Lazy Caturday

Good morning, news junkies… I’m sort of figuring out how to do a photo bomb more space-efficiently, and I’m not particularly fond of the “slideshow” feature on wordpress… so I’m trying out the “gallery” feature instead. I’ve only used it a couple times before, so let’s see how this works out! (If you’re familiar with the slideshow format and prefer that over this, let me know…!)

Oh, and… it’s still my birthday week. So the link dump (following the Lily+Rue photo spree) is gonna be really paltry this Saturday! Enjoy the less-homework like recommended reading while it lasts… 😉

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Super shrinked Linkage (any puns, unfortunate):

Today (March 31) in Women’s History:

  • Event: 03-31-1776, Abigail Adams wrote her husband when he was in Philadlphia helping plan the Declaration of Independence:
    Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could… If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.”

Okay, before I go, I have a question for the Cat Peeps segment of our Sky Dancing population (I’m pretty sure that segment is upwards of 80% of our community… 😉 )… Anyhow, here’s the q: How do I get Lily to eat her dental treats? She won’t bite! Rue is eating all of them! (Alas, ’twas the same story with the pill pockets…) Is there something else I can use/apply on Lily besides dental treats? I’m talking to her vet, too, of course! Just want all the help I can get.

Alrighty, guys! I’m gonna wrap this baby up and turn the soapbox over to y’all… what’s on your Read+Rant list this Saturday?

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  1. Totally meant to include this in the post… I’ve gone back and added it in, but putting it here too just in case:

    Did Keith O’ really get Spitzer’d from Current TV already? Lulz.

  2. Partisan politics aside, I really like Nikki Haley…

    Score: Nikki Haley 2, Bloggerazzi O

    Here’s what Nikki wrote Thursday on her facebook:

    Sorry fellas. I’m not going anywhere no matter how many lies you put on a blog. The days of dirty blogger politics will come to an end when people stop paying these guys to spread trash.

  3. Poor Keith. I saw the story last night on HuffPo. And, he’s going to sue & “out” Al Gore. Keith O is such a schmuck.

    Many years ago (about 1998) when there was a major environmental clean up of Lake Apopka in Central Florida, major problems with the alligator population were discovered. Here’s one link to a study: Here’s another old piece about frogs & other amphibians: And here’s an overview:

    Can’t help with the dental treats. I’ve never tried them. I’ve found that cats are individuals and have varied palates. Most of mine don’t like treats – period. There’s always brushing their teeth with one of those finger things you can get at a pet store. And dry food is not helpful in reducing plaque. Canned food is better for them.

    Love the photos. The girls seem so bonded, as if they’ve been together all of their lives.

    • I feed them canned and dry both, every day. They’re so tiny for their age, even though you can’t really tell in a lot of these closeups. Though they’re growing heart-healthily under my nurturing… 🙂

      Yeah, Lily is just not into the treats. I’m looking into some of the “dental” toys but am a little wary as to whether they’re a gimmick or what.

      Not sure I’m familiar with the finger things your cats brush your teeth on? could you describe it a bit more 🙂

      • Oh and a huge thank you for the kitty advice as always, Connie!

      • They are finger brushes & you need to use toothpaste formulated for cats & dogs:

        Mine get both dry & canned, but many people feed only dry for a variety of reasons. One of those is that they mistakenly believe that dry is better for plaque prevention. NOT!

      • Thank you for the link!

      • NW Luna says:

        I use a tiny toothbrush sized for kitty mouths that I bought at my local pet store. I tried the finger-brush also but it’s bigger.

        Chicken-flavored toothpaste, yum! First let Lily just sniff the toothpaste and lick it off. Hoping she likes the taste. Then do a little bit of brushing, say, for 15-20 sec. Then lots of petting.

        Repeat. Gradually increase time brushing. Eventually they’ll get used to it. I have a pic somewhere of me brushing teeth on one of my kitties; I’ll try posting it later.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    I’m off to Boston for the weekend to attend a dance recital “starring” a 9 and 7 yr old and
    though adorable not exactly the next Shirley Temple!

    As a biased grandmother, they are too cute for words!

  5. Thought ya’ll might find this interesting: Not something that made the front pages.

    • RalphB says:

      Good thing he wasn’t a cat. They would have had to burn the chairs and maybe the building to get rid of the pungent markings.

      • Yes, male cat urine is one the strongest, vilest smelling things on the planet. Neutering does make a BIG difference though. If only those women could have filled spray bottles with cat urine and doused that schmuck with it, it would have been a modicum of justice. It makes me SMILE thinking of it.

  6. if anyone is reallllly bored and wants to see these pics with captions on my facebook, drop me a note via my contact page:

  7. RalphB says:

    fdl: What Fifty-Plus Years of a Business-Bigot Alliance Gets Us — The Modern GOP

    I just wanted to put all of the past week’s revelatory racist behavior by the members of the self-styled Morality Party into one post. It makes the point for me. — Phoenix Woman

  8. RalphB says:

    I read this earlier but Taibbi explains it in his usual and highly readable way.

    Taibbi: Push to End Too-Big-To-Fail Goes Mainstream

    Wall Street is buzzing about the annual report just put out by the Dallas Federal Reserve. In the paper, Harvey Rosenblum, the head of the Dallas Fed’s research department, bluntly calls for the breakup of Too-Big-To-Fail banks like Bank of America, Chase, and Citigroup.

    The government’s bottomless sponsorship of these TBTF institutions, Rosenblum writes, has created a “residue of distrust for government, the banking system, the Fed and capitalism itself.”

    When the Dallas Fed wants to break up TBTF banks. that’s pretty darn mainstream.

  9. foxyladi14 says:

    great post love the pics of the babies.
    They seem so happy as if you and them had been together all along. 🙂

  10. RalphB says:

    Gail Collins gets this editorial exactly right.

    Time to Elect the Worst Idea

    Actually, the super PACs are the worst trend, hands down.

    But since I still have some space here, let me throw in a plug for the terribleness of the idea of Americans Elect.

    Perhaps you have not yet focused on Americans Elect. It’s a new-generation political movement that aims to rise above the petty forces of partisan bickering and choose a presidential candidate, along with a running mate from a different party, at an online convention in June.
    The source of the money is a little murky. Some names have been made public. Some haven’t. Byrd says that’s not a problem because “the candidates don’t know who the donors are and the donors don’t know who the candidate is going to be.”

    If the Americans Elect candidate does make a big splash in November, we will have discovered yet another part of the presidential elections process that loopy billionaires could purchase out of their petty cash. Tired of financing right-wing contenders for the Republican nomination? Buy your own ballot line.
    The thing that makes our current politics particularly awful isn’t procedural. It’s that the Republican Party has become over-the-top extreme. You can try to fix that by working from within to groom a more sensible pack of future candidates, or from without by voting against the Republicans’ nominees until they agree to shape up.

    Otherwise, no Web site in the world will cure what ails us.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Happy Birthday Week, Wonk! At my age, I get to celebrate for a month.

    The post isn’t paltry at all, and your kitties are so adorable I’d be happy if there was nothing else in the post but their photos.

  12. dakinikat says:

    Missouri Majority Leader Tim Jones (R-Eureka) was attempting to defend his sponsorship of a new bill that would allow doctors to refuse women abortions, contraception, etc. based on “religious objections,” when he cited his expertise on the subject of legislating women’s reproductive health in the following way…

    “My father’s a veterinarian. I grew up in operating rooms.”

    It just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

  13. NW Luna says:

    Wonk, Happy birthday week, and many more! You are obviously well and truly in love with Rue & Lily. And they are obviously healthy and content. Just look at that sweet sleepy kitteh face in the tabby-snail photo.

    Good to see some sweetness these days.

  14. Outis says:

    Hi Wonk, I know I’m late to this party, but as a weirdo cat person, I wanted to give my $.02 on the cat treats.

    A) Always check where any food or treats are made. There has been so many problems with food coming from China. If it’s made by a large company, chances are good there are Chinese ingredients. Look for made in the USA.

    B) Careful of dental treats which are hard such as the Greenie brushes which shatter and can produce shards in kitty’s throat or digestive tract.

    C) Nothing cleans a cat’s teeth better than feeding them raw bones. Yes, raw whole bones. That’s what they eat in nature and sometimes if you throw them a poultry neck or wing, they will eat the entire thing. NO COOKED BONES though EVER! These can also shatter. Buying reputable, trustworthy meat is smart for everyone, but fears of salmonella and such should be calmed by the fact that cats have short digestive tracts and are therefore not really susceptible to food poisoning (dogs too, that’s why they can eat carrion).

    And Connie is right, dry food is actually not good for cats in particular. Cat’s don’t drink that much and get moist of their moisture from food (or in the wild, blood). Plus, most commercial food is loaded with grains which is absolutely a no no for pets and for cats in particular which are true carnivores and can truly get most of their nutrition from meat and eggs (all the veggies and fruits they advertise in food is just trying to make filler sound better). There is a huge rise in pet diabetes rates that is absolutely unheard of and it can be directly linked to the food.

    I know this sounds zealous, which most of my posts usually do, but a little extra work and $$ for good healthy food is worth the effort when it comes to $$ saved at the vet and the health of your pet. Just wanted to put the info out there in case you’re interested. After switching over, people are amazed when they see my 20 year old cat that looks and acts like a kitten. After watching animals suffer with arthritis and other “human” health conditions in their old age, it’s worth it for me.

    • I’ll second everything you said, Outis.

    • HT says:

      outis, thank you and Connie so very much. I’ve had cats for 20 years (the same cats) and I’ve always been uncomfortable with whatever I was feeding them – so much so that at one point they ate everything I ate. Today, I feed them wet in the morning and dry in the evening – all foods not made in China – I don’t eat their crap why would I want my beloved companions to do so?
      I never thought about getting my cats bones to chew on (although it makes sense), so while I purchase marrow bones for my dog, I haven’t for my cats. Time to change my habits, so to speak. Thanks you again

      • Outis says:

        Hi HT, glad to hear your dog gets some bones! I’ve been putting off getting the dog I want, an Irish Wolfhound, because I don’t have a yard and I want to feed 100% raw. Hopefully that will change one of these days. I don’t do 100% with my cats because of my schedule, but when I do, I find it is actually cheaper than high quality pet food, but a lot more work. And plus when you find out what they put in pet food, it’s NASTY. I don’t want to touch it let alone feed it to my cats.

        When my little cat began ripping out all of his hair and scratching himself until he was bloody, I took him to an allergy specialist that charged $600 for a consultation and gave me very little advice other than trying different food. So let’s just say I was very motivated to find out all that I could. I found that most cities have raw food co-ops and found some great sources, especially if you have dogs that eat a lot. But hey, what could be cheaper than giving a raw egg or tossing them the wing tips from your chicken or cutting off a little of the meat you are cooking for dinner? No ground meat though. When I am feeding predominantly raw when I’m not working, I do order a powder to make sure they’re getting all the vitamins they need.

        I also found Ovitrol spray for fleas which is what they have in vet offices. It’s much less toxic than the drops and WAY less expensive. You can only order it on Amazon, but it is a miracle. The drops only work after the fleas have bitten the animal and ingest the poisoned blood. With the Ovitrol they don’t get bitten at all as I found with my allergic cat who goes into full allergy attack if he’s bitten by one flea. I highly recommend to any of my friends who have pets. Spraying indoor cats once a month and no worries. I even trust it for older animals which they warn against with the drops.

        Best wishes to you and your cat friends!

  15. RalphB says:

    From the Orlando Sentinel. These experts seem pretty sure of themselves in this case.

    Trayvon Martin shooting: It’s not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say