Elizabeth Warren Wins Endorsement of Massachusetts Democrats; Won’t Face Primary Opponent

Elizabeth Warren has won the endorsement of the Massachusetts Democratic Party at their Convention today in Springfield. She is now the official candidate of the Party and will not need to face a primary opponent.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren won her party’s overwhelming endorsement on Saturday, shutting out a potential primary election opponent and becoming the presumptive nominee to face Republican Sen. Scott Brown in what is expected to one of the nation’s most expensive and closely-watched Senate races.

Warren won the votes of 95.7 percent of the more than 3,500 delegates to the state Democratic convention, the largest margin of any candidate in a contested race in the party’s history.

Marisa DeFranco, an immigration attorney from Middleton, had waged a longshot campaign for Senate but finished far below the 15 percent she needed under party rules to get on the September primary ballot. Democratic party chair John Walsh had said as early as Saturday morning that he expected DeFranco to reach the threshold.

Warren is still dealing with the Breitbart-inspired attacks on her claim of Native American ancestry, and she referred to right wing smear campaign in a a “feisty” speech today, according to The New York Times.

“It’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown,” Ms. Warren said in a feisty speech here on Saturday to the roughly 3,500 delegates to the state convention, invoking the name of the lionized Democrat. Mr. Kennedy’s death in 2009 led to the special election in which Mr. Brown won the seat.

She also dismissed the controversy in which her campaign has been mired for more than a month — whether she unfairly claimed American Indian ancestry to advance her academic career.

“If that’s all you’ve got, Scott Brown, I’m ready,” she declared to cheers. “And let me be clear. I am not backing down. I didn’t get in this race to fold up the first time I got punched.”

Hang in there, Liz! You’ve got what it takes.


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  1. bostonboomer says:

    Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren needed an A-Game speech–and she gave one.

    Elizabeth Warren is right. Republican Senator Scott Brown would rather talk about her family than his votes.

    She did a great job reminding people what Brown voted for and against during his two years in Washington. But a great speech to the party faithful is no guarantee the questions about her family heritage will finally go up in smoke.

    Warren needed an A-game speech and she delivered one to Democratic convention delegates. She started off with the tiniest quaver in her voice, but quickly got past the jitters and seized command of the stage.

    An audience that has watched an inexperienced candidate duck and stumble for several weeks over questions about her Native American heritage instead heard a confident and eloquent candidate draw the outlines of a fight that resonates in Massachusetts and beyond.


    • RalphB says:

      Good! i must say that the stories about her heritage shows a media stupidity that is a wonder to behold. At least it appears from polling that the voters of MA aren’t as silly as their media. 🙂

      • NW Luna says:

        Glad to see MA Dem delegates are not paying attention to the media fumes. Go Elizabeth!

    • I am glad that she did a good job, and that now she won’t face a primary…

  2. Outis says:

    Go! Go! GO!!!!!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted on this, and if for some reason the good people of Massachusetts aren’t smart enough to elect her can we have her in CA?

    • bostonboomer says:

      She’s tied with Brown now. So far, no one in MA seems to care about the smear campaign. I hope it stays that way.

      • Outis says:

        It’s heartening to see when gutter tactics don’t work. We have a few women politicos for whom, unfortunately, I have little love so I would love to have someone like Warren to root for. I hope she’s the real deal as I’ve been impressed with her message so far.

  3. northwestrain says:

    This is good news.

    • bostonboomer says:

      At least something good is happening!

    • Beata says:

      Yes, this is excellent, much-needed good news. Go Elizabeth Warren!

      Now we need a victory by Tom Barrett over Scott Walker in Wisconsin on Tuesday!

  4. Eric says:

    I still think she ought to give a speech and say when she was young, she used her stories of Indian ancestry to list herself as a minority and get an advantage in the competitive world she was entering, and apologize for an error in judgment. Better late than never.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake. Grow up and get over it.

      • Eric says:

        Hey, lots of people think Warren gamed the system by claiming minority status with such dubious evidence, and guess what, they are right. I suppose you think she listed herself in the desk book as a minority professor to get lunch invites, like she said? It was to make herself visible to hiring deans looking to diversify their faculty, and if you don’t know that, you are hopelessly naive.

        Hey, not a bad strategy though. It worked. She has tenure at Harvard and is no longer listed as a minority in that book. OK fine, but when you also consider her
        Cherokee crab dip cribbed from the NYT, the dead grandmother at her commencement, among other fabrications and exaggerations, a picture emerges of an entitled woman who can stretch the truth and never expects to be questioned. Maybe you recognize this as a narcissistic personality.

        Hey, academia is full of such people, and they generally get by and thrive, nobody wants to call their colleague out, as they could be vulnerable to exposure themselves. Politics is a different ballgame though. I find it amazing nobody in her camp told her to come clean about the Cherokee deal, and practice a little damage control when it first came up. That is my main point. I think it is more probable they did tell her, and she declined. Unless she changes her tune, this kind of attitude is going to bite her in the ass.

        Sorry for crashing your insular little “sky dancing blog” with a dose of reality. I’m only trying to help the progressive cause. Warren could still help herself by eating a little crow, and showing some humility. I hope she does, and I hope she wins. Scott Brown is worse, obviously.

        Now what to make of you telling me to “grow up and get over it”. I think you owe me an apology for the insult. But more importantly, I think you might benefit from listening to voices outside your little liberal world.

        • dakinikat says:

          Exactly where is the evidence that she got any job by anything other than her credentials? You obviously are among the Fox news viewers that consistently test as completely ignorant on every thing possible in study after study. A “lot of people” also have third rate educations from whacky religious schools. Is that who you rely on? Or the fat dude with the cigar that flunked out of Missouri’s community college system? Bring proof and not the silly “some people” crap. Better yet, don’t like it here? Leave …

      • bostonboomer says:


        You have no clue what I think about anything. So stop speculating. And I don’t “owe” you anything.

        If you think this is an important issue, then I suggest you vote for Scott Brown–or don’t you live in Massachusetts?

      • Seriously says:

        Let me guess, you went to Williams because Princeton and Dartmouth were already full? Just a stab in the dark there. As brilliant and persuasive as your rant is, however, Charles Fried has already denied that minority status had anything to do with her hiring. We can take his word because he’s a different type of entitled person (and word on the street is he even bypassed the birth canal, Caesarian all the way, baby!). You know, the on the edge kind who like Bobby Rush said of Obama, “Barack thinks he knows all about the civil rights movement because he read about it in a book”? The kind who, between resenting his colleagues for being hopelessly smarter and more accomplished and being reduced to pathetically casting aspersions on their credentials, like totes visited the Herald’s comment without a flak jacket that time, and even saw someone reading it, and now knows the score better than they do. And is so un-insular he can’t even imagine anyone living outside of his own cloistered little enclave. So stamp your little foot, stoke your own little boatload of resentments, and use your exclaimation marks in the most pointed manner possible. It may piss people off, but it doesn’t change your status as rebel class warrior for truth.

      • dakinikat says:

        Eric: You’re suggesting she cop to something to please the great “unwashed masses” and to play into their stereotypes that the only reason people are proud of their heritage is to use it to get in front of deserving white men …

        I may only have one Great Grandfather that was born English but I really identify with my English heritage. I have one daughter that has a Japanese grandmother and looks nothing at all like a kid that’s 1/4 Japanese. Yet, it was a profound influence on both daughters and on me because she was a central part of my life from about 18 on and theirs from birth. What if I had an adopted kid? So, I don’t think playing into right wing memes and beating ones breasts with mea culpas is all that admirable.

      • Seriously says:

        And he’s also suggesting she cop to something to play into stereotypes of the great unwashed masses, as if the throbbing lunacy of the Herald comment section represents the heartbeat of the average person. Which it doesn’t. If we’re so all about uplifting everyone, instead of pandering to the worst stereotypes of everyone and everything, why can’t we lay off the fauxrage and start the “elevation” process.

    • Seriously says:

      And then Scott Brown can get up and say that when he was young, it was cool to be stupid and lazy and it’s benefitted him ever since. Then he can publicly thank his penis and white skin for sparing him the indignity of ever being in an actual competitive environment. He can finish up with a bellowing rendition of “Truck me! Me truck!” in case anyone doubts his qualifications to hold this office.

      • bostonboomer says:


      • Eric says:

        Sure Brown is a rube, and it is easy for us smart people to laugh at him. But despite Warren’s aspirations to get the “hick” vote, it is going for Brown. And if you don’t think there are enough of them to put Warren in jeopardy, recall Coakley in 2010. She laughed at the prospect of shaking hands at Fenway Park in the cold, and see where that got her. Martha is a fellow liberal, actually was a classmate of mine at Williams, and I respect her. But when I read that she said that, I knew she was in trouble.

        Now whatever else he is, Scott Brown is an appealing personality to many, and a fairly skilled politician. He and his surrogate newspaper the Herald have done a masterful job of keeping the focus off his positions for about a month and a half now.

        I’m as far left as you can get, but I also listen to voices from the other side. These are our fellow citizens, and it behooves us to help them see the light; that progressives are working for their self interest more than conservatives. This message has not gotten through, as you would know, if you ever deigned to slum it in the Herald message boards, like I do.
        Mocking their hero with an imagined rendition of “Truck me! Me truck!” is not going to get that done! Smarten up.

      • Eric says:

        “You have no clue what I think about anything. So stop speculating. And I don’t “owe” you anything.

        If you think this is an important issue, then I suggest you vote for Scott Brown–or don’t you live in Massachusetts?”

        In fact I have a very good idea that you are taking Warren at her word, and that the heritage flap is immaterial, as you have said as much. Am I wrong about what you think so far? This is a major mistake. Did you miss the part when I said I am as progressive as anyone, and would like to see Warren get on track and win this election? She has to deal with the Cherokee thing or she won’t win, simple as that. It is not going away. Answer this simple question. Do you really believe that Warren listed herself as a minority professor in the desk book for the reasons she has said? Even the most liberal columnists, such as Brian McGrory, and liberals like Jim and Margery have called her out on this. They all say what I am saying. Admit to trying to give yourself an advantage by claiming minority, and put it behind you. As with Nixon, it’s the cover up and denials that get you rather than the deed itself.

        Now Dakinikat.

        You miss my point entirely. What I am saying is that those people you are so disdainful of are voters. In fact, they are the natural constituents of the progressive movement. Except they don’t know it, because they are bamboozled by such outlets as Fox News, the Boston Herald, etc. etc. I am well aware that Fox news viewers are the most ignorant of our electorate. I am saying, hey, let’s educate them rather than mock and look down on them.

        What is the evidence Warren got anywhere except on her credentials? I suppose you mean her non Cherokee credentials. Well Harvard has never hired a law professor from a school outside the top ten ranked in the US, except for Warren, from #82. She was hired at a time when Harvard was under a lot of scrutiny for not having enough women and minorities on their faculty. Indeed they touted her as a minority professor in the press more than once. It’s circumstantial yes, but pretty damn strong evidence.

        Just FYI, I am a Ph.D. from an Ivy league school, and an alumnus of the top ranked undergraduate institution in the country. So save your slurs for actual uneducated people.

        “A “lot of people” also have third rate educations from whacky religious schools. Is that who you rely on? Or the fat dude with the cigar that flunked out of Missouri’s community college system? Bring proof and not the silly “some people” crap. Better yet, don’t like it here? Leave …”

        This is my favorite part. You seem to think I am relying on people with third rate educations for my opinions, since that is what you wrote. On the contrary, if you read what I wrote, I am interested in enlisting the less than elite among us to join in progressive causes. It is an amazing fact of political life in the US that conservatives can hold the degree of power that they do, in light of the fact that their policies only benefit a small minority of the very well to do among us. Why is this you might ask? Well, I would submit that in no small part it is because many people resent the “elite” educated progressives they see as looking down on them, and not sharing their struggles. Recognize anybody?

        Why can you not listen to a view of politics that differs slightly from the party line. I said repeatedly I am a liberal and want Warren to win. I do like it here. You guys are my people. But I should leave if I dare to point out a chink in the Warren armor? How liberal of you.

        I admit I read the Herald online, and I’m in the trenches there many days fighting the good progressive fight against the forces of evil. I hate to say it, but in spite of the many thumbs down I get, people there give me marginally more respect than I’m getting here!

        So if you guys can restrain yourselves from trashing me in a knee jerk fashion, and consider some of my points, I would appreciate hearing about it. Again, I want Warren to win, very badly. Brown represents the evil empire. I know. How many times do I have to say it?

        You’ve heard the expression, “preaching to the choir”? I’m afraid that is all this blog amounts to. If you want to make a difference, you gotta come down off the high horse and talk to people who don’t already agree with you. Does that make any sense?

      • Seriously says:

        LOL Hon, this is Massachusetts. Unless Ms. Warren can somehow stay off visual media and convince voters that there was an extreme spike in males named “Elizabeth” in the year of her birth, her loss is a foregone conclusion. Thanks for checking in from the Williams reunion to educate on these odd sociological specimens–the Herald? ZOMG what is that? BTW, since I suspect that Original 6 hockey might be outside your area of expertise, shaking hands outside Fenway wouldn’t have helped, not only because of the whole “Martha” thing, but because overall that’s just not her crowd. People who can’t afford to go to the game and are watching itin a bar, maybe. But the people who can afford to be at the game are a lot more likely to be the type of ex-working class who like to pat themselves on the back for “not changing” even as they move into Republican tax brackets and move to the South Shore with white flight. Ask Lurch, who routinely gets booed at charity hockey games (yep, he plays). Don’t worry, if I run into any of my fellow hicks though, I’ll do the best to help them see the light (and I’ll actually give them the respect of understanding that Truck Boy isn’t actually in any way, shape, or form, “their hero” even in their own puny unenlightened hick minds. Go figure).

      • Seriously says:

        Look, no offense, but this is a blog. I don’t know what magical effect you expect it to have. Dak and bb and JJ and the others do a great job of trying to educate all of us on important issues. If you think the Herald comments section is actually the voice of the people instead of a small self-selected population obsessed with racism, immigrants, and misogyny and fighting the good fight there is actually accomplishing anything, cool. But Warren’s main source of support probably isn’t going to be an online community where every crime story gets 12,000 crazed MRA comments detailing at great length while all bitches deserve to die. It’s just not, and NO, being obessed with idiotic fauxrage isn’t the birthright of the working class and something we need to pretend to care about to entice these bizarre alien creatures. People who would never vote for her still not going to vote for her? Not news. These are not average run of the mill citizens with a conservative bent who are amenable to persuasion. People who aren’t strongly ideological don’t discuss politics online. If you want to “enlighten” I wouldn’t get quite so worked up about stupidity that most people don’t actually care about, sorry. (And really? Brian McGrory and Margery Eagen are great liberals? No wonder we’re in so much trouble then, damn).

      • Eric says:

        Wow, I deviate slightly from the party line, and you all go crazy.


        I went to Williams early admission and didn’t apply anywhere else. Why? Because it was the most selective school out there and I thought that was the game, when I was 16 anyway. Also because you could ski most days of the week. Your story of your family is very nice, but I don’t know what it has to do with this discussion. Interesting that you bring up the subject of “memes”, because the idea that Warren gamed the system is one heck of a powerful meme right now, and not just among the right wing. Read the Globe even, (for example that well known right wing zealot Brian McGrory) or the most lefty pollsters. They all agree that avoiding this “meme” in the way she has been doing is a big, big mistake.

        And then there’s this:

        “The kind who, between resenting his colleagues for being hopelessly smarter and more accomplished and being reduced to pathetically casting aspersions on their credentials, like totes visited the Herald’s comment without a flak jacket that time, and even saw someone reading it, and now knows the score better than they do”.

        If you’re going to write something that people might read, even in a blog, try to make it make some sense. I can’t make head nor tails of this, and I have pretty good comprehension. Who the heck is “totes” and what is he doing in this blog? Never mind. I guess I did piss some people off, notably you, to the extent you cannot even respond in a coherent sentence. Seriously, read that aloud to someone.


        Of course Charles Fried denied her heritage had anything to do with her hiring. And in the interviews, I don’t doubt that it did not come up. The point is, they may have only interviewed her at all because she listed herself as a minority in the desk book that hirers use. She went to Rutgers-Newark law school (ranked number 82) for Pete’s sake. There is no one on the faculty from anywhere near that far down on the law school food chain. Also, it would reflect rather badly on Fried, and Harvard, if he were to say she was an affirmative action hire, since the evidence for her minority status is now shown to be so weak. However, it didn’t stop them from touting her as their first minority woman hire at the law school in the papers, and in filings to the feds back in the day. Of course they didn’t bother to check out if she had any evidence of being a Native American. Only when she started running for public office did it become any kind of issue at all. Any of this ring a bell? Do you read the papers at all?

        “What if I had an adopted kid? So, I don’t think playing into right wing memes and beating ones breasts with mea culpas is all that admirable”
        OK, what IF you had an adopted kid? I’ll wait.

        The point of a mea culpa would not be to try to appear admirable, it would be to take some of the wind out of the sails of those attacking Warren. The hoi polloi are most pissed off by her refusal to admit any wrongdoing in this flap, when it is patently obvious to them, as well as just about every liberal columnist, pollster and commentator. Rightly or wrongly, many white, blue collar folks feel gypped by affirmative action. To see a woman, whiter than white, claim minority status on the strength of family lore, and apparently profit professionally due to this claim, drives them wild. These people are not as stupid as you seem to think they are.

        In case you didn’t pick it up the first three times, I AM A PROGRESSIVE, AND WANT WARREN TO WIN THIS SENATE SEAT. Hate to shout, but you guys are missing that totally.

        OK I’m done. I though I might encounter a diversity of views on my original point, that Warren would be well served to say she’s sorry for claiming to be a minority given the lack of evidence, and total lack of any discrimination she endured.. (That was kind of the point of affirmative action in the first place, remember?). I am truly chagrined to get such flack from my own people. If Warren refuses to own up to what she did, and goes down in the Fall, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

      • Seriously says:

        Very glad to hear this. Still, Sammy Alito was at Princeton and you probably would’ve found a lot of very interesting things to discuss with him about affirmative action there. Dartmouth would have been a good place for that, too. I’m glad you enjoyed my stories about my family. I have no clue what you’re talking about, but I’m glad they were good stories. Right, memes. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that actually being to the left of Brian McGrory (dear god! As if such a thing were possible! When you pass Brian on the left you fall off the very edge of the Earth!) might be causing hallucinations.

        *gasp* Oh noes. You’re making fun of me. You’re loooking down on me. You’re the greatest academic in the history of the world with the best degrees and best commuication skills ever, your entire mission in life is to give credence to fauxrage from sterotypical reactionaries who only exist in your head, and you’re making fun of me? The horror of it all. Have pity upon me. Where’s my latitude? I’m going to forgive you though, because in addition to your awesome reading comprehension skills, I’ll just assume you came into contact with someone outside of the Ivies today and are suffering from a combination of PTSD and anthropological zeal. Let’s make a deal, I’ll be happy to read it aloud if you read “I would submit that it is in no small part because many people resent “elite” educated they see as looking down on them and not sharing theri struggles. Recognize anybody?” aloud to another human being. And THEN, you have to try and wrap your mind (it shouldn’t be hard) around it when they laugh and say, “Um, Eric? Do you have a mirror you can look into? Do you know what self-awareness is? Do you realize the stupidity of a 55 (or whatever you are, I assume Coakley’s about that age) year old professional with Ivy degrees lecturing a bunch of unknowns on class privileges and communication with a breathless, they-do-exist-I’ve-seen-them-no-really tone while simultaneously making basic points even them rubes are extremely familiar with with a breathless sense of discovery AND obviously venting his own resentments against other, brilliant and undoubtedly more successful academics at the same time?”

        It’s a deal, but feel free to start a journal and practice your edification process there, I think mere humans may be unworthy of your uplift. Promise we won’t say you didn’t warn us about how legitimizing and endlessly reiterating fauxrage somehow negates fauxrage and puts discussion back on substative issues, without requiring the uplift committee to do anything but regurgitate fauxrage. And we will be chagrined, it will obviously be our fault when warren loses, which she was always going to do anyway. We may just be random people on a blog who fail to appreciate Chairman McGrory, but that doesn’t mean we’re not invaluable to crafting Warren’s campaign strategies. We’re more influencial than her kids, campaign manager, best friend and dog all rolled into one and we will rue the day we did not allow you to explain the workings of the world to us.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Poor Eric. I suppose Dak and I could brag about our Ph.D.s too, but we’re not as impressed with ourselves as this guy. What do you suppose he got his doctorate in? I wonder why he isn’t bragging about that too?

        Anyway, I’m sure Elizabeth Warren was an affirmative action hire, because Harvard eventually was forced to hire a few women and African Americans to get the protesters and the feds off their backs temporarily.

        Why is that a problem? I have no doubt that Warren supports the notion of affirmative action. I certainly do. Eric, who pretends to be a “progressive,” whatever that is, and who claims to be as far left as anyone can get (ROFLOL!) doesn’t seem to support affirmative action. But Liz does. And it paid off for Harvard, because she’s been very successful and influential.

        News flash for Eric: Brian McGrory is not far left. And Margery Egan? Please. Noam Chomsky is on the left. Chris Hedges is on the left. Eric, you’re either a Republican troll or someone who has no clue about the political spectrum.

        Here’s the deal: I couldn’t care less if Warren told Harvard she has Native American ancestry. Why shouldn’t she? She’s proud of it. It’s part of who she is. You are pushing something very akin to the Obama birther conspiracy.

        Seriously is probably right that Warren will lose, because for some reason Massachusetts has a serious woman problem. We have never had a woman senator or governor and we’ve had very few women reps. A huge majority of Mass. citizens voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008, but the male Mass. establishment supported Obama. They didn’t even want the Clinton delegates to vote for her at the convention.

        So, it’s unlikely that Warren will win. But in case you haven’t noticed, the polls so far show Mass. voters don’t think the latest birther conspiracy theory is meaningful. So if she loses, it will probably be because she’s a women. Frankly, the entire birther smear is happening because she’s a women running for a high office.

        These kinds of attitudes are why we still need affirmative action.

  5. RalphB says:

    OT but maybe meaningful this election cycle. Pew provides some polling background. With a 9% response rate, you can spin it all day but polls are worthless at this level. I’m not sure how you could gauge an average voter’s preference when most responders are probably antagonists of some candidate or party.

    Assessing the Representativeness of Public Opinion Surveys

    For decades survey research has provided trusted data about political attitudes and voting behavior, the economy, health, education, demography and many other topics. But political and media surveys are facing significant challenges as a consequence of societal and technological changes.

    It has become increasingly difficult to contact potential respondents and to persuade them to participate. The percentage of households in a sample that are successfully interviewed – the response rate – has fallen dramatically. At Pew Research, the response rate of a typical telephone survey was 36% in 1997 and is just 9% today.

  6. Seriously says:

    And check out the Globe headline, “Elizabeth Warren Muscles Challenger Out of Senate Race.” Ummmm, seriously? Elizabeth Warren is a rock star among rank and file members of the state party, and it’s not MA’s Dem primaries where women can’t win, she had people coming out in droves to line up around the block to be one of her delegates at the Convention, it was MUCH more competitive than usual. DeFranco has no name recognition except among right-wingers who have been promoting her candidacy (no offense to DeFranco, it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with them trying to muddy the waters and perpetuate their endless supply of fauxrage). If I’d been a delegate this time out I might’ve voted for DeFranco just because I believe in letting everyone on on principle, but Elizabeth Warren didn’t have to armtwist in order to achieve her 96%. Hell, Lurch, pathetic as he is, attempted to do more to keep his challenger off the ballot last time out than she’s done.

    • Seriously says:

      Annnd, unsurprisingly, the crazy wingers are trying to make extreme hay out of this latest exercise in fauxrage (DeFranco failing to meet the threshold for ballot access), so he’s a little piece from last time out about the Republicans doing the exact same thing to Mihos (who, btw, has a zillion times more name recognition than DeFranco and who’d be a bigger threat to Baker than DeFranco ever could be to Warren). Happens all the damn time, though admittedly probably less so with Republicans, but only because it’s a miracle when they can find one candidate for an office, forget two. But when they can….


      Notice people saying they voted against Mihos because they don’t like him, don’t think he’s a real Republican, don’t trust him after he ran as an Indy, etc. Like I said, had I been a delegate I might have voted for DeFranco on principle because I do believe in very wide access. However, let’s not get carried away. Most delegates get elected by pledging their support to their preferred candidate at caucus. Again, Elizabeth Warren inspired a deluge of supporters to try to achieve delegate status on her way to achieving the greatest number of delegate votes on convention history. They went there to vote for Warren and they don’t owe their votes to anyone else. DeFranco was given a vote and she failed to reach the extremely low threshold. Had there been more candidates, as per usual, it might have gone to a second ballot, and then who knows. But most people who went there to vote for Elizabeth Warren were going to vote for her on the first ballot, boo hoo.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Thanks for the inside info, Seriously.

      • Seriously says:

        I would just add that it is really, really rare for someone to not meet the 15% threshold. Every nominating convention, we go through all this angst and handwringing about how not everyone is going to make it on and someone’s going to be left off and democracy is dead blagh blagh, but in the end it never actually happens. Even Joe Murphy got to 15% in spite of the Grossman juggernaut. The difference being, Joe Murphy is actually known and has supporters, despite his inability to beat or strongly challenge Grossman in a statewide race. Had he been a completely unknown quantity, good luck to him. Likewise I don’t doubt that a hugely respected person like Seti Warren would have gotten 15% if he’d chosen to challenge E.Warren.

  7. Eric says:

    Yes I realize it is a blog, and a good one especially to alert progressive people (like me) to things they may have not seen. I just think it is a mistake for liberals to only talk among themselves. No, I don’t think the few hundred people who post on the Herald are representative of much of anything, but one shouldn’t dismiss them out of hand. Yes there are some wackos who would never vote for Warren, but there are a lot more people who read the posts than ever post. Heck even you, Seriously must have read them at least once to know what is in there. Hey, idiocy, it’s entertaining!

    To ignore people on the idea that they would never vote for your candidate anyway strikes me as a political error. Between the Sky Dancing blog and the Herald blog there are an awful lot of people who are undecided. It’s the ,people who can be persuaded that determine the outcome of an election. And a lot of those people are not true believers, who are not bothered by Warren’s claims of alleged Cherokee heritage. You might have a chance to get them if she just would apologize for taking advantage of alleged minority status. Think. What’s the downside? Would she lose people who already are in her camp? Of course not. Could she gain some traction among the undecided? I say yes. Doubling down and having to change her story every few days is a disaster. That’s all I’m saying. To admit an error in judgment on this issue could really help her among a lot of voters, if it isn’t too late. Yes, Coakley did not campaign hard among those who are “not her people”, and look what happened. Let’s not let something like that happen again.

    Sorry for getting het up at times this PM. Like I say, you are my people, and I appreciate the blog,

    • Seriously says:

      There are too many comments generally for most people to waste their time on IMO, especially if they’re reading from work or whatever, so I doubt that many people waste their time with the comments, especially after the first couple of tries.

      I’m not saying to ignore anyone, except, really, hardcore Republicans who will never get your vote. That’s pointless, I disagree that undecideds visit political blogs often, but regardless, the downside is you’re asking her to “admit” to something that she didn’t do. The issue of identity is extremely complex, and that type of pandering reduces it to the most simplistic level and does the opposite of “uplift” and “educate.” This is not a serious discussion, this is reenforcing ugly and harmful memes (okay there I said it). The undecided don’t care about this. It’s stupid and a distraction and keeping it going plays into Brown’s hands. There is no limit on fauxrage. How about the disingenuousness about her being a house flipper? Should she address that too? She needs to get on her own turf and call time on foolishness. I don’t think she ever had a chance in this race, but what’s unfortunate is that she’s going to come out of it with her reputation tarnished by all of these stupid non-issues. This isn’t helping anyone, and there’s nothing she can say to put it to rest. It will go on and on and on.

      I know we’re not supposed to fight, but I have a really hard time resisting the siren song of snark. I’ll stop now. Apologies as ever for bringing down the tone, Skydancing blog mammas. *hangs head in shame*

      • bostonboomer says:

        You’re doing great Seriously!! You’re just reminding me why I’ve missed you so much these past months.

  8. Eric says:

    Damn…my whole post just disappeared. So briefly, Warren is not entitled to call herself a minority under federal guidelines used for reporting such things to the government, so she shouldn’t do it, and Harvard shouldn’t get credit for a minority professor with at best 3% Native American blood. So if Warren were actually an AA hire, as you say is fine with you, it turns the whole thing into a joke. She never experienced discrimination as a minority, nor did any of her family, which is kind of the reason for AA in the first place. She can be proud of her NA heritage all she likes, and tell it to anyone who will listen as interesting family lore. She just can’t use it legally in a hiring situation. That’s not me, that’s the law. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think being a woman qualifies you as a minority for AA purposes. That is a separate discussion.

    Warren should be able to beat Brown in MA as a Democrat in a very Democratic state in spite of being a woman. I really doubt liberal MA is that anti woman. Coakley had a double digit lead in the polls before she self destructed in 2010, and she’s a woman. You guys shouldn’t give up!

    I’m no Republican, nor am I a troll. And I’m sure no birther! I still say it would help Warren to apologize for using minority status, to which she is not entitled, when she was young and looking for work in a competitive field. Then the issue would go away. Since then, she has distinguished herself quite well, has become a national authority in her field, and is the only person to win the teaching excellence award twice. I am a fan. I am pretty confident she will win this Fall, I just think she could help herself more in the ways I have been writing about.

    Thanks for the discussion.