Tuesday Reads: Romney Gets Women’s Health Questions in IL, Santorum Talks Brokered Convention, Manning and Tebow, and the Trayvon Martin Murder

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Today is the Illinois primary, so I have a few links for you about that–even though I’m sure you’re as sick of reading about Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum as I am.

According to CNN, Romney leads Santorum by double digits as of last night.

The Caucus Blog (NYT): Before Illinois Primary, Santorum Talks of Brokered Convention

Mr. Santorum remains insistent that he and the other Republican challengers are in a position to deny Mr. Romney the 1,144 delegates he needs to claim the party’s nomination. In an appearance on CBS’s “Early Show,” Mr. Santorum said Mr. Romney could not win.

“The convention will nominate a conservative,” Mr. Santorum said. “They will not nominate the establishment moderate candidate from Massachusetts. When we nominate moderates, when we nominate a Tweedledum versus Tweedledee, we don’t win elections.”

Asked about the odds of a brokered convention, Mr. Santorum said, “Obviously, they are increasing.”

Washington Post: On eve of Illinois primary, Mitt Romney faces tough questions about women’s issues

PEORIA, Ill. — Mitt Romney wanted to talk about the economy, but Bradley University had other ideas.

The Republican presidential front-runner faced tough questions about his opposition to Planned Parenthood and mandatory birth control coverage as he met with students Monday night.

CNN (with video): Romney can’t escape birth control questions in Illinois

After Romney riffed for about 20 minutes on President Barack Obama’s management of the economy, he solicited questions from the large student-heavy audience.

As the first questioner made apparent, these voters were not pre-screened.

“So you’re all for like, yay, freedom, and all this stuff,” said the first woman to approach a microphone. “And yay, like pursuit of happiness. You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.”


“You know, let me tell you, no no, look, look let me tell you something,” he said, waiting for the crowd noise died down. “If you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for? Vote for the other guy, that’s what he’s all about, okay? That’s not, that’s not what I’m about.”

Romney also told the students that he would end government funding for Planned Parenthood and he didn’t know or care where women could go for health care after he ends the funding. What a guy.

Washington Post Politics: Romney, Santorum each claim conservative mantle before Illinois primary

On the eve of the hotly contested Illinois primary, each of the leading Republican presidential candidates drew inspiration from touchstones of conservatism on Monday and offered himself as the standard-bearer for the right’s fight against President Obama.

Mitt Romney traveled to the urban campus where Obama once taught constitutional law to lecture the president on the principle of economic freedom, paying homage to the University of Chicago’s legacy as the intellectual center of free-market economics.

A hundred miles west in Dixon, Rick Santorum tried to channel the spirit and vision of Ronald Reagan during a stop in the former president’s boyhood hometown, hoping to give his insurgent campaign a last-minute infusion of energy.

As they journeyed across Illinois, Romney and Santorum each cast himself as the rightful heir to Reagan’s conservative mantle…

As we’ve all noted previously, if Ronald Reagan ran today, he wouldn’t be nominated. He wasn’t anywhere near as far right as today’s Republicans.

In sports news, the Peyton Manning sweepstakes is over. Manning is going to the Denver Broncos, and Xtian fundamentalist weirdo Tim Tebow may be traded.

Unfortunately, Jim Clayton of ESPN started a rumor that the New England Patriots might want Tebow. I don’t know if I could take that. I don’t really think Tebow’s super-pious act would go over that well in Foxborough. I haven’t seen any of the Patriots players kneeling down and praising Jesus before games and after scoring. Ugh!

Dakinikat and I both wrote about the Trayvon Martin case yesterday, and I have a few more links on that.

First, Connie posted a link to this very informative Mother Jones article yesterday: The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained. If you haven’t heard the 911 calls, the audio from all of them is posted in the piece. Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law,” which gives very broad interpretations to “self-defense” is explained in the MJ article. Here’s a bit of it:

In 1987, then-Gov. Bob Martinez (R) signed Florida’s concealed-carry provision into law, which “liberalized the restrictions that previously hindered the citizens of Florida from obtaining concealed weapons permits,” according to one legal analyst. This trendsetting “shall-issue” statute triggered a wave of gun-carry laws in other states. (Critics said at the time that Florida would become “Dodge City.”) Permit holders are also exempted from the mandatory state waiting period on handgun purchases.

Even though felons and other violent offenders are barred from getting a weapons permit, a 2007 investigation by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel found that licenses had been mistakenly issued to 1,400 felons and hundreds more applicants with warrants, domestic abuse injunctions, or gun violations. (More than 410,000 Floridians have been issued concealed weapons permits.) Since then, Florida also passed a law permitting residents to keep guns in their cars at work, against employers’ wishes. The state also nearly allowed guns on college campuses last year, until an influential Republican lawmaker fought the bill after his close friend’s daughter was killed by an AK-47 brandished at a Florida State University fraternity party.

Florida also makes it easy to plead self-defense in a killing. Under then-Gov. Jeb Bush, the state in 2005 passed a broad “stand your ground” law, which allows Florida residents to use deadly force against a threat without attempting to back down from the situation. (More stringent self-defense laws state that gun owners have “a duty to retreat” before resorting to killing.)

The Florida courts have upheld the law and issued some truly shocking findings.

This has led to some stunning verdicts in the state. In Tallahassee in 2008, two rival gangs engaged in a neighborhood shootout, and a 15-year-old African American male was killed in the crossfire. The three defendants all either were acquitted or had their cases dismissed, because the defense successfully argued they were defending themselves under the “stand your ground” law. The state attorney in Tallahassee, Willie Meggs, was beside himself. “Basically this law has put us in the posture that our citizens can go out into the streets and have a gun fight and the dead person is buried and the survivor of the gun fight is immune from prosecution,” he said at the time.

One of those defendants ended up receiving a conviction for attempted voluntary manslaughter for an unrelated case, in which he shot indiscriminately at two people in a car.

The only hope Trayvon Martin’s family may have is for the U.S. Justice Department to step in and investigate the shooting as a hate crime. And I just saw the news breaking on Twitter that the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI have opened an investigation into the Trayvon Martin case.

Here are a couple of articles about the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law and its impact on the courts.

Miami Herald: Florida’s self-defense law could hamper efforts to prosecute Trayvon Martin shooter

Slate: Why Trayvon Martin’s Killer Remains Free: “Florida’s self-defense laws have left Florida safe for no one—except those who shoot first.”

Boy am I glad Massachusetts has tough gun laws! Florida college students held a rally yesterday in Sanford, FL, the Orlando suburb where the shooting took place.

College students around Florida are rallying Monday to demand the arrest of a neighborhood watch captain who fatally shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

Students rallied in front of the Seminole County criminal courts building in Sanford – the central Florida city where the shooting occurred – and on the campus of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.

In the courts building is the State Attorney’s Office, where prosecutors will review the case and decide whether to file criminal charges against George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed Martin on Feb. 26.

Demonstrators are demanding the arrest of the 28-year-old Zimmerman, who authorities say shot the teenager during a confrontation in a gated community. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense; Florida law allows a person to use deadly force if the person believes he or she is facing a deadly threat.

The problem is that Zimmerman actually pursued Martin and had the boy pinned face down on the ground when he pulled the trigger. He wasn’t “standing his ground.” He initiated a confrontation with a boy who weighed 140 pounds, nearly 100 pounds less than Zimmerman.

Just a couple more links.

Al Sharpton at HuffPo announcing his rally in Sanford on Thursday.

On Thursday, March 22 at 7 p.m., National Action Network (NAN) and I will convene an urgent rally at the First Shiloh Baptist Church in Sanford, FL. to demand justice for Trayvon Martin. We will be joined by community leaders and concerned citizens from all ethnicities, backgrounds and walks of life that cannot even begin to comprehend this nightmarish situation. A young teenager walking home, armed only with candy and a drink, should never lose his/her life because someone in a gated community feels ‘threatened.’ George Zimmerman, the accused adult shooter, is roaming the earth freely while Trayvon’s mother, father and family members must bury their precious child. It is an atrocious miscarriage of justice, and we demand that authorities in Florida arrest Zimmerman immediately and charge him for the crime of murder. Anyone with sound reasoning cannot disagree.

Sharpton goes on to discuss the “Stand Your Ground Laws” and why they shouldn’t apply to what Zimmerman did. To me, the 911 calls are evidence that Zimmerman was the aggressor. At least five individuals saw the altercation and heard Trayvon’s screams for help while George Zimmerman lay on top of him.

At the Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates pulls a quote from the Miami Herald story I linked earlier:

“We are taking a beating over this,” said [Bill] Lee, who defends the investigation. “This is all very unsettling. I’m sure if George Zimmerman had the opportunity to relive Sunday, Feb. 26, he’d probably do things differently. I’m sure Trayvon would, too.”

Bill Lee is the Sanford police chief who let George Zimmerman go free without even taking a drug and alcohol text. He thinks Trayvon should have done things differently. What does that mean? That it was wrong for this boy to go to the corner store for some candy and a bottle of iced tea? There’s more about Zimmerman’s attitudes at the link.

I’ll end with this: What bothers me most is that Trayvon’s body was taken to the morgue as an unidentified person. The body was held there for three days, supposedly because the boy had no ID. But I learned last night that Trayvon had his cell phone with him. The boy’s father was calling the cell phone, and there certainly should have been a way to identify the boy from that phone. Why couldn’t they call the last number called? Why didn’t the police go door to door in the neighborhood and try to find out who the boy was? Surely that alone is evidence of profiling. The assumption was that the boy didn’t come from that neighborhood.

That’s it for me for today. What are you reading and blogging about?


17 Comments on “Tuesday Reads: Romney Gets Women’s Health Questions in IL, Santorum Talks Brokered Convention, Manning and Tebow, and the Trayvon Martin Murder”

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    The Justice Dept must also investigate the police department in this matter as well.

    A 15 yr old unarmed kid was shot dead and his shooter is set free, no questions asked. How did this happen?

    No drug test, no reconstruction, just taking this idiot’s word that he acted in self defense when witnesses say otherwise.

    Had this been a white teen would the outcome have been any different? I would suggest that it would. Especially when advised to remain in the car while law enforcement made its way to the scene.

    Zimmerman was itching to do what he set out to do from the beginning: shoot someone. It just happened to be a kid coming back from the grocery store armed with a bag of Skittles.

    The police are as much as fault in this travesty as the shooter in failing to act with reason. The chief of police needs to lose his job along with Zimmerman facing arrest for an unwarranted act that cost a child his life.

    • Woman Voter says:

      Amen! Yes, it was a child, a young child, a child calling for HELP, with fear in his voice and we must begin to acknowledge he was calling to us to. In LA area Jason Russell appeared naked, yelling, doing some strange gestures (some people said they were sexual in nature), appearing disturbed, acting strange and what did the people in the neighborhood do, they held him, to protect him from himself until police arrived. What did the police do with Mr. Russell, they took him to the hospital where he could receive medical care and was NOT arrested.

      First let me say, the people in LA did the right thing, because when someone is out of their mind you care for them, you see that they are safe, and you get them help. Mr. Zimmerman, said he thought Trayvon was acting strange, that something was wrong with him, and was assessing something that was in his mind and projecting some fear, a fear that many of us know is from profiling…profiling is wrong, because it puts an image that is not based on facts, but of prejudice in people’s mind of people of a given background that does a disservice to all in society.
      Trayvon Martin 911 Call

    • janicen says:

      I also wonder why the 911 operator didn’t stay on the line with Zimmerman until law enforcement arrived? The operator only told Zimmerman not to follow Martin once. Why was this not repeated or at least followed up on? Of course I’m not excusing Zimmerman, but there just seems to be so much wrong with this case. If you listen to the call, Zimmerman claims that it’s suspicious that this kid is just walking around in the rain, and then later he says, as if this is also suspicious, that the kid has his hoodie up. Duh, yeah he does BECAUSE IT’S RAINING! It would have helped if the 911 operator could have said, “If you feel you are in danger, stay in your vehicle. If you do not feel you are in danger, go home.”

    • bostonboomer says:

      If the 17-yr-old boy had been white, Zimmerman probably wouldn’t have thought he “looked suspicious” because he was walking slowly and looking around at the houses. Therefore, he wouldn’t have followed the white kid or gotten out of the car and chased him. I hope Zimmerman goes to prison for life.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    Rick Santorum, is practicing some Catholicism that is harsh, cruel and doesn’t care for your fellow man (person)…in essence he would ask that Jesus stop feeding and caring for people and would ask that he be arrested for having long hair and feeding the homeless.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Rick Santorum is practicing zealotry with an appeal that encourages liked minded nutcases who believe that god sits on a cloud overseeing our every move and it is their duty to carry out his “message of the day”.

      Now I may sound rather heretical, but I always question why this all loving, all benevolent, all wise, all knowing and all forgiving supreme deity would then place “his will” into the hands of humans when he could easily do it himself. One stroke of the pen would settle the question and save millions from untold misery and suffering that has been produced in his name over the centuries.

      You would think that after thousands of years leaving anything up to humans that has produced nothing but unrest, chaos, bloodshed, and death would after awhile dawn on somebody that this approach is just not working.

      Rick is just this generation’s choice to led the march.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Rick Santorum is not any kind of Catholic that I have ever known, and I grew up Catholic. Santorum is an Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, Knights of Malta cult member, not a practicing Catholic.

      • Woman Voter says:

        Everything that comes out of Santorum’s mouth I don’t recognize either. Fool, most certainly doesn’t know it WAS / IS WOMEN that started most of the hospitals around the world affiliated with the Catholic church…he sure has some women issues and issues with the poor and those in need of health care.

  3. RalphB says:

    Trayvon Martin Exclusive: Friend on Phone with Teen Before Death Recalls Final Moments


    • bostonboomer says:

      Holy sh#t! Why wasn’t this revealed earlier? And that confirms what I heard, that Trayvon had his cell phone with him. Yet the police made no effort to find out who he was or contact his family. They treated him as a John Doe, leaving his father in agony until the next day.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Many kinds of Catholic. Why cult member Santorum is losing the Catholic vote.


  5. janicen says:

    The Martin family’s petition on change.org has over 570,000 signatures.