Crib Sheet or Hankie?

The internet is abuzz with this video showing Romney placing a white object on the podium during the debate.

I saw Romney go back to the podium at the end of debate, pick something up, and then hand it off to his son that placed it in his jacket pocket.  I thought that was really weird at the time and mentioned it to BB in a phone call.  I didn’t catch the the original out of Romney pocket incident pictured in the You tube above.  We’re hearing several stories about what the thing could’ve been.  The Romney camp says it’s a handkerchief.  However, why hand off a handkerchief to your son after the debate or were those his “new” debate notes on the podium?  U.S. News has this article that says it’s a hankie but then the reference to the supposed use of the hankie later isn’t shown in the Fox video at the time suggested but they do have a picture in the link below.

Reddit was up in arms last night after video from the first presidential debate in Denver posted to the site’s politics section appeared to show Mitt Romney pulling cheat notes at the debate. About 2 minutes and 15 seconds in to the video, the GOP nominee is seen putting his hand into his right pocket and placing what appears to be white paper on the podium.

But the Romney campaign told Whispers Friday that Romney was only pulling out a handkerchief.

A close analysis of video of the debate supports that. At 1:26:35 in the video, Romney picks up the same white object—clearly a handkerchief this time—to wipe his face.

So, I still am left with the question of what got handed off to the son?  But, here’s another look at the face wipe and the pocket maneuver.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for the video that I saw on CSPAN with the end of debate hand off.  I found it and it shows him walking to the podium picking up paper and trying to put it his jacket and then when that fails, giving it to his son.  I dunno if that’s the same piece of paper or not.  What do you think?

A CBS affiliate picked up on my observations too.

The rules of the presidential debates are clear about not bringing outside notes and presidents and aspirants have followed the rule for decades.

Video of the first eleven seconds of the debate available on YouTube shows Mitt Romney reaching into his pocket at the moment he is out of view of those in front of him, he used the lectern as a shield, and removing what appears to be folded papers from his pocket.

We see this because the camera that was broadcasting was behind Romney. Those in the audience and the moderator may have been shielded from his sleight of hand, but not the viewers.

Romney then proceeds to unfold the item in front of him.

For those curious if it could have been some else, later video sheds some light on what Romney retrieves from his lectern.

After the Romney and Obama families chat post-debate the President walks off stage, leaving his notes behind for an aide, no doubt.

But not so for Romney. The Presidential challenger goes back to his lectern to retrieve his items. It is clear that the only thing that Romney takes is paper. Not a handkerchief. Not a white flag. Nothing but paper.

So, I’m waiting for Joseph Cannon to look at this!  It’s right up his alley!  Is this tin foil hat material or legit?

13 Comments on “Crib Sheet or Hankie?”

  1. peregrine says:

    I think whatever explanation Romney gives he’s lying. He made his $250M lying and cheating as that’s the way business deals are done. ML Thule lied to BofA Lewis and Lewis was too stupid not to find the crap in Merrill Lynch’s accounts. Romney is now taking his “business skills” to the wheeling and dealing of political campaigning and maybe to the WH. I can only recall the gist of the newspaper statement that I read over 10 years ago: corporate/business men are like the mafia without the guns.

    • peregrine says:

      Picture Mitt as the “Godfather” and how will he and his gangsters rape and pillage your environment, state, nation, people? For starters in my state, Republican state legislative majorities are foaming at the mouth to dot our beautiful coastline with oil rigs.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Don’t worry peregrine, they’ll put the rigs just over the horizon where you can’t see them, until the next major hurricane skirts your coastline.

  2. RalphB says:

    Crib sheet, if for no other reason, because the Romney campaign says it isn’t and they lie about everything.

    In other news, home crafts expert Steve Martin endorses Bob Kerrey beautifully.

  3. Beata says:

    Crib sheet or hankie? Are we taking $10,000 bets on this, my friend?

  4. ANonOMouse says:

    Again, it could be both, a handkerchief and a crib sheet.

    I went to catholic schools, I’ve seen crib sheet/cheat sheets on soles of shoes, on the hem of skirts, on the inslde sleeves of sweaters and shirts. If a person is desperate enough, the sky’s the limit on the cheaters creativity. I always wondered why people put more energy into cribbing than studying. If I didn’t want to study, I just winged it and hoped I passed.

  5. pdgrey says:

    Damn i missed a lot today! Had to go back to the dentist. Cheat- Gate! Holy Underwear!
    well, here is good news

  6. pdgrey says:

    I going, maybe. piss some people off, Liberals in general, believe in the real constitution and the bill of rights to our core. It has, co-opted by crazy people, so has the word freedom. So has separation of church and state (part of the a fore mentioned). I know this is is sensitive . But I think this is a problem. The different religions in this country today some of them are scary as hell. Maybe it’s just me but I, after researching the Mormon religion, have a problem with crazy crap. So I feel I need to post a disclaimer. This is are thoughts. And yes i know Harry Reid is a Mormon H/T Suzie
    I noticed this link will expire in 24 hrs.

  7. Hey, any word on Joe Cannon and his take on this?