Lousyana Republicans Vote

The difference between Northern and Southern Louisiana is like night and day. The Gulf Coast portion of the state is full of Cajuns, Creoles, and a gumbo of Catholic orders.  It’s a very live and let live kinda place.  The North is rural and very Baptist.  The KKK is still active up there. That’s not to say that it’s the only part of the state where people get representatives that are racist, sexist, and backward.  Take this jerk who is actually a Romney supporter from the White Flight area of Mandeville.  No, I mean it!  Take him!  Please!!

State Rep. Tim Burns of Mandeville, who, in 2008, justified his support for a slate of immigration bills by suggesting that undocumented immigrants had made Walmart unsafe for women:

They’re frustrated by the inability to go to Walmart at night, they’re scared to go to Walmart at night…You weren’t sure you were in this country. Not trying to profile people, but it just seemed like people were concerned, that they were…ah…I’m not trying to say any people there were being rude, or disrespectful or anything, but I could see how somebody, a housewife, could be intimidated to go there.

Walmart actually has pretty tight security, but Burns’ point was that a certain group of people were by definition both suspicious and intimidating. It’s positions and statements like these that help explain why Latinos are fleeing the Republican primary; just 14 percent of Latino voters say they would support Romney against President Obama in November.

Burns is also an avid opponent of abortion, to the extent that, in 2006, he sponsored a bill that would make the procedure punishable by one year in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He made exceptions for rape and incest—sort of. Rape victims would need to prove within five days of the rape that they had not been pregnant prior to the crime; the rape must be reported to the police within seven days; and the abortion must be reported within 13 days. In cases of incest, victims would be required to file a police report prior to receiving an abortion (a move that would be severely complicated by the fact that the state also requires parental consent). State Rep. Joe Harrison, whose endorsement was also trumpeted by the Romney campaign on Thursday, introduced a 2011 bill that “would make it a crime to transport or shelter an illegal immigrant, or to help them stay here in the US”—similar to the law that was eventually passed in Alabama.

Northern Lousiana means Rick Santorum voters .  We’ve been seeing Santorum videos for some time.  Here’s a sample that I’m sure you’re going to find a bit bizarre.

This is an open thread but I will post the primary votes as we get them.  Polls close at 8 pm CST.  It’s the bayou and cities vs. the cotton, white flight, and drill baby drill parts of the state.


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  1. dakinikat says:

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum will win the Louisiana GOP primary, CNN projects.

  2. dakinikat says:

    Well, that was Quick!!


    Will a Santorum win in Louisiana change GOP race?

  3. janicen says:

    Tim Burns’ statements remind me of cringing while watching clips of the civil rights struggles in the fifties and sixties.

  4. RalphB says:

    OMFG Dick Cheney had a heart transplant. What a waste of an organ.

  5. dakinikat says:

    Gambit ‏ @The_Gambit

    La. GOP prez race called for Santorum. Vote totals w/2% counted: Santorum 41.4%, Romney 30.2%, Gingrich 20.1%, Paul 5.4%, Roemer 1.6%

  6. RalphB says:

    With 25% in, Santorum is at 48. He may go over 50% on Romney.

  7. HT says:

    I wonder if all those people who turned out to vote for this man realize what his platform really is? do they ever do any indepth vetting of candidates or do they rely on campaign ads like that one posted? That ad was inflamatory, and totally lacking in anything remotely related to reality, so if that’s where they get there information, tis no wonder that the crazy man in the sweater vest won.

  8. HT says:

    ….Get their information – not there information. I really have to pay attention when I’m ad hoc typing. I’m so embarassed.

  9. RalphB says:

    79% in … Santorum 50, Romney 26

  10. bostonboomer says:

    Be sure to watch that Santorum ad in the post. It’s beyond creepy!

    • HT says:

      How sad is it that aspiring for government responsibility has devolved to that? It’s criminal, really. Government is supposed to be about representing the people, not one small segment of the population. How can these PACs or whomever produce ads that are so far from reality that in the olde days of my youth, we would chant “liar, liar, pants on fire”. Sad and terrifying that this is what government and running for government has been reduced to – sorry about ending the sentence with a preposition.

    • RalphB says:

      Ewwww, That was weird.

  11. RalphB says:

    Steps Set for Livestock Antibiotic Ban

    The Obama administration must warn drug makers that the government may soon ban agricultural uses of some popular antibiotics that many scientists say encourage the proliferation of dangerous infections and imperil public health, a federal magistrate judge ruled on Thursday.


    • The Rock says:

      No fan of Bumbles, but this is VERY good. We are finding that bacterial evolution is creating so many antibiotic resitant strains that we have started lagging behind in the fight to stay ahead of the bugs. By not giving these bugs the environment to evolve, we prolong the use of the current drugs we have and give us a chance to design new antibiotics.

      Bumbles is still an Asshat.

      Hillary 2012

  12. Fredster says:

    From nola.com:

    Santorum won 10 of the 20 delegates on the line, and Romney gained five delegates. The other five delegates will go to the GOP convention in Tampa uncommitted. The balance of the state’s 46-member delegation will be selected through a caucus and convention process that begins with congressional district caucuses on April 28.

    In a statewide Republican turnout of just about 20 percent, Romney only won among the wealthiest, the very best-educated and those with only loose religious affiliation among GOP primary voters in Louisiana.

    • Fredster says:

      Also, don’t forget the Catholic vote in Louisiana, however there’s been a twist with the Catholic vote according to NPR.

      Evangelical and Catholic voters — Louisiana has a large Catholic population and, interestingly, even though Santorum is Catholic, Romney has consistently done better than his ex-senator rival with those voters during the primary season.

      Catholics made up about 31 percent of the voters in the 2008 Louisiana Republican primary, roughly tracking with their percentage in the population. Sen. John McCain easily won a majority of those Catholics. If Romney can do likewise, that could help him get to that 25 percent threshold he needs to meet.

      Meanwhile, about 57 percent of voters in the 2008 primary identified themselves in exit polls as evangelicals. These voters have tended to break more for Santorum than Romney, but they form a lower percentage of primary voters in Louisiana than they did in some other Southern states.