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Proteus floatSo, we’re headed into Mardi Gras 2016 down here in New Orleans.  Some big football game in some other city just wrapped up the season.  New Hampshire has its first in the country presidential primary tomorrow and somewhere out there Marco Rubio is having a terrible very bad day!  Yasssssss!!!  Oh, and Happy Year of the Male Fire Monkey!!! Tashi Losar! This is a very eventful lunar period in many ways.

Lundi Gras is the traditional resting day for us before the big day. My plans include making groceries at Rouse’s and picking up dog food at Bark Market. The Kings of Rex and Zulu will appear today. Today there is one parade. It’s the Krewe of Proteus which was founded in 1882.  Their floats are quite historical as they use the original chassis and keep many of their traditional designs.

The Krewe of Proteus parade is based on Egyptian mythology. Proteus was the son of Poseidon, herded Poseidon’s seals, the great bull seal at the center of the harem. He can tell the future, change his shape and will only answer to someone who can capture him.

The images today are historical drawings of old floats and costumes from Proteus.

Here’s some more information on Proteus from the NOLA History Guy.  One of the things he mentions is the Ordinance passed by the City Council to get Krewes to be more racially diverse.  The New Orleans Celebration does have some really deep roots in racism as well as class.

The Council’s unanimous vote came after leaders of six prominent, mostly white parade clubs had pledged to begin trying to integrate “racially and ethnically” by 1993.

Despite objections from civil rights advocates, the Council followed the recommendation of a committee appointed by Mayor Sidney Barthelemy to study the issue. The committee began its deliberations during the furor that arose after the law was proposed last fall by Councilwoman Dorothy Mae Taylor, who is black.

As passed by the Council in December, the ordinance, which takes effect in 1994, would have denied parade and liquor permits to any Carnival clubs, called krewes, that had membership barriers based on “race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex or sexual orientation, age, physical condition or disability.”

Krewes would have had the burden of proving they did not discriminate, and leaders of clubs found to be in violation would have been subject to a $300 fine and up to five months in jail. Watered Down Twice

In February, the Council deleted the jail-sentence provision and removed the burden of proof from the clubs, placing it instead on their accusers.

On Thursday the Council allowed krewes to remain all-male or all-female and softened enforcement of the law. The city now must dismiss any discrimination complaint against a krewe if the club submits an affidavit pledging that it does not discriminate. Change Called ‘Absurd’

If you’d like to read more on this, I suggest  Jame’s Gills’ Book Lords of Misrule: Mardi Gras and the Politics of Race in New Orleans. I read it last year and it was quite enlightening.

I’ve been thinking about these things because of Beyonce and the release of her new video Formation which is fierce by any standard09oc-archives-1jpg-6b58d99c866504f9.  She’s gone full throttle social justice advocate for women, girls, and African Americans. It’s got slaps at the response to Katrina and a major nod to BLM.  It openly celebrates female sexuality too. She sang at that football game whose name I just can’t quite recall.  Responses to both video and performance include a plethora of items that show our country just cannot get beyond the racial divide. Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton and Beyonce have both been the subject of some rather nasty Twitters and such.

Members of the National Sheriffs’ Association meeting in Washington turned their backs on Beyonce during a Super Bowl halftime party, angered the NFL allowed her to sing a song they consider anti-police.

The Association told Secrets that when Beyonce performed a snippet of her hit “Formation,” the sheriffs holding their annual legislative meeting at the J.W. Marriott turned off the volume and video.

The video is marvelously controversial and includes scenes of New Orleans and the wonderful voice of our own Queen Diva Big Freedia.   You can believe the internet is alive with chatter.

Dee: Beyoncé has been accused of not caring enough about Black Lives Matter and of being a bad feminist (or not one at all); on “Formation,” she raises two middle fingers to all sides of her Illuminati-truthing haters with a bold intersection of the two fights. She is a black feminist, full stop. This is a video made for women — she speaks directly to “ladies” in the song’s blazing call to action — and it is clear she is done living for the will and want of men (and has been for a minute, actually). She’s “so possessive” of Jay Z’s love and his power that she wears his “Roc necklaces.” (Still, Hov’s got the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain.) She won’t stand by and watch young black women snatch their noses so far that they can no longer take pride in their Jackson 5 nostrils.

This is a new negro spiritual hymn, one that hits me deeper than Kendrick’s “Alright,” because every look, every lyric, every outfit, every moment is a statement of Black Girl Magic. Of course, I’m moved by that fly little black boy in a hoodie who joyfully dances in front of a barricade of white cops in riot gear. But I’m politically inspired when Beyoncé gives the Black Power salute atop a New Orleans cop car. Am I reaching to call this a protest song? I just can’t get “Mississippi Goddam” out of my head when I see it.

Then, there’s the Cam  “controversy”.   I admit to seeing none of it but being caught in the Twitterstorm that followed.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton showed his personality all season with his dabbin’ and dancing.

Many loved him for it.

Some criticized him for it.

The 2015 league MVP showed his personality again after Sunday night’s 24-10 loss to Denver in Super Bowl 50 with short answers and an abrupt exit from his postgame news conference.

It wasn’t pretty. The player known for his infectious smile and designer attire answered seven questions with a frown and black hoodie pulled over his head.

It’ll get Newton more criticism than love.

But it was raw emotion just like his dabbin’.

Newton hates to lose, and he wears that emotion on his sleeve as boldly as he wore those Versace zebra-print pants on the trip to California.

Continue reading that article and you’ll see that Cam’s labelled as having “childlike behavior”.  Now the best I can be is a white ally but that description is not what I’d imagine one should say about a grown black f1b82a2fef3a2ee2f0dd92581a464875man who even thought he makes that much money basically tossing balls around in a game. With so much shit coming down in the world and this country, you would think that folks could be more upset by the level of child poverty in the country, the poisoning of children in a poor community by a state government, or say sending drone attacks down on a village.  But, no, we get all excited about a game and some artistic expression. And, it variably turns into a white denial of institutional racism on parade.

Or, you could be like me and be genuinely upset by assholes running to be the leader of the Free World like the aforementioned Marco Rubio.  I really hope the man has a horrid week because THIS. I want his goose cooked until its cinder.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) promised on Sunday that he would sign an abortion ban as president that provided exceptions for rape even though he preferred for pregnant victims to have their rapists’ babies.

Following a Saturday night’s Republican Presidential Debate on ABC News, host George Stephanopoulos noted during a Sunday interview that Rubio had been hammered for his belief that abortion was wrong even in cases of rape or incest.

“Abortion to me is not a political issue,” Rubio insisted. “It’s a human rights issue. And so, if [Jeb Bush] wants to make it a political issue, that’s his right. For me, it’s not.”

“I do require an exception for life of the mother because I’m pro-life,” he continued. “Number two, as I’ve said, if they pass a law in Congress that has exceptions, I’ll sign it. Because I want to save lives.”

“What do you say to that mom when you look her in the eye?” the ABC host wondered.

“It’s a terrible situation,” Rubio replied. “I mean, a crisis pregnancy, especially as a result of something as horrifying as that, I’m not telling you it’s easy. I’m not here saying it’s an easy choice. It’s a horrifying thing that you’ve just described.”

“I get it,” he added. “I really do. And that’s why this issue is so difficult. But I believe a human being, an unborn child has a right to live, irrespective of the circumstances of which they were conceived. And I know that the majority of Americans don’t agree with me on that.”

“And that’s why any law that passed will almost certainly have exceptions. And I’ll sign it.”

ed36c3a2d6a677d0aac1ad3ef3729a6eThat’s right neighborly of him.

Those of you that actually watched the debate with us on Saturday night know that Chris Christie went after Rubio with a relish and Rubio folded like an empty sack of flour.  We’ve frequently talked about Rubio’s penchant for sounding like he’s speaking from memorized 3×5 index cards.  You know, the kind that they used in high school bates backed in the day. Christie nailed him on it and all Rubio did was repeat the same thing over about 4 times.   The polls have taken a turn. Rubio is no longer the flavor of the month and the Twitter and Gifs have not been kind either.

An internal poll conducted on Sunday suggests that Marco Rubio’s fumbled debate performance has damaged his prospects heading into the New Hampshire primary.

The poll, conducted by the pro-John Kasich New Day for America Super PAC, shows Rubio plummeting to fourth place in the primary here, with 10 percent of the vote. Most of the polling conducted in the immediate days before the debate showed Rubio in second place.

The survey, which was based on phone calls to 500 likely voters (margin of error plus or minus 3 percent), was conducted Sunday, the day following the latest Republican debate. Rubio came under scathing attack from Chris Christie, who cast the first term Florida senator as too unready, ambitious, and superficial to occupy the Oval Office.

Donald Trump holds a wide lead in the survey, receiving 35 percent. He more than doubles runner-up Kasich, who has 15 percent. In third is Jeb Bush, with 13 percent. Behind Rubio in fifth and sixth place, respectively, are Christie and Ted Cruz. Both receive 8 percent.

The results are welcome news for Kasich and Bush, both of whom have made New Hampshire the centerpiece of the primary campaigns. Strong performances on Tuesday will give them reason to fight on to the South Carolina primary, which will be held Feb. 20.

So, what’s more important in the scheme of things?  A football game, a video, the potential return of another Bush?  Oh, and of course, Rubio’s a Republican so it’s the media’s fault for emphasizing that he repeated10562275-large the same damned thing about Obama 4 times.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a fundraising email Monday that passed off New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) attacks on the freshman senator’s canned talking points as a controversy ginned up by the media.

The email said the media pounced on the Rubio campaign’s “building momentum” by making hay out of the fact that the senator “pointed out a few times” during Saturday’s Republican presidential debate “that President Obama has been very deliberate about achieving his bad policies.”

“This isn’t the first time the media has tried to distract people,” the email read. “We can’t afford to let the media get away with this.”

Rubio had said some variation of the line, “Barack Obama is undertaking an effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world,” four times during the debate. Christie repeatedly attacked Rubio’s repetition on the stage, calling the Obama line the senator’s “memorized 25-second speech.”

In the fundraising email, which didn’t mention Christie, Rubio said he would stick with the language.

Good luck with that.

If I wanted to give you all a headache, I’d start in on how horrible MoDo was this weekend.  But, BNR has done it for me so I’ll leave it at that.

Dowd is the leading purveyor of Rovian anti-Hillary memes, sophisticated negative character frames crafted in conservative oppo shops to undermine Hillary’s candidacy. Dowd believes that as a woman, she is immune from claims of sexism, so her Hillary-bashing screeds are bursting at the seams with blatantly sexist language, lies and innuendo.

Her latest column includes the following verbatim phrases:

  • Hillary still has not learned the art of seduction on stage
  • Overplays her feminist hand
  • Feels too competitive with her husband
  • Bill could tell her not to shout her way through rallies, adding to her authenticity problem
  • Her campaign cries sexism too often
  • Hillary huffily said…
  • And she’s still not likable enough for the young women who were supposed to carry her forward as a Joan of Arc.
  • With Hillary, there are three things [that make her stupid]: sex, money and the need for secrecy.
  • Nixonian obsession with secrecy by the woman who was once an idealistic lawyer
  • Hillary was there sucking at the teat
  • She tried to drag in others to excuse her own ethically lax behavior

Dowd’s hate masquerading as an editorial is nothing new. She’s been doing this for two decades. But she got sloppy this time, slipping in a line accusing America’s first African American president of “using race” to get elected:

Then there’s the pile on the Big Dawg for a few things he said in a speech and what Madeline Albright said in a speech and what Gloria Steinem said in a speech. Yes, BernieBros, the Clintons control the media narrative. You can sure tell it by the nasty ass coverage of all this including the ginning up of your basic catfight.

Nearly defeated in Iowa, trailing in New Hampshire, and worried about everywhere else,Hillary Clinton’s campaign is bringing out the big guns, releasing political kraken Bill Clinton and summoning feminist icons Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright to reclaim young female voters who have flocked to Bernie Sanders.

In a sign that the formerly inevitable nominee is growing anxious, Bill went all-out against Sanders during a speech Sunday in New Hampshire that sparingly mentioned the Vermont senator by name, but implied that he was a hypocrite whose ideals were untethered to reality. “When you’re making a revolution, you can’t be too careful with the facts,” he sniped, according to The New York Times. But Bill didn’t stop there, accusing the Sanders campaign of fomenting the alleged “Bernie Bro” phenomenon, described by Politicoas a group “who harass female Clinton supporters online and accuse them of ‘voting with their vagina’ and call them ‘bitches.’” Condemning what he called “vicious trolling,” Bill said the attacks on his wife are “literally too profane … not to mention sexist.” (Sanders has denounced any sexism among the ranks of his supporters, saying misogyny has no place in his campaign.)

But Bill was not alone in his unusually harsh words for Sanders and his supporters. The Clinton campaign also tapped Steinem and Albright, two prominent, glass-ceiling-shattering women, to join in chastising young female voters for not supporting one of their own. “We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Albright said Saturday during a Hillary event, according to The New York Times. “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” Steinem, never one to mince words, suggested Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher that young women are supporting Sanders’s campaign because “the boys are with Bernie.” Steinem and Albright both received significant backlash for their comments, with the Times reporting that some young women were insulted by the suggestion that they were “misinformed and stupid” for not voting along gendered lines.

The series of seemingly coordinated moves underscores how much Clinton, who made women’s rights a core mission during her time as secretary of state, has stumbled with female voters. Recent polls suggestthat women under 35 overwhelmingly prefer Sanders by a 20-point margin, citing their disapproval of Clinton’s Wall Street ties and her less progressive positions on economic problems like student debt and a weak job market for entry-level positions. Hillary hasn’t recovered well from these attacks, recently refusing to release transcripts of her speeches to large banks and organizations—for which she received compensation well into the six figures—unless everyone else “who’s ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances” does so as well.

Since this is getting long, I’m going to let you add the links to the criticism for all that if you want along with your thoughts.  Or, we can talk about what kind of challenges we have in this country and who is the best to deal with them.

Meanwhile, did you know there’s a video with a black woman suggesting that the police should stop killing unarmed black people and that a black quarterback with his own kind’ve style upset reporters by leaving a presser early?

What’s on your reading and blogging list today?

34 Comments on “Lundi Gras Reads”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Dowd, Steinem take the bait: Sexist “catfight” narrative around the Clinton campaign takes hold in latest case of nasty gender politics

    • Fannie says:

      Oh hell, here we loop de loop. Here’s the young Bernie supporter saying, Hillary was the First Lady and all, but Bernie is going to bring true democracy back.

      I remember last year we were talking about how women in the tech industry were leaving in drones because of the cruel sexism from young men. Wonder why these young ladies aren’t staying, and fighting for their rights to work in that environment. Maybe we can pull that conversation back up for review. Why are there so few women in CEO positions in this country. This here 21st century has been bad for women moving on up. Hillary is the most professional woman with experience, and the media is spinning her as unable to run this country, because of vote, because of her husband, and because she makes money off her speaking tours, and because she is a woman.

      I think we have some very serious bull going on with the Bernie Camp.

      Miss Madri Gras, and luv luv luv Beyoncé………..great video.

      • Fannie says:

        I was thinking about the tech industry, but trying to remembering Gamergate, and how women working on video games had violent threats against them, and were seen as feminist, and the young men really went off the top against them.

        We had several discussions on this, and I can’t help but see how the Bernie Bros are doing the same, regardless of how you support Hillary.

        Another thing, I heard on msnbc… that these young ladies supporting Bernie are college graduates who can’t find jobs………I don’t know if that is accurate or not, hell there’s a lot of women who can’t find jobs, and they are for Hillary.

        I was told that I was having a Twanda moment:

    • NW Luna says:

      These articles have such obvious bias I can’t read them without thinking “double standard!” at every other line.

      So Steinem and Albright said what was obvious, and then get attacked by the insecure Berniebros, including the women who think the Berniebros are cool.

      How much longer will it go on? I thought it might be better this time, but reality is a cold shock again.

  2. William says:

    Of all the people who hound Hillary Clinton, Dowd is the worst, a repulsively obsessed woman who likes to imagine that she knows what other women should be like. Her only aim on earth is to drive Hillary Clinton out of the political sphere. There is no other point to her existence. She is like the “mean girl” who never got past that seventh grade mentality.

    Speaking of seventh grade, does anyone remember how each day there seemed to be someone else who was “it,” and whom everyone piled on, taking anything they said to anyone as more fodder to ridicule them? For the media, Hillary is always “it.” Therefore, anything she says, her husband or daughter says, any of her supporters say, gets turned on itself and back on her. And it’s not going to ever stop, so I will focus on South Carolina, where she will win by 25-30 points, which will undoubtedly be negative spun by the media as well. I thought that the Hillary hatred would not be as bad this time, but it is worse, undoubtedly because her enemies fear that she will be President, and they are clawing at her with desperate ferocity.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I haven’t read anything by Dowd in years, and I’m not going to start now. I expected the Hillary hate to be worse this year and it is.

      What’s amazing to me is that Bernie is getting the same treatment as Obama did–even the slightest criticism of him by the Clinton campaign is treated like a criminal act, while he is cheered for impugning Hillary’s integrity again and again with no evidence.

      • janicen says:

        It is astonishing how the press is playing along with ignoring the facts and ignoring Bernie Bros’ transgressions like stealing data and bragging about it and constantly attacking Hillary Clinton all the while claiming they are not going negative.

  3. jackyt says:

    An excellent column on the misogyny faced by Hillary Clinton and other women bucking the ranks of white male privilege, by Marsha Lederman in Canada’s Globe & Mail:

    “Hillary Clinton held an event in Vancouver two years ago. She didn’t light the room on fire, but came across as highly intelligent, informed, reasonable – and human, especially when she talked about being a woman in politics. She offered some advice I conjure frequently: Take criticism seriously, but not personally.”

  4. bostonboomer says:

    “Abortion to me is not a political issue,” Rubio insisted. “It’s a human rights issue.”

    Once again, it becomes absolutely clear that women are not yet considered humans with human rights. And that’s not just true of Republican men. It applies to plenty of “progressives” too, as we are learning all over again this year.

    And apparently Rubio gets to decide what is a political issue in the same way that Bernie Sanders claims the right to decide who is a real “progressive.”

    • bostonboomer says:

      I also notice that no one in the media has chastised Susan Sarandon for saying that women who support Hillary are voting with their vaginas.

      • William says:

        I am not sure what part Sarandon is voting with, but she was a staunch supporter of Ralph Nader in 2000, and thus undoubtedly helped to get George W. Bush elected, since Gore would not have needed a recount in Florida were it not for Nader’s four pecent of the vote there. Things like that don’t bother Sarandon, though. She is so sure of her own superiority in telling people whom they should support. No matter who gets elected, she comes out just fine, of course. No one should ever forget her timeless statement, “I just don/t like Hillary Clinton” back in 2008. She is someone who made some money in movies, and thinks that this gives her the right to trumpet her simplistic views to the plebians.

      • janicen says:

        …said the rich, white, actor who never had to concern herself with having to travel across the state or to another state just to get a legal, medical procedure and never had to worry about being accosted and harassed by screaming zealots as she entered the facility. Her reproductive rights are safe no matter who is elected.

      • NW Luna says:

        And they’re all some variation of “Yeah, a woman President is OK, but just not this woman as President.” Mithras & bloody Manichean Christ! As if there was any other woman even half as qualified.

        Besides, even if Elizabeth Warren or some other brogressive favorite did run, we’d see that any woman would never be Bernie’s equal in their minds (or gonads). Or the equal of whomever the bros’ favorite penis-wearer candidate happens to be that year.

        • Sweet Sue says:

          A Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t grown on trees. These airheads are not only depriving little, old me of a great woman President; most likely, they are depriving themselves; their daughters and their granddaughters.

        • janicen says:

          I see Elizabeth Warren as the fauxgressives’ “I’m not a sexist” banner and nothing more. She would make a terrible national candidate because she has zero foreign policy experience. You can count on the fact that if she ever decides to become a national candidate that will be brought up again and again but for now she serves the dudes’ purposes to show that they don’t oppose all women candidates.

          • polculture says:

            I question whether they would support Warren if she had actually ran. As I recall, the exit polling in the Massachusetts Senate race attributed her win to being on the positive side of a large gender gap with female voters. If Dem women had supported Warren in the same numbers that the men did, Scott Brown would have been reelected to the Senate. And this is “liberal” Massachusetts.

            It’s my experience that many educated left-leaning men have an unusual amount of discomfort with women as authority figures. They’re almost as bad in that regard as libertarian men. And most left-wing men I know who support Sanders were leaning toward Rand Paul before Sanders announced, so there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of distance between the two mindsets.

  5. Boo Radly says:

    We are devolving – it’s actually worse now. The Globe article is good but reading it made me so sad. As a teen I never tolerated sexism, never questioned my right to be respected. As I got older my feelings strengthened. I now think younger women accept sexism.- that’s depressing. They want to be seen as successful- why else would all these MSM news females all make erroneous statements about Hillary, they all do it. Rachel Maddow is exceptionally over the top for Bernie? I have, once again, stopped watching the “news”. I think Bernie is a joke as a presidential candidate – I won’t vote for him.

    • Earlynerd says:

      I don’t think male-identified young women change much over time.

      In the 90’s, I worked in IT in a small conservative northwest town that had a super-progressive college encysted within it. One of the hangouts for the students and self-identified progressives was a particular music store. As a world music and blues fan, I used to drop in every so often.

      On one occasion, I saw they’d put up on the wall behind the cashier a poster extolling Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew” album. I asked the young woman behind the counter how she felt about having to work underneath that. I asked how she would feel if I referred to that album and only that one by a racial pejorative. She said, to the best of my recollection, “Our generation feels differently about that, we don’t care about insults to women, but we think racism is horrible”.

      I told her that the word “bitch” wasn’t harmless, that it was hate speech, especially in this context. Davis had put at least two of the women he’d lived with in hospital and was known throughout jazz circles as being a woman-beater. The young woman said she didn’t believe me. She called her manager. That older man was of course familiar with Davis’s history and told the young woman cashier that what I said was true, but made all sorts of liberal excuses for the poster.

      That cashier from twenty years ago is now in early middle age. I wonder if she feels the same now.

      • janicen says:

        Great story. It’s interesting how young, pretty, patriarchy approved women who have had little or no experience with glass ceilings, on the job sexual harassment, and unequal pay scales think that women have no need for further progress or protections.

      • Sweet Sue says:

        “Our generation feels differently about that, we don’t care about insults to women, but we think racism is horrible”.

        Earlynerd, that just gives me chills (not the good kind.)

  6. Sweet Sue says:

    I posted this on Uppity Woman:
    I made the mistake of listening to progressive radio, tonight, on my way to the supermarket.
    The show’s host was interviewing some young know nothing about the primary race and Clueless said that he couldn’t vote for Hillary because Bill Clinton de-regulated the banks; I guess junior never heard of one Ronald Reagan.
    The little fellow was also really excited that the Bernie campaign was attracting Republicans(!) and Rand Paul(!) enthusiasts. It doesn’t occur to him that might mean that Bernie is not really a Democrat and he doesn’t espouse Democratic ideas.
    Trump and Bernie are two sides of the same coin; and my fear, now, is that when Hillary secures the nomination, she’ll be too damaged thanks to the Media and the moronic, misogynistic Bernie Bros and the idiotic women who service them.
    All hail President Cruz.
    I now see Bernie Panders (hi, Sophie) as an egotist, much like Nader, running a vanity campaign, with no concern for the fate of our country.
    Fuck him and the VW Bus that he rode in on.

  7. joanelle says:

    Bernie is no more a realistic, bonfire candidate than most of the Repubs.

    With all the skill, knowledge, significant experience that Hill has, how did her team allow this to devolve into a gender war? Ok, perhaps an obvious happenstance, but honestly, smart marketers can manipulate even the most negative media; backing them into blind alleys, snaring them with their own contradictions and focusing on the opponents weaknesses by developing the strength of existing supporters. Lord knows they can’t always do it through direct accusations, innuendo or denigration of the opponent.

    Bernie is such a weak candidate that even the slowest of voters should see the difference between Hiil’s and his resumes. But they don’t because of all the media ‘noise’ and their own prejudice. It therefore is left to her supporters to create a means to get the real information out there through other innovative means.

    Perhaps we need to develop a narrative that exposes what America will look like if Bernie wins the nomination. If you can’t win with the ‘best’ scenario, we can mesh some of the worst scenario with it.

    I used this sales technique very effectively with clients; asking them “what will it look like in your company if we are 110% successful in our application” and then “what will it look like if you do nothing”- in this case if Bernie wins. And paint a mental picture. If nothing else that line of thinking plants the seed we want them to think about.

    • janicen says:

      Excellent technique but I fear it would not work in this case because nothing will get them to change their minds. Bernie could be anybody. Bernie could be Rand Paul or Elizabeth Warren or Santa Claus for that matter and the Progressives would fanatically support him/her because they aren’t actually supporting anyone. They are opposing Hillary Clinton because Hillary Clinton represents a threat to their power. The Bernie Bros are of the same ilk as those who threw bottles and bricks at suffragists. Hillary Clinton represents and is supported by feminists and that’s all the Bernie Bros need to know to hate her.