George Zimmerman Goes Rogue

UPDATE: Angela Corey has announced that she will hold a press conference in Jacksonville within the next 72 hours. She said she will give the press a 3 hour heads-up before she makes her announcement.

George Zimmerman’s attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, announced at a press conference this afternoon that they have withdrawn from the representing Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin homicide.

The attorneys decided to resign after they “lost contact” with Zimmerman–he has refused to return their calls since Sunday. They also learned over the weekend that Zimmerman had ignored their advice about a website they set up for him and had set up a Paypal account different than the one they had agreed on, which Zimmerman’s father would control.

The last straw was when Sonner and Uhrig learned that George Zimmerman had contacted special prosecutor Angela Corey’s office and asked to speak to her directly. She refused to speak to him without counsel. Zimmerman then called back and told Corey’s office that he had no attorneys, just “advisers.”

Zimmerman also contacted Sean Hannity, who took the call personally. Hannity confirmed that he did talk to Zimmerman off the record and that he would discuss it on his Fox News program tonight. Sonner and Uhrig have no idea what their former client said to Hannity.

Most troubling of all, Zimmerman has “left the state, but not the country.” So where is he? It’s not clear if even Zimmerman’s father knows where is now. Keep in mind that these two attorneys have never known where Zimmerman was hiding, and have never actually met him. They have only talked to him by telephone.

According to MSNBC, the attorneys said

“We have a pretty good idea where he (Zimmerman) is,” Uhrig said, but added that Zimmerman is not answering the phone. The attorneys said they thought Zimmerman was still in the United States, but not likely in Florida….

The attorneys also expressed concern about Zimmerman’s “emotional and physical safety” and said he may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. They also have reservations about a web site Zimmerman set up to solicit money for help in his defense.

“Him setting up his own website is fine,” Sonner said. “I wish he would have told me.” Sonner, the first attorney Zimmerman contacted, said he had been working on the case for free.

From Think Progress:

At various times during the press conference, both attorneys said they did not know where Zimmerman is currently.

Uhrig told the press that, if people are trying to find Zimmerman, they should “stop looking in Florida” and “look much farther way.” This directly contradicts what Craig Sonner said on March 23 when he assured a reporter from WFTV that “he’s absolutely in the state, he’s local.”

Benjamin Crump, one of the attorneys for Travon Martin’s parents, gave a statement to Time Magazine:

Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family expressed surprise over the announcement and issued a statement to TIME.

Trayvon’s family was always concerned that Zimmerman doesn’t try to skirt his legal responsibilities and become a flight risk. We always wanted this before a judge and a jury. We hope that [authorities] will take this under consideration that this a flight risk. If they go to press charges, is he really going to face them?

Regarding the website,, Crump says:

It’s America, and he has a right to do what he wants to do. The family was a little taken aback that George said he had this life-changing occurrence [and needs money]. Well Trayvon Martin had a life-ending occurrence; his family had to do all this stuff [to get someone] who killed their child to face a judge and a jury. The fact that he has this website and he’s out to do this website, when you see the balance, Trayvon is dead. If it were the reverse, Trayvon would have been arrested by day one.

Let’s hope that the special prosecutor’s office has caller ID or that the FBI has some way of finding out where Zimmerman has gone.

18 Comments on “George Zimmerman Goes Rogue”

  1. Woman Voter says:

    Wow, sounds as if Zimmerman is in Chile or some other country to me. On Morgan’s show someone said Zimmerman was going to claim that he has PTSD!?!

  2. has a bunch of post about this news…and the press conference. They report it was like something from SNL…wacky…

    Thanks for writing this BB, Corey is doing press conference in 72 hours huh? Damn, I hope is is that he is charged with something!

  3. bostonboomer says:

    I’m listening to Sean Hannity {gag!} I hope he says something about the Zimmerman call soon, because I can’t take much more.

  4. Fannie says:

    This guy has a bucket full of gimmicks.

  5. mjames says:

    I think – and bb, please let me know what you think – Zimmerman suffers from a rather serious panic syndrome. That’s why he carries a gun to go to Target. He sees danger everywhere. And he’s scared for his life. So he’s near panic even in very ordinary occurrences. That’s why he shot Trayvon. He panicked. Even if they were in a physical fight, he literally jumped the gun. So – he was going to get beat up. Big deal. He panicked. Not PTSD.

    And now he’s panicking even worse than ever. An aggravation of a serious panic disorder. The website? Calling Hannity? Calling the prosecutor? Are you kidding me? He shouldn’t be saying a word to anyone. And he knows it. But he can’t help himself. He is totally panicked. I don’t believe for a second he’s suicidal, but I do believe he could go out and shoot a whole bunch of other people.

    He cannot control the panic.

    • Pilgrim says:

      Seems like you’re putting a generous construction on the Zimmerman fella.

      • mjames says:

        Really just trying to understand. Why would anyone carry a gun to Target? Why would anyone get out of the safety of a car to follow someone “suspicious?” Why would anyone shoot the gun?

        All I can come up with is panic. Now, paranoia adds some part, I think. But he obviously cannot control himself. He even killed a kid to try and quell the panic.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s obviously anxious unless he’s psychopath, which is certainly a possblity. I think he’s a danger to himself and others, because he’s acting irrationally and he probably has a gun. He still has his concealed carry permit. Who knows though? Why aren’t we hearing from Zimmerman’s family?

      • bostonboomer says:

        Usually PTSD refers to a reaction to trauma sometime after the fact. People have acute stress reactions to trauma, but PTSD is a long-term syndrome and is often triggered by stressfull events that happen down the road–often months or years later. Frankly, I doubt if Zimmerman has seen a psychologist or psychiatrist. His “lawyers” were just blowing smoke.

      • mjames says:

        I agree he’s a danger, but I think more of a danger to others. I don’t know how close he actually is to his family. And maybe they’re beginning to see that little George is not quite right. And isn’t he married? Is his wife in hiding – is that why we haven’t heard from her?

        Really, the cops have made things so much worse for him. He must be going crazy with anxiety. The anxiety, I think, is making him do all kinds of self-destructive things. Sort of out of control, like when he shot an unarmed teenager who was guilty of carrying Skittles and chatting up his girl via cellphone, only even worse now.

      • Woman Voter says:


        Yes, I agree that there is something going on with Zimmerman and I hope his family has the good sense to take his gun or guns away from him. The Stand Your Ground Laws need to be repealed as even police have their guns taken while the investigation is going on, but George Zimmerman has his????

        I still think the city has some liability since it was clear they knew he was trolling the streets with a gun and should have pointed out that Neighborhood Watch’s policy clearly states that there are to be no weapons, and no following of citizens.