention, big wins Tuesday could breathe life into efforts to deny the billionaire the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination — and make a contested convention in July a likely scenario.

Ted Cruz doesn’t appear poised to win any of the five states on the ballot, but he could corral delegates in the three other states on the calendar: Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina.

With 367 delegates at stake Tuesday — the second largest one-day haul of the campaign — here’s the state-by-state breakdown:

Democrats1948-TrumanLibYou can follow the link to Politico for the numbers at stake.

There are some new polls out but  one thing you have to remember is that a poll only captures a sample of a defined population at a particular point in time.  I prefer to follow those folks that do election polling math with megadata which means their numbers are based on a “poll of polls”.  Nate Silver of the NYT and Dr. Sam Wang of Princeton use this kind of methodology. But, here’s the latest capture of data from PPP for Dem Voters in tomorrow’s battleground states.

 It does look like Hillary’s Southern Fire Wall strategy will continue to hold which again, makes the math for Bernie Sanders precipitously uphill to the point of impossible without a massive Super Delegate betrayal.  Remember, when you don’t get Republicans voting in Democratic Primaries or Independents, you say huge Hillary Victories.

New Public Policy Polling surveys of the 5 states that will vote on Tuesday find that the Democratic contests in Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio are all toss ups, while Hillary Clinton maintains a significant advantage in Florida and North Carolina. The surveys were conducted on behalf of the VoteVets Action Fund.

Clinton leads Bernie Sanders just 46/41 in Ohio and 48/45 in Illinois, while narrowly trailing Sanders in Missouri 47/46. Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri are all open primary states and Sanders is benefiting from significant support from independent voters and a small swath of Republicans planning to vote in each state, putting him in position to potentially pull an upset sweep of the region on Tuesday night:

State Overall Democrats Independents Republicans
OH Clinton 46-41 Clinton 55-37 Sanders 53-20 Sanders 56-21
IL Clinton 48-45 Clinton 59-37 Sanders 69-18 Sanders 62-23
MO Sanders 47-46 Clinton 56-39 Sanders 62-23 Sanders 66-23

Clinton is better positioned in the Southern states voting on Tuesday. She leads 57/32 in Florida, and 56/37 in North Carolina. She benefits in Florida from it being a closed primary state- her lead with Democrats is comparable to what it is in the three Midwestern states voting on Tuesday but that’s the entire electorate in the Sunshine State, putting her in a strong position. In North Carolina, Clinton has already accrued a huge lead during early voting. Among those who have already cast their ballots she leads 68/29, and the race only gets closer overall because her advantage is a tighter 50/40 spread among those planning to vote on Election Day.

1912-democratic-convention Wilson

A new Quinnipiac Poll has Trump winning Florida while being tied with Kasich in Ohio.  This is yet another indication that Ohio is close so it may be that we won’t get Republicans boosting Bernie Sanders.

Because we’re coming down to the do or die portion of the election cycle, we’re beginning to see some really intellectually dishonest as well as down right nasty electioneering.

This particular one floors me.  It comes from the Bernie Sanders Campaign. You can see Tweet with the pic of 1976921_10154033249914187_8077954385071941609_nHillary here basically aligning her with–of all groups–the NRA.  It’s really pretty well known that many of Bernie’s wins in open primaries have come from the NRA actively phonebanking and throwing its Super Pac behind hind Sanders.  (H/T to Kim Frederick) . The NRA actively tweets support of Bernie Sanders during debates.  I’m not exactly sure who is going to believe this other than low information, last minute voters who are just wrapped up in the moment.

The NRA tweeted that Sanders was “spot-on” when, in a contentious exchange during CNN’s Democratic presidential debate in Flint, Michigan, he defended his position favoring protection of gun manufacturers from legal liability over the use of their products.

“Sen. Sanders was spot-on in his comments about gun manufacturer liability/PLCAA,” the organization wrote, linking to a story explaining the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) and Sanders’ support for it.

Sanders also voted against the Brady Bill.  He voted for letting guns on to trains. Here’s Bernie Sanders on all of his pro-gun votes if you really want the huge list showing why this tweet is so intellectually dishonest that every one in the campaign should be growing Pinocchio noses now. 

10452421_10154033249924187_1512632094642382877_nThe other disturbing thing is the number of policies and issues that now seem to be popping up from the Sanders Campaign that were never around before.  Sanders now has an AIDS policy.  Plus, after a debate question, he now has a policy on HBCs. Hillary’s had policies on these things since the beginning.  Is he responding to the criticism he’s a one issue candidate  or is he just becoming a Pander Bear?

The worst one deals with something near and dear to me.  Bernie says Hillary voted to enable the BP Oil Spill. It’s a complete, baldface lie.  It’s also a new one.

“With Sanders scheduled to address a rally here [Tampa] tonight in this Gulf of Mexico coastal community, his campaign cited the 2006 vote on the gulf drilling bill. Sanders, then a member of the House, voted against the legislation. Clinton, then a senator, voted for the bill. After the bill passed, the oil giant BP obtained a permit to drill in the area where one of its rigs exploded in 2010, killing 11 workers and causing a catastrophic spill of of 130 million gallons of oil into the gulf.”

— From a news release issued by the Bernie Sanders campaign, March 10, 2016

The Bernie Sanders campaign, touting an event to be held in Tampa, sought to tie Hillary Clinton to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill by citing a vote she cast in 2006  

In a floor statement at the time, Clinton said that “as part of a balanced energy policy, we need to expand domestic oil and gas production where it has local support and can do so in an environmentally sound way.” But she warned that she would oppose any effort by the House to expand offshore drilling to areas not permitted in the Senate bill.

So, just to be clear, Sanders, who was then in the House, voted against a different bill than the one Clinton voted for. The House never took up the Senate version. But after the GOP lost control of the Congress in the 2006 midterm elections, the Senate version was folded into a tax bill and passed during the lame-duck session. Sanders also voted against the omnibus bill; it passed the Senate in a voice vote.

Another Bernie baldface lie was that Hillary some how has responsibility for Rahm Emmanuel.  This undoubtedly comes as a last minute effort to appeal to black voters in Chicago.  The entire campaign still hasn’t quite figured out how to speak with black Americans.

If you want to critique why some black people are voting for Clinton afford us the same complexity and nuance you would critique any other group with. Maybe some voters in the black electorate are already aware of Clinton’s flaws but are willing to use them as leverage against her to make stronger campaign commitments, so that they can hold her feet to the fire if she were to be elected. Or maybe some voters might actually be selfish capitalists who are only interested in their bottom line. Literally, anything other than the “These foolish negroes don’t know what’s best for them” narrative that’s currently being pushed.

I guess the most frustrating thing about this whole ordeal is that black people have played a huge role in getting Bernie this far in the race to begin with. The Black Lives Matter movement is arguably the catalyst that allowed a candidate like Bernie to emerge in the democratic party. Black Twitter and black protestors have created the atmosphere where candidates are discussing black lives, police brutality and systematic racism during national presidential debates. However, even our ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ brethren still show flashes of smug superiority that makes many people want to roll their eyes so far into the back of their heads they can see their own thoughts.


The final thing that just frosts my cupcakes is how Bernie thinks that Donald Trump needs to quit inciting violence because he’s responsible for his voters but Bernie isn’t responsible for  his out of control supporters. Bernie is just as much of a “rage peddler” as the Donald.

Bernie Sanders may not be offering to pay the legal bills of his supporters who punch protesters (perhaps that has something to do with his massive credit card debt), but he’s stoking the fire of anger just the same. Media types like to describe this as “tapping into the anger” of people mad at “the system” for various reasons, but this has gone far beyond tapping and turned into inflaming. Rather than channeling a destructive emotion like anger and channeling it to constructive change, both Trump and Sanders have been telling their supporters that if anything, they should be even angrier (and thus, more destructive).

Rage-peddling has consequences. Just yesterday, Trump’s supporters clashedwith protesters in skirmishes that left some injured at a Donald Trump event in Chicago – which The Donald ended up canceling. On Friday, a Trump supporter punched a peaceful protester in face as the protester was leaving. And now Bernie Sanders’ supporters are sharing the following on social media, while having a good laugh.

You can follow that link to a well thought out essay with lots of examples on on the out right misogyny that Bernie incites.  Meanwhile, Trump considers his rallies to be “lovefests”.   The Republicans may have toned their last debate down some, but I doubt that ambiance will hold.  Rubio is undoubtedly sunk.  He’s also whining. 

Marco Rubio said Monday that his presidential run would be over if his campaign manager forcibly grabbed a reporter, as Donald Trump’s top aide has been accused of doing to a Breitbart reporter.

The Florida senator told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher that if Corey Lewandowski really did grab Michelle Fields, the Breitbart reporter who resigned on Sunday, “it’s one more example of what’s happening here at these events.”

“If my campaign manager had done that, my campaign would be over. He would have had to resign, and my campaign may be over. I would have had to quit that very day,” Rubio said.

So, as you can see, there are both quiet and loud and obnoxious acts of desperation.   I for one am somewhat ready to have the next few weeks over.  I hope the stars are aligned and the voters do the right thing. Then, we can prepare for the ugliness of the General because there will be blood.

We’ll be live blogging the returns tomorrow.  Join us!!!

Each of the historical pictures I’ve used today come from the event of a presidential nomination convention. Can you name the year and the two nominated candidates?

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?

60 Comments on “Monday Reads: Nasty Desperation = f(Election Math)”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Another Trump Supporter Was Caught on Video Giving the Nazi Salute
    He also told a protester to “go back to Auschwitz.”​

  2. dakinikat says:

    From one of my Hillary Friends on Facebook:

    Elva Leal Hernandez Morris‎ to American Minorities For Hillary

    After Tuesday there are 27 more races:
    • Fifteen races are closed and that includes three whoppers – New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As long as Hillary is doing okay in the polls, she won’t get too many nasty surprises.
    • Seven races are open or semi-open, but dinky, with 33 delegates or less: ID, ND, UT, SD, HA, RI, WV. If Bernie is stupid enough to try to game the system, just to get an extra 2 delegates from Idaho’s pool of 18, let him! Who cares?
    • Three races are open or semi-open and also big, but they come late. Indiana doesn’t come until May, and California and New Jersey don’t come until June. By then it will be obvious that Sanders is just wasting everyone’s time.
    * That just leaves two races where Bernie and the GOP can game the system: Washington, with 101 delegates on March 26, and Wisconsin, with 83 delegates on April 5. All the other states are either closed, or too small, or voting too late.

    • NW Luna says:

      That just leaves two races where Bernie and the GOP can game the system: Washington, with 101 delegates on March 26…

      I am dreading the upcoming caucuses in my state. Bad in ’04 and far, far worse in ’08. In ’08 several Hillary voters left their names and choice with the precinct officer and left rather than wait out the hours of confusion mixed with withstanding verbal intimidation and arguments with the Obots. The problem with that course is you never know if your vote gets recorded or switched or somehow never makes it to be counted. I and the other Hillary delegate who went on to the next level of Dem party caucus deal-mongering a few weeks later found our names had somehow not made it on to the official list. Hmmmm.

      So next weekend I don’t know whether to show up prepared with an extensive reference list to refute all the slander on Hillary’s policies and history, and counter Sanders’ pandering, or save my breath, put earplugs in, and use the time to practice meditation. I will say yet again: I hate the caucus system.

  3. jackyt says:

    Dak, this column should be compulsory reading for anyone intending to vote in an upcoming primary. All the crap about Hillary’s honesty is just a sludge screen to mask the fact that Sanders will do and say anything to climb over her.
    Here is a link to an opinion piece by Heather Mallick that could begin to explain the roar of the powerless that seems to underlie this year’s political landscape.

  4. janicen says:

    That’s an astonishing amount of credit card debt. This is the “authentic” “responsible” guy that people are so excited about? I can almost understand that amount of debt for someone who was unemployed for an extended period of time but that’s not the case with the Sanders.

  5. ANonOMouse says:

    “Bernie is just as much of a “rage peddler” as the Donald.”

    I’m so glad you wrote and linked on this subject because it’s true. I

  6. I see the main heartbreak didn’t get much coverage in the media today.

    Bernie Sanders at #DemTownHall : “I am not proposing free college for all”

    So, really it was all a dream and yup young people believed him. Of course those that have the ‘ability’ and ‘qualifications’…is what is currently in place already. The problem is the K-12 school lack of funding and resources that keep children from gaining the ‘ability’ and ‘qualifications’ to access college and universities for a sound future if they choose to continue on.

    And to think I spent years volunteering to make after school tutoring centers a priority in my community, being a founder of charter schools and prioritizing health centers on-site for elementary and middle school children…when I could have just said it will be yuuuuuuge. I hope Bernie Sanders is going to see that people influenced by Hillary Clinton did more than just write about or speak about X y Y problems. I won’t even go into volunteering for criminal justice reform or fighting racism as I don’t want any, “Which Hillary” tweets at me.


    • BTW: Hillary Clinton always said, “It takes a village”. Yet, many are projecting on Bernie Sanders as if he had a magical wand to get things done, rather than the community / village working together.


      • dakinikat says:

        Yup, He keeps expecting revolutionaries to show up. Wake me up when that happens.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          Ditto!!! Bernie’s revolution is a pipe dream of monumental proportions and he knows it. A 75 year old revolutionary who’s been hiding out in VT for 50 years? A revolutionary who brags about committee appointments that were favors from the Democratic party to secure his vote on close issues? Revolutionary my ass. Almost every woman I know has more battle scars than Bernie Fife.

          • Enheduanna says:

            Bernie’s revolution is a serious erasing of all the hard work so many liberals have been doing for so many years. And relying on his under-34 crowd for sustaining any momentum into the mid-terms is a fantasy.

            You hit on a mystery I’ve been asking for a while – where was Bernie up to now? Why now? Why did he wait to age 74 to start a revolution.

            I think he’s running to highlight his liberal POV – which is fine; but, I also think he is running against HRC because he thinks he can possibly beat her (she being a woman and a Clinton). I think he’s got some serious sexist (and racist) blind spots. His BernieBros are just flat-out little sexist dicks. In what universe is that “roasting” cartoon even funny?

          • ANonOMouse says:

            I’ve been watching Bernie in the Congress for awhile, but the picture he paints of his campaign and himself as a revolutionary is outright deceptive. True he did see some minor action during the Civil rights movement, but then he disappears to all white Vermont to do what? BB, said land was cheap in VT in the early 60’s. I’m sure it was, but land was also cheap in Mississippi and Alabama and Georgia and South Carolina and Tennessee. Bernie left the civil rights causes of the 60’s to live in a shack in VT and work as a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none until he was 40 years old when he became Mayor of Burlington. During the time Bernie was Mayor the non-white population of Burlington was less than 2% (that’s all people of color combined)That’s not exactly the environment a Civil Rights activist would choose to live in to make a difference.

            Bernie has tasted success and now he is having a dalliance with fame. He’s hit a chord with young people with his promises of free this and free that, because he knows they’re terrified of the future and with good reason. But he also knows that he cannot deliver, that’s why he shades his revolution talk by telling his young supporters that YOU have to start a revolution or the American People have to start a revolution and demand this or that. Should he win he will deliver on nothing but disappointment!!!

        • Dak,

          Please comment on what “FREE” means via Bernie Sanders.

          The fallout is beginning to set in with some young people. Heartbreak:

          Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 22 hours ago

          Oh, I see – it’s MY fault I misunderstood when Sanders said “It’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free.”


          • dakinikat says:

            Ok… Lemme watch Hillary here and then I’ll take it on.

          • dakinikat says:

            Supposedly, Sanders is going to pay for all of these programs with a punitive tax on speculation. So, each time there’s a speculative transaction in the market, it gets taxed. So, I don’t think that’s going to work so well in terms of financing those programs because any time you use a Pigou tax for anything you get less of that transaction. We don’t need to reduce or get rid of all forms of speculation because basically you’d crash the financial markets. You need speculators on the other side of hedging transactions which are ways businesses and individuals lock in the costs of doing business. So, we need speculation. The problem is that the Bush Tax cuts have lowered the cost of risk by providing extremely low tax rates on the gambling behaviors of hedge firms and others. So, it’s free in the sense that the students won’t pay for it, but it’s not really free because it drains off capital from the financial markets. It’s better to actually remove the favorable tax treatment to carry back, capital gains, and extremely high incomes which induces wealthy people to speculate just because it’s cheap to do so. I’m not sure if that makes sense because it’s kind’ve a complex situation. I certainly know that Sanders seems to have absolutely no concept of how any form of economics works. He’s really confused on Trade Agreements and trade but he’s even wrong on this. We need to regulate derivatives carefully too. But, taxing speculation as an evil action with a Pigou tax is stupid and will hurt our financial markets functioning. Not all speculation is bad. Transaction taxes like this basically are for activities that are totally reprehensible like smoking cigarettes.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      “I see the main heartbreak didn’t get much coverage in the media today. Bernie Sanders at #DemTownHall : “I am not proposing free college for all” ”

      When he said that I wondered if the MSM or even his supporters would pick up on it, but so far, not a whimper.

      And I’ve read young people who actually believe that Bernie is going to erase their college debt. Not A Chance!!!! If elected, Bernie would be the biggest do nothing POTUS in history. Not even a lot of Democrats would support a lot of his current policies. So his Theory that he will turn out lots of voters for down ticket Dems who will then control both Houses and legislate his agenda is BOGUS!!! He’s the Unicorn pooping Rainbow Colored Milk Shakes.

      • Valhalla says:

        Yes, it’s really sad. My niece voted for Bernie because she thinks he’s going to pay her college bills for her. She’s a senior at a private college.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          It is sad, but that’s the brand of redemption that he’s peddling. Most of these young people are still so naive that they believe he can actually make it happen and become furious if you suggest it’s a pipe dream.

    • quixote says:

      WomanVoter, I’m not finding that quote at the link. I wonder if CNN scrubbed it for Bernie when a second’s thought told him how it would play out in the wide world?

      I ask because what I did find was some truly horrific and falsehood-based Hillary hate. I get my news off Skydancing and avoid that garbage so I had no idea that kind of thing was all over a site like CNN. I’m beginning to think Trumpcrap just scratches the surface.

      • Riverbird says:

        I found the quote on another site.

        “I am not proposing – and very often it gets misunderstood, I am not proposing free college for all. What I am proposing is free tuition at public colleges and universities. That is what I am proposing,” Sanders said during the CNN TV One Democratic presidential town hall in Ohio.

        • quixote says:

          Thanks for finding that!. Today I saw a link to this brogressive Yglesias piece. Turns out he’s not even proposing free public college.

          He’s proposing 2:1 Federal matching funds toward tuition at public colleges IF the states also increase their own spending on faculty salaries and other factors.

          /*Pardon me while I wipe tears of laughter off my face.*/

          We’ve all seen how “free” medical care has become with Obamacare’s 9:1 match.

          Christ on a carousel eating cotton candy.

  7. ANonOMouse says:

    And the way Bernie bashes Hillary during his rallies is pathetic. Many of his supporters will never vote for Hillary when she wins the nomination because every day he implies that she is dishonest and in the pocket of Wall Street, Big Business and Super Pac’s. He is poisoning the well and when he goes back to the Senate I hope the Democrats in the Senate remember it!!!!!

  8. dakinikat says:

    Rep. Hastings: Hillary Clinton Is the Only Sensible Choice for Florida

  9. ANonOMouse says:

    President Bernie Fife

  10. bostonboomer says:

    Great post. Thanks for reporting on the polls and the math.

  11. Valhalla says:

    So, Bernie’s lie about NRA money is slimy, no doubt. But I also wonder in this bizarro primary world if it won’t backfire on him.

    I think much of the reason he eked out a win in MI and was closer than expected in MA was because of guns. In those and other states, he wins white rural areas where guns are big.

    He may end up misleading his own potential supporters to vote for Clinton because they believe his lies about her support for the NRA. And I have to say, it’s still an evil thing for him to do, but I would laugh my butt off.

  12. bostonboomer says:

    The MSNBC town halls are at 6PM and 7PM ET tonight. I’ll put up a live blog/open thread later.

    • bostonboomer says:

      At 8PM, MSNBC is having a town hall with Kasich. I don’t plan to watch that one. I might watch the Bernie one because I recall that Chuck Todd asked good questions previously. Rachel is doing the one with Hillary, I think.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Well I hope she’s doing the one with Hillary otherwise we might have to watch her kiss Bernie’s ass, again!!! 🙂

        • bostonboomer says:

          Yes, I had the exact same reaction.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            She cannot control herself when she’s talking to Bernie. She leans in and stares at him in the exact same way she stares at Brian Williams. I keep expecting her to drool, but so far she’s been able to keep her saliva under control.

      • Riverbird says:

        Chris Matthews is doing the one with Hillary.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          The trick with that is going to be whether or not Matthew’s will allow her to talk. I don’t even know why he bothers to book guests on Hardball he rarely let’s anyone complete a sentence before he interrupts to tell us what he thinks! He’s a piece of work!!

  13. Earlynerd says:

    I had a followup call from the precinct leader in NC after I posted here and complained to them about the Sanders surrogates oh-so-innocently forwarding a “non partisan” (yeah, right) petition to bind superdelegates to actual votes.

    Unsurprisingly, she had been a Republican until relatively recently (Bush II, I think). She was completely ignorant of what had happened with superdelegate and delegate votes in May 2008 and the complete and shameful charade that was the Democratic convention that year.

    I patiently explained to her what had gone on, and that the precinct was supporting a direct reversal of policies that had harmed a candidate 8 years ago, and that their reversal was intended to harm the exact same candidate this year. She immediately dismissed that and anything Sanders’ supporters did with the blanket statement, “All politics are dirty” and told me I should keep doing whatever I could to elect any Democrat running.

    This, from someone directly enabling the dirty tricks of “Mr. Purity”, was the best illustration I could think of the hypocrisy of Sanders’ supporters and increasingly, of Sanders himself.

  14. dakinikat says:

    Bernie fought against the Clinton Health Care Initiativ. That pic behind her was him with a knife for her back because purity!!!

  15. Valhalla says:

    I think Clinton really kicked it at the Town Hall tonight.

    Also, I know people have been making fun of Trump’s orange-ness for a long time, but it really hit me watching a clip of him tonight, he is REALLY orange. Freaky. What’s up with that? He can afford top flight personal grooming products, yes?