Okay, I have yet another rant in me. What is it with this week?  I’m going to go check the moon phase calender after this one.  So, as you know we’ve been invaded by Super Bowl Madness.  We’ve also been invaded by Capitalists gone wild.  Take a gander at this.

The Talk defaces public propertyFor those of you that have never been to Jackson Square in the French Quarter. This is the statue of President Andrew Jackson and it commemorates the War of 1812.  That’s the last time we were invaded by England and the last time I checked my US history book, it was considered a big deal.  This is a historic statue in a National Park in a registered Historic District.  That’s a banner for the CBS day time gossip show “The Talk”.   So, what ever happened to the idea of defacing public property?  A bunch of us citizens who like our historic city and like to celebrate its status as a National Historic district twitter-bombed Mayor Mitch Landrieu about this.  And, he answered with this …

Mitch Landrieu@MayorLandrieu

@lunanola This was a light reflection issue. @CBSTweet is working w/ us taking extra care of Jackson Sq. Showcasing #nola better than ever.

Right  … a light reflection issue lets CBS deface a historic statue.

So, ever seen about 3 miles of the world’s most expensive yachts in your back yard?  Here’s the pleasure ship of the CEO of Jaguar (from the UK) lined up on our docks along the Mississippi.  I can’t decide if this is going to impact the value of my property or not given that it’s probably worth more than most of the buildings in my neighborhood all put together.

yachtYes, they’re all lined up with a few Coast Guard boats in between.  It’s sort’ve like bringing your air stream up for a college football tail gate isn’t it?

I can just imagine the number of countries’ GDP that the price of that beauty rivals.

Is there anything in life that doesn’t have a price tag on it those days?

Next up!  Which team gets to bid on putting its uniform on our statue of Joan of Arc?  Any takers?

Mayor Landrieu, for pete’s sake … it’s a historic monument in a historic district!!!  Show a little respect!!! Tell CBS to take the damn thing down!

Please ask “THE TALK” and CBS to stop defacing public property and historic art.


4 Comments on “ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!”

  1. dakinikat says:

    Karl from Lafayette ‏@karlschott

    The internet needs a tumblr for horrors hoisted upon New Orleans as a result of the Super Bowl.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Ugh! That would never go over here in staid old Boston.

      • dakinikat says:

        you should see the number of people complaining on their facebook page … I understand they took it down. A group of us protested to the mayor around lunch time. The more I thought about it, the more it really got to me … they’ve put up all kinds of things there and they have to put the sign on the statue because of glare? wtf?

  2. Fredster says:

    Heh…If you have a chance before the game Kat, go take a ride out to Lakefront airport. That’s where they usually bring in the general aviation (read Lears, Falcons and Gulfstreams) aircraft of our monied friends. 🙄